ISIS targeting Pope!

August 1st 2014

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Dear VIP Readers;

The month of July brought dramatic news and death in the current Middle East and the Ukraine territory disputes as the Arian Dragon show more and more deadly aggressiveness.

This dragon rules the Army, Navy and all affairs directly related to the emigration laws and July brought more awareness to the public. New Report Helps Explain Why Central American Children Are Leaving Their Home Countries –

Indeed my 2014 Arian Draconis predioctions are taking place each passing day with more fires, more emigration disputes, more deaths, more  racism and more human stupidity suffering the stars!

 Only if the world was totally cosmic conscious peace, happiness and general security would reign on earth and this is why I am dedicated to educate the masses and battle the controlling news-media, religious and scientific educational matrixes through my Cyber Cosmic University.


Read more about the Moon Universal Laws.  Doing so will assure you safety and promoting my work will always brings you good karma and good surprises. Indeed for any action (good or bad) you will collect a reaction, this is an unarguable karmic law and, in this case only if you try will you be able to test my claim.

May God bless all the lost souls unwilling or unable to heed God’s cosmic will and I really hope for your support to sign my petitions to educate the children of the world on the working of the Cosmic Code.

Make sure to check the Arian Scorpius Draconis omens because the stars do not care, nor judge they simply do…

The world of religion is changing fast and I hope my prediction of  President Obama and Pope Francis’ assassination to never come to pass, but all we can do is pray and hope for their safety.

Newspaper: ISIS targeting Pope 

Reply by Betazoid – “Dr. Turi, ISIS has threatened to go after the POPE! I am not even Catholic but I do like this pope but I swear – these men are beyond evil! This is truly sick.”

The real option to have a true rewarding, exciting life is to be educated on the cosmic code jurisdictions and gain full cosmic consciousness.  If you are a new comer please get to know about my work and I by watching some of my You tube videos posted on this page.

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 “If you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

ask and you shall receive!

This forecast will touch everyone, please pay also attention to the  Moon Transits as they unfold.


Read  and make notes of 2014 Supernova Windows

Plan your trips away from those dates and if you must travel be very careful. I traveled the world during those windows and while I suffered frustrations, nothing really bad happened to me.  

August 2014  at a glance – Note this colorful calendar is not part of my “Divine Astrology” methodology work and used for rapid traditional dates/moon checking only.



 There is a celestial concentration of negative celestial energy bombarding the earth for a few weeks. Be extremely prudent in driving, and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The same energy that produced the Titanic disaster, the Northridge, Los Angeles, and Kobe, Japan, earthquakes is approaching again. Double-check all your appointments, and if you can, postpone travelling and flying during this Supernova “window”.

Welcome to Your Day-To-Day Guidance For August 2014

* * * * *

August 1, 2014 — Mercury enters Leo: This next trend’s promise is a rich mixture of love, romance, creativity and children. Many thoughts will be geared towards immense feelings of both hope and true love. Souls born with Mercury in Leo will be gifted with natural managerial dispositions.

Many of them will be shrewd in business, and attracted to professions offering fame and fortune. Artistic talents involving music, dancing, and painting will lead these souls toward the great fame and security they seek.

This position makes for one of the most mentally domineering signs of the Zodiac where the soul will be forced to learn humility and service to others. This Mercury position will lead the soul toward success in many artistic endeavors.

An opportunity to experience mental fame is also offered to the soul. The parent educated in Astro-Psychology will realize the child’s gift and promote the new soul towards communication, acting or writing.

* * * * *

FRI., SAT. — AUGUST 1, 2:
RULERS — Mercury (Travel) and Venus (Feelings)

Work, Career and Business: This New Moon will make your life much easier, embrace her upcoming blessings white light, and then take your opportunities. Do not try to push your business until she lights up. Advertisements, important calls, traveling, and meetings will pay off if you learn to wait for the green light. Use “Moon Power Starguide” wisely and respect the Universal Law. Knowledge is power; have faith in your abilities.

Partnerships: Mercury rules the mail, telephone and communications in general; expect disturbing calls before the new moon to reach you. Deal with it now and clean up the situation before the New Moon. A get-together after work could also be a great idea; Mercury will have everyone “gossiping.”

