Coronavirus 2020 modern day black plague?


To those who know me and my cosmic work, no explanation is necessary, to those who don’t, none will ever suffice! Dr. Turi

Kerry Lynn Cassidy Dr. Turi – Project Camelot –  (03/05/2020 – 1 PM PT)

A cruise ship that carried a man who died from coronavirus is headed back to California with 2,500 passengers

Dear readers;

Talk about the beginning and end of a short dramatic trip! Greed and cosmic ignorance rule much of everything nowadays and, in the process, more oblivious, religious or atheist people will be cursed by the reptilius. 

Only through repetition will a few of my smart readers be able to upgrade their cosmic awareness so if I sound redundant realize the critical purpose.   There are no other words to use than “REAL unconcerned, irresponsible IDIOTS” to classify the 2500 passengers who decided to go on a cruise, ignoring the danger of contracting the Coronavirus and infect others in the process.  

A cruise should be the best memorial time anyone should expect, instead, for them all, it is now a pure costing nightmare. Who’s at fault, the greedy corporations putting their passengers (and all of us) at risk or the morons who ignore the signs? 

I took and spoke on dozens of cruises over the years, yet I never committed myself do to anything without looking at the stars… And that what makes the difference between a fantastic time, great memories of a pure costly nightmare. 

Knowing the religious and scientific infected powerful, well organized supremely wealthy matrixes control all of the information through a corrupted media, only a tiny fraction of the vast population will take a chance on metaphysics or Astrology!

And because of those pious souls or educated” idiots” rejects, ridicule or deny God’s cosmic design and its critical mystical purposes, this attitude does not emancipate them for the heavy penalty of suffering cosmic ignorance. 

Pope Francis Astrology UFO’S Centuries of Lies and Manipulations

Knowing what I know at 70, following a very unusual and rich existence, I can not help wonder how humans can disassociate themselves from the cosmic rules and the existence of various ET’s who, unlike human beings, are fully cosmic conscious and use those “cosmic winds” to further their own (positive/negative) agenda.

Ask yourself, reader, how much money would any of now dead or infected people suffering hell would pay me to avoid such a nightmare or regain their health? But as a rule, it is when it is much too late that people seek answers or healing…

Had any of those holiday cruise seekers invested in the Divine and my cosmic wisdom, instead of trusting their religion, faith or scientific convictions they certainly would not be where they are today!  A fraction of the money they spend to seek good time at sea should have been invested in knowing all about their Cosmic Divinity and their fate by investigating their natal, karmic UCI. 

Investing in their stars and fate and the location of their natal or hidden dragons by house and signs can only become a major contribution to uncover what type of diseases they are prone to attract and suffer.

And most of all, get the pertinent health information to avoid the costly penalty. But who in 2020 will honor, understand, trust and assimilate the father of modern medicine when astrology is mentioned?

Only smart and curious people will take a chance on my cosmic wisdom and seek my services and others can only suffer their religious fear and ignorance…

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code universal ceremonies for a  stellar God does not speak to fools!” Dr. Turi

“Dr. Turi I have learned more about what it means to be human in your week-long Sedona crash course then the seven years spent in an accredited medical school!”  Dr. in Psychiatrist student! 

March 4 – ////(Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many


America / New Beginning / Ending of War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions / Man Destructive Actions / Deadly Weather / Natural Disaster / A new Planned and / or Unplanned life For Many. 


I am expecting a quake at or above 6.0 during my next SOS to the world deadly window! Be warned and read the exact dates. 

While the world of entertainment and the media rule, unimportant, banal, common news are reported daily to the entire world confirming my visions… 

Katy Perry reveals she is pregnant (new life?)

May I suggest you dear reader to, if you did not do it just yet, to read “Pope Francis, Italy, Coronavirus and the reptilius” and catch with more obvious endings/beginning or new prospects for life?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), one of several Democrats running for the party's nomination in the 2020 presidential race, speaks during a campaign event, March 8, 2019 in the Queens borough of New York City. On Friday, Warren released a new regulatory proposal aimed at breaking up some of the nation's biggest technology companies, including Amazon, Google and Facebook. Warren's event on Friday evening took place less than a mile from where Amazon had previously planned to open a new headquarters in Long Island City before pulling out of the deal last month after critics said the city gave them excessive government incentives. Update: 3/5/20 – Elizabeth Warren ends presidential campaign
World’s largest cannabis company is closing down greenhouses and laying off hundreds
Brazil lashed by heavy rains, leaving at least 32 dead Ending?
Since 1999, millions have helped a university search for aliens. Now the investigation is over.

But what about my prediction of the Coronavirus? Is this as or more important than a pregnant celebrity or the end of a presidential candidate campaign? Are your health and your life more important than all the news above?  Don’t you think my warnings about Coronavirus should have been allowed to reach the media and appropriately prepare for it?

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Nostradamus 2020 Universal and Personal Forecast 
Be at the right time at the right place order your 2020 Personal Cosmic Biorhythms

Yes, you may say, yet while the prediction is UNDENIABLE, well documented, printed, published and blasted on all my radios shows, only those who dare to dig deeper into my cosmic work were warned!  Many years ago I also accurately predicted SARS! But the question remains, did you order your ebook to learn more about the future and prepare yourself for it?

Coronavirus (picture-alliance/AP)

The prediction for “A new Lung disease and a serious respiratory problem” was first issued in August 2019 and again on January 3rd, 2020 in“Axis of Evil – Winds of death upon America 2020 Coast to Coast am Predictions Recap.”

Image result for pope francis SAD

Pontiff Sad and Die
Man’s Religious Folly to Dry
World Lost Despair Cry
Dark Entities Curse the Age

Posted to the world 1/16/20

Now about the Coronavirus, I asked Draco and he told me to carefully read the words channeled from him back in August 2019 (5 months before the outbreak last December) and the printing process makes my prediction UNDENIABLE! Yet unless you purchase the Ebook, and read it for yourself, it’s me to know and you to find out!  

I am not about to divulge the long list of all my warnings and 17 very specific predictions but I decided to publicized #7 to prove my claims.  

2020 Nostradamus Personal & Universal Forecast

Dr. Louis Turi © 2019

Predictions Published 08/14/2019

2020 Prediction #7: More incredible news involving the misuse of technology and nukes accidents will shock the world. “Russian missile explosion: “Radiation detected 500 miles away.” To those who ordered the 2019 Nostradamus forecast this prediction sad enough came to pass! 

Indeed lung cancer or a new lung respiratory disease will plague the victims of an infected scientific community. In the process, the wildlife will also suffer drastically and perish. That dramatic news reflects the endless battles taking place between the nefarious and benevolent groups of ET’s fighting each other from far away galaxies cursing all humans affairs. 

Important announcement: The only place you will have full access to read all my future 2020 SOS to the world deadly windows warnings or learn more about the Cosmic Code secrets are for our VIP’s or if you join Patreon.  

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This show was pre-recorded on 02/02/20 and I gave very specific dates that will undoubtedly prove to the utmost skeptic person the reality of my UFOs predictive legacy. That is for all real truth-seekers who took the time t to listen to the entire show and made critical notes… 
Terania is currently working with Katina Town for “an encore” but this time, in the second segment of the live show she will take calls so I can perform mini-readings…  Do not miss this one and judge the reality of my “psychic” claims. More info on time and more good news for now…



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