Donald Trump’s fate, KKK, Dr. Turi’s Visions of the Future of America.



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Remember my work is NOT political but spiritual in nature and I could not care less who you elect or your choice for your next President! A liar (Clinton) or a maniac (Trump?) The fact is you do not have much of a choice! My forte is to “see the future” and expose it today so you can be prepared for what the future will bring America and the world at large regardless of your votes! The question remain, are you willing, able and ready to accept the undiluted truth?  Note also, I am French and I can not vote and sharing my vision (for free) with you should be appreciated not condemned…

What will 2019 bring you and those you care?


Donald Trump for President, Dr. Turi’s premonition of the legacy of Hitler’ spirit cursing America!

I was a bit too busy on my Birthday to finalize this article and elaborate on the latest piece of news “Ex-Mexican leader: Trump like Hitler” , the very next day  ‘KKK’ shirt sets off Trump, crowd and now Donald Trump stumbles on David Duke, KKK! How is it possible for anyone not to recognize those obvious omens or deny my visions?

  Will the legacy of Hitler’ spirit cursing Trump imposed by the reptilius upon America (and the world) end before my visions unfold? 

I am asking my readers to realize that: the same EXACT Plutonic cosmic winds were in place during the rise of Hitler, the Reich and its political racist Nazi party! And knowing 99.99% of my reading audience is non cosmic conscious, my warnings may mean nothing at all!

I can only wonder how long it will take for the “Spirit of Hitler” seen in full action today through Trump’s deplorable public political performances, to destroy this country! That is if this reptilius infected man get the power he strive so hard to reach!

The unspeakable words in another of his shameful debates “in the old day the police will have reacted much quicker than that” speak of  the same type of evil feeding Hitler who, mercifully  killed the political opposition and  opened the door to the deaths of millions of people…

Yet my warnings can only be heard if I had the same platform as any politician or celebrity, and explain rationally the karmic purpose imposed upon America. But this is a scientifically and religiously poisoned society with its karma to face.

And the fact is;  “Reasoning with a donkey is easier than to change an atheist or any idiots mind!”

The majority of humans display an unspeakable behavior when someone is doing better than themselves… For example if one of my best friend wins 200 millions in the national lottery, I know like he knows I would help him to the point where he would never have to worry about money for the rest of his life.

But in many cases, if  a person is religiously indoctrinated, the manipulative establishment  or the church Inc. will get his blessings, not his family or his friends. Yes, the god fearing soul just bought his place in paradise and offered more power, more control to the reptilius infected religious matrix and with it, more future indoctrinated children to the world!

Billionaires are giving so much money for lost causes,  it is just insane, those fortunes always end up into the pockets of the religious, scientific or political matrixes controlling the fate of  a moronic mass…

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When I wrote “A brainless herd is not only an easy target but a dangerous rogue force imposing changes for the sake of changes!” it should be taken very seriously because it is not the  minority of wise and smart German people who gave power to Hitler!

The fact is; in the eternal battle between deep emotions and logic, common sense always disappear, because FEAR is the most powerful inborn emotion in any human being… And Trump know it and use it constantly!

But in the excitement of being so close to a celebrity, the gullible herd becomes unable to rationalize or use critical thinking!  Most of the “Dumpsters”  truly think Trump is honorable not knowing anything of  his psychical cosmic design…

And while I offered his Unique Celestial Identity to the world in “Trump for President?” the Trump’s blind mass is unable and unwilling to assimilate the facts of his ruthless, obnoxious and dangerous nature. For someone of such a status to constantly insult and run over his opposition like a mad bull, is not only non Presidential but show a very dangerous stupidity.

Trump is to honest, too direct, too much in himself and could end up assassinated by the Mexican mafia because the drug Lords do not like people like him infringing their billions of dollars business…

When Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head, millions of people all over the world sent her prayers for her  recovery, and to her doctors’ amazement, she survive the attack! The same happened to me when my world wide reading audience found out I had cancer and, thanks to all the good wishes we both survived death!

While Trump is already a target of the Mexican mafioso, he also “benefit” from an incalculable amount of people who  hates (or love) its guts and think about him daily!   In fact making endless international news through his  idiotic, uncontrollable hysteric personality works against him!

But little do the Trumpsters dumpster, including their leader, knows about the Supra-conscious animalistic forces triggered against him.

And it is not IF but WHEN this power will unleash and take its victim!

I hate pointing out the real possibility of  any famous people’s assassination, but history has already proven me right with President Kennedy, Dr. King and so many others unconscious famed souls. The fact is;  history tend to repeat itself  and the herd never learn!

Now about Draco’s channeling and visions of the future of America… I will use very simple terms so everyone can understand the meaning behind the Trump’s phenomenon… Join us with all your questions about Trump, America, politicians etc…

U.S. military tests nuclear missile

The U.S. Air Force tested two unarmed intercontinental ballistic missiles in California hoping to show the world that this decades old system is still effective.

 How to stop evil from destroying America? The future looks gloomy, join the fight against evil! Together we can make a difference! I will show you how…

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

It is crucial for our VIP’s to realize America is the most hated country in the world. Billions of unfortunate envious people can only hate what they can not have or understand. Some are religiously poisoned and dedicate themselves to kill as many Americans as possible in cruel terrorist attacks .i.e. ISIS, while thousands of other groups living in serious poverty can only resent what they can not reach!

