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And God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:” – Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

Tornado touches down in Corsicana, Texas, as a storm system moves into Gulf Coast

Posted by Ami Magazine this morning. The reptilius own the body, mind, and soul of those infected kids! –   Right on my “SHOCKING” window!

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Father and Teenage Daughter Killed in Ore. Paddle Boarding Accident: ‘Grief… Beyond Words’  Shocking? Children?

Plan in accordance with God’s cosmic design, save precious time, money, and even your life!

Dear readers;

George, Tom, and I have been friends for many years.

We shared an incredible time together and regardless of what I will divulge in this article, they both will remain in my heart, as unforgivable friends…

Who opened the door, to the world of notoriety, for me…

Both have my love and my respect for all they did for me over the years but the truth as I know it, can not be compromised…

I will cherish those memories, in my heart forever and may peace, love, and light shine on them…

First, let’s talk about the current news…

If you took the time, to read and acknowledge the latest dramatic news, that transpired during Christmas December 24th, 2020 SOS to the world Plutonic Deadly window – You Have Been Warned by Dr. Turi!” …There is no denying the values and accuracy of my cosmic work!

Seven killed in knife attack in northeast China

The question remains…

Some “young souls” are unwilling or unable to make good of my gift!


My window ALWAYS depicts a very high probability of quakes at or above 6.0! Memo from Daily guidance and forecast posted in the Cosmic Code for our VIP’s! Check also December 24th 2020 SOS to the world Plutonic Deadly window – You Have Been Warned by Dr. Turi!

The forecast was published November 30, 2020  – TUE., WED., THU. – DECEMBER 29,30,31:

RULERS — The Moon (variation/new life) Uranus (earthquakes)

Environment: Expect surprises and explosions soon. Be aware of fire and keep an eye on the children. Chances are that nature will go berserk soon, so you don’t want to be a victim. She may demonstrate her power with shocking weather. Thousands of people may be forced to relocate, fleeing disasters, flooding, or bad earthquakes. Be smart, be warned, be prepared! 

‘Deadliest Catch’ cast member dies at 33 Shocking? TV?
12/29/20: 6.4 magnitude earthquake near Petrinja, Sisačko-Moslavačka, Croatia
Yesterday: 6.7 magnitude earthquake near Corral, Los Lagos, Chile

Check my email to USGSm NASA and the Seismology Institute in Pasadena giving exact dates for earthquakes above 7.0.

My aim is clear and dignified… That is to offer those who can, make good use of my warnings, and save lives! 


Dr. Turi
They must be reading your work! YOU PREDICTED a more dangerous virus “Dance of evil” starting in 2021.


Investigators continue to examine the site of an explosion Sunday, Dec. 27, 2020, in downtown Nashville, Tenn. An explosion that shook the largely deserted streets of downtown Nashville early Christmas morning shattered windows, damaged buildings and wounded multiple people. Authorities said they believed the blast was intentional. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Police believe they’ve found the 63-year-old’s remains at the site

Born in 1957, Anthony Quinn Warner, has been identified as the Nashville bomber.

He was born with a negative dragon’s tail, in the sign of Scorpio (death/drama) and he died during one of his 2020 negative personal cosmic biorhythms!

While the FBI and the police are looking for the reason for his suicide, I can assure you he died, to punish his family… And while I was very close to contact the FBI websites directly again, I am glad I did not… “FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction.”

And why would I be that certain he wanted to punish his family by committing suicide you may ask?

Because one of my good friends, named Larry, did exactly the same thing on Christmas day, in 2009 and he was born with the same Scorpio Dragon.

Larry wanted his entire family and all the abusive people around him to remember him forever and he planned his death as such and die on Xmas day!

God bless their souls, Read all the details of this dramatic experience in my life!

Update: 12/28/2:

Dr. Turi
As usual, You were right about the bomber having issues with his family. Warner had been embroiled in legal battles over real estate with family members in recent years. 


Yes, a true Scorpio Dragon’s Head or Tail does not fear death and will plan to PUNISH everyone around them and this dramatic story confirms my claim… Every single human being become vulnerable during a Plutonic deadly widow in conjunction with a Personal Unlucky Cosmic Biorhythms! 

But my biggest dilemma is to make “normal” people aware that both, Larry and Anthony Quinn were victims before being sought as lost suicidal spirits or in the case of Anthony, a heartless criminal!