Family and Friends: The very last days of the waning moon did sap your spiritual and physical energy. Help those in need to clean up their mess generated by karmic experiences. Let no one exhaust your spirit, and show no frustration to loved ones. Some of your friends need spiritual regeneration, even a helping hand; as usual do so but realize your limits. Use Venus’ generosity and show your love to everyone. Avoid spending too much time on the telephone with a depressing person and mention the good moon.

Love Affairs: Don’t be too picky or demanding with those for whom you care; no one is perfect. However, use your head not your heart with someone who drinks too much, and realize your limits if you are in a deceiving relationship. With Venus around, the opportunity to find love will be given to you after the New Moon. If you were born in September you may decide to work harder on your diet or your looks. A friend born in July has a few thoughts for you. You may also use Uranus in Aries to learn all about yourself and your partner with a comparison chart for the two of you.

Travel and Communication: You may feel like traveling either physically or spiritually, make the most of an upcoming opportunity. Get your wheels in action; prepare for traveling under the protection of the New Moon.

Environment: Recharge your batteries; a trip to the mountains is strongly recommended. Both Mercury and Venus will make you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Many environmentalists will make serious progress and get the attention they deserve. Sad news from the ocean or the Middle East may reach the media soon.

Famous Personalities: A famous person will promote a new product pertaining to health. News of water management is also on the horizon. A notorious religious person could make depressing news soon.

Events: Mother Nature may decide to disturb us with bad weather. Negative news may come from the ocean or the water. Be aware of abductors; this type of energy has swiftly taken many children away and also a plane away from its initial course.

Shopping: Do not poison your mind with imagination and fears of the apocalyptic end of times. Use your own positive thinking to avoid negativity entering your life or your body. Some may decide to join spiritual groups or invest in far away trips. Anything to clean can only be a good thing to buy now.

* * * * *

Terror Secret Villains Plot For God
Evil Dance Killers Rise
Secret To Light Shame Reign
The Smell Of Death Disaster For Some
Famous Death/Dramatic/ News/Police/FBI/CIA/Secrets/Scandals/
Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers

Note: Pluto is back with us; be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too.

Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reigns on earth! The full year of SOS deadly Plutonic window dates are available to my VIP’s Cosmic Code subscribers only.

Please read Plutonic Deadly Window – THE DO’s AND DON’Ts. Is your life worth this VIP subscription? Call us anytime for information at 602-265-7667. Join us ASAP. Sign up NOW!

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SUN., MON., TUE., WED., THU. — AUGUST 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:
RULERS — Pluto (Climax/Secrets) and Jupiter (Doctrines)

Work, Career and Business: You are now walking on a fine razor blade and it’s very windy. You know what I mean! You’d better use all the “savoir faire” you know. A serious wake-up call will come to many unaware skeptics of predictive Divine Astrology’s powers. The possibility to lose it all (and rebuild it) will be a serious matter for some karmic souls. You will be able to see exactly what’s wrong in your business life soon. The new Moon will help you make all the changes needed. Have faith in yourself.

Partnerships: Many ugly secrets may surface now. You could learn something sexual or financial about a partner. Keep his trust; do not divulge the secret. Money will play an important part of this trend; listen to your intuition in all you do. Venus will help tone down the stress induced by Pluto.

Family and Friends: Be patient with all. Do not expect anyone you care about to be diplomatic to you during this trend if Venus (diplomacy) is weak in his or her chart. Again, do not fall for Pluto’s destructive or sarcastic remarks; words of love will pay off in the long run. Be ready for some dramatic news from someone close to you. Whatever happens, be strong; life must go on. Pluto will work to your benefit.

Love Affairs: Passion is in the air. Secret affairs involving sex and passion may be publicly divulged, forcing people to take stands to destroy and rebuild relation-ships. This might happen to you too. In any case, use tons of diplomacy to save unwanted trouble in your love life. If you are a water sign such as Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer, this lunation will touch you directly. Leos must take it easy at home and avoid traumatic experiences involving the police force at home.

Travel and Communication: Expect news pertaining to the police force and crooks. Nature’s destructive forces will be obvious in some parts of the world. Be careful of what you do or say during this trend. Drive carefully, and stay clear of weird strangers and strange places. Again, if you learn about someone else’s secret, do not tell, you may be asking for trouble. Your intuition will be accurate; listen to the little voice within.

