Dog walks 15 blocks to hospital to find owner – Happy Valentine Mommy!


Dog walks 15 blocks to hospital to find owner

Dear readers;

Primarily, my job as a Soul Doctor is bring peace, hope, love, directions, spiritual and physical health to those in need through our various services. My profession also involve explaining the cosmic code jurisdictions producing an endless chain of horrific news and how to avoid a premature death and live a life full of  accomplishments.

But Valentine Day is a very special day for us all, even though every day should be Valentines and for this doggy to make it to his mommy show true love and to make it safely to the hospital, was a miracle in itself.  Sad enough there is plenty mothers who will never get a kiss from the children, and the reasons are all written in light…

Animals feel and are much smarter than what you may think!

Animals and birds are all granted an inborn “GPS” allowing them to navigate to their destination. Dogs use smell, birds use the magnetic forces (or the Sun) while bats use sonar or echolocation.  Our spiritually destitute infantile science and attribute the results to those senses but, there is much more  about the “brain” or animals and human they still have to uncover.

How can a little dog smell his particular owner odor in a city loaded with million of others smells and tons of exhaust fumes, knowing when she was transported by car to the hospital? Tires do not leave human smell on the road!  The same phenomenon apply with my own brain trained to read the stars and make unarguable predictions so many “young souls” can never accept nor comprehend.

Many people believe love can change the world and make it a better, safe place. This is somewhat true, however love alone will never be enough because millions of individuals were born killers or cursed by a crude demonic UCI.

Were those souls educated on their UCI, many will have applied the will and lead a normal productive life! Thanks to the US Department of education, the religious matrix and the atheists, human are still building more monsters lost souls like  Adam Lanza! 

The Unique Celestial Identity evolutionary process predispose all human beings to accept or reject anything they are unfamiliar or familiar with, including the veracity of UFO  and metaphysics. Thus a person can only relate to another person through his early education, his experiences and most of all his inborn intelligence/gifts or the human spiritual “DNA UCI!”

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

Knowing the subject of metaphysics, UFO and astrology has been demonized for years by a zealous scientific matrix, it offered the platform to both,  religious and atheist extremism. Indeed the eternal battle between the spiritual and physical realms show both party total ignorance of God cosmic Divinity fueling today’s religious atheism radical mental and ISIS physical wars.

I am in the middle trying to share my 65 years of wisdom to those willing and able to make a good use of my wisdom. And I can assure you,  even the toughest atheist, when facing death, would change his mind about God. Indeed the ego is very strong in an healthy body!

I never believed in God myself,  until I faced my mortality… I was not brought up fearing God and always aware of the damage induced by all religions! But I also knew I was in a mission to discover God  true cosmic identity and I did it my way… Valentine day brings also very difficult memories that will never fade away…

You’ve got to fight with all you have!

Valentine has and will always be a memorable day for me, because it marks the day I knew I had beaten cancer after a month of excruciating pain and struggles spent in a Thailand hospital. This was the long awaited day when I was finally discharged from the hospital.

Facing my mortality was indeed the most difficult dramatic time experienced in my life where the real fear of hurting my loved ones with an early departure and an unfinished mission with humanity was hunting me…

I am also aware that; there is no death per say, only a re-birthing process taking place on a different plane. Since “God” spared and gave me another chance at life, I appreciate everything that comes my way with passion, including fighting stupidity!

I recall those awful sleepless nights crying in pain praying for my salvation thousands of miles away from those close to me and wife Terania! How could I tell them I had an expiration date and my time on earth was limited?

Why me, why now? I truly thought cancer was never to curse me but it did, and I was experiencing fears like never before.


The depth of emotions I went through was pure hell where disbelief, pain, panic attacks was my load engulfing me in the black curtain of death. I even accepted my own death and felt so lonely and lost and cried many tears… My ego and confidence turned into panic!

The most difficult time was waiting for an endless test results that would determine how long I had to live or if the surgery got the evil away from my body once and for all. To make matter worse, while recovering,  I caught a serious Asiatic bug in my weak guts from the salad bar that nearly killed me before the cancer could.

