Las Vegas – Ohio & Texas shootings the reptilius use religion and technology to target adults and children


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  Help to fight the reptilius

Update 10/08/2017 –  REPTILIUS INFECTED SUB-HUMANS WILL USE TECHNOLOGY TO POISON YOUR PSYCHE! “If you have a flashlight installed on your smartphone, you have to watch and share the video below.

The reptilius will use technology (and religions) to control your mind, induce fears, chaos, invade your private life, get to your bank account then easily hijack your body mind and soul!

Stephen Paddock (Las Vegas shooting) spent his life playing/gambling with those machines in Vegas, the “SIN city / Las Wages” is a magnet for lost souls set up by those entities to seek sex, drink, use drugs,  lose and even die!

Watch the video, be warned and share pls 

Devin Kelley’s motives are not yet exposed to the world but I can assure you, drugs and religions are the main reasons to why he killed 26 church goers… 

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A gunman opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas,

Update: 11/5/2017 – Will the world finally realize I am right when I tell you the reptilius hijack the body mind and soul of their victims?  The reptilius created and use religion to poison the mind of gullible people who have not enough critical thinking to realize the god they serve and fear so much is man made… 

Nor do they realize an over edited bible’s purposes is designed to rule over them and give power to a politically oriented church. 

“If I had to choose a religion, the sun as the universal giver of life would be my god. ― Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” ― Napoleon

At least 26 people were killed, yet gullible pious people can not comprehend why their god did not protect them in his own house ( the church) against such evil…

Read more about the reptilius creating religions…

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Read more about the reptilius creating religions…

Continued! Las Vegas (and all religions) were created by the reptilius but today’  society and science are unable to assimilate or accept the truth I represent and teach the world!

The traditionally “educated” (and idiots alike) will never be able to explain or comprehend what really happened to Devin Kelley and Paddock’s  “infected” mind! At least not yet!

Do not forget the first Atomic bomb was detonated in NV close to Las Vegas, people flocked from all over to see the blast,  and this technology produced by infected scientists will in time, will destroy the world!  

The reptilius are winning the battle against humanity as not enough people support or pays attention to a modern prophet warnings!… Become a victim or  join us!  Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order 

UFO’s and conspiracy cosmic unconscious talking heads

The reptilius use religions, technology and/or “scientific information” to induce insecurity and fears in your life! Time for you to stop watching those people and listen to some peaceful music, reconnect with  God’s cosmic divinity and enjoy nature!  

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Update 4/11/2017 – 11-year-old kills himself after texting prank

Dear readers;

Will the skeptic religious parents, science and skeptics finally wake up to the reality of the reptilius destroying famous people (Kings) reputations and  taking children and pay more attention to my cosmic work? Millions are given or spent the wrong way doing wasteful research when real prophets like me are ridiculed, ignore and muted by all!  

Saudi Arabia’s newly formed anti-corruption committee has arrested at least 17 princes and top officials, according to a list obtained by CNN and cited by a senior royal court official.

While I keep a solid record of all the innocent victims in various articles  “Justin Bieber” my cosmic work can only benefit spiritually inclined future generation. Please share my work for what you do not accept, believe or can not assimilate today will one day hopefully become accepted! 

The reptilius will use technology to kill teens, be warned! 

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Distracted woman gets run over by train

Cyber Spies Could Target Your Child Through A Baby Monitor

Experts say hackers could be using baby monitors to remotely invade your home. (Credit: CBS2) Reports that after a 3-year-old boy complained about a man who talked to him at night, his parents made a shocking discovery.

The truth is that a reptilius infected human being will do anything in its power to scare you and if at all possible, hurt anything, animals and your children included!  Any negative group of egocentric humans who adhere to gangs, cults, racism, atheism, UFO’s etc. are infected!” CNN – Coroners search for answers to mass suicide” 

From my good friend Dannion Brinkley “Louis this rant sounds a little crazy.. You are heard by those who are willing to listen….the rest are on their path….chill!!”

Memo: “The selection has started and will last only a few months until the ET’s Draconis reach a specific amount of “saved souls flying off planet earth on a large spaceship when time is right.” While this process will take place psychically only, no human body will ever leave earth alive but I can only use terms that make sense to the logical critical “educated” mind.

Meantime, I do not want anyone to lump me with the predicted “Apple White Rancho Santa Fe Mass suicide” awaiting a UFO but more of a futuristic repetition of the Noah’s Ark biblical story involving UFO and the Draconis ET’s agenda so many could never accept nor conceive… READ MORE ABOUT THE RANCHO SANTA FE PREDICTION IN THIS ARTICLE and share widely.”

  Help to fight the reptilius

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” 3/26/17 – One killed, 14 injured in Ohio nightclub shooting

 While the universal mental infestation is a scary reality on its own, the reptilius resides in “Dark Matter” and love the night where humans become much more vulnerable to their influences! Who would ever think of hurting other human beings, an innocent and helpless animal or a child?  With this in mind do you still ridicule this reptilius phenomenon when ISIS sells girls for $9K 

The reptilius will use technology, natural disasters, 3 Fort Hood soldiers die in floods the cosmic code and humans’ negative  personal cosmic biorhythms to induce all sorts of accidents and  create traumatic, horrific experiences that often makes us really sick!

 This dog was found wandering the streets of Houson, Texas in dreadful condition. Blood was dripping from all over her mouth, her jaw was ripped apart and both of her eyes had popped out.

Blue Angel, Thunderbird jets crash in separate incidents

Will one of the endless  dramatic/death news confirm the June 2016 SOS to the world deadly window?