Environment: Pluto belongs to the Divine family and has specific regenerative work to accomplish, and his impact on earth and its people is needed. As Pluto destroys it all, he also gives the opportunity to rebuild stronger and better. Be ready for all sorts of dramatic news everywhere. Stay safe; don’t try the devil. Many people will lose their precious lives.

Famous Personalities: Some famous people will be called back to God. A famous person’s secrets will be made available to the media. Secrets comes to light under Pluto.

Events: Hopefully with the New Moon and knowledgeable Jupiter, we can only hope they will stop Pluto from damaging us by way of dramatic happenings. With the Lord of Hades in Sagittarius (religion/foreigners) we can only expect drama in these areas. If you are a Police officer or a security guard, be very careful during this trend. The wildest crooks may be facing you soon. Don’t take any chance and stay alert. Often the police make dramatic news and kill people. (If you know someone involved with the police or dealing with death on a daily basis, offer him/her a copy of my book. They may well avoid serious trouble and perhaps save their life.)

Shopping: As Jupiter is with us, a visit to your local church for God’s guidance or your favorite psychic/astrologer will do you well. Anything bought now that can be used for metaphysics will bring unusual power to you. Alarms bought now will stop the crooks.

* * * * *


Earth Belly Tremble and spit

Science Wonder Cosmos Speaks

Freedom rules, shock for everyone

Human Dream but Must Awake


— Written by Dr. Turi

* * * * *

August 12, 2014 – Venus enter Leo: Perfect time to contemplate launching any artistic endeavor. Giving and receiving expensive items is on the agenda for some. You may also think of traveling or investing in a car or expensive items. Souls born now will be very magnetic and dramatic in matters related to love.

They will make good livings, and will attract money in artistic endeavors. Many of them will strive to find beautiful, rich and famous partners willing to experience the best of life. Some will have to learn to let go of Mr. Pride and Mrs. Ego to save true love.

This position makes for one of the most dramatic but lucky signs of the Zodiac. Usually a gift in acting or other great talents is present with this position. Those souls are born to experience a flamboyant and busy love life. This is a good position of Venus promoting fame and fortune.

FULL MOON — August 10, 2014 in the explosive sign of Aquarius: Expect some serious surprising or shocking developments to take place in the near future. NASA could make shocking news again soon, especially if they avoid using the value of the stars.

This is the same energy that produced many mishaps with expense electronic equipment and the death of many courageous astronauts. Also under Uranus power the Middle East suffered the “U.S. surprise bomb attacks” on Saddam Hussein’s forces in Iraq.

This energy can affect sophisticated electronic equipment and could produce bad aeronautic accidents. Unlucky children could suffer this disturbing dramatic lunation; keep an eye on all of them. They are accident-prone for a while. Just be ready to accept the upcoming changes with faith in God’s desire to restructure the earth’s crust.

Be ready for nature’s devastating forces, producing destructive weather, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Expect anything surprising, even incredible including out space manifestation to take place soon. Be ready to see the real power of Uranus, the planet of sudden releases of energy, in action. Explosions are also expected and the U.S., Japan or France may make disturbing news soon.

Lunation impact on all signs: Note only if you become a VIP will you read supplemental horoscope information and monthly transits. Join us at

Aries – One of your wishes may take time to manifest. Simply be patient.

Taurus – Your career will see needed changes soon, be strong.

Gemini – Difficult news from far away is expected; a trip is ahead.

Cancer – Stress from your investments, a metaphysical study is needed.

Leo – Change with a partner is ahead, sign important papers.

Virgo – Change at work is ahead, concentrate on communication and hi-tech.

Libra – God created the heavens and the stars, not man-made book study.

Scorpio – You might have to review a move or a deal about your home soon.

Sagittarius – Learn about your relationship with nature, the stars, and the Indians.

Capricorn – Difficult news with money, just improve your computer skills.

Aquarius – Stress with friends, and be patient with some of your wishes.

Pisces – Move on to the future. An astrology study would do you good.

* * * * *

FRI, SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — AUGUST 8, 9, 10, 11, 12:
RULERS — Saturn (Politics) Uranus (Explosions) and Neptune (Deception)

Work, Career and Business: This busy trio will be with us for the next few days and a few surprises will bring about progressive changes. Do not turn down an invitation, as a professional contact could bring people who will positively influence your career. Expect a new beginning concerning your service to the world or your career. Work that you are doing leaves you unsatisfied and is a source of stress; you might be forced to change direction. Many souls are late starters in life and no one should feel depressed about it. Resolve to find a new career that fits your natural talent. The lucky ones can expect a well-deserved promotion. Use Neptune’s intuitive power to find your way through the clouds.