After the surgery, I was sent to my hotel room awaiting for the final tests while rebuilding my strengths.  For days, I was   forced to walk helped by the nurses to bring life back to my intestines when disaster stroke! After a meager lunch I usually spent the day in and out of sleep watching television.

I could only talk to Terania very early in the morning using MSN then, my old laptop did not have a camera and Skype was still unreliable and in its infancy. She didn’t yet have her passport and I was greatly anticipating the only love and support she was providing me with every day.

Around 7 PM I felt terribly hot and even with the full AC down I was still boiling. I vomited all I had in my stomach and I got really scare looking at myself in the mirror. I had lost so much weight and my face was as red as a blood, I knew I had very serious fever…

At this point I thought I had a bad reaction to the regimen of antibiotics I was ingesting for the pain, but it made no sense to me because this never happened before, and usually I was perfectly fine and able to sleep right away.

I thought I could tough this one out too, but little did I know the hell I went through during the sleepless night. I  tried all I could to bring the fever down  and took lots of showers, but Thailand is an exotic country where water really never gets cold.

As soon as I was done and back in my bed, I started boiling up again,  it became clear to me that my already weakened immune system was batting a serious intestinal infection. I could only stay cool for a minute or so, when standing wet in front of the fan of the room AC.

But as soon as I dried up again, the fever eat intensified dramatically. This was a pure awake nightmare  and I knew I had to find a way to bring the fever down or die in my bed. I was so weak and the pain was terrible just by bending down each time I had to turn tap water on or get in the shower!  I could not rest nor sleep and I felt walking through hell all night long…

My physicians told me I could reach them anytime in any emergency, but I felt guilty to wake them up in the middle of the night. I did not even have the strength to walk from my room down to the lobby  and get a cab to the hospital located only a few blocks away.

I knew help would come in the morning if I could only wait that long…The fever intensified to a very dangerous level and I knew I had to think fast of something to bring it down. I was dizzy, I could feel my heart pumping hard in my chest and I could barely breeze. The only way for me to cool down was to take a bath in colder water but I had no enough ice in my small refrigerator to make it happen.


I had plenty towels at my disposition, I drenched  a few of them in the water then placed them in the ice compartment  for a couple of minutes, and this did it for me…My fast thinking saved my sorry butt from overheating and death. All I did until the next morning was to force myself off  the chair every few minutes and use those icy towers on my neck, head, chest, my legs and tummy until the Sun rose again.

I was shivering, sweating, trembling hot and cold at the same time but I managed to survive yet another battle against evil.

I was exhausted and finally the taxi driver took me to the hospital where my doctor knew something was very wrong with me. My temperature was still well above 100 as he ordered the nurses to take my blood for testing.

He kept me in the hospital room I was so happy to leave behind the entire day making sure my fever subsided with the horse killer antibiotics designed to eliminate the tougher Asian bug I caught eating unclean vegetable.

He was not sure if it was the water I drank or the salad I consumed that hosted the bug, but I was able  to rest peacefully for the entire day. Terania was not able to reach me this day and she had her own insomnia to deal with…


And a  much lighter Dr. Turi – Valentine day came to pass I was very depressed, lonely thousands of miles away from Terania and everyone I love. Today this episode is behind me and all the colonoscopy, the MRI and test results comes back on my favor…THANK YOU GOD! –

All the young atheists I am battling everyday never experienced cancer or the possibility of dying…  They are all cocky, young and  healthy and think they are invulnerable. The experiences of a 65 year old man means nothing just yet, until death knock at their door like it did mine!

Like them I did not believe in God but I died in so many spiritual ways and my re birthing is also a miracle in so many other ways….

Growing up all I had was hardship, pain, suffering, drama and suffering. The loss of my dad at 11 years old and my younger brother Vincent at 16 made me even tougher. Indeed I was pissed off at God and for good reasons! I am not used to complain and trained to deal with mental and physical pain on my own because I was alone all the way…

In my book/bio the stories of my incredible life experiences are barely possible to accept for the sensitive readers,  but still I did not divulge everything in this book, because it is too much and impossible to accept even for myself!

These personal experiences will for ever be kept secrets by served their karmic purposes. Meantime, without my incredible UFO experiences and those dramatic episodes I would not be the same Dr. Turi today or share my cosmic accumulated wisdom.

