Amazon customers tell Jeff Bezos to ‘dump Trump’
Donald Trump at war with GOP
Donald Trump for President?

Dear readers;

ALL souls born in December and June (Trump/Prince) will be targeted by the 2016 cosmic winds!

Before exposing Donald Trump’s fate and offer my world wide reading audience another proof of my predictive gift, check the following website. September 11, 2001: Was It Prophesied?

Yes indeed it was… I published 911 prediction back in 1999! There are so many so-called prophets, astrologers and psychics to chose from nowadays and picking the right one could be not only a challenge but a total waste of your time!

My first advice to you is simple, where ever you navigate on the Internet, Google or Facebook, if you read “For Entertainment Purposes ONLY” realize you will NOT be guided, only entertained! Thus, you will waste your time and your money! Stay with a real Modern Prophet! April 2016 Forecast & Predictions by Dr. Turi Part 3

It is important to use critical thinking before landing on a non cosmic conscious Neptunian that could damage your fragile psyche. What is a Deceptive Neptunian?

While my 911 prediction was obvious and offered great details about the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York, it is also mentioned at the bottom of this article! And if I was right then, you may want to check what the stars have in store for humanity at large in 2016.

This does not mean the secret services or the corrupt system such as the police will ever pay attention or learn  how to anticipate all the terrorists attacks I already predicted so far – ISIS Deadly explosions rock Brussels airport, subway PREDICTION!

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

Indeed Draco, the ET’s channeling are not the product of a vivid imagination but a reality young souls could never accept nor appreciate and will ridicule! It is important for my readers to realize also that; after mastering Nostradamus 16th century Divine Astrology methodology, I also provide PERSONAL forecasts for each signs of the Zodiac.

Dragon Forecast 20152016 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Signs

CNN news today reflect what I posted March 30, 2016 to our VIP’s in April 2016 Daily Guidance and Predictions.

Partnerships: Be ready for the beginning or ending of an important part of your life, in your business, your career or your love life. 4/13/16 – Case against Trump aide to be dropped – Producer, Liza Minnelli’s ex, dies – Trump meets with Megyn Kelly – ‘Affluenza’ teen gets 2 years in jail – 36,000 Verizon workers go on strike – Largest U.S. coal company is bankrupt – Journalist-turned-terrorist executed – Donald Trump now at war with GOP – Russian jet comes within 75 feet of U.S. warship. There is a strong possibility to find a new business partner those days.  You may feel comfortable with the person involved and sense that you can succeed with his inborn talent.  Make a full commitment to succeed and work harder to get there.  If the people you are with do not fit your wishes, the new Moon will provide new ones, so go out now. Make sure to use your positive personal cosmic biorhythms dates and you will be at the right time at the right place! 

But while the above is designed to serve our VIP’s “Universally” others forecasts are PERSONAL and can not be offered as samples to the public!  And this is why joining the Cosmic Code will not only post the news before CNN does, but offer you the most reliable daily guidance guidance  and personal predictions.

In no way will any of those international astrological or psychics corporations offer you legitimate “psychic” work because of the young writers employed are NON cosmic conscious. You will get much more from any of our cosmic conscious Astropsychology students or with us in the Cosmic Code private website.


This is where I will ask all my readers to save and share this article, because when my  “visions” unfold, my intend to offer you another solid proof of my God given gift will be confirmed!   Remember readers, more and more people are reading and learning about Dr. Turi, regardless how dedicated our Internet enemies are to stop us reaching you.

Will the beast be destroyed?

Posted by Dr. Turi on March 3, 2016 at 12:27pm

“Time has, and will always be my utmost faithful witness” Dr. Turi 

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Cosmic God May Grace Humanity 


Mystery object slams into Jupiter, Draco’s mind boggling channeling.

Mystery object slams into Jupiter an very serious OMEN for the world to take seriously – VIP’s get ready for some incredible world developments.  The answer may already be in one of my forecast for April with Donald Trump or very dangerous,  secret foreign affairs! U.S. F-15s deployed to Iceland  – Russia will make the news then

Update 4/4/16 – What are the Panama Papers? ICIJ and an international coalition of media outlets investigated the trove of papers which allegedly reveal a clandestine network involving associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and business ties between a member of FIFA’s ethics committee and men whom the United States has indicted for corruption.

Furthermore, locate Saturn 23Can46 (2) detriment (Money)  in my article on Donald Trump for President. But you will not have to wait that long to experience  my next SOS TO THE WORLD DEADLY WINDOW! Make note and be safe, AVOID large gathering, crazy souls will be roaming the streets everywhere and many cops will pay the price for ignoring my work!

 I am Alien The Final Revelation

Unlike humanity, the nefarious reptilius group of ET’s are cosmic conscious and use all nasty cosmic winds to kill human!  

April 9 – 22 

Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature man’s religion bloody folly reign

Russia / Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Secrets / Scandals / Terrorism / Cyber attacks / Abduction / Finances / Super wealth / Sex / Serial Killers / human/nature wake up Call.