Partnerships: Stand strong against opposition; don’t let others pressure you into pursuing their opinion instead of your own. Meditate on the possibility of improving and understanding where your partnership is going. Did you make the right choices and can you live with them? If not, there won’t be a better time to deal with those questions; Uranus’ desire for change and freedom will help you to transform it all. With the waxing Moon upon the world, nothing can really go wrong if you act scrupulously.

Family and Friends: Make the most of this great trend. Some friends may invite you to a gathering or a party soon. Enjoy this opportunity and be ready for lovely surprises. Uranus also makes the children very active and accident-prone. They will lean heavy on you; so be patient with their young demanding spirits. No one but yourself can bring about joy in your life; just participate with an open heart. Let the children enjoy Uranus’ world of miracles, maybe by going to Disneyland or the zoo. Keep your eyes on everything they do and everywhere they go. Saturn will make it hard to forget your responsibilities. You should enjoy your life while you can tomorrow is another day.

Love Affairs: Expect interesting surprises during these days, many friends will bring some of your dearest wishes. With Uranus’ touch (surprises) try doing things you would usually not do and go to places you have never been. Love is around the corner for some willing to go out and get it. If you are a Taurus, a Capricorn or a Virgo may enter your life. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, your magnetism will be very high and you will also be in demand for love.

Travel and Communication: Some lucky souls will travel far and fast or make great plans to visit the past soon. Uranus rules electronics, the future, astrology, psychic phenomena, and UFOs. If you want to see something unusual, talk about it and do it now! Who knows, Uranus may decide to grant one of your important wishes. Keep an eye on your possessions and avoid drinking too much in public places.

Environment: On a sad note, keep in mind that Uranus rules earthquakes and volcanoes. He may also decide to disturb the weather or produce a violent explosion. Let’s hope the positive Moon will stop him from getting close to you and those you care about.

Famous Personalities: Be ready as usual for strange types of news coming from some extroverted celebrities. Much will be done for children during this trend but this type of energy can also be surprisingly dramatic. Uranus took the life of British singer Eric Clapton’s baby son in New York a few years ago. The unattended child felt to his death from a high building. Be aware, be prudent and watch the children closely.

Events: Under Uranus’ surprising power anything weird could happen. The news will be somehow original. Avoid playing in the rain; many people have lost their lives under Uranus’ lightning power. The government will make important decisions pertaining to the younger generation, computers, and education.

Shopping: For this occasion, you may feel like spending time and money on your appearance; it’s a great time to shop for new wardrobe items or consult a beautician. This is the time to pay a visit to your future and your favorite “spiritual guide.” A sense of freedom and brotherhood will be felt all over.

* * * * *

WED., THU., FRI. — AUGUST 13, 14, 15:
RULERS — Neptune (Belief/Dreams), and Mars (War/Aggression)

Work, Career and Business: Be ready for the impact of the Full Moon. An important decision involving a business situation will have to be made. Wait patiently for the next New Moon (positive) to restructure or sign important documents. Don’t let Mars show his aggressive face to those close to you. Try to be nice to others.

Partnerships: During the Full Moon, expect disturbing news coming your way via your telephone or mailbox. It’s time to realize the truth about yourself, a situation or a person whom you trusted. Avoid new endeavors for now, get out of the gloom and be cautious this weekend. The Dragon’s Tail will bring consternation and needed changes to you soon.

Family and Friends: The family circle could be quite a dramatic place for a while. Again do not let the Full Moon energy take over your words or your attitude. Keep emotions in control and be ready for secrets to surface. You can still have a good time, enjoy life and friends, but be aware of what you say or do. Do not lend money to anyone.

Love Affairs: Mars and Neptune’s captivating personalities will stimulate sexual activity; your magnetism will improve dramatically. As always with Neptune take precautions if you are sexually active. If you’re married, plan a romantic dinner with a great French wine and soft music at home. You have a few more days to deal with this celestial energy; make the most of it and be cautious. If you are an air sign such as Aquarius, Libra or Gemini, you may feel a strong sense of independence and freedom enveloping you. If you’re a Cancer expect some stress in your relation-ships soon. You may be in for a long over-due change where you could experience real love.

