City to spend $63M for high school “reptilius” stadium


City to spend $63M for high school stadium

Everything is bigger in Texas—like high school football and how much money the public is willing to spend on building football stadiums for teenagers.

Dear readers:

The Citizens of this world are much too busy working and taking care of their families to realize how the sport matrix is abusing them all. Their hard earned  tax money is being RE-invested by those in power who are making sure their own children and grand children will live the  so called American dream promoting and watching football until they drop dead! Where ever I turn, what ever I read or see on TV is designed to fulfill the reptilius agenda, yet only a minority can relate to my warnings.

The reward? A few lucky souls who show an ability to exceed in sports will get free college tuition, enjoy a fat paycheck to entertain a cosmic unconscious, blind herd. Indeed those Cities Board of Directors, those privileged select, those who own positions of power in your cities and those who intelligently manipulate your tax dollar are much smarter than those they rule.

All they have to do is to make sure more people focus on a ball and the game And this does not demand too much mental power!  But what demands more planning, is how to keep all  those advertisements fortunes coming and make more money, for the city rulers!

Indeed the gullible, easily amused rogue mass is extremely easy to manipulate and you wonder why the reptilius MUST keep the religious, scientific, entertaining, and sport matrixes well oiled?

I wonder what ET’s think when they see thousands of people screaming and jumping in one of those man made arenas, where fortunes are amassed and exchanged; through the same  filthy pockets.

NASA’s Kepler discovers 1,284 planets

Yes and there are billions more for you to discover! OMG!   

The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA

Sometimes I can’t help wondering if I landed on the right world, because in all honesty, I do not belong here! When I see the amount of collective stupidity displayed and the corporate abuses imposed upon the world, I can’t help but to feel sorry for them.

Now this does not mean I don’t like science, certain sports or don’t appreciate a good movie! Do not assume I totally dislike this world and all human beings for enjoying anything created by man! I like science, NASA educational programs, boxing and I will not turn down a good movie!  But those low vibrating endeavors in “Sin Cities/Vegas”  do not rule my life!

I won’t attend church every Sunday in fear of going to hell or pray to “god” three times or more a day. Only a religiously poisoned reptilius infected mind will submit to collective idiocy and manipulation.  In fact the first and last time the school teacher took us to church, I was 9 years-old.

When I saw a man nailed on a cross and blood running from his chest I ran out scared to death! Any smart adult would know this picture is brutally unhealthy for any “normal” developing child psyche to see.

Once I was introduced to the “teachings” of hell, by a priest who’s breath stank of red wine from 10 feet away,  I realized there was nothing divine; nor true for me in religion!  I must have been the only child in school to think this way. And while I was severely punished for not attending, I already knew God was not in any man made buildings.

Terania and I will never, EVER go physically to a stadium and mingle with a bunch of drunken painted faced idiots, who’s pin head brains speak of their latent intelligence. This type of animalistic sub-human behavior is not for us!

 With this in mind, its not a wonder for a good chunk of people who voted for Donald Trump as their  “representatives” leader! Donald Trump President? This is where I am not too proud to be a legal Alien, French American.

His less than human behaviors speak of the type of racist, argumentative, fed-up people; trusting a man that never worried about money since he was born. And they are gullible enough to believe Trump will work is  ass off for the poor and underprivileged.

Trump is only after more money, more power to satisfy his humongous ego but the cosmic unconscious, blind herd could never relate to the cosmic truth I represent and the visions I share, if he get the power he so desperately need to regenerate.

“A brainless herd is not only an easy target for  Dictators but a dangerous rogue force seeking changes for the sake of changes!” Dr. Turi

Remember reader, if you can not handle the undiluted truth you have no business reading my articles and never forget; I write TO and FOR the world, not to you personally. Thus, if you feel targeted or below other smarter curious readers’ intellectual capacity or mine, YOU and YOU alone made that decision by feeling  “inferior” to us.

In fact the majority of people who land on my work for the first time will immediately assume I am the biggest egocentric man living on planet earth. They will take my confidence as an ego trip and display a very serious case of inferiority complex.

But if you feel as smart as me, our students and VIP’s and in no shape or form feel diminished intellectually, this mean you are smart like us!

The majority of my  internet enemies fall in this category of below average intelligence, with no perceptive power, no common sense and no curiosity. Indeed, those are the painted screaming  faces encountered in those stadiums.  Blame it on the consumed alcohol or drugs and an underdeveloped UCI.