April 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows

Do not fall for NASA rational explanations only! Asteroid impact on Jupiter? There is much more behind this cosmic phenomenon that science could ever imagine. I will ask the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order if I can post my inner Draco’s channeling to what really struck Jupiter and what the world can expect from this this omen sent directly to humanity on (Note this page has been neutralized!)

Note Jupiter is called the Great benefit, the protector in Greek mythology, his job is to protect humanity from celestial debris he attract because of his massive gravitational forces. And when something hits Jupiter and caught by human eyes it is a VERY serious omen involving the world’s security!

My upcoming SOS to the world will be nasty! Read the compilations of my visions so far! As expected, the answer came during my sleep and the serious omen has been delivered to our VIP’s on the cosmic code website.

IMPORTANT: At this point I am only allowed to elaborate in the privacy of the Cosmic Code website but I not allowed to elaborate on my visions publicly but on April 22nd, my quatrain will make sense to many… “I am asking all VIP’s to refrain from sharing any of the provided information with their friends or family members… For if you do, you will engage cosmic forces you won’t understand nor control!  You have been warned, this is very serious! Thank you  DT”

The light is now green! You are now allowed to share any and all the predictions referred above!

Draco channeling… Jupiter is the largest most beneficial planet in our local solar system. Anything that transpire on the giant planet induced by “large meteorites”  or more precisely by some nefarious groups of ET’s against the  Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order, will have a direct repercussion upon humanity.

In human terms, think of  “North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says country’s “nuclear warheads need to be ready for use at any time,”  or the “object hitting Jupiter” ignoring  the U.N. Security Council voted  and testing more nuclear weapons. 

The “object” is an extraordinary cold fusion nuclear device directed and detonated purposely by the reptilius on Jupiter. An infected Kim Jong Un born January 8, 1983 is currently suffering the passage of the deceptive Neptunius Dragon in his 3rd house (critical thinking) making him paranoid with the US (and dementic) if he takes any medications or smoke pot! Knowing he is overweight he could take a regiment of pills to control his weight! 

CNN – ” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the country’s “nuclear warheads need to be ready for use at any time,” the North Korean state news agency KCNA reported Friday. “Under the extreme situation that the U.S. Imperialist is misusing its military influence and is pressuring other countries and people to start war and catastrophe, the only way for our people to protect sovereignty and rights to live is to strengthen the quality and quantity of nuclear power and realize the balance of power,” Kim said, according to KCNA.”

Jupiter rules people larger then life, i.e. Donald Trump/Prince etc. and with the tail of the Dragon in their 10th house (career) and fanatic Pluto (power) affecting his 6th house (work) I see serious danger of assassination attempts (or drama) to stop him reaching the White House.

Knowing the French, US, Chinese and Russian secret services have infiltrated all my websites and read this article, there is more secrets coming to light on April 22nd. I can only hope they will heed and anticipate serious dramatic deadly news and terrorism during my next April SOS to the world deadly windows.

I am myself a Sagittarius rising, and I have been  touched directly by those cosmic circumstances stopping me reaching you from many popular websites. There is more in store for us and I will let you when and how when time comes.

Now everyone reading this article has a Jupiter location and a Sagittarius house even if your Sun , Moon, Rising or dragons are not into Sagittarius. I am willing to elaborate for you and offer you the warnings and probabilities to what is ahead of you if interested. All you have to do is to email and set up a phone conversation. In a few minutes I will be able to cover the areas which are prone to undergo some dramatic changes and prepare you on how to deal with it. I will charge you only $25 because, once our telephone meeting is set up, I still have to check all your stars. This option is for our VIP’s and the public! 

All the people born in December/June, or those born with a rising, moon, natal and hidden Dragon in Sagittarius/Gemini will be affected directly by house and signs. Especially in the house receiving Jupiter. Some will greatly benefit from the karmic cosmic fluid, some will undergo very serious changes, and in some karmic cases, the real possibility to be called back to God. 

I am not sure how many of you can handle the truth of my inner Draco’s channeling but being warned will make a significant difference to the outcome, mostly because the part of God in you is much stronger than the stars.

The anticipated impact of this “explosive” cosmic phenomenon on Jupiter will have personal and international effect, but at this point its me to know, and you to find out…

Depending on the severity of  my inner Draco’s channeling and my visions, I may or may not make this article public, (I did) and this is why it is CRUCIAL for you not to share this article and add more fears or more power to the Super-conscious in charge of our common fate as a whole being misused by the reptilius ET groups against humanity.  

Lastly, a very important request!

important request! Over the years I have lost thousands of people accumulated on all my lost Facebook pages and thousands more followers on various popular websites. I can not reach anyone anymore from Facebook or LinkedIn and I was even removed from Wikipedia. 

I am technologically “muted.” For some miraculous reasons, I am now able to post on Google again. Join! 

For some unknown reasons my main Facebook page is now gone! I can not post nor edit anymore on LinkedIn and those two pages either and

I am asking ALL my supporters to please SHARE this article (or any you agree with.) Simply copy and paste the following below. Someone, somewhere need my work and by posting for me, you will save somewhere someone’s life! Thank you.


Indeed Draco the ET’s channeling are not the product of a vivid imagination, but a solid reality young souls could never accept nor appreciate and will ridicule! Share please

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