Travel and Communication: You may uncover a clandestine relationship or a secret about someone who travels a lot. You may be forced to look inside yourself and see your own strengths or weaknesses. Don’t take any chances on the road and avoid flying after the Full Moon. You’d better stay away from anything that moves, as this lunation will take many lives. Always plan your trips before the Full Moon and you will save yourself much unwanted trouble. (Use the power of Moon Power Starguide and help those in trouble with life.)

Environment: In time of a Full Moon and with ruinous Mars around we can only expect nature’s destructive forces. Drama and demise are around the corner; protect your self at all times.

Famous Personalities: A serious wake-up call is in for some. More secrets, more drama, more doom is on the way for famous people. This upcoming Full Moon will be nasty for some well-known people. Germany will make some stressing news and a famous Army figure will be called close to God, having terminated his work on earth.

Events: The powerful Dragon will steer the religious fanatics and many of them will get out of hand. Pray for the safety of your loved ones, as this lunation will be extremely difficult. Stay home and watch a good movie is my best advice; let the drama reach the unaware souls. You will see and appreciate the power of Moon Power Starguide and the importance of letting others know about my work.

Shopping: Now is the time to buy pesticides and things of this nature. If you want to get rid of something, now is definitely the time. Make absolutely no investment in weapons, sharp tools, or anything that could explode. Let this nasty energy dissipate; stay safe.

* * * * *

August 16, 2014 — Mercury enters Virgo:  A trend loaded with communication related to work, health and service to the world. Many thoughts will be geared toward finding a better job or working on improving health. Souls born now, will be gifted with a natural ability for details and the opportunity to learn everything they can about health.

Many of them will be born with an aptitude for investigation and literary powers. Some will be attracted to the professions offering mental work; rewards of fame and fortune will come to the writers.

The artistic talents of editing, dancing, writing, photography, painting and general health will lead these souls towards the body and mind security they seek. This position makes for one of the most critical signs of the Zodiac. Souls born with this Mercury position will have to learn to avoid criticism, as the soul is looking for a perfect mate, with a perfect attitude and a perfect job.

The problem is that no one is perfect and the soul may suffer long periods of time alone. However, an opportunity to experience mental fame is offered to the advanced soul. This is a great position of Mercury for writers and editors.

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — AUGUST 16, 17, 18, 19:
RULERS — Mercury (Traveling) Venus (Love) Sun (Children)

Work, Career and Business: Some surprising developments are on the way, but with the Full Moon upon us don’t expect them to make you happy. Progress will still be made in the few weeks ahead of you, but be ready for a bumpy ride. Take on new technical studies, or improve your knowledge of computers as this endeavor will give you better opportunities later.

Partnerships: Don’t take any chances these days, keep a low profile; use Mercury’s creative power to clean up a business situation. Important legal papers might come your way; sign them only if it is to get rid of an unhealthy situation. Whomever you come in contact with, don’t misbehave in public.

Family and Friends: Keep busy with close friends and family; watch the children, as they will be accident-prone. In the past, many of them got in trouble or had accidents during this type of lunation. It’s a great time to enjoy the people you know well, but because of the waning Moon, avoid overcrowded public places. Don’t expect new people met under this lunar cycle to bring many of your wishes. Some friends have surprising even disturbing news for you and could affect you emotionally. Again, watch the children. They are accident-prone, especially on the road with fire, weapons and explosives.

Love Affairs: Expect an aggravating surprise coming your way and learn to let go of deceitful people. Do not invite interlopers into your home, and socialize only with the friends you know well. Make good use of the waning moon; learn to relax, enjoy nature and the sea, and look for inner peace. If you’re single, a chance to find the “right one” will be given to you at a later date. What you may perceive as love, may enter your life but without much to expect. Use your head on Friday night, not your heart. If you were born under the sign of Leo, an Aries, an Aquarius or a foreigner born in December could be a source of trouble in your life. Wait for better auspices.

Travel and Communication: Not a time to take chances at flying; many karmic souls will pay the ultimate price. Expect all sorts of little problems arising, which could turn lethal for some unlearned souls. Anticipate disturbing telephone calls from friends in trouble; as usual, provide spiritual help but know your limits and stay clear of depression.

