Cruz takes on Caitlyn Jenner God Have Mercy On Your Children!

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) campaigns at the Weinberg Theater April 21, 2016 in Frederick, Maryland.

Cruz: Grown men shouldn’t be in bathrooms with girls

Dear readers;

For a grown and cosmic unconscious man like Cruz to take on Caitlyn Jenner, tells you how misinformed and dangerous it is for our society to vote for those puritanical; god fearing souls. But I don’t think all politicians were born with an underdeveloped UCI...  Kasich: People ‘probably’ born gay HE IS RIGHT!

“This is not a matter of right or left, or Democrat or Republican. This is common sense. It doesn’t make sense for grown adult men, strangers, to be alone in a restroom with a little girl,” Cruz told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

And this is where the problem is, because like 99.9% of all pious souls indoctrinated by the religious matrix; none of them were taught about God cosmic divinity creating gay children!

Only yesterday I wrote” Indeed there is not a single cosmic conscious President, politician or scientist  living on planet earth today! But vast fortunes have been invested (Obama waste $100M to unlock mysteries of the brain) to uncover why some people were born gay! Transgender, Gay teens fight back with Dr. Turi.

But like I did with (Donald Trump President?) today, using the futuristic art and science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics,  I will expose the UCI of Cruz to the public, as to truly understand how his mind works! This will help the voters to improve their perception of a man that wants to rule the world, yet does know NOTHING of himself, God celestial design and all the people and their children that he wants to control!

Indeed those who pretend to know best about God, are often those who know the least.

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Rafael EdwardTedCruz

First Cruz was born December 22, 1970 in the constellation of Sagittarius and the quatrain written in 1991 seem to fit him perfectly!


Jupiter Governs the Philosophical and Educated Constellation of Sagittarius

I have traveled the worldwide
With naught but the law on my side
Yearning for the higher knowledge
All of God”s creation as my college
I am SAGITTARIUS, child of Jupiter.

Once you read the Characteristics For Those Born In December, you may want to share this article widely and maybe Mr. Cruz will finally be given an opportunity to really see God as he truly is… An eternal divine cosmic entity speaking to me, through the signs.  And be sure God’s purpose is to assemble, unite and love all its children. not make them feel like subhumans.

A word of caution – Sagittarius: Souls born with an overbearing Jupiterian energy must guard against the codification of thoughts (books) and biblical archaic materials; your lesson is to realize that God cannot be confined to any man-made buildings, deities or archaic doctrines. The advanced ones (truth seekers) will lead the rest of us towards the reality of God”s manifestation through the stars, master and teach the Cosmic Code rules.

Donald Trump was born with a Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail, (negative/Bull in the China shop) making Cruz (a Sagittarius) his worse cosmic enemy! This explain why both men hate each other with a passion and no one can deny this fact! Dragon explained!

I was myself born with a Sagittarius rising and this depict how, like Trump; I can be direct to the point, honest and can also behave or write obnoxiously.

The world is loaded with cosmic unconscious Deceptive Neptunian?” and those born with a strong negative Sagittarius influence, are the most recognizable of all. They can not spend a day without quoting the bible. They are the priests. The god warriors or the ones expecting Jesus return and promising  the rapture.

In fact their mind is so codified, it is impossible to rationalize with those souls; to the point where they could easily die or kill for their religions .i.e. ISIS.  Worse, they are totally oblivious of their cosmic nature and their unwillingness and ineptitude to grow out of the scriptures is simply impossible.  Mr. Robertson is a perfect example of what a true Neptunian is all about!

“Convert then or kill them!”

I was born with a Sagittarius Dragon’s Tail (or the worse of this sign, RIGHTEOUSLY dangerous!)
 ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson and ISIS Alarming Ideology! God Have Mercy!

Peter Kling The fact that soy formula increases female hormone production in infants has nothing to do with people being gay. Do the SCIENTIFIC research Dr Louis Turi!

Louis Turi I am coming from the archetypal realm of Supra cosmic consciousness my friend, not scientific rigid logic… Do the COSMIC research Peter!  And where did I ever mention soy formula?

