Common drugs linked to dementia, the reptilius at work!


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Common drugs linked to dementia

The large study links a significantly increased risk for developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, to taking commonly used medications with anticholinergic effects at higher doses or for a longer time. Many older people take these medications, which include nonprescription diphenhydramine (Benadryl).

Dear readers;

Since I can remember I always felt legal or illegal drugs were not a good thing for me to use, yet without them I would be dead today!  I had to ingest tons of them when I contracted valley fever, pneumonia, cancer and countless times to fight infection after hurting myself. 

Yet, my latest accident took place in Pennsylvania when I felt on icy ground a hurt my wrist doing a PTI! This lead me to surgery and as usual ingesting medications. The entire deal took nearly 3 months yet I took ONE single pain killer pill during the all deal! I could have asked my doctor for more each time I had an appointment, yet I did not!

And, in the long run, this is what will makes the difference between suffering dementia or not! Note also, your brain, like your body is a muscle that requires regular exercises… Doing so will keep your body, mind and soul in good working condition. If you take medications regularly and do not exercise mentally or physically, in no way will you be able to avoid any form of atrophy!  

Looking at the large amount of idiots on Facebook and other networking websites who do not write, nor read and criticize my work instead, I am convinced many of them are pot head! Indeed the reptilius will make sure you do not do regular “mental gymnastics,” ask pertinent questions about their agenda and keep all those morons illiterate, incurious dunces. 

Famous traditionally “educated, infected idiots” like Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Time for a medical marijuana revolution are unconsciously slaving for the reptilius infected pharmaceutical corporations and will not hesitate to endorse “Nirvanic” cannabis.

Born a Neptunian Libra Gupta (Like Neil Disgrace, another born pot head,) seems to dismiss that canabis DOES affect the brain and like common drugs induces dementia and suicidal thoughts! Dr. Sanjay Gupta First Legal US Drug Lord?

At 68 I am proud to say I never willingly smoke pot and gave up smoking 35 years ago! However, in two occasions while partying, I gave in to some friends and wanted to be part of the pack and puffed on a join.

I felt immediately terrible, coughed my lungs out  and instinctively knew this stuff was killing me! Being unproductive, lethargic, dreamy, mentally “nirvanic” is not me and will never appeal to me! I get a much better kick with a couple of beers with no serious after effect! 

Legal and illegal drugs destroy lives and kills more people than wars, road accidents, suicide and diseases combined, yet the reptilius goodies sports, entertainments, politics, gluttony and porn  (including  all religions) are designed to stop using critical thinking and ask questions about the divine, the reality of UFO’s, the science of Astrology and God Cosmic Divinity!   

I am a writing machine, I generate articles regularly, I walk our dogie Lady close to two miles also everyday and unless you develop such good habits, chances are you will suffer dementia, contract Alzheimer or cancer early in life and experience an untimely demise. You can only be productive, think and act, or positive, or the opposite and negative! 

One thing I know for sure, depressions is what lead me to contract cancer… I was living in the past, felt guilty about some of bad love decisions and paid the price for it! Indeed I was seriously infected mentally!

The reptilius need your body, mind and soul  to feel terrible, so they can feed on your depressions, negativity and fears! Humans are machine of habits easily manipulated where taking responsibility, working hard mentally and physically can only bring you a better health and a better attitude with others. If you are bored, have too much time in your hands, unwilling to better your position in life and be a productive member of society, you are INFECTED! 

The good news is that; being aware of it is a great opportunity offered to you to fix the situation while you can! Because it is already much too late for millions of “robots” owned by the reptilius! Cast aside your fears and LEARN what those entities are all about and what their agenda is!  

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The reptilius wants you to ridicule my work, to stay away from my help and precious guidance, they want to keep you in the dark, depressed, hate yourself, others and the world around you!  They want you to give up, to accept there is no good future, no hopes, no way out of the mental and physical misery you sank in!  
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I am about to do a live, taped Full Life reading with one of our degenerated clients and hopefully I can bring life into his body, mind and soul! I will explain how thew current cosmic winds are working in his favor and what to expect with the current and next dragons imposing changes in his life! 
I am blessed to be  trusted by those who have experienced my rare cosmic wisdom in the past, re-visiting me a year later because my work help them not only to make the right decisions but to regenerate their spirit!
Offering my SOS to the world deadly windows and predicting the upcoming dramatic, negative news is the only way I have to make the public think, I know something they do not not! And if I can see darkness, anticipate the reptilius affects and prove my claims right again and again, may be I can do the same for you PERSONALLY! 
I concentrate on the news because I am only following and anticipating the human negative thought process manipulated by the reptilius, yet I can concentrate, explain and elaborate on the positive too! And this is what I do with any of my clients!
Thus if you feel down, lost, depressed with no hopes, I am here for you, but unless you take a chance on me, in no way will you be able to fight the reptilius alone or realize I know more about you and your life than what you could ever imagine or expect!  And this is me to know, and you to find out!
On Tuesday May 1st 2018, I will stop writing for the public again and post videos when times allow me to do so… I have been giving the public a lot lately but I can not make it an habit and waste my time trying to help those who can not be helped! 
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Dr. Turi


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