Obama get to challenge Russian rigged 2016 US election


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

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FACEBOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! We The People Election day 11/8/2016 SOS To The World page is scheduled to be deleted in 10 days. Cancel Deletion.

My last public article titled: “Super-Moon Super-Deal Personal Predictions” kept me busy answering a Thanks Giving Super deal which attracted many of our curious, spiritual readers.

The long email loaded with personal guidance and predictions involved the fact of a Russian influenced “rigged” election I couldn’t publicize without taking a risk. Clinton, FBI, Trump, Snowen and Russia…

Update: 12/09/2016: Obama orders review into Russian hacking of 2016 electionPresident Barack Obama has ordered a full review into 2016 election hacking by the Russians, Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Lisa Monaco said Friday.”


Nothing speak best than my famous quatrains for what is to come to my prediction of a hacked, predicted SHOCKING election! I let you be the judge as only time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness….  


Smile,rise lies can blind many
Truth hurt 14 big tree to fall noise
Secrets in dark to light 24 arise
Cold friends wire spoke evil

Update 2/15/2017: Trump aides in constant touch with Russians during campaign


Ready for the next one? Make note Please.

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Cosmic God May Grace Humanity 

Update: 121/08/2016:  Obama under mounting pressure to disclose Russia’s role in US election “Barack Obama is facing increasing pressure from congressional Democrats demanding further disclosures regarding Russia’s role in the 2016 US elections. A group of senior House Democrats has written to the president seeking a classified briefing for colleagues on “Russian entities’ hacking of American political organizations; hacking and strategic release of emails from campaign officials; the WikiLeaks disclosures; fake news stories produced and distributed with the intent to mislead American voters; and any other Russian or Russian-related interference or involvement in our recent election.” Additionally, the White House has not responded to a week-old letter signed by every Democratic and Democratic-aligned member of the Senate intelligence committee seeking declassification of “additional information concerning the Russian government and the US election”.

Continued: But again, as long as we don’t have such a large influence, I trust Terania and I are safe doing so today in this short bulletin!  The following is a section I wrote towards the end of the email sent to those who ordered this Super-Moon Super-Deal Personal Predictions which can be confirmed with my well documented personal and universal visions.

Here is a small section I will share… “You must remember America is prone to such sudden release of energy as experienced with first Pearl Harbor, then the predicted 911 attack on the twin towers in New York! Dr. Turi’s Famous 9-11 Prediction

Note also the US is the first country in the world to win a war using nukes against Japan which is an Aquarius (quakes/technology) country!  This is where “The sudden release of energy” of Uranus (Aquarius) speak obviously about my unarguable earthquakes predictions, yet all denied by the controlling,indoctrinating religious and scientific matrix communities.

From “Super Moon Predictions: Japan 6.9-magnitude quake trigger tsunami waves – Memo “I can assure you that; where ever this “super-moon” will take place by house and sign, you can expect super news, even super events, at a personal and universal level! Not only extreme natural disasters (large earthquakes) but man made tragic events! And while Astrophysicist talk about this cosmic phenomenon rationally, only a cosmic conscious divine astrologer can translate the spiritual values of this unique lunation.” 

We can also say, in some way Trump’s wealth and  Uranus (technology) helped too secure his aims to the White House and power “Trump & Clinton Cambridge Scientific Matrix Political Voting Process“, all with the help of the Russian hackers!

Update: 02/12/2016: Russia blamed for trying to undermine US election

This can not be made public because, such news would make the US secret services unable to protect “the people and the US.” While I elaborate more in the cosmic code website for our VIP’s I can only offer so much here in this email. But be sure, my cosmic wisdom is infallible and realistic!   Urgent public announcement world predictions…

I am into the future and the future has always been my utmost trustful witness when the truth  comes to light… The fact is; weeks ahead of time all news-media bombarded us with articles related to Russia’s hackers and their influence over the  US elections, then it happened and America and the entire world end up as anticipated SHOCKED? Secret Service whisks Trump – ASSASSINATION PREDICTIONS!

Update: 11/28/2016 – New York Times columnist: Russia ‘installed’ Donald Trump in the White House


Only gullible, cosmic unconscious people will assume this election was legit! The stars do not lie but can they read the stars?  You can not blame a rational society for being blind to the obvious. What’s next? I can only speak my cosmic wisdom through this quatrain and let you judge with time…

Smile, rise lies blind many
Truth hurt 14 big tree to fall noise
Secrets in dark to light arise
Cold friends wire spoke evil


How can the entire world be wrong? Its that simple when the entire world is reptilius infected and psychically ruled by nefarious cosmic entities  who control the psyche of all infested politicians. 

But the future has and will always be my utmost faithful witness and the “revolution” I see is  a bit different that what a rational political mind can conceive and will in time come to pass… My visions of the future also involve dated ET’s interactions with humans and…VIP’s only! Join us.

Update: 11/22/2016 Clinton urged to challenge election – Hillary Clinton’s campaign is being urged by a number of top computer scientists to call for a recount of vote totals in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, according to a source with knowledge of the request. The computer scientists believe they have found evidence that votes total the three states could have been manipulated or hacked and presented their findings to top Clinton aides on a call last Thursday.

 “The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought” Dr. Turi

The future is already here!

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