But keeping the herd under control is a must and the corporate reptilius infected matrixes are doing the intended, perfect job.  The only money I ever got from two California cities amount to a few hundreds dollars to produce two astrological shows.  But out of my hard work in 1994, the religiously poisoned, overly offended fanatics complaining I was doing the work of the devil; was my only return.

Provided another moment came my way in Phoenix, I am certain the same idiots would do all they can to stop the liberating universal light we own.

Talking about a cosmic God and reading the signs was too much for those dunces to comprehend and realized then, the humongous stupidity I had to face.  And these are the same people who will give it all to the Church Inc. and “own” a sure place in their paradise.

All the while keeping the mind, body and soul of their children putrefied in fear and ignorance. I don’t think those lost souls will ever realize their donations created the Vatican’s abusive Corporation.

But like the sport matrix building stadiums, the Christian religious matrix did the same and was left to grow, yet ISIS caliphate will destroy it all to build its own stadium. They are ravaging years of artifacts of disappeared cosmic conscious civilizations and their long gone ET’s cosmic wisdom alliance.  A true disaster for a reptilius infested humanity psychical welfare.

Is that what God really had in mind?

Is that what your Jesus had in mind?

God’s cosmic ministry was coming from the heavens above (the stars) and the ET’s imparted wisdom was altered and through time, finally abolished!  Moses’ ET’s connection on Mount Sinai and its cosmic rules were also destroyed and with it, the concept originated by the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity back to God cosmic Divinity lost.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Secrets Divulged

While the reptilius are maintaining and poisoning humanity’s spirit through a variety of vile abusive corporate matrixes, the benevolent Draconis also embed and mission only a few human being and those “Chosen Ones” are helping them by promoting true cosmic wisdom.

Indeed there is a war between ET’s in the heavens too but with so many unconscious people learning and accepting this cosmic phenomenon is impossible.

The reptilius must maintain the scientific matrix’s technological progress and infect more children. Kids nowadays are unable to spend a day without their cellphone, exchanging selfies and texting nonsense all day long.

Enforcing any and all forms of entertainment is a must for the reptilius who do not want you to know anything about the cosmic code, the Supra conscious and especially God cosmic divinity. My teachings will become crucial  with time when never seen before natural disasters and dramatic news of suicide worsen!

ET’s are not allowed at this time  to interfere physically with humanity welfare as every human MUST be prepared psychically before anything and this can only be accomplished by accelerating their psychical vibrations of acceptance.

No human being relate to an ET when they know nothing of their own cosmic essence and the crucial role of the “Soul of the Cosmos”  interacting with the human mind.

The current psychical delinquency is not suitable for this dense physical world to transfer into a higher, more sophisticated level of perceptiveness and the majority of my readers could never assimilate the process. This is why sharing my work is acting in favor of building universal awareness.

 At this point, not many readers are able to realize the working of the Super-conscious and some readers do not even bother to click on the links to watch the explanations.

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

And worse, in fear of reprisals or ridicule, those advanced enough who can relate to God’s true identity may not share my articles and stall the mission. Instead of wasting billions to enrich the rich and support the reptilius aims, maybe they should listen and learn from someone like me who has dealt with real experience of UFO’s…Guiding them on various ET’s agendas and giving the truth to those in need of true answers.

But first I must kill the human conspiracy unleashed against me! UFO’s – ET’s Killing for god!  I am leading  a mutiny against the forces of evil and my cosmic voice is heard through my articles read by thousands of people from all parts of this world.

This is how I must rage the battle against ignorance and fear, while reinstating God’s true cosmic Divinity.

Humanity must put aside fears, ego, greed, pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust and sloth. CHANGE the way they think, behave and re-evaluate their financial “donations” investments. Your children are indoctrinated, manipulated and turned into “educated idiots” or sports and religious fanatics, yet they know NOTHING of their Cosmic Identities. It start here and your support is important!

To refute my work and visions is very grave, anti productive, dangerous and lead to confusions, depressions, dementia, the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol and finally suicide. Really, what are you waiting for?  Jesus return?

Be real, use critical thinking, realize the psychical manipulation in place and the reptilius agenda cursing an unconscious humanity through so many corporate infected matrixes. It is real and try doing something different so real changes can take place!

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