Continued Rise in Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers but not Dr. Turi!

April 1st 2014

 “For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 Dr. Turi ~ Albert Einstein*

Continued Rise in Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers

Rising tide. New U.S. report shows autism diagnosis has grown by 30% between 2008 and 2010.

Dear reader;

” Advocacy groups have jumped on the new study” to call for more federal funding for research and better services for families affected by the disorder? What makes you think they will do better than others when they all think the same exact way, did and will always do their researches with the sane frame of mind?

Indeed the traditional scientific matrix at work and I can already assure you the numbers of autistic children will keep rising unless the scientific community  rebirth its connection with the spirit and investigate the deep meanings behind  the human UCI!

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. More than anything else, this new century demands new thinking: We must change our materially based analyses of the world around us to include broader, more multidimensional perspectives.”

 ~Albert Einstein*

Epidemic of autism in the US, really? A Generation of Born OCD!

Do not expect your traditionally educated doctors fresh out of college to remotely understand the mystery behind the explosion of autism plaguing today’s children. Or do they but run out of scientific excuses? The next generation to come in power are the Baby Busters Generation” or souls born with Pluto (supreme fixity) in the health consumed sign of Virgo.

This generation is made of health fanatics, puritanical born scientists agnostics, atheists and skeptics alike who have a tendency to “miss the forest for the tree”  by being over-concerned with details… The same over educated moronic crowd unable, unwilling  and/or forbidden by God to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and can only deal with the tangible. Indeed their oversized brain truly believe that; what can not be seen nor touched does not exist!

So before explaining the phenomenon behind the “disease” lets give a deeper look at the crowd  conducting those researches, their psychical cosmic nature, their aims and who they work for…While some are truly concerned with the children welfare many of them are working for the scientific matrix, “Dr. Sanjay Gupta First Legal US Drug Lord?” and the pharmaceutical corporations sponsoring those new “educated” kids researches!

Sceptre from my book “The Power of the Dragon

All those new scientists, including Dr. Sanja born in 1969,  aarived on this world with Pluto in the sign of Virgo:  I called this generation of health fanatics “The Baby Buster Generation.”  The planet Pluto moved into the puritanical sign of Virgo (health) from 1957 to 1976, and this generation is already taking governmental power.

This generation is fanatic about nature, perfection, work and health. Smokers have already experienced the impact of the “Baby Buster Generation,” totally dedicated to upgrade health, maintain nature and perfection in our society. Unlike Leo (life) Virgo is dry and sterile, thus fewer babies were produced during this era. Since Pluto entered the sign of Virgo, facilities for health programs and exercising boomed to satisfy a generation that craves fitness. The health businesses (body/ mind/tools) were launched and were booming with Pluto in Virgo.

This generation is banning smokers from restaurants and public places,  they voted the NON smoking law outside local colleges and universities, they also voted many tobacco tax increase and more rigid health oriented regulations are ahead of us.

Note This section and its predictions were written and published in the 1995 Moon Power edition.

“On a more positive note, this age group will fight hard to preserve nature, animals and the remainder of the rain forest. Many powerful computers and microchips developed by this generation as experienced in Operation Desert Storm, are deadly accurate. Their ideal is very pure in thought and action, but this generation must guard against Pluto’s (fanaticism) subtle power for “perfection.” If the power of Pluto in Virgo is exaggerated, it becomes as deadly as the poison they try so hard to avoid.”

Many of these souls will lose their lives by being too concerned with health (anorexia, hypochondria), turning rapidly to vegetarian diets, thus upsetting their naturally weak digestive tracts. They must understand that cats and dogs were born with strong claws and long, sharp fangs to tear apart raw flesh as intended by nature, while cows, horses, lambs, etc. are herbivores and were designed by God with flat teeth and three stomachs to eat only “salad.”

Those animals are carnivorous but human are omnivorous and must eat meat as a vigilant balance for their weak and sensitive digestive metabolism. Some of those souls becomes overly crazy for carbohydrates. They are also protein paranoid. Some starve themselves after 6:00 p.m. Others take their heart rates much too seriously, some have a penchant for pain, and more are victims of the fat-burning syndrome.