If my quatrain and obvious keywords are too difficult to digest for the skeptics, my YouTube video is quite explicit when I said in plain English “Be ready for crazy, depressed, degenerated infected souls to kill innocent people!”  The sad story, of Anthony Quinn, taking place during the Xmas SOS to the world deadly plutonic window is simply unarguable! 

As millions of people from all walks of life are reptilius infected and suffer heavy depressions, be sure it is just a matter of time and the next drama, induced by another “crazy lost soul, mass murderer” will take place during one of my future SOS to the world Plutonic deadly window!”

  • A plutonic window is all about death, drama, terrorism, rebirth, wake-up call, sex, secrets, and the most dangerous of all the reptilius reign supreme those days! 
  • A Uranic window is all about earthquakes, surprises, shocking news, UFO’s, children, Cosmic News, NASA, technology, and anything to do with the very old, very new discoveries, etc. 
  • A Moonic Widow is all about starting a new portion of your life, end of life, new business, family real estate matters launching new endeavors, etc. 

In fact, you can order the entire year 2021 SOS to the world Plutonic, Uranic, or Moonic deadly windows ahead of time and plan your life around or simply be extremely careful during those deadly cosmic winds… Email for more information and orders.

Sad enough, in the name of universal indoctrination, the religious God-fearing Neptunian pious souls and the scientific matrixes (atheists, traditionally educated idiots alike) control the media and all the information, etc… And they will never accept nor realize the fact that degenerated lost souls are everywhere… And all are reptilius infected!

This movie will tell you more, give me your feedback, once you watched it. 

Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Thank you so very much readers, for your great 5 stars ratings and wonderful supporting comments on Amazon Prime that surpassed all my expectations! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too!

But what is really astonishing is the fact that a month earlier in the Cosmic Code private website and on December 23rd I postedDecember 24th, 2020 SOS to the world Plutonic Deadly window” and I warned the entire world!”

Yet those, who could help me offer REAL and REPETITIVE warnings for 2021 (Coat to Coast am “friends”) and save lives in the process, have decided to ignore me because my predictions do not fit their agenda!

Watch this video first explaining what happened on election night with Prophet wanna be John Hogue.

The scepter is taken from ‘The stars and fate of President Joe Biden and the US – SOS to the world 11/14/20!


10:00 pm to Midnight Monday, the night before the election day.

 Will Hogue Predict the Popular Vote winner a 14th time in a row since 1968 “and” the “unpopular” vote winner too?

Are you joking?

What are the odds, to make a wrong prediction about Trump’s re-election, the night before… When the news-media, all radio, magazines, newspapers on planet earth depicted steady, tipping numbers down?

This was the easiest most OBVIOUS prediction anyone watching TV that night could have guessed correctly about the President’s re-election! 

Now you may understand why Hogue, waited MONTHS to make his prediction on CTC!

He had the opportunity to make that prediction months ago (on July 28, 2020) during his appearance on George’s show and he did not!

Unlike ME putting the green where HIS mouth is, is out of the question!

He’d rather wait the night before, when all the news media, made it for him! 

The reason why he did not commit that night, is because he did not know and he would never take a real chance with his bull astrology! 

He also wrongly (thought?) that Susan Rice would be his running mate! What type of prediction this is? 

Check the facts from CTC website!

July 28, 2020: Hogue didn’t make a firm prediction yet on the outcome of the American presidential election, as he’s waiting to see who Biden will pick as his running mate (he thinks “wrongly” Susan Rice would be a strong candidate). 

On October 9th, 2020, Tom, George’s producer asked me to go back on CTC, yet he insisted on me NOT to talk about Trump’s election/politics nor mention anything about Covid19!

(Read our email exchange!)

Image result for You'll know the true essence of a genius when the dunces are in confederacy against him 

Providing I would be allowed to make real predictions about the elections, or Covid 19 shortly after October 9th, 2020 (when I made the Australia fires/animals prediction,) I would have assured Tom and George that they would not engage with the public and, sing and dance for another year or so and Trump would never be re-elected while Covid19 was going to get out of hand

Or “the promised dance of evil” offered to my followers on my YouTube channel for months! 