They are plenty conventional doctors for you to chose from and two Thai professors saved my life. This is why conventional science is so beautiful and unconventional wisdom so hard to accept.  When asked to undergo regular chemotherapy I refused knowing it would not help rebuilding my immune system.

But it is as real gifted Soul Doctor, the decision I made to heal my body, mind and soul naturally paid off! I could not wait to go back home and start my “Universal Blood Transfusion.”  In fact I had to lie to my doctors in order to be relieved from the hospital. They told me ONLY when I was able to use the bathroom normally or pass gas would they let me go.

After more than a month, I was still unable to do so and I never thought such a normal bodily function would become so important in my life. Going to the bathroom is something so many people takes for granted when when you are healthy…

It is in Japan when waiting for my connection well over a month later that I was able to experience my first bowel movement and eliminate waste. I never thought I would find myself crying doing so, but I did and very heavily. Those were real tears of joy because I knew I was recovering and safe now!

It is because of those dramatic experiences that I can offer you the chance to face your own life’s dramatic events. How can I talk about cancer or panic attacks, depressions and extreme challenges if I never experienced them? I have lost so many people during my existence,  some accidentally, some to suicide, others to cancer and heart attacks, and I am still here to serve you.


Life is so precious, it is only when you realize it could be taken away from you that you really start to live and enjoy every moment of it. Sad enough some people go through life endlessly worrying about the future missing the precious now. Others strive daily to feed evil by signing away their souls to negativity, cold atheism,  religious fears or governmental power abuse conspiracy.

Its time for you to realize how precious life really is and to make the most of it while you can because anything, absolutely anything can happen to you or those you care at any given moment. And being cosmic unconscious is taking much more chances with your precious life.

This is why you should tell everyone you know how much you love and care for them and stop living in your own dark world feeding evil. The chance of you meeting with a violent death nowadays, on the road or traveling by air or water can only be avoided if you own cosmic wisdom. The false god you were taught to fear has never and will never hear your prayers, nor protect you, mine did! 

Souls living in endless fears are feeding the evil of cancer that can only survive with negativity. Indeed those lost souls are prone to attract the very devil they conjure. The fear of the future or the lack of curiosity induced by religious convictions or atheism is the same type of cancer I had to deal with, consuming the body, mind and soul. Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil.

DO NOT FEED EVIL, do not fall for Satan’s unconscious religious and atheist children, they are all over spreading fears and have lost hopes and the spirit of  the wonderful, caring loving cosmic God I found and propose you with.

ASK FOR THE LIGHT INSTEAD, the same cosmic light that is blessings Terania and I lives with emotional, financial and spiritual stability today!

Evil can not enter your life if you keep the door closed because a “magnet will not attract a piece of wood!”  They are so many rules and cosmic tips you should know that could drastically and positively change your life if you stop hurting your own spirit.

Falling into negativity, skepticism and all your fears is all cancer cells need to grow and consume you. But I can only help you if you ask me to do so…  The clients and patients who did trust my cosmic wisdom do and for good reasons…

Millions of  people suffered early demises and many more are unwilling to learn about the reality of God cosmic Divinity. This becomes the only reason for evil to keep killing people and rule the world!

The fear to exploring the future  while infringing those Universal laws must come to an end and stop depressions, crimes, suicides and an early death. Times have changed where curiosity becomes a blessing in disguise where your perception of God’s divinity become your real salvation.  God’s  blessing start by rejecting a false god and all archaic religious beliefs and dry  escaping dry atheism.

You can only fear or reject what you do not know, but fear, suspicion and skepticism always disappear with curiosity… Indeed unlike religions, not all ET’s are bad trust me, but what do you know about ET’s and UFO? Those who reject the impossible tend to believe they are too smart to be so gullible, not knowing ET’s are part of the human experience and soon to become a reality. Unlike Elvis and Jesus awaiting returns, ET’s have been with human on earth since the get go…

Religious or atheist, whatever your underdeveloped natal UCI depict, you are still a child of the universe and you own your place in this world because you already own one in the Universe.

