UFO Demonic Possession Myth or Reality?



“The universe and ET’s are under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

From  Nancy LOL, Channeling is nothing more than demonic possession, if the person is even sane to begin with.”

Dear readers;

This type of comment is not only inaccurate but depict deep subconscious inserted religious fears! And this is exactly what Nancy is oblivious of, allowing any forms of fears to decide for her is like a VIP direct invitation to all demonic possessions, especially the reptilius group of ET’s.  But her facebook page depict a puritanical, loving caring lost, but curious soul!

As a rule one is afraid of something he/she does not know or appear unfamiliar…

I can not help but to think how a psychically unevolved or worse, a religiously poisoned soul think and feel after watching my video explaining the power of the Supraconscious in time and space? 

Fears do not only paralyze and jail the mind away from curiosity but invite forces  “an insane person” like me is trying hard to explain to those who need it the most… But humans have not yet realize they are all the product of the cosmos, a vast cosmic vacuum loaded with ET’s life dedicated to help or destroy us…

The majority of people walking planet earth have been religiously or scientifically conditioned to facilitate the reptilius agenda. This translates into stopping any form of psychical growth unabling human to refute all unfounded fears…  The reptilius goal is quite clear though, they must maintain that pitiful fearful state of mind  and keep all abusive matrixes in good order. Otherwise they would lose the war against the benevolent Draconis (Gardeners of the world) receiving “psychical” help from humanity!

I understand my material is far fetched and even a bit too much for some of our own highly spiritual friends endorsing my predictive work performed on so many  radio shows!

Dannion Brinkley Keep rocking Louis!!!!!! 

I can only imagine how incredibly difficult it must be for the gullible misinformed scared religious mass to perceive the proposed “liberation/salvation” and control their negative reaction to something they perceive as dangerous, i.e. Nancy quote Nancy LOL, Channeling is nothing more that demonic possession, if the person is even sane to begin with.”

I can only use very simplistic terms to describe the extreme complexity of God cosmic Divinity including my “spiritual” connection with ET helping me doing accurate predictions.  Yet, while my well documented, dated predictive work is unchallengeable, the human inherited karmic UCI may not permit certain people to upgrade psychically.

This mean, like a ship who lost the Captain, the fearful crew is at the mercy of all the very dangerous cosmic winds controlled by the reptilius…

If your immediate reaction to our work is a paralyzing FEAR, you are in that ship and it’s just a matter of time for you to encounter a nasty weather and sink. Especially if you nurture deep fears, use legal or illegal drugs to combat chronic depressions or if you have lost faith and the “zest for life.”

Many people would rather live a mediocre, unrewarding, non progressive life than to take the first step to their liberation. While there are many gifted people out there who could do so much better for themselves and their families, the gifts they own is unused, wasted, discarded because they will never take a chance to find out.  Sometimes I feel like I am offering the lottery winning numbers to someone who will trash it right in front of me!

Meantime the excuses for not upgrading psychically are endless… 

I am a loser!
I don’t have an education! 
What’s the point, I will never succeed! 
I feel incompetent, insecure with no self esteem!
Its my parents’ fault for me to become who I am today!
God want’s me to experience poverty  pain and suffering!
I give up this world is too messed up for me to try anything!
I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time there is no hopes!

Be sure readers, if you adhere to this type of thinking and unwilling to take a chance on me, you are infected! And the reptilius subjective envenomation can only get worse with time.  Being an MJ12 commissioned “Chosen One” mean, as a human being like you,  I act, think, feel and this also makes me vulnerable to certain monstrous groups of ET’s.

Indeed being commissioned mean also learning from my errors and teach you how to avoid those painful circumstances. Something the young souls can only ridicule and never be able to accept!

While you have the right to doubt my claims, I truly believe skepticism  is healthy, mostly because if you take the time to investigate my predictive work you will soon change your mind! I have nothing to gain by appearing deranged publicly, but you have everything to gain by trusting me and if you have good intentions!

Memo: Mission ordered by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) – Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious superhuman spiritual leaders, working with Draconian Extraterrestrial officials.

The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare.

The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity to God cosmic Divinity. Majestic 12 agenda can only be perceived and accepted by those directly involved in the mission or the Chosen Ones (Draco.)

In all honesty, as things stand now in the world, the chances of winning the battle against the reptilius without helping the Draconis is minim…  There is not a single wealthy, powerful , established matrix  untouched or not contaminated by the reptilius.

This is not a physical battle that can be won using deadly armament arsenal. Good and bad ET’s are all cosmic conscious and use the cosmic code and the superconscious to build and destroy life on many planets, not only this vital piece of “real estate” called earth!

This is why the reptilius must keep your psychical perception and curiosity to zero by jailing your spirit into fears, religions, science and entertainments! It  is their phenomenal mental weapon used against humanity.   A great portion of human beings have been somehow, sometimes, somewhere mentally conditioned to respond to my advanced spiritual teachings and UFO negatively.

The psychical liberation can only take place at a personal level first, but even by offering our services for a fraction of the price, there is not enough curiosity or drive to seek one’ spiritual improvement.  Thus, there is no point anymore for me to offer those recuring super deals  anymore, because we get swamped with work and regardless of it all, I can not change the mind and perception of 7.324.782.000 human beings living on earth. 

Out of this gargantuan number, only a ridiculous, insignificant amount of smart curious people took a chance on my astrological services and my cosmic teachings since 1991 nor will a few thousands of “converted” human souls will never be enough to turn things around.

My young beautiful loving wife Terania is already burnout, and due to some of her personal experiences she is writing in her e-book, I understand more of the game. This mean we are losing the battle against the reptilius and my good heart and endless sacrifices serve no real purposes to the larger world. This situation I am sure bring a big smile on the face of all our infected envious enemies who never perceived nor appreciated our cosmic work!

Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?

It may be just a matter of time for the Galactic Federation orders me to stop “beating a public dead horse” per say and concentrate only on our VIP’s who are fighting with us for all of you… 

One thing sure, we will always be there for them and share our new happy, productive life once I retire in 2016.

Note also that; once Terania and I resettle, our website  will undergo a total facelift  where everything you see and read today will disappear! Only a few  of the services offered will remain and as far as “readings” are concerned, only the $700 live Skype consultation option will be available!

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For now, enjoy my regular bulletins on Draco’s FB page and remember,  only when you become a VIP can you ask questions about ET’s, the future of humanity or anything else under the stars…  All I can hope is for my Cosmic God to give me the strenght to carry on and continue doing what we can in the mission.

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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