Coronavirus is ‘the great equalizer,’ Madonna’s infectious fear don’t help her fans


Fear destroys light, fight darkness because fear has no room in life! Dr. Turi


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The reptilius are after children and famous people!

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Back on April 7, 2012, I wrote about the sign of Leo in  “Madonna’s Fate”  this was long before I generated my own blogs from my website thus if you are a fan of the star, read and enjoy that old newsletter! 

Like all Leos, a sign that rules France, Italy, love, vitality, fame, the arts and life in general, Madonna also suffers a strong subconscious fear of death and diseases. Leo’s ego is as big as its heart and they will do all they can in their power to grab the attention they desperately need to survive on the stage even if that means passing on a pessimistic message to the world naked in a bathroom.

There is no denying the reality and power of Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology if you keep an open mind and follow the teachings of real professionals like my students and I.

In her short video, Madonna said; “We are all in  this ship together, if the ship goes down we are all going down together!” The fact is; the famous singer is much more concerned with her great “disappearing” lifestyle and very sorry to find out that her fame, her accomplishments, and her name is no protection from the Coronavirus! And she is mad to be reminded of her mortality.

The fact is; Madonna feels very sorry for herself and the video enunciates a total lack of concern for her millions of fans’ psychical welfare and others but HERSELF! 

In her mind, she is nothing less than a “Goddess” and should be veneered and admired at all times. She feels that she is very special and God should not mingle her with all his servants. She truly believes she is above all other human beings including the Coronavirus… Well, Madonna, you and your privileged select famous kind are about to get a wake-up call. 

Being such a notorious person Madonna own also a vast stage, she should stop feeling sorry for herself, accept the facts that she is a vulnerable human being like all of us and most of all, stop feeding the reptilius.

Instead, she should comfort all her fans with words of love and hopes and reach the entire world with encouragement. The fact is; Madonna is paralyzed with Leonine inborn fears and she is obviously reptilius infected! Those entities now own her body, mind, and spirit. She is under the reptilius’ psychical nasty powers and she is stimulating more fear, more chaos and furthering more fear and chaos to her wide audience.  It is idiotic, selfish and irresponsible! 

I wish I had such a wide stage but as a rule, the reptilius will always put unevolved “Young Souls” in power to promote their agenda. Being rich and famous does not mean being smart or spiritually advanced, especially in Madonna’s case knowing she fell like many other celebrities for a cult. “Madonna’s Fate”

But, like 99.9% of humans, she’s not to blame for her spiritual shortcomings and her cosmic ignorance knowing an indoctrinated world has been under the jurisdiction of both the religious and scientific infected matrixes. And this can only open more doors to malicious cults… 

As mentioned in all my writings and my YouTube videos, if in any way, shapes or forms you are negative,  you like it or not, you know it or not, you are infected!  Anyone, famous or not who spill negative words against anyone or nurture and generate fear, greed, lies, jealousy, inferiority or insecurity complexes are INFECTED! And this goes for President Trump, Madonna or any human being you know, including yourself! 

The good news, once you become aware of this subtle phenomenon lead by various groups of good and bad ET’s you can easily change course and become a progressive, positive “Light Worker!.” 

Once again, my dear friend, you are much more than flesh, bone, and nerves, you are an incredible human being, born with an incredible creative power source with the will to direct your energy to build or destroy, to serve God or evil! It’s your choice! 


Remember Coronavirus is the end result of fear of foreigners, greed, racism initiated for years by President Trump’s own fears racist UCI and the end results became an invisible “WALL”  or the invisible ENEMY or Coronavirus created by billions of people negative thoughts… 


Trump supporters or haters! PLEASE PLEASE remember my work is not political but spiritual in nature…You may not be spiritually advanced enough to delegate the intuitive domain of my work and assimilate visceral cosmic information Blame it all on your rational UCI! 

I am a bit too far ahead of humanity’s banal, practical, logical, scientific and religious perception for my own good, and this gift feels often more like a curse because rare are the ones who can delegate the archetypal realm of Supra-cosmic consciousness and relate to my cosmic work…  

I’m asking each and every one of you not to fall for an unconscious fearful Madonna’s infectious trend of negative thoughts! Yes, we are in this big ship together friends, and yes this ship is not doomed and does not have to go down.

That’s her thoughts and she is the Captain of her own doomed ship, not yours! Do not go down with her misleading words, instead have faith in God, in the Universe and the Draconis fighting very hard the reptilius with us. You are far from being alone my friend and we need your positive thoughts.

Pay attention to my warnings, read and share ” Coronavirus, SOS to the world March 27, 2020, & Project Camelot Predictions” and remember do not kill the messenger or make me responsible for the extraordinary negative flux cursing a cosmic unconscious humanity. 

During those very trying times knowing all about the Super-conscious will become a major contribution for you to control and avoid fear, I can only and strongly recommend all my readers to trust me and read this book. My cosmic work will give you the critical spiritual food and pertinent information you desperately need to stop degenerating spiritually. My book “Beyond the Secret” will help you avoid the virus and stop you from feeding the reptilius with fears. 

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DO NOT FEED THE REPTILIUS free your spirit with Dr. Turi

How long will this dance of evil last? All the way to the end of Trump’s presidency. The same applies to Italy as long as Pope Francis’ UCI (and nasty Sagittarius Dragon’s tail)  regiment the country.  Read more!

Meantime I strongly recommend you to face your fear with courage, check the future and have faith in your God-given psychical positive power to turn things around.  Just because you can do it!


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