“People can only relate to each others because of their education, intelligence, experiences and karmic UCI!” Dr. Turi 

Continued: What makes Cruz another religious  “fanatic” is that, Neptune “The Lord of Deception” and ruler of pious Pisces is found cursing his first house (the self.)  His Mercury (critical thinking) is into the most rational sign of all, or Capricorn (the politician engineer.)

Those cosmic influences makes it impossible for Cruz  and so many people like Peter to enter the archetypal realm of Supra-cosmic consciousness or perceive god outside of science or what he was taught by his first religious teachers.

Cruz’s mind is too rational, too rigid, too “logical” to even attempt to challenge the books he was conditioned to accept as the ultimate rule and the unchangeable truth.  To make the situation worse, his own Dragon’s Tail (negative influence) is right in his 9th house of higher learning and this house is ruled by Jupiter. This mean Cruz is a professional student of man’s laws and he was born an academical.

But this does not make him a genius or intelligent, simply OVER educated with a great memory to recall all the books he read.  Its like if the US Department of Education  was to test my IQ against his and the subject would be the bible. I can guarantee you that Cruz would be able to regurgitate all archaic teachings perfectly; because of his crystallized memory on the topic he naturally assimilate so easily.

In my case, I could only recall ” Matthew 7:6 “Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces” because this is a biblical quote I often use against the Neptunians condemning me for using God’s creation (the stars) to help them auto-analyze their idiosyncrasies.  But its always a waste of time of course.

Thus because my own Mercury (the mind) being in Aquarius (dignified,) or the top position for ingeniousness and cosmic advanced researches, the non cosmic conscious educated idiots can never, not only understand my work, but offer me a  Nobel Prize for my lifetime cosmic work! “What does it take to be a genius?

“A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness”. – Albert Einstein

Cruz was also born with his moon (emotional response to life) in Libra (the law.) Thus there is also a very strong drive to learn and teach the laws, but like the deplorable US secret services, only man’s laws are being taught in all governmental institutions, not mine or those implicating God Cosmic Divinity.

Note also Cruz’s fanatical planet Pluto (power/sex/secrets) is found into the puritanical, chaste sign of Virgo (The Virgin Marie) and you wonder why Cruz is a virginal homophobic?  I did the stars of all the famous hardcore conservatives .i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity , Gleen Beck etc.  and explained their “sexual” attitude with their own children in this article… ENJOY! 

But again those famous talking heads are “pure” at heart and also the victims of the religious matrix who conditioned them to never ever challenge the bible or else end up in hell. Those are the people who own the platform, a voice millions of Americans depend to vote as to offer America the best chances to lead  the world.

But in all they are a representation of the past and all archaic religious teachings reflecting the weakest side of America unwillingness to grow pass their psychical judgmental limitations and righteous attitude towards other human beings they would love to see suffer and perish.

They are the enemies of progress, enemies of the future, the crusaders of the past where people like me were burnt on the stake because their false god was offended.

They are the least forgiving people, the “educated” residing at the bottom of intelligence with an inability to understand the human nature and God cosmic will.  Those powerful politicians are compromising human evolution, constricting the future, freedom, love and respect for all and this is NOT America.

I came to this country in 1984 with a heart full of dreams, it is because I was free to explore, to learn and teach that I became Dr. Turi.

But all along I was oppressed, ridicule even feared by the religious conservatives who saw me as a nuisance to their comfortable puritanical zones.  Yet in 2016 nothing has changed, the same religious and atheist idiots are blaspheming my work, when all I am trying to do is to FREE their trapped souls.

Two thousands years of psychical abuses induced by a myriad of  well established, supremely wealthy monopolizing corporations has strapped their spirits, and all I am doing is making you aware of it!

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Cruz hidden militating, constricting Dragon Tail is in Sagittarius and his liberating, expansive Dragon’s Head (the challenges) is in progressive Aquarius.  But as a rule no one wants to ride the challenging head of the Dragon. The tail appear always more appealing, more comfortable, more “political correct” when it is not!