Kid’s autism video goes viral

I can’t believe that millions of gullible people actually believe this innocent kid along with reptilius infected famous doctor Sanjay Gupta both working for the  pharmaceutical infected corporations who think they can help humanity to realize such a dramatic phenomenon cursing us all.

I am muted from all major networking matrixes (including Google/face book/LinkedIn etc.)  This kid’s video was viral and watched by millions of gullible, manipulated Americans because the scientific matrix promoted it on CNN.  You shouldn’t put trust in a kid’s non developed psyche, or his deceptive video but a sixty seven year old, wiser man, like myself instead. Indeed basic critical thinking is missing in so many gullible people…

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  (Albert Einstein)

It doesn’t seem any CNN writer would take on my crucial articles about UFO’s various groups of ET’s and make any of those articles (below) viral.  Certainly I must not be the only one perceiving such obvious reptilius pharmaceutical infected corporate deception.

After countless appearances on national radio and television offering my teachings and predictions since 1991, none of my videos became viral simply because the world is too busy reading and watching an endless repetitive chain of news and not psychically advanced enough to relate to my “controversial” but progressive vexing material…

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show –Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

I know the kid above didn’t produce more work on the Internet than me last forty years or so. Google anything you are interested about and add Dr. Turi behind your request and my work will pop up with an answer.

You, your loved ones, including your sick friends and your unborn children are expendable because the American “manipulative, evil, capitalist greed” is unsurpassed anywhere on this planet.   They must sell their nefarious products or die. And who cares if they must pay millions in endless legal battles to compensate their victims when they make billions every years?

If you are one of those souls who do not see that planet earth is totally reptilius infected, then you must have a problem with critical thinking reader.

A born Soul Doctor

Zika Virus Universal Reptilius Infestation
Autism, Zika Virus, Gastroschisis or ET’s Insectius …
NASA maps potential US Zika spread

This is why you should help fight the battle against the reptilius. Share my articles, offer my warnings against those manipulative entities and support the cosmic fight!

Humans are not trained to dwell to deep into the mystical reasons producing those diseases or those “accidents” often referred as fate or, an “Act of God.” The logical mind takes over and  “science” who rule supreme will give you the exact cause of the deadly mishap! Or you believe…

But there is so much more behind those calamity and making you aware of what I know to be factual is not an easy challenge.

As explained in Jimmy Church radio show, the toxic reptilius and insectious group of ET’s NEED your fears to survive and will use them as fuel to travel through dark matter and various black holes from parallel worlds to enforce their agenda against humanity.

Note this article was written January 13, 2016 under one of my SOS to the world “SHOCKING” window, the same as the one of May 27, 2016 unusual above 6.0 earthquakes predictions.

For many this type of far fetched information is very difficult to digest and accept as a possibility, but it is! David Icke speaks of “the reptilians” and limit his nonsense to the British ruling hierarchy and those who own supreme financial wealth and power.

No human being did nor will ever transform physically into a Lizard and while David and I do not see eye to eye, only those spiritual enough and those who vibrate at my cosmic extreme speed will be able to make the difference between our teachings and the facts. 

The sad reality is; David is himself infected and through his speeches, (like Trump) uses all sorts of  fears. Fear of the government, fear of the Capricornus structuring power, fear of the banking industry etc.

I never attended David’s lecture (I know better) but I already know what psychical dirt he is spreading into his gullible, non cosmic unconscious audiences’ brains.

But, being infected, he is not only subconsciously manipulated by the reptilius but also quite far from reality. Not only the Queen of England and whom ever he point out to turn into a reptilian, but a great majority of human beings are infected too!

God fearing religiously poisoned souls i.e. ISIS, Phil Patterson, “convert or kill them!” people dying in religious stampedes, those addicted to legal or illegal drugs, the traditionally “educated atheist, agnostic idiots” who trust science, by sports or those who are mesmerized and get aggressive in sports events, and entertainments gatherings are, to a certain degree infected!

Any of the “nirvanic” group of people mentioned above will either fight to the death to dismiss my work instead of bypassing their accepted low vibrating accepted zones. This does not mean those matrixes do not serve society productively in some ways. Make sure you understand what I mean, I live science, a great movie, I like boxing and I believe in a real cosmic God!

But once a human being become impaired/infected psychically, he/she won’t be able to exit or challenge the “tunnel vision” and becomes a reptilius servant!  You are certainly welcome to ask your questions from my Facebook page and I will clarify my position and the reptilius phenomenon for you.

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

David Icke can’t talk about the “reptilians” or their agenda correctly when he himself has never seen nor dealt with UFO’s and ETs ever!  Can he or his readers deny a prediction I made for him years ago? David Icke Defeat Predicted by Dr. Turi December 1, 2011 Thanks to Draco’s phenomenal channeling!

A picture or a succession of orbs should speak the words I need to express the magnificence of my inner Draco the ET and the divine speaking through me.

A Powerful Message To The World

The fact is 99.9% of the world’s population is somehow “infected” but the level of infestation can be compared to the four stage of cancer.  And as a cancer survivor myself, I know exactly how it feels to face your own mortality!

Never accept help about cancer from anyone who never suffered cancer! 

I paid the price for being fearful, insecure, endlessly depressed, abusing alcohol and feeding the reptilius for years, before realizing how much I was infected myself! I did not know then those nefarious entities were using the cosmic code and I had no idea they were also manipulating the supra-conscious against me!

I wrote all about this subtle power but humans did not yet assimilate the creative power they share with with those cosmic conscious reptilius. Indeed my work is not for “normal” people but a more spiritually advance unique crowd of super-humans… But even this sentence will not be understood and will also be ridicule!

Indeed there are karmic souls that could never be helped regardless of my cosmic ingeniousness and total dedication to help them all!  “A suivre…”


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