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December 11, 2013


The magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science;  The greatness of the Universal Matrix is unknown and God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it,  a life filled with health, love, respect, peace and harmony for all.  Watch the future!

200,000 people apply to live on Mars

(CNN) — If you have ambitions of being one of the first people on Mars, listen up: A Dutch company says it is moving along with its plan to send four lucky Earthlings to colonize the Red Planet. The catch: They won’t ever come back.

Dear Readers;

But the real $$$$$$ $olid CASH $$$$$$$ has already been collected in NASA banks to support their abusive scientific matrixes but be sure more idiots will keep wasting more money on The True SSSSSS$pirit$$$$$$$ of NASA and the other catch is; they will never come back because they will never go in the first place!

200.000 more (and counting) badly informed gullible trusting souls will soon take the “One-Way Trip to Mars with the already signed up 78000 Morons!

This type of endeavour infuriate me because all those gullible people who trust NASA are the same type of atheists people who trust the science or the pious souls who trust Vatican. These corporation are nothing more than abusive, deceptive matrixes designed to keep their corporation strong to support their wealthy kind privileged selected fat lifestyles.

The Vatican will never ever offer you real salvation and NASA will never ever fly anyone to Mars! But the “corporate foundation” lure does works its planned financial endless miracles… Knowing 99.0999% of the world’s moronic population is not exactly related to Einstein, this masquerade has the mathematical numbers to grow endlessly and no way of ending!

“The Mars One foundation announced Tuesday that it has secured lead suppliers for an unmanned mission launching in 2018, which involves a robotic lander and a communications satellite.”

I trust unmanned missions are the only way and possible way to go to Mars! If you believe otherwise, you need to seriously reevaluate the logistics involved and stop dreaming!

Indeed, the only way to reach Mars is through the use of robotics, and the scientists are not about to let go of their god and secure job (thanks to your investment) building robots, while you are struggling day after day to feed and take care of your family.

This first mission will demonstrate technology that would be involved in a permanent human settlement on Mars. If all goes well — and that’s still very much an “if” — the first pioneers could land on Mars in 2025.

Why in God’s name would the billions of dollars be wasted to build a new life on Mars when humanity has not yet achieve a safe and productive life on earth?

It takes a LOT of “stinky” money


Mars One is looking at “a range of funding scenarios.” The total estimated budget for getting the first four humans to Mars is $6 billionLansdorp would not disclose how much money has been secured from partners and sponsors but said donations currently total more than $200,000. 

Smell the rat yet reader? I can positively guarantee Mr. Lansdorp forgot 3 more zeros behind the 200.000 because he (and for good reason) is unwilling to disclose the REAL fat amount of donations ranging in millions; Because of tax purposes of course. Be sure also the majority of funding for the unmanned missions come from the $$$$$$$ 200.000  plus dreamers $$$$$$$$ or the public contributions “donations” and not the sponsors and partners who benefit from the CNN news-media whoring around with Mars One project deceptive financial endeavours.

In fact if you really knew the real dollar amount you would be shocked and you should not wonder why The application period is now closed, and by the end of this year, the company plans to notify those special folk who made it to Round 2. But how much the morons making up Round 2 had to invest to be still in the game?

Indeed those immense fortunes must be dealt with carefully, invested on foreign banks safely and this complex financial process is handled secretively by the “legal Hyenas” to accomplish legally. Yes you are making Lansdorp’s, his army of lawyers and associates NON PROFIT Mars One Corporation a real big profitable business free of taxes!

Just think for a second, what is the minimum donation amount requested to qualify for the trip for Round 2 and for the 200.000 morons to still be part of the proposed illusive trip? What is the real dollar amount to be considered to join this deceptive scientific venture?

