Did you ever see a UFO?

Video presents stunning and unassailable evidence on the UFO reality

Former Boston Globe Journalist offers critical evidence on the UFO reality – This video highlights many of the salient features in her book including exclusive summary testimony from some of the same officials who composed chapters in her book – chilling audio captured during The Rendlesham Forest – Bentwaters (UK) UFO incident as well as the Chicago O’Hare Airport UFO incident. Most revealing is the video’s presentation of thorough research that outlines the shocking description of the 1989 Belgian UFO flap.

Watch this provocative video at: SECRET ACCESS – UFOs on the record


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The Meetup Group you’re looking for doesn’t exist?????

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Sorry readers, while I was quite excited to meet many of you live in my home town in Phoenix, this morning, I checked the number of people interested in my cosmic teachings and there was quite a few signed up only after a day.

But my group was removed by someone at meetup.com! I am not exactly sure why but it seems, Mercury retrograde and/or the force of evil are still at work against the cosmic light I own…

I guess we do not belong to the type of Neptunian teachings offered by so many Meetup groups and “God’s cosmic selection” has been done by a much higher order through the person who removed me and the many popular UFO organizations working hard to mute me.

I guess a Cosmic God wants me to teach only the extreme minority of supremely advanced souls who vibrate at the same lightspeed and joined us in my Cyber Cosmic University!  I take this as another sublime order from the above not to teach (for free) those who are not ready for our highly spiritual, advanced cosmic work.


Dr. Turi

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Lastly, I hope you enjoyed my last public article titled “Did the Titanic Sink Because of an Optical Illusion? Absolutely not! 2015 Nostradamus Universal Predictions.”

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