Dad punches, kills 5-year-old son for eating Father’s Day cake… The reptilius at work!

June 25th, 2019

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“If we use mystical arts for entertainment purposes only, without offering solid proof of predictions or crucial  information on its dynamics, how can the average person possibly distinguish the science of Divine Astrology  from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi 

  Dear readers;

Trying to keep up with my dated predictions, displayed in the current horrific news, forces me to update my articles regularly and this increase the reading content.

Sad enough, the majority of people only assume, because they do not read or would rather watch some pointless or stupid You Tube video, instead of building more cosmic consciousness and make a good use of the cosmic code jurisdictions.

Since I always offer a set of dates, with my visions on the air, this well documented article is designed for the reader to evaluate my cosmic work and prove my claims. 

Scepter taken from JUNE 14/20/28 2019 SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW!” –  “Supernatural Substation” radio show was broadcasted on June 14th, 2019 and I gave the hosts two specific dates for large earthquake activity of a magnitude of 6.0 or above that could also produce a tsunami as to prove to the world the veracity and accuracy of Draco, the benevolent ET, working through my spirit! 

Those dates are June 20th and June 28th to prove my claims!

Today, I elaborated on the current SOS to the world deadly window of June 28th, 2019 and as usual offer the reader the appropriate quatrain and “obvious” keywords below! 

The same warning and dates was also published May 28, 2019 (or last month) at 12:42 pm to my VIP’s in Cosmic Coders Only private website.

There is no valuable reason, for me to re-post “old news…” However, you can investigate my UFO’s predictive gift by reading JUNE 14/20/28 2019 SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW!”.

Since I have been confined on my sofa, healing from a hip surgery and suffering constant back pain, I could not update you with the latest news over the last few days. Thus, those are now available in this article and in my latest You Tube video (below). 

It is important for me, to again and again, explain to my new readers the Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology methodology used involving quatrain and quite obvious keywords to describe those violent cosmic winds, manipulated by the reptilius to create all those DEADLY, DRAMATIC DEATH NEWS! 

June 28 {Starting on the given date, the window will last all the way to the next one}

Key words life and death in preparation to the beginning/ending of important section of life!

Hidden secrets, sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign


Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic Death News / Police news / Police brutality / FBI / CIA / Secret services / Secrets to light / Mob / Scandals /  Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Porn / Prostitution / Life and death / Serial Killers / Undiluted truth / Nature and Man Made Wake up Call.

“Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi
As a rule, during any and all my 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows, June 20th SOS to the world predictions facts! – Dr. J radio show July predictions” expect earthquakes at or above 6.0!  
I made my case again on the air and I did it MANY TIMES! (keep in mind the longitude/latitude and time zone involving my windows.)
All you have to do is to listen and judge for yourself the reality of Draco the benevolent “draconis ET” stimulating my UFO’s Mind Boggling Predictive Legacy!

I guess, as usual,  I was right again as far as quakes above 6.0 are concerned!.

June 26th: 6.2magnitude earthquake near La Esperanza, Chiriquí, Panama
June 26th:6.4 magnitude earthquake near Ust’-Kamchatsk Staryy, Kamtsjatka, Russia

The Lord of the underworld has spoken, the reptilius used those Plutonic cosmic winds to stimulate those two eruptions!

Volcano puts on spectacular show after lying dormant for 95 years

Incredible images captured by the International Space Station, show a Russian volcano shooting off a massive mushroom cloud, after lying dormant since 1924.

Ugly face of death drama horror surface?

A son kills his father, a father kills his son! This is the reptilius infected world you live in!

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Princeton grad charged with killing father

Dad punches, kills 5-year-old son for eating Father’s Day cake: Dramatic Death news?

He admits to killing 8 women in cold blood. But don’t call him evil. Serial killers?

Chris Cuomo  “Inside Evil,” has so much to learn about criminals and the human mind!

The Universe IS a big Brain 

Trump jokes with Putin about election meddling Russia?
Kevin Spacey is sued over alleged groping Wake up call?
Harris’ attack on Joe Biden steals debate spotlight Wake up call?
Her son was killed by police. Years later, a ruling could bring her closer to answers Secrets to light?