Because of the inborn critical attitude and a strong desire for health and perfection, those natural “puritanical/conservatives” are so critical and may never find someone good enough for them, many will end up alone in the game of love. They end up marrying science, their  career are are all extreme workaholic.

Note: Insurance Companies DO NOT have your best interest at heart! When Pluto (investigation/insurance) went thought the sign of Virgo (health) more of our private information went to powerful organizations.

NOTE:  I WROTE THIS ARTICLE BACK IN 1995, well before the world found out the NSA was spying on us all, well before Obama care and  life as you know it today!

From Dr. Williams licensed practising medical doctor.

In the practice of medicine today, insurance companies don’t pay your doctor to spend much time with you and give you all the information you need about your disease. As shocking as it sounds, your insurance company may even forbid your doctor from telling you all there is to know about your condition and all of the available treatment options. Information about you health is priceless, and the less you know about the treatment of your child’s condition, the better the insurance companies like it, because it saves them money for treatments and newer, more expensive medications.

Note: Do you know that, for insurance purposes, if you apply for a credit card, not only your driving record, tax record but also your entire private health record is divulged to those organizations? Now that you have a better understanding of whom is doing the diagnostic and why they need your tax dollar for their researches (and survival) I hope you are ready to deal with the truth about autism. Furthermore depraved of Cosmic Consciousness none of those new educated kids on the block will ever own the golden keys to what it means to be human or fully understand the psyche of any child or even their own!

The numbers show there is an epidemic of autism in the United States.

“It’s not known whether these increases are due to better counting or should be blamed on something in the environment, or, most likely, a mixture of both Peter Bearman, a Columbia University sociologist, says…”

DT Rebuttal: The fact is; without Cosmic Consciousnesses  the elites of science do not know anything about the Universal Mind interaction with the human psyche and can only assume of the reasons for autism (bullies or gay people.) Yes as incredible as it may sound, some of them are looking for the illusive “gene” responsible for everything…

Autism is the end results of many years of poisoning the body, mind and soul through the use of legal or illegal drugs, there is nothing else to blame. You are witnessing the dying human DNA right at the start of the making of the human mind in the womb!

FACT! Which is develop first heart or brain? Both at the same time but the brain works before the heart pumps.

Let’s pump mom’s medications or weed in the baby’s brain

This is not a generality but a very strong probability, today’s young pot user mothers must struggle more than ever to raise their children on their own.  Making money to survive and support a family  sent many young parents to jail making their situation far worse. Then depression sets in and the uneducated mass rely and trust their doctors who indiscriminately prescribes various anti depressants.

Did you hear the numerous advertisements selling those nefarious products on television readers? Indeed there are billions to make but any “normal” human being would NEVER EVER touch such products just by acknowledging the dangerous, even deadly side effects! But the vast majority of American are so over medicated they can not even think straight any-longer!

When I was growing up in the fifties, I never heard of the word depression and my mother was much too busy to have time for depressions either! In fact my Mom never drank, smoked or used any legal or illegal drugs in her life, she is now 87, should I thank her for my super brain? You bet I should!

“In the 1950s, reported cases of depression were practically unheard of, but now the World Health Organization warns it could become the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020.”

What scares me the most is how gullible society is,  trusting doctors whoring around with the news-media to serve greedy capitalists corporations! ” The real reasons why Dr.Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on weed.”

You do not have to waste more money supporting the scientific medical researches of this educated generation of morons, instead use common sense! Do not smoke cigarettes or weed, do not drink alcohol till you pass out, do not take antidepressants, exercise regularly, check your diet and do not give in to Neptune poisoning “goodies.”

If your natal UCI is loaded with Neptune, you are very much prone to succumb to any form of addictions but how can you apply you will and avoid Neptune’s quicksands if no one teaches you about the planets positive or malefic effects? Indeed the work and the results of the religious and scientific controlling educational matrix at work, AUTISM, depressions, suicides etc…

Do you actually think that watching “Cosmos” Standing Up In The Milky Way – A thrilling, new adventure across space and time begins” will help you to lead a safer life? What do you have left after the show? More awareness of what astronomers perceives as far away lifeless rocks?