This mean I am the best of the best of all the progressive teachers he could ever find to open the door to a cosmic voyage, back to the real Cosmic God he so desperately want to serve.

One of my books titled  “The Power of the Dragon” has so much to offer the curious readers, and those who read it can only tell you how wonderful my cosmic work is all about!  Instead of fearing or refusing to expand your consciousness and elevate your soul to the “new God consciousness, take a chance to truly understand what humanity lost in the name of 875 different religions and counting.

God unify his children. Any mortal who unfavorably judge another man or a woman for being unique or different enunciate how ignorant those people are. What Cruz is doing is; “subconsciously” raging his own personal religious war, something I predicted back in 1995 in Art Bell national radio show!  “Killing Jesus “Les Prophecies” 

Today the moon is in Pisces. This sign rules all religions, Pope Francis, all Neptunians, deception, confusion and the poisoning of the body, mind and soul… Thus news such as “Cruz takes on Caitlyn Jenner – Ohio killings highlight ties to drugs – Navy is building new attack submarine – is NOT an accident. 

Translating God cosmic will is a task all Presidents, all politicians,  all teachers and all responsible parents should and must learn and teach their children instead of wasting billions on feeding the religious and scientific matrixes.

Understanding and sharing the “new God consciousness” is a priority, towards stopping the religious carnage induced by humanity cosmic ignorance.

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

George Noory Coast to Coast am national radio  August 3, 2015 – Some of you may recall my words to George Noory on Coast To Coast am, ” I see a lot of problems with water and poisoning…“

The floods Texas has experienced recently have inundated oil wells and fracking sites resulting in the flushing of oil and fracking chemicals into local rivers. How can anyone deny my visions when they are impossible to deny? Click on the image above or read 2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public)

Teaching your children who they are, investigating their fate and the part they play on this world is a priority, towards stopping the religious carnage induced by humanity cosmic ignorance.  Ask George to have me back on his show because the British seems to be more spiritual and more curious than Americans!

Don’t miss my next radio show  The Unexplained TV” with host Howard Hughes set for Sunday May 22nd, 2016  at 3 PM PT broadcasted from London.

Tell him how you feel and why he should have me back on Coast to Coast am! Incidentally, I am also banned on his main Facebook page and a Prophet’s curse should never, ever be sought as ridicule.

Contact – There is no reason for us to do so privately, even though George is a close friend of ours. My requests mean nothing, yours do. His producers ignore me! Also do you really think it is an accident for George to post this picture on his website today? 

“A Greek Orthodox Church in suburban Chicago has become a destination for religious miracle seekers due to a remarkable icon that ‘weeps’ oil.”

Do not fall for it, like the scientific matrix or NASA endless advertisements on CNN, the religious matrix also need your money! They can not exist without your support and DECEIVE ALL gullible born Neptunian born souls. Fight for the truth. Fight for all God’s children including gay people. Fight for Cosmic wisdom. Fight the liberation of your spirit and the reintegration of the real God!

God is too big to belong to any man made buildings. God is universal and speak his will trough the stars not an over edited man made book called the bible. God Cosmic Divinity BELONGS to you, not only the Popes of the past and the Illuminati.


Life is a constant process of changes that can never be avoided and this apply for your perception of religions, God, gays and all that dictate your purpose on earth.  Remember God’s Evil Children do not want to grow, they are  the homo-phobics, the racists, the atheists, the subhumans dedicated to STOP any form of changes and a better, safer future.

“Let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic ceremonies,”  it is UNWISE to ridicule any Prophet’s rare wisdom. Nostradamus a Curse or a Blessing?

This is why you should share my work and spread the message to many more people looking for the truth!

Lastly; I was asking $500 for this laptop but it seems the $800 dollars value of my Divine Astrology software did not appeal to any of our students who already have it. Thus I reduced it to $250. The betting start now and whom ever is giving more will get it. This laptop has window 10 and is very reliable. Please E-mail



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Dr. Turi

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