Woman killed after performing ‘dangerous’ webcam sex acts Dramatic sex news?
Bomb-making materials found in boxes for homeless sent to church in North Carolina Dramatic news?
New York police looking for men who allegedly forced goat to drink beer Dramatic news


Pregnant woman shot in the stomach is indicted in her unborn child’s death She killed nobody – Explanation in the video below!

Image result for dead migrant picture mexico

Rio Grande drowning: Woman watched her husband and daughter die… 

Alleged serial killer, illegal immigrant in Texas may be linked to 6 more deaths, lawsuits claim Serial Killer?
 Teenager catches toddler falling from second-story window Death defying dramatic news?
Ford asks dealer to end free shotgun promotion after fatal shooting Death news?
Suspect in Pinky the flamingo’s death is killed Famous death?
Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman reveals Beth’s final words Famous death?
Boy, 5, who wanted to be ‘Army Man’ dies from cancer; Famous death?
Oregon deputies pull out 57 electric scooters, bikes out of Portland river Police news?
American woman was killed in a Bahamas shark attack while snorkeling Death news?
4th NYPD officer dies by suicide this month Police News?
Rep. Susan Wild reveals partner’s recent death was suicide Death news?
Drivers get stuck after following Google Maps Wake up call?
Country star claps back at anti-LGBTQ commenter Wake up call?
Kevin Durant reportedly sells house for $12.1M Super Wealth?
NASA headed for ‘gold’ asteroid that could make everyone a billionaireReptilius deception



June 20  {Starting on the given date, the window will last all the way to the next one}
Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind Water To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike
Japan / Asia / France / children / Cosmic News / NASA / Space News / Nukes / Weird news / Freak / Space / Rocket / Surprises / Unexpected / Explosions / Shocking / Stunning / Baffling / Incredible / Mysterious / Lightning / Electricity /Unusual / Humanitarianism / Children / Unrest /Discovery / Invention / Science / Earthquakes (always at or above 6.0) Volcanoes / Tornadoes / Airports / Aeronautics / Technology / Electricity /Television / UFO’s /Cosmic phenomenons.
“Time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi
Sharing emails: Thank you Dr. Turi for accepting my request.
When I was able to listen to coast to coast, you were by far my favorite guest, recently while watching your old episodes of William Shatner’s Weird or What, I caught an episode with you on it and it rekindled my admiration and interest in your work! thanks again and glad to see you are here! Best wishes!

Dr. Turi; Your prediction on Earthquakes in  California is terrifyingly accurate. Pete” – VIP to the Cosmic Code private website

 Los Angeles Times: A swarm of 1,000 earthquakes hit Southern California. How nervous should we be? The seismic storm that unleashed more than 1,000 small earthquakes in San Bernardino and Riverside counties these last three weeks elicited what.Read in Los Angeles Times.
As a rule during any and all my 2019 SOS to the world deadly windows, expect earthquakes at or above 6.0!  I made my case again on the air! (keep in mind the longitude/latitude and time zone involving my windows.)
I guess I was right again as far as quakes above 6.0 are concerned!.
Note a 7.2 hit New Zealand and a  6.4 hit Chile during the previous SOS to the world deadly window of June 14th, 2019
NASA/Technology/Explosion/shocking/mind boggling/incredible/unusual?
A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket carrying 24 satellites as part of the Department of Defense's Space Test Program-2 (STP-2) mission launches from Launch Complex 39A, Tuesday, June 25, 2019 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Four NASA technology and science payloads which will study non-toxic spacecraft fuel, deep space navigation, "bubbles" in the electrically-charged layers of Earth's upper atmosphere, and radiation protection for satellites are among the two dozen satellites that will be put into orbit. Photo Credit: (NASA/Joel Kowsky)

A booster in SpaceX launch misses its mark, splashes into ocean Elon Musk Draconis?
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Deploys Dozens of Satellites to Orbit  Technology?

Draconis Mission Purposes: Memo from The UFO’s Agenda, Antarctica Bases, Travis Walton, The Final Controversial Revelation…

1 – Induce “accidents” Avoid the proliferation of conductive metal trash in the solar system disturbing our transmissions, trans-universal ships and sensitive navigational systems.