$1000, $5000, $10.000, $50.000 $100.000 or more per person? And all you have to do is; multiply this by the false $200.000 ($200.000000) number used. Now you are poring millions if not billions of dollars into someone’s deceiving you with an unrealistic trip to Mars – even with  “and that’s still very much an “if”  But, rest assured it is far from being a dream for Lansdorp and Mars One associates, laughing all the way to secret foreign banks accounts…

They have now succeeded in forging forward with this ridiculous goal and assured financial security for all their kind and their children college education for many generations, if we pass the 50 years mark! But think for a second, hypothetically speaking knowing its simply impossible for any human to ever reach or live on Mars, still a future decision must be taken to pick and chose the “lucky” space travellers. Will they pick a few of the non-space educated 200.000 morons or a few of their kind?  Here is a question for your consideration readers…

Now do you see how the scientific matrix operates abusing the gullible 99.9999 % of morons endorsing and supporting them? Its pretty much the same with the “law obedient” medical, political, news-media and religious matrixes because there is no true controlling system in place to stop this covered, legal Drug Cocktail ravaging hard working citizens.

But why is  Lansdorp and the elites of the science community get away with murder? Because they have and hide their real intentions behind their BA, MA, MBA, JD and PhD! Thus like any uneducated over medicated patient blindly trusting his doctor, all propositions and options, including an imaginary trip to Mars, are openly trusted, unchallenged and accepted!  Indeed humanity has yet to learn the difference between an “accredited” education and intelligence… Or the difference between Landsdorp, his associates and all other traditionally schooled doctors.

 Dr. Drew Versus Dr. Turi. – Dr.Sanjay Gupta Versus Dr. Turi 

Why would people trust science to uncover a dead planet physical secrets looking for water when Mother earth is made of 70% of water and giving humanity serious stress signals? Did you notice the very disturbing regular destructive weather patterns signalling her fast approaching demise yet?

Why would anyone would want to go and live on a dead planet when God gave us planet earth, indeed the best and rarest liveable planet for science to not only to  ignore but to destroy…

But why not the Moon? after all its next door, human have been there already and it is a dead as Mars but only 238,900 miles from earth compared to Mars and indeed much less complicated to reach!

The nearest that Mars has ever been to the Earth is 34.8 million miles. On the opposite end of the scale, Mars and Earth can be a whopping 249 million miles apart when they are in opposition and both are at aphelion. The average distance between the two is 140 million miles.

The time taken to travel the average distance of 140 million miles from Earth to Mars would be about 8.4 months (235.2 days) each way.

Now imagine if  Round 2 is mostly females who have to endure 9 menstruations before reaching Mars! We all know how women behave psychically suffering their menstruations lol… What will you do when they become “lunatic” when there is no door to escape the nightmare, take a leak or  even take a breath of fresh air! Come on this may be a sarcastic joke but where is common sense?

Again why not betting on the much safer, nearer Moon instead? Let me tell you why readers… McCurdy said the Apollo mission cost $150 billion to $175 billion in 2003 dollars, and that a new effort would also be costly. “A newly released study has focused on how best to return people to the Moon, reporting that future lunar missions can be done for under $10 billion – far less than a NASA price tag. NASA has tallied its future lunar mission costs, projecting a figure of $104 billion over 13 years.

Now this is where you the reader MUST use common sense and finally smell the rats. Those exorbitant prices tags are for the MOON which is next door or 238,900 miles from earth ! All you have to do now is to calculate the difference in dollars to make the trip to Mars at its nearest distance to earth or 34.8 million miles (when ever this will happen in the future.)

34.0 million miles minus 238,900 miles equal what?  You need to keep those miles in consideration because somehow a human will travel the distance?  I am sorry readers, but I am not sure how the 200.000 deceived pin heads think about those hard facts! The robotics and technology needed to do the trip does NOT exist yet! All Mars One want is the assurance(with your donation) that they and their children will keep having fun, living a safe life building robots in the facilities, colleges and universities you paid for.