Coast to Coast AM | Talk 980 AM

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups*Antifa? and institutions in 2021.*POLICE?* – Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

The reality is, Tom and George, have future traveling plans involving Hogue and wanted to protect him and his “predictive” integrity including his good name, and they waited as long as they could to make sure he would be right! 

Again, only an idiot that night , would have made the prediction that Trump would win the election and this is exactly what Hogue did!

There is absolutely no trust, no values in his “predictive gift” but endless rambling about modern Astrology! 

They certainly did not want me on the air, after his appearance on CTC offering a very different but accurate set of predictions, something that would surely ruin, his wanna be “prophet image!” 

This is sad because, since October 9th,2020 the day I was invited to appear on CTC, I was ready to intelligently pass on my visions but Tom (and for good business reasons) never emailed Terania or me, with a specific date to talk to George on his show.

I am not sure if George is aware of what’s going but I spared him all the details, knowing he is like thousands of other people on my atomized, mailing list. 

Then check the predictions I made for George Noory and Tom Danheiser on September 6th, 2020

Then on Xmas night, George emailed me wondering about the “bashing” and Tom did the same moment later.

I explained the situation to both, but as expected, there was no response back!

I am OK if Tom and George let me down, as life is a constant process of changes where friends sometimes become enemies. But as I did over the years, I always advertise my appearances on their great program, to my worldwide reading and my YouTube audience.

We all get very excited but they made me look like a jerk by not delivering and some idiots even told me I was lying and making this appearance up! 

I am not the guy who would purposely “bite the hands that feed me” and this is why months ago I also mentioned in this video that I was hanging myself with CTC because of my truthfulness and, I have and will always put the truth above anything, including my career!

The serious damage is now done, the chances for me returning to CTC as a guest is very remote if at all existing! But there are NO accidents and God has a plan, for us all.

Because of my two movies on Amazon Prime, (see below and, another is on the way), Terania and I are totally swamped with an endless chain of orders poring every day.

Thus, my concern is not getting on CTC to bring more business at all, when I am booked for months ahead!

All I wanted to do is to pass on REAL predictions for the New Year, especially knowing the deadliest Dragon of all will curse the world with Russia, China (or the dance of evil lead by the reptilius!)  And in all honesty, ask any of his guests invited to his special “predictions” show in January about the Dragon, and none will know the answer.

This includes Mr. Hogue who doesn’t know anything nor practice Nostradamus’ 16th century Divine Astrology! This is not an ego trip from Dr. Turi, this is more of a very serious concern to offer REAL predictions to CTC vast audience! 

Inviting another idiot Astrologer, psychic wanna be promising that Trump will stay in power for another 4 years in the White House after January is totally insane and depict a serious lack of perception in inviting unqualified guests on George’s show!

And for Tom to aggressively say to my wife “Chill out, Louis doesn’t know everything” or trying to hurt my integrity and predictive gift after witnessing my undeniable accuracy over the years is simply astonishing to us! Let’s say Tom had a bad day?

This is not how a friend behaves and if I was that bad, why would Tom have invested in me to produce a live show in Los Angeles? A show I canceled after a few weeks later because I knew with Covid 19, it could never take off by the way!  Why my good friend Tom turned against me is a mystery to me, after all, we went through together!  

You should know Universally and at a personal level how the current (2020) and next (2021) dragon change of guards will take place and how it will curse or bless your life by house and signs! 

Related image

Nostradamus 2020 Universal and Personal Forecast 
Don’t start the year without it! Be smart, be wise, be warned! 
Order your 2020 Personal & Universal Cosmic Biorhythms Dates

My Divine Astrology movie is doing really good and the endorsements are formidable, yet I was wondering how long before it gets ruined!

Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology
TUBI – Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology 

Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2020

First, the way the word “rougue” was spelled tells a lot about the mental level of this “trump” supporter!” I knew it was just a matter of time before an infected soul would leave his dropping in a what was a perfect score! And for sure more on the way because those infected individuals must feed the force of darkness no matter what! 

Sharing email;

“3 people killed and 3 wounded in a shooting at a bowling alley. Had those non-cosmic conscious human beings read my warnings or watched my YouTube video they would not have suffered a premature death! “:

“They would not have suffered a premature death! – If you gave specific information as date, time and location, yes it could have been avoided! Should everyone in the world find a nuclear bunker to stay in over the Xmas holidays ??”