2 – Stop humanoids wasting resources, destroying earth’s vital ozone layer with primal poisonous combustive propulsive technology.

3 – Goal: Concentration on stopping earth depleting ozone layer.

4 – Stop scientific waste, Mars/Moon financially oriented missions.

5 – Challenge monopolizing religious/scientific matrixes stopping humanity developing cosmic consciousness / assimilating God cosmic Divine design. (Soul of the Cosmos.)

Human host’s commissioned MJ12’s critical messages must be heeded to stop waste, revitalize earth, time running out.

Mission ordered by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) – Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious superhuman spiritual leaders, working with benevolent Draconis Extraterrestrial officials “The Gardeners of this world.”

The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order “Creator of all parallel worlds” to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare.

An RQ-4 Global Hawk from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, lands at Misawa Air Base, Japan, May 24, 2014. The aircraft is part of the 69th Reconnaissance Group Detachment 1 and is the first Global Hawk to land in Japanese territory. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Nathan Lipscomb

What shooting down a $110 million drone says Technology?
Passenger says she woke up alone on empty plane Aeronautics? Shocking?
The world’s favorite super-cheap computer just got a big upgrade  Technology?
‘First-cut-of-steel’ begins new era in nuclear weapons, submarine warfare Reptilius technology?
Man arrested on film studio for hiding a camera in a women’s bathroom Reptilius technology?
Billionaire donates $189M to study artificial intelligence Reptilius Technology
Why pilots are seeing UFOs UFO’s?

REPTILIUS Ritual public drunkenness and sex in ancient EgyptDiscovery

The Day of “reptilius”Celebration, the birth of politics and religions…

The reptilius use sexual debauchery, drugs and alcohol since for ever to fulfill their agenda!

The Festival of Drunkenness is celebrated on the 20th day of Thoth, the 1st month of the ancient Egyptian calendar.

The festival of drunkenness was a communal affair and on one level, the celebrations took place in temples. On another level, this festival took place in peoples’ houses and shrines.

Typically, the participants of this festival would be served lots of alcohol, get drunk, and fall asleep.

It was not regarded, however, as a social drinking session, but was sacred event. In the temples, the celebrants would be awoken by the sound of drums and music.

Upon waking up, they would worship the goddess Hathor.

Join me learn more about UFO.s, the reptilius and Draconis agenda if you join us mention my name!

A TV reporter interviews self-employed logger Bridger Hasbrouck, of Dallas, Ore., outside the Oregon State House in Salem, Ore., on Thursday, June 20, 2019, the day the Senate is scheduled to take up a bill that would create the nation's second cap-and-trade program to curb carbon emissions. Senate Republicans, however, pledged to walk out so there wouldn't be enough lawmakers present for a vote on House Bill 2020, which is extremely unpopular among loggers, truckers and many rural voters. (AP Photo/Gillian Flaccus)

More UFO’s secrets divulged, predictions for California , Trump and the world.
I answered a few questions from the audience about the reptilius and the Draconis, you may find interesting. 
Note I will also appear on Rob McConnell X zone radio show July, 2019.
Due to global audience this X Zone radio show will be pre-recorded  for airplay for global time purposes.
I will provide the link in time. In Dr. J radio show published on You Tube June 20th, 2019,  I gave the dates of July 10th (Drama/death) July 17th (Shocking/earthquakes) and July 30th (Beginning/ending – war with Iran?) 
Listen to the show, understand the reptilius agenda, make notes and share please.
Remember this Cosmic Code newsletter is updated regularly, please come back to check on all the collected news as they happen and share please.
Help to save lives!
Thank you

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All that transpired so far with politics, the government, large corporations and so much more was fully predicted well before you heard about those dramatic news! 
There is so much you must acknowledge at a personal level for your own sake and safety through my visions and critical warnings.
Be curious you wont be disappointed with my cosmic wisdom.
Check my previous predictions…
“Cosmic consciousness is the awareness of a cosmic God speaking his divinity through the signs and use it wisely to serve, warn and guide humanity. ” Dr. Turi.
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I will elaborate in time about what I will offer on the ship and you should start by visiting their website and plan to join us in 2020.  
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