Environment: Earth activists will feel this puritanical lunation and will do all to protect nature and its wild life; some may fall victim to ill-advised conflicts with unscrupulous large organizations. Expect unusual oceanic or earth activity soon that could prove disastrous for the environment. Not good times to play with fire, as explosions are very high on my list of trouble for this specific trend. The news may bring about startling explosive developments.

Famous Personalities: Certain famous people will find themselves in difficult situations. Some will try anything to get the attention they need. Eccentricity is in the air and could lead to the use of force or involvement with the law.

Events: Expect massive power outages without readily known causes. NASA could make some bad news soon due to poor weather conditions or electronic malfunctions. On the positive side, some high-tech scientific news as well as great medical breakthroughs is on the way.

Shopping: Do not invest on anything electronic; you will not get a good deal. Do not invest in toys for your children now; they could prove to be fatal at a later date. Some will plan to travel to Europe.

Attention: Pluto will become very destructive in this waning Moon period; he is back with us — You can expect dramatic happenings with nature all over; control is a must. He has produced much sensational news including the California Rancho Santa Fe mass-suicide. Mass murderers are again on the lookout for innocent victims as Pluto always stimulates the criminal element, the insane and the police force fighting all ill purposes. Don’t be victims; be aware of Pluto’s destructive power. Secrets from the past will return to your life. The police will be touched directly and terrorists will be active planning destruction.

* * * * *

WED., THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — AUGUST 20, 21, 22, 23, 24:
RULERS — The Moon (End of Life/Moving) and the Sun (Hope/Children)

Work, Career and Business: The general mood will be depressing. You can expect a serious beginning or ending of important parts of your (and others’) life. Be ready for those upcoming progressive variations. Keep in mind that life is a constant process of change and even if you don’t realize it, the stars are working for your benefit. With Mercury (communication) in Scorpio (directness), avoid sarcasm with others. Be patient with everyone around the office.

Partnerships: You will be forced to let go of negative people in your life and disturbing situations. You must take a chance on the new future with faith. Many will experience the closing of a destructive relationship and others may see the new beginning. Under these stars any new relationship is doomed to fail in the long run. Further the positive only and don’t fall for the waning Moon.

Family and Friends: The Sun rules love, romance and children, but we are still under a difficult trend, so this energy won’t bring you good news. The Sun gives life to children, but watch over them especially close to the water. On a more positive note he will put his undiscriminating light on many secrets. Friends will need spiritual support; give love and attention and build good karma for yourself.

Love Affairs: Be ready for new starts in love matters and provide a solid shoulder for the victims suffering a broken heart. The right partner might not be the one you were with; use the newfound freedom to look (after the New Moon) for someone who really deserves your love. Under the Sun’s command, the lucky ones will find great happiness with true love relationships. A new arrival is to be expected by a young couple. If you are a Scorpio, a Cancer or a Taurus, this lunation could induce serious stress in your life. A Virgo friend has a good discernment for you; you must listen.

Travel and Communication: You may be asked to go home and see mom. Be aware on the road; we are under a Supernova window trend! Do not trust any driver and be ready for sudden action. Surprises are on the way and the people from your past will come into the picture soon.

Environment: What was once built by man (cities/homes) or nature must be destroyed; what was once born must eventually die, and this is the grand cycle of life. Recycling is the key word in nature and not anything is really wasted. There is nothing one can do other than accept the ultimate changes imposed by God, and usually the future offers better.

Famous Personalities: Expect interesting but not necessarily positive surprises with the rich and famous. Be ready for the unexpected in their words and actions. Don’t take chances unless you know what you’re in for and be prudent.

Events: Large quakes and nature forces may threaten thousands of victims to relocate to rebuild a new life. Terrible tragedies such the Kobe, Japanese earthquakes and many volcanic eruptions have happened under this configuration and thousands of people were forced out of their homes because of nature’s destructive forces.

Shopping: Buy anything for children as long as it is not new. This is a great time to get rid of the extra stuff clogging the house or the garage, and a garage sale would not be a bad idea. Do not invest in silver, gold or expensive items. Anything to clean the house will do you well.

NEW MOON — August 25, 2014 in the practical, health-oriented sign of Virgo: Much progress is ahead of you in terms of employment and foreign affairs. Mercury rules this critical sign, so the affairs of work and health will be on the rise.