They hate the world, they hate their karmic deplorable destitute situations, they hate life, they hate the money they can not have and all the people that enjoy life, opportunities and security that only America provide!

My friend Gary  Busey giving me top of the world endorsement…

And trust me I speak the truth knowing how incredibly jealous people are of who we are and what we accomplished in this great country! I recall, many years ago, parking my red convertible Corvette in front of a public place with Gary. On my way out, to my dismay, I found lighted cigarette butts on my leather seats and spit on the windshield.

I never visited this place before, and this mean I did not know anyone there and had no knew enemies… What is astonishing, the subhuman will immediately attack Gary, knowing nothing of his weird personality! And all can only dream to get close to his  acting, accomplishments!

Indeed no one can or will escape its own karma and anything that you do, good or bad will have repercussions you better be prepared for!

How in the name of God, knowing this basic rules “A magnet will not attract a piece of wood” can any of those envious people ever attract a Corvette?  How can a lonely jealous, resentful angry person be happy for someone who enjoy true love? How can a destitute sick person appreciate someone blessed with extreme wealth?

It is part of the human animal instinct to reach what they did not work for and do not deserve to kill and steal from those who own a much better karma.

America was born July 4th 1776 under the sign of Cancer, this sign rule home, families, the real estate,  and all that America represent to the world SECURITY.  America’s 2nd house of money is in the majestuous sign of Leo making America extremely artistic (Hollywood/music etc.)

Furthermore, the USA  was born like President Obama with a progressive, protective Dragon’s Head in Leo (love/romance/children) RIGHT in its 2nd house of money, making America the most richest country in the world!

Thus, billions of people are jealous of America and want to see it down and destroyed… Its not if but when this tsunami of negative, evil thoughts will materialize and prove my visions accurate. And a reptilius infected Trump, through the “legacy of Hitler’ spirit” is leading the march to hell…

Prepare Month of Blooming June
White Moon Twentieth Day Speak
Evil Spirit of Hitler Legacy Challenged
Cosmic God May Grace Humanity 

“God and His prophets are soon relegated to a rather insignificant position in a world more concerned with following its own path to perfection.”


UPDATE and the results of my visions – Donald Trump’s wake up call he will not survive!

Those uneducated, cosmic unconscious people do not know about God’s cosmic order and the Leonine karmic values and challenges America was born to lead and accomplish…

The world has lost God Cosmic Divinity and forgotten to read the signs and without a true diplomatic Presidential leader, America is in a downs-spiral, critical momentum that will cost so many human lives if not stopped!

Do you really think it is an “accident” for the USA to lead the world and to be the most shinning, successful country in the world?  This mean also, Americans are PROUD to be Americans and should! And using pride and fear to rebuild a country that is already set to lead the world through the future wars I foresee, is not the way that will ever be endorsed by the Cosmic Code.

The herd has no idea of the incredible, peaceful world they live in today, and while America MUST show its might not a single war of the past  has benefited this country… The way a smart, intelligent, diplomatic Leader or President  is using the formidable power of this country, is how all the future wars will be won and avoided.

The herd is fearful, uneducated, passionate, convinced and trap in a tunnel vision maintained by Trump!  When the bombs start dropping, when the river of blood overflow its banks and when thousands of loved ones comeback in body-bags, the herd will finally realize who they elected…

But we don’t have the finances or support to fight Google or  any of the many popular websites who fired me over the years because of our personal views and understanding of  the Cosmic God we promote. Sad enough the world is not yet understanding nor willing or able to relate to my cosmic work and HEED THE SUPRA-CONSCIOUS or GOD’s creative power in time and space.

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

The world need more time  to learn the difference between legitimate Prophet and the shamelessly scams produced by the “psychic corporation” infesting the Internet offering “Entertainment Only” to a very dis-informed society!  The hunt for Maria Duval – Who is behind one of the biggest scams in history? THE FACTS!

Two of the actual talismans sent to Stevens’ mother.

“She (the non existing French Lady) didn’t have the quality of mind anymore to realize how much money she was losing or how often she was sending money,” said Stevens. “She put value on silly, worthless, two-cent amulets she’d paid a fortune for and received nothing of value in return.”

If we use Astrology for entertainment purposes only, and its Masters constrained to explain its crucial applications, how can the average person possibly distinguish the extraordinary values of the science of Astrology from pseudo-science?   Dr. Turi

The pictures of an angel and the Mother Mary are designed to reinforce the religious matrix faith imposed purposes, and be sure those billions of dollars do not belong to their “competition!”  Those objects are NOT talismans, the art involving the casting of talismans can never be accomplished by any non cosmic conscious psychics. If you dare to learn what it take to cast a talisman read this article instead!

I truly believe it is easier to win the lottery than to land on a true psychic or a real Prophet, but like a precious diamond, one has to be able to find one and be smart enough to work with it. And if my legitimate gifts and cosmic work resonate with your curious spirit, consider yourself blessed to reach and benefit from the light of God Cosmic Divinity… And please share this article widely! 

While all my books are designed to lead you into the cosmic light I own, the year is still young readers learn how to control and use the cosmic code at your advantage…

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Its time for many of you to join and help to stop my visions by reading all that I write in the cosmic code website! 


Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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