A typical idiot who never spent any time investigating my quatrains, keywords used, or detect my warnings using Nostradamus 16th century methodology! Furthermore this cretin probably never took the time to watch any of my videos offering ample information on how to use my cosmic teachings… Indeed no one can or will fix stupidity! 

Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! Become a VIP today!

This is one of the reasons I always add a series of predictions I made on CTC and other various programs in all my newsletters! Doing so you should be able to differentiate real from bogus and trust those who have a critical mission for humanity!

There are so many psychics, astrologers, prophets wanna be and so much disinformation, lies, and conspiracies out there that if you land on something real you must hand on to it!

Yet, “friends” who could help me passing on REAL predictions on national radio would rather endorse and promote Nostradamus’ Prophet wanna be people like John Hogue!



By the way, how many of you watched the CNN special ” 7 creepy things we learned about cult leader and former UA teacher Marshall Applewhite”

Did you know that I fully predicted this “Mass suicide” and I was driving through Rancho Santa in CA with the police helicopters above my head on my way to a restaurant to meet with radio host Jon Rappoport and his wife? If I was able to predict the Rancho Santa Fe mass suicide accurately (to the day including 911 Katrina and some) on Jon Rappoport radio back in 1997, shouldn’t you trust me on any and all my future predictions too?

Back in 1997 when I was living in San Diego, California, the well-established Truth Seeker Company employed people such as David Icke, Jon Rappaport, Jordan Maxwell, and myself to name a few.

All of us somehow made our name and expertise are known to the entire world and every one of us was a guest to famous Coast-To-Coast radio hosts such as George Noory and Art Bell and we all appeared on numerous television networks.

The luckiest ones were David and  Rappoport benefiting from the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company, propelling them to the fame they enjoy today!  

In fact, “Truth Seeker”  spend only a few hundred bucks on a single Moon Power book of mine but still sell all my titles without any rewards to me…

Young, honest, gifted, and stupid I was, you sign a contract and get screwed forever… But the ET’s in me had a plan and karma for us all… 
Sad enough the golden keys to what it means to be human are cloaked in our local solar system spiritual manifesto but both the well-organized, supremely wealthy reptilius infected religious and scientific matrixes have indoctrinated humanity and control all media and all sources of information.

Amazon Prime new documentary: Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology
TUBI – Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology 

Thank you so very much readers, please go to Amazon Prime to rate my latest Astrology movie and ask any question you may have, you will get an answer! Make sure also to keep offering me ratings and wonderful supporting comments (201 so far) on my UFO’s movie on Amazon Prime! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too!  Another documentary is in the works! 

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Dr. Turi Amazon Prime UFO movie rebuttals

Thank you so very much readers, for your great 5 stars ratings and wonderful supporting comments on Amazon Prime that surpassed my expectations! Please do not hesitate to rate again and post your reviews to IMDb too! 

Indeed Trump cursed UCI’s legacy is to divide people, old friends, and close family members!  And it was all predicted 4 years ago…

I am a Gemini, I’ll make your head spin!

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

Posted to the world on January 26, 2015

Prepare Month of Blooming June icy *December
White Moon Ninth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
A Cosmic God May Grace Humanity

On January 26, 2015, I gave the month of December, for Trump to exit the White House, which also reflects the accuracy of a quatrain, I wrote 5 years ago! White Moon Ninth Day Speak? I was 3 days off! Does this speak of a real Modern Prophet you should and must trust?


In this Dec. 7, 2020 photo President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington.

This also includes close friends, hundreds of radio and TV hosts from all walks of life who have had me as a guest over the years!

My friend Gary  Busey giving me top of the world endorsement…

Image result for star trek

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
 Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

The responses from people listening to my YouTube videos have been quite phenomenal, we were at 7.11 last December 2010, we are now at 7.27K, so 160 news subscribers joined and counting up everyday! We are currently at 7.35K subscribers and counting!

Yet, we do not think the majority of people listening to us, will ever be able to assimilate this type of cosmic work or even believe all we have said about the reptilius…

We can only keep educating curious souls, where our cosmic teachings and earthquake predictions or other natural disasters, are impossible to deny! 


UFO’s Astrology & Predictions With Dr. Turi

When 2020 went off-script, you kept us inspired by uploading 2800 minutes of content. Your hard work’s worth celebrating—let’s take a moment to reflect! My Year In Review

 All-Time – Highlights

2020 by the Numbers

2020 didn’t stop you from making moves–you picked up 3,372 new subscribers and 269,210 new views.