The human will is stronger than the stars and no one is doomed, even those who contracted a terminal disease! It all start with your thoughts, because thoughts and the knowledge of cosmic rules have power I know produce miracles.

In this TV show I spoke of  cancer and the drama I went through then. I also wore glasses because I suffered allergies and wanted to cover my puffy eyes…


 I offer this crucial wisdom in my book “Beyond The Secret”  and through my Skype consultations, but it is only for those dedicated to a reach a better existence and curious enough to trust and invest in my superconscious cosmic work!

You may email Terania at to set up a time for a little “psychic” test drive before investing in me, but I can assure you either way, you will feel my gift to the core of your soul…

Soon those educational newsletters will stop reaching the public and joining us in our Cosmic Code Cyber University can only show your own intelligent uniqueness to learn more and your appreciation of my ingenuity. Supporting my mission can only help humanity psychical welfare and the children of the future…


The best way for me to show love to you in this Valentine day, is through my music but because we are in the process of moving, my instruments are packed, so enjoy this one from last year.

Lady of the Night Story

“Lady” of the night was set by the stars to JOIN our lives on March 10th 2014 and this night became the very night she was forced to undergo an ending and a new beginning in her own animal life!

I was on the telephone with Tom my web-master trying to get my website live again when Terania heard a crying noise behind our door. She thought it was a distress call coming from our cat Blacko. She became quite alarmed and asked me to join her outside to double check while we were still talking to Tom.

I stayed by the door as the patio light came on and saw Terania walking towards the trash can in the alley. There she saw a tiny black and white dog wagging its tail on its way up our driveway and to the front door, so she grabbed the animal and went back in the house.  She was dirty,  infested with blood suckers and fleas all over and scratching non stop.

I thought she was lost or may have been dropped in the street by her uncaring cold owner.  My next door neighbor own 3 of those small doggies and I thought one of them may have escaped. Less than a minute later I was on his front porch asking him to check on his dogs and all were there!

Terania and I decided to knock all the doors around our house but it was a bit too late and some people were afraid to answer us. So we decided to make the dog more comfortable and gave her a deep warm bath. I removed countless pests from her black and white coat and the water coming out as dirty as can be.

This little dog was certainly living outside in the dirt and caught all imaginable pests living in the grass. I checked her mouth and she still had her puppy teethes next to her small growing fangs, this mean she was less than 6 months old. Though Terania feels that this dog was sent to us by the universe because it was known that our two big dogs would be given to a new loving family who could take over.

I checked for her gender and found out she was a extremely loving, scared to death little female, we were so sad to realize how some subhuman beings treats their animals…



The very next day Terania and I made about 100 flyers, took our bikes, drove many blocks and pin the picture and my telephone number in the electric posts everywhere. We asked all the people we saw about the  dog and drop more flyers in many doorsteps.

On the 3rd day no one called us and I decided to take “Lady” to the vet where she got her canine booster vaccination for DHP-Parvo  and Rabies. We wanted to make sure if her owners came to pick her up she would be protected.  The vet told me she was a bit skinny, he confirmed she was barely 5 months old and quite healthy.

By law we were supposed to call AZ small pet rescue and other groups and we did, but none of them accept pet any-more. Terania called the AZ county  but when she told her ” Lady’ was to be evaluated for adoption she got scared because most of the dogs found are exterminated after a certain time if no one claim them.

But I recall clearly telling Terania I wanted to give her a small dog, and emphasized a FEMALE because they are more loving and more protective. Terania is certainly no old “Lady” herself but she can not enjoy nor handle either Draco my 115 LBS Doberman or Macho my 145 LBS Rottweiler and Blaco is our outdoor cat that comes only when its too hot, too cold, raining or when he wants is tuna fish!

HAPPY DAYS…It feels like running with the “bulls”  better keep my distance from those two monsters…

After feeding her, the “Lady of the night” fell asleep on my chest while watching TV,  she joined us and slept between us since that first night. Indeed the future is the reincarnation of the thought, something I fully explained in my book “Beyond The Secret” and enunciate in this video. Who’s to tell miracle do not happen when pure hearts like ours are making the demand?

Blessings to all my reader

Dr. Turi


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.