Expect an overwhelming feeling of perfection and an unusual worry about health and working on foreign grounds; do not let this lunation pressure you. This trend will play an important part in your health and working life and in some ways will affect your environment.

You may be forced to let go of a deteriorating working situation and forced into a new one. The emphasis is on the body (perfect health) and the mind (education) to perform efficiently in serving the world at large. All the changes you may be forced to experience are positive in nature, and will in the long run further your deep desire for a better state of affairs.

Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – A great opportunity will be offered for your health or your work.

Taurus – Your love life will improve, you may hear about a birth soon.

Gemini – You may have to consider doing something from home or relocate soon.

Cancer – A great study or a new health program will appeal to you, talk to your siblings.

Leo – Great news involving your finances and your self-esteem is ahead.

Virgo – The stars shine on you, you can’t lose, make the most of them.

Libra – A secret will bring light to your world. Let go of the past.

Scorpio – A friend has a wish for you, socialize more these days.

Sagittarius – Your career is moving on the right direction, if not study computers.

Capricorn – News from far away or a trip will make you happy, study and rewards.

Aquarius – Some unexpected financial help will bring joy to your life.

Pisces – A chance to face the world with a new emotional or business partner is ahead.

MON., TUE., WED., THU. — AUGUST 25, 26, 27, 28:
RULERS — Mercury (Travel news/telephone) and Venus (Love/lust).

Work, Career and Business: Make the most of Venus’ new fresh breath of life and be aware. With Mercury’s vital intellectual genius, push your business now.  Advertisements, important calls, traveling, and meetings will pay off before the upcoming Full Moon. Respect the Universal Law, use Moon Power and your knowledge and have faith in your abilities.

Partnerships: Mercury rules the mail, telephone and communication in general; expect interesting news coming your way soon.  Venus may decide to offer you a get-together after work but Mercury will have everyone “gossiping.”  Promote only faith and love, and pass on your message to the world around you.

Family and Friends: Use the New Moon to provide a generous shoulder to those who suffered karmic experiences the last few days.  However, let no one exhaust your spirit, and avoid being frustrated with loved ones.  Some of those friends really need spiritual regeneration or a helping hand. Do so, but realize your limits, especially where money is concerned.

Love Affairs: Your sense of perfection will expand with Venus in charge those days. Don’t be too picky or demanding with your loved ones; no one is perfect. You may feel like starting a diet; but don’t get too concerned with your appearance or your health. Work first on yourself, and the results will stimulate those close to you. Venus hates cigarette smoke, so with her help, apply your will and try to give up smoking. By doing so, the opportunity to find real and healthy love will be given to you.  If you were born in February, someone born in August or June may fall in love with you.

Travel and Communication: Get your wheels in action; traveling and shopping are currently under protection and anything wrong happen you may be under one of your negative personal cosmic biorhythms.  Use Venus’ touch of love to show your affection to those you care for, and offer them flowers. Mercury will get your telephone ringing, and much of your important mail should be sent now.  Further happiness and love, and you will benefit from your own positive attitude.

Environment: You need to recharge your batteries; a trip in the wilderness is strongly recommended if you have been under stress lately. Venus’ energy will make you appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and the people around you.  Many animal rights activists and environmentalists will make serious progress and gain the attention they deserve when passing on their important message.

Famous Personalities: A new diet is on your mind; a famous person will promote a new health product.

Events: With the New Moon still upon us Mother Nature may decide to relax a bit and keep the approaching Pluto’s destructive power under control. Some large financial corporations may decide to merge to secure themselves against competition.

Shopping: Great bargains will be offered if you want to invest in products to improve your life and body.  Some may decide to join the local gym or enroll in a weight loss program.


Note: Pluto is back with us; be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too.

Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY.

No one is safe when EVIL reigns on earth! The full year of SOS deadly Plutonic window dates are available to my VIP’s Cosmic Code subscribers only. Please read Plutonic Deadly Window – THE DO’s AND DON’Ts.