Fans took 21,727 hours in 2020 to watch your YouTube channel.

Your fans can’t get enough–your videos received 7,826 likes in 2020 🤩


2020 Feel Good Moments

You kept in touch with your YouTube community by responding to 2,459 comments.

Fans returned the love by leaving 46 ♥️s and 3 s in your video comments! Talk about making your mark in the world!

So my good friends from all over the world, Terania, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for following us and keep following us for many more years to come as we share our interesting life with you.

Ultimately my goals are to build my first Astropsychology school or eventually run my own radio or reality show program where I will be able to offer much more cosmic education, personal guidance, and predictions while helping the audiences to regenerate their spirit! And God will lead the right people in time with more opportunities to reach the world!

Be wise, join the cosmic code follow our daily guidance and various forecast! You’ll gain much more than what you bargained for! VIP Cosmic Code Membership – Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
Read what is ahead for you in 2021 eBooks – Dr. Turi M.D.U.S.
There the option to read critical, non-public materials about Biden’s stars and the US/world fate, etc, including our daily guidance and forecasts will be offered to you. This is my way of saying thank you to those who support my work the most and introduce you to the Cosmic Code rules… 

Upgrade Humanity Psychical Welfare raise your Cosmic Consciousness, sign my petition! 

Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective

To those who do not know… In many of my videos on YouTube, a while back I clearly said, “When you elect a President the people under his command are forced to suffer is stars, his fate and, endure his idiosyncrasies *conspiracies *Covid 19! Once removed from power WE the people will not have to suffer his stars (the wall/Virus) any longer!” But are you ready for the stars and fate imposed by President elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? 

 I also predicted that this reptilius curse will end in early 2022!  One of my visions has again spoken and proved me right with this great medical announcement so many of us were waiting for! 

Coast to Coast AM | Talk 980 AM

From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups*Antifa? and institutions in 2021.*POLICE?*Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

I made those predictions (and some) last October 2019 on Coast to Coast am with George Noory! 


Mamacrow –Thank you for this excellent report… Thank you again. Fantastic! I WAS a Hogue subscriber… WAS.

11/19/20 – Listen to Dr. Turi & Tracie AustinTV & KGRA Radio where I predicted another earthquake on the air!


Jim Karoll “Beating The Odds” Dr. Louis Turi.

On Beating The Odds” radio show, and this YouTube video, including this newsletter, both the Lebanese and the Baltimore deadly EXPLOSIONS (and some) were fully predicted!

Attention readers: 6 MN 44 seconds into the radio show with Jim I warn about large earthquakes and  mentioned to be ready for “Sudden release of energy and EXPLOSIONS!”

Calm Deception To Strike!

8/26/20 – 6.1 magnitude earthquake near Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
8/21/20 – 6.9 magnitudeKatabuSulawesi TenggaraIndonesia
8/18/20 –  6.6 magnitude earthquake near San Pedro, Bicol, Philippines

Check my email exchanges with USGS!

The magical power of talismans

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MEMO –Interesting email from my Webmaster Alan sent in 2010: You know Dr. Turi I realized something super interesting looking at your Alexa stats. A third of all your traffic comes from India. What’s that about? Maybe you need to make a trip to India? I tell you why I think that’s super interesting as well — India (as OF COURSE, you know) invented Vedic Astrology so the fact that they are heavily interested in your European style is a huge testament to your work. It’s like they’re saying that YOUR astrology is better than their own. It’s like if I had a new Cuisine/US Chef site that was visited mostly by France and Italy. That’s a huge compliment, my friend. Unless of course they’re stealing your work and retrofitting it into their Vedic style! You never know!  Alan

Hitler was born with the same astrological configuration as Trump and feared power and wealth! He was able to “hypnotize” his base first then forced the entire German population to submit with his passionate hatred speeches.

The new 2021 Nostradamus’ personal & universal predictions updated e-book version is now ready to purchase. The long series of predictions for 2021 is something you must be aware of and prepared for and use to your advantage. The exact date to when the world will finally be free from COVID19 and other critical visions is also offered to my trusting readers.  You may also put your hand on the 2020 version for only $5:00 and check how the rest of 2020 cosmic winds will affect your life. 



About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.