The fact is those people THINK they, and their children are better than you, much too smart and educated to be part of the regular working class using their hands in banal jobs.  Mars One is not different than NASA or the Vatican. They are cancerous corporations, entities living into other larger entities (like fleas on a dog) SUCKING your resources for their own selfish end! If you think otherwise, then you deserve to be part of the future, misinformed abused morons making up Round 3…

Any-time they need more “donations” all they have to do is to whore around  with the news – media (advertise) and tap in the immense pool of moronic gullible human beings.

The numbers themselves are speaking the IMPOSSIBILITY to either pay the immense tag or sending a human on Mars. You do not have to be a brain surgeon to realize the obvious if you use common sense and start questioning  the real reason for Lansdorp and Mars One associates to ask for your donations.


These people have NO integrity AND KNOW WELL it is impossible to land a human on Mars! Their goal is to assure them “job” and financial security and an “above normal” technical education for their children in the millions dollars homes and facilities they own and you paid for!

NASA prepares to bomb the moon?

Nasa scientists are preparing to launch a space mission from Cape Canaveral carrying a missile that will fire a hole deep in the surface of the moon. First realize that the *excuse made up by NASA to look for water on the moon is laughable and one of the biggest lie offered to the trusting American mass. All of you knows that testing nuclear weaponry is banned anywhere on this planet and countries like Iran and N. Korea are watched closely. But unlike the USA they do not have the trillions of dollars needed to TEST their arsenal on the moon.

I am amazed at people’s ignorance reflecting Joe Six Packs gullibility. Imagine how the US and the world population would react if the US were to announce, their scientists have now in hand the biggest, the baldest and the meanness nuclear technology that would make any other power on earth terrified. And here you are accepting without challenge that this new NASA mission to bomb the moon is to find out if there is water or if life ever existed on our closest satellite.




Now do you really think God created Mars, the Moon and all the planets for us to run after and live on at the expense of Mother Earth?  Don’t you think those scientific masquerades and those stolen billions should go towards the children psychical welfare instead?



I made my case and shared my concern with George Noory on his TV show and it is ONLY if YOU help me to make this show VIRAL and express your opinions,  that YOU and all other concerned parents can help me battle the religious and scientific controlling educational matrixes responsible for building future religious and hard core atheists monsters! For one day if, in the name of science,  the spirit loses the battle, the cold human robots will destroy the world… And this is not what the real Cosmic God consciousness has written in light for humanity!


NASA messing up with lasers/moon set troubles for humanity

‘My son is mentally ill’

He is 14 and hears voices. He’s been hospitalized more than 20 times. Stephanie Escamilla is tired of seeing the country focus on the mentally ill only when there’s a national tragedy. So she and her son are telling their story — of a family on the brink.

The 75 million American families touched by mental illness, like Stephanie Escamilla’s, largely deal with it in private. Every day. “What we always say is we had the tragedies in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut and Virginia,” says Mike Fitzpatrick, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, “but there are smaller tragedies that happen every day in this country because people are untreated for mental illness. And they end up in jails, in homeless shelters – and families are torn apart.”

Imagine readers, the immense progress scientific psychical cosmic researches could reach and offer humanity with those wasted fortunes. But I am now convinced, the controlling greedy, unconcerned educational scientific / medical / religious and news-media corporate matrixes will never share the pie of supreme wealth with me and help me build my Astropsychology schools…

I do not want to lose faith but those powerful, well established matrixes could not care less about the Moon, Mother Earth and your children… All they want is your donations and they have the mean, the news-media, the legal hyenas and the know how. This is why it is very easy for them to get more gullible people and there is no end to the abuses..

If this article was allowed on CNN (I dream) the possibility to offer the facts would steer critical thinking to those 200.000 trusting victims. All I can hope for is for this newsletter to reach Round 3 and all future “Rounds” and stop Mars One knocking out those people cold and steal their money for a dream that will never take place.


Help me help all the children of the future please! 

dr. turi


 If you are not happy it is because you do not live your destiny!

A life without knowledge of the stars’ plan is contrary to all law and order”

 Acknowledge God’s Cosmic Identity Free The Human Spirit 


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