* * * * *

FRI., SAT., SUN. — AUGUST 29. 30. 31:
RULERS — Venus (Lure) Pluto (Death) and Jupiter (Luck)

Work, Career and Business: Even in this good Moon phase, Pluto’s deadly touch is upon us, so keep a low profile and be aware of all you do or say. Some won’t be able to stop the upcoming changes and drama. Your intuition about situations will be quite accurate. The future has much better to offer and you should be confident in your dealings. Jupiter, “the Lord of Luck,” will make the transition easy and may decide to throw you some luck; listen to your intuition. There will be a serious wake-up call for some people who did not respect others. Avoid dealing with money now.

Partnerships: Money will also be on your mind and serious decisions will have to be made soon. Wait for the upcoming New Moon to share new ideas with others. You may take calculated chances now, but you’d better know your limits. As always with Pluto around you can only expect to dig into other people’s financial or sexual secrets. Become involved with the world of investigation, metaphysics or astrology and promote your own cosmic consciousness. The Lord of mysteries may reward you with ultimate light if you take a chance to find answers in the “ forbidden” world. Use diplomacy in all your deals and stay on the right side of the law.

Family and Friends: Emotions and passion are running high these days and Pluto may induce sexual encounters with magnetic strangers. Keep an eye on strangers that may be brought into your home and watch over your children.

Love Affairs: Do not take chances and listen to your intuition wherever you happen to be. If you are in a relationship, this is a great trend to stimulate your spouse or lover for some good lovemaking. Good wine, candlelight, soft music and your imagination are all you need with sexual Pluto involved. Jupiter may decide to send you news from a faraway friend. Any new relationship started now will be full of sex and passion. Better take precautions if you are a single person and be ready for that “new” relationship to be full of drama. Spend some time in the wild; Jupiter will replenish you with fresh air, fresh spirits and a new approach to life. All the water signs will feel Pluto’s allure and will become walking magnets.

Travel and Communication: You may receive news from far away or give presents to a deserving family member or dear friend. You can also expect your telephone to be busy and interesting mail to come your way. Don’t try to be in too many places at the same time and if you have to drive, take a little take extra time to get there; don’t rush as the police could spoil your day. People from the past will get in touch with you. Be aware on the road with Pluto in charge these days absolutely anything nasty can happen to you now.

Environment: Pluto will surely trigger the earth’s entrails somewhere in the world and produce dramatic news with the weather. Many human and animal lives have been lost during his dramatic reign. As usual, be ready for negative news.

Famous Personalities: Pluto will reward those who will take chances but prudent too. Many lives will undergo metamorphosis and Jupiter will extend their minds and horizons. Many secrets will come to light. A very famous public person may go to the other side.

Events: If you are a police officer or a security guard beware of Pluto. The crooks will be active and deadly. Passion may ensnare a lost spirit, and Pluto will lead the unwise young spirit to kill innocent people. The worst of Pluto’s choleric thunders and lightning are about to strike the earth. Don’t take chances now.

Shopping: Invest in anything that can clean or kill pests. Do not invest in anything that could bring danger to those for whom you care.


“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”
— Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

Let me lead you back home in the stars above where, as a child of the universe you came from…

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony.
— Dr. Turi

Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

–   Paracelsus

Be safe and watch the signs!

Dr. Turi is available for any and all teaching and astrological material.


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12/22/2012  Humanity Stars its Spiritual Journey

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts” humankind, as of yet does not understand its serious implications and its accumulated applications.  Thus I choose the “DAY AFTER” or December 22nd, 2012 as Dr. Turi’s Universal day of prayer marking the awakening of the power of enlightenment, common sense and the liberation of the human spirit from fear.

On this day NOTHING dramatic will take place, instead a very constructive celestial energy will bless humanity.

The Universal gates will open  offering humanity  a  push a rare chance to finally connect with the Divine marking the END of the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/misinformation) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (UFO/humanitarian/the truth/the Cosmic Code.) Then, slowly but surely, Jesus’ true spiritual celestial Ministry will be reinstated. Humankind’s cosmic awareness of “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs will be taught and used by all his children of the world promising the long awaited Universal spiritual rebirth of Humanity.

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Only when science finally honor the word science itself and investigate the “Divine” a real chance will be offered to the rest of mankind to uplift its perception and working of the Universe. Love, respect peace and harmony depend in understanding and respecting God’s highest celestial orders cloaked in the “Universal Code”. The truth of life and the Universe cannot originate from ONE solitary foundation; it’s all about a complex range of integration of all things at once”.

Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring humankind a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony.

Dr. Turi 

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