Indeed any of my books has a better impact upon your mind because they reflect the essence of those stars and how, as a child of the Universe you are “spiritually/psychically” interconnected with them all… Indeed the Cosmic Code exposes more secrets than the “Cosmos” non cosmic conscious actors and producers could ever imagine…

Humanity has not yet been trained to deal correctly and precisely with the spiritual aspect of the cosmos and modern astrology is extremely limited in its various explanations and handling of the old science.

Astropsychology and the software I created eliminate all forms of erroneous information in the translation of your cosmic identity. Can the thousands of people  I dealt with in my 64 years of  existence be all wrong?

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Name: Cindy

Just finished my Skype session with Dr. Turi and it was AMAZING beyond words!! Everything Dr. Turi shared with me tonight and interpreted just further validated what I was already intuitively sensing and was being drawn to. I cannot wait to continue to expand my knowledge of the Cosmic Code now and then be able to use that knowledge to help humanity!

Thank you so much for all you do Dr. Turi…keep sharing your gift!!!….

Added: Wed, 26th March, 2014

Submitted by: Will

Just had my Skype session and am very happy with Dr Turi and the information he has provided. He was quite accurate in detail and explained things well. I am looking forward to using this information to expand my knowledge and help others as well.

Thank you Dr Turi….

Added: Wed, 26th March, 2014

Submitted by: Rachaelle

I just had a Skype session with Dr. Turi, it was very informative and my mind is reeling with the possibilities of a promising future. I had recently chosen a new path and I can’t wait to get started and see where the journey takes me. Thank you Dr. Turi,for your kind words, encouragement and consideration…..

Carl Sagan was born in November under the sign of Scorpio, this sign is the most rational, practical down to earth sign and has produced the most efficient astronomers, scientists and engineers of the zodiac.

Scorpio’s are far from being stupid and unless you approach them accurately do not expect any form of endorsement… Sad enough Carl Sagan never dealt with me, for if he had, I would not have to work hard to convince him of the spiritual values of the cosmos, something he was looking for all his life.. and never found…

Quotes About Horoscopes Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

“A scientist places an ad in a Paris newspaper offering a free horoscope. He receives about 150 replies, each, as requested, detailing a place and time of birth. Every respondent is then sent the identical horoscope, along with a questionnaire asking how accurate the horoscope had been. Ninety-four per cent of the respondents (and 90 per cent of their families and friends) reply that they were at least recognizable in the horoscope. However, the horoscope was drawn up for a French serial killer. If an astrologer can get this far without even meeting his subjects, think how well someone sensitive to human nuances and not overly scrupulous might do.”  ― Carl SaganThe Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

Using the science of Astropsychology, I will soon produce Carl Sagan’s UCI for my VIP’s and if you are a sceptic, an atheist or and agnostic, the solid answers you need will be there for you when you join.  And if you don’t, this simply mean you are not ready for the divine just yet, do not worry, you have eternity to upgrade to a more sensitive, intelligent and curious human being… Indeed there is so much more behind the cosmos than its physical manifestation and God willing one day, the world will appreciate a more divine spiritual exploration…

My name is Pluto “Hades the Lord of Hell”

For now “Cosmos” is educational  but in no way will ever benefit nor advance humanity’s psychical purpose and investing on “Mars One” is another dream endorsed by the abusive scientific matrix in need of your donations to survive!

CNN – 200,000 More Morons apply to live on Mars

While I am still trying to bring back some of my articles, many of those links are dead. The only way for you to read my work is by becoming a VIP and read it ALL (2812 articles and counting) from the cosmic code website.

 The magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are know by science;  The greatness of the Universal Matrix is unknown and God’s enslaved all his children to uncover his cosmic  Divinity and with it,  a life filled with health, love, respect, peace and harmony for all.

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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