Could Austria Use the Koran Against ISIS? NO its a total waste of time!


“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  

Dr. Turi

Could Austria Use the Koran Against the Islamic State?

He is as smart as its US political counterpart who, a while ago, wasted time and taxpayers money to help ISIS’ cause.

U.S. Anti-ISIS video is BOOSTING and Inspiring ISIS’ Caliphate Recruiting

Those traditionally coached, civilized politicians can only use their arguments to what sanity dictate, not knowing ISIS future and doomed soldiers are unreachable and already sold their soul to the cause and the caliphate.

Knowing nothing of the human spirit outside of conventional reasoning, a cosmic unconscious Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has never heard nor read anything about the human UCI.

Like the scientific community mind experts and researchers, his error is to assume ALL Muslims think and react the same dealing with life (or religions) in general!  And this is their first serious mistake!

The first step would be for him, and the general public, to fully acknowledge what UCI or Unique Celestial Identity mean and stand for!


(MPSI)  Matrix Personal Spiritual Identity

Much of the puritanical male and female souls lured into ISIS movement and the caliphate were born into both, the “Death Wish Generation”  (older fighters) and the OCD Generation(younger fighters.)

The OCD generation reflects the worst of the puritanical, CLEANSING sign of Virgo and all those kids are inbred with an over bearing drive for chastity and purity, where sex, drugs, alcohol, rap music and a non healthy, non religious living style is abhorring to them all.

That is what drive them to fight America or the “pot pourri” as they perceive all westerner nations. 

Those crucial information are available to the public through my books,  but the US Department of Education, the scientific, and religious “educational” supremely wealthy matrixes monopolize all information and have lost God’s cosmic divinity and the spirit all together!  

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

Sceptre from my book “The Power of the Dragon” 

Pluto in Virgo: “The Baby Buster Generation” Pluto moved into the puritanical sign of Virgo (health) from 1957 to 1976, and this generation is next to take governmental power. This generation is fanatic about nature, perfection, work and health. Smokers have already suffered the impact of this “Baby Buster Generation,” as this generation must upgrade health and perfection in our society.

Unlike Leo (life) Virgo is dry and sterile, thus fewer babies were produced during this era. Since Pluto entered the sign of Virgo, facilities for health programs and exercising boomed to satisfy a fanatic health generation that craves fitness and a very healthy lifestyle.

The health businesses (body/ mind/tools) were launched and are still booming with Pluto in Virgo. Note you can be born before or after this generation but if you inherited a strong natal, hidden draconis,  moon, rising  Virgo energy in your chart, you will share the same perfectionist, cleansing values…

This Mother Mary or the Virgo generation is banning smokers from restaurants and public places, in Phoenix AZ they voted the NON smoking law outside local colleges and universities, they also voted many tobacco tax increases and more rigid health oriented regulations are ahead of us.

The Virgo “Virgin Mary” cosmic fluid also stimulate many unconscious pious women to join ISIS’s cause and offer them children that will also be indoctrinated against the west.

Now, it took me years to compile this book and it was published in December 1999 and 15 years ago I knew, once in power, this generation, would stir such a world wide cleansing, puritanical, religious movement through ISIS caliphate. 

These are today,  the dreadful results of all traditional educational institutions unwilling to educate their children on the extreme pull of the stars upon their destiny. In the name of religious convictions, (Christians) or educated spiritual pride  ignorance, (Atheists) those generations will have to be eradicated from the face of the earth. 

Those children, once upon a time were reachable, had the adults brought back the mother of all science to schools and universities and reach all children before, during or just after puberty!

How can you today explain to ISIS fighters they are all doomed because no one taught them about the cosmic code jurisdictions and God cosmic will?  

How can you reach all those people and tell them they are subconsciously mauled to death by their stars when only an extreme minority of ISIS fighters can speak or read English and only a handful of human beings (my students) can teach them?

All those lost souls are the victims of a greedy controlling, religious, politically oriented system. And  since childhood all they had is their religious books and they are now all intoxicated and indoctrinated.  In the name of ignorance, all those souls are wasted…

Is it too late for all those people, I am afraid it is, and this is what MUST be done to save future generations! 


“ Without Cosmic Consciousness, human are nothing more than blind robots acting out their natal stars.” Dr. Turi  

Mercury Governs the Precise and Critical Constellation Of Virgo

Cleansing impurities large and small
Don”t think yourself immune, for I see all
Attending to every chore and task
Perfection being all that I ask
I am VIRGO, child of Mercury.

Now comes the billions dollar question readers, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HELP DR.TURI!

Are you still thinking my work is only a wasteful pseudoscience the majority of uneducated human still ridicule or will you  become an active positive cell? Because trust me readers, the force of evil and ISIS are already in place and VERY active and they have all the financial support they need to recruit more unconscious victims from all over the world.

This battle against cosmic ignorance MUST be won, and this rare cosmic wisdom MUST return to all US schools and Universities! America must show the way to the rest of the world because it is only through the right spiritual education that peace, love, respect can finally reign upon earth!

For if you do not participate and help me, this psychical religious cancer will never be eradicated and will one day, override the entire world!   The response to such a threat is the dangerously growing atheist movement who are as unconscious as the religious community! 

Atheists & Christians, A Cosmic God is Really Pissed Off At You!

How can you help me you may ask, do like I do, be relentless, dedicated, committed, confident you own the answer to this puzzle and pass on my spiritual work on the Internet. Join new groups and lead them to this article (or any you resonate with) email your politicians, your school masters  even the secret service!

More than anyone else they NEED this type of information to understand what it means to be human and efficient in the battle against ISIS!   You can not be independent or unconcerned anymore, time is the essence and you must act now!

– Another White House security incident – A serious warning and predictions for the NSA, FBI and CIA! 

Have NO FEAR, this is America where we must lead other nations into a safer, wiser, educated world, not only with our mighty war machine and wealth, but also with the power of education!

Indeed God lead you to my work for a good reason, that is to do your part for humanity and help the children of tomorrow to avoid today fatalistic errors!

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi
Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Help me reach George Noory and his producer Tom, or any radio or TV hosts out there. Only if you ask and refer me will they invite me to talk about ISIS, talk about Atheism, religions the cosmic code, the Age of Pisces and the New Age of Aquarius, do some predictions and bring real light and deep understanding to the Middle East complex situation.  

Help me get the wider voice I need readers, this is a very serious situation that no many people truly understand! 

Let me bring the spirit and the cosmic code into the rational, logical discussions and let the audience challenge me in a cosmic world they know nothing about!

This will be a very interesting debate where you will learn much more in the process, but again you must write to George everyday, until you get the results you seek!

Yes I know George well, in fact he and Tom are good friend, but in the radio world, your voice and the ratings count, not mine! – 

The world is changing at a rapid pace, both physically and spiritually, don’t you think its time to bring God’s cosmic divinity to humanity? Remember life is a constant process of changes, where the old, willingly or not, must give room to the new! 

Old foundations and archaic beliefs  are crumbling, this is scary for so many people, but it is a direct order imposed by God upon all his children.  

 “11/2015-02/2017 End of All Religions.” – “Pope Francis – Can You Handle The Truth?”

And instead of fearing the unknown and the future, let’s build  a new secure world, because were are doomed and this is the challenges imposed by a cosmic God you must acknowledge, heed and promote! 

Hell is on earth, we can turn it into paradise with real cosmic spiritual  education… And it all start with YOU!

Cosmic Blessings to all my readers

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Cosmic Blessings
Dr. Turi
“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

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