Gemini Forecast & Donald Trump New Political Career and The US Fate


Business Mogul Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the US Presidency at Trump Tower TUESDAY JUNE 16TH in New York City! 

Dear readers;

Like 99.99% of the world population, Trump is also cosmic unconscious and has NO IDEA why he made the announcement public on TUESDAY JUNE 16TH 2015! 

A simple date would never, in a million years attract the attention of the mass of people who have no clue to what the Cosmic Code is all about and what this particular date mean. The general public is the mentally conditioned slave of the religious, scientific, entertainment and news media matrixes.

Note for my students – TUESDAY JUNE 16TH 2015!  was the first day of the New Moon in the sign of Gemini…

But like all humans, Donald Trump does not realize the importance of this new moon impact on his first house (himself) and the waxing progressive moon did the rest. I am not expecting the mass to understand the meaning above. Thus to make it simple for them to assimilate, “subconsciously” lucky Donald Trump used the cosmic code jurisdictions and his own 2015 Personal Lucky Biorhythms  at his advantage.

Note also people will vote for a politician because they agree with his views, his ideas, beliefs and need the desperate changes to better their personal lives.  But politicians will only tell you EXACTLY what you want to hear to get the power their seek!  What’s Next For The Multi Faced Gemini Donald Trump? Draco channeling…

Born June 14, 1946 under the sign of Gemini


Knowing Trump was born in June under the sign of Gemini, this public sample will serve the reader to get a glimpse of what their own “2016 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast” is all about.

This article explain WHY Donald Trump “subconsciously” and cosmically decided to change career and why he gets so much support from an unconscious mass.  If you can assimilate my work remember this ebook if full of predictions, warnings and guidance FOR ALL SIGNS, this mean you and all the people you know!

This is article is only a public sample, currently the ebook is in the editor, paginator hands working on the new cover, thus many pictures are missing. You may order it today and be the first to receive it in a PDF file once ready for your eyes.

2016 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast

2016 Nostradamus Dragon Forecast For All Signs

Dr. Louis Turi
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Predictions Published September 2015

By Dr. Louis Turi

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September 9, 2015

Dear readers;

Thank you for investing in my cosmic wisdom and your trust in my work! I sincerely hope you will make a good use of my warnings involving the upcoming Neptunius Draconis and its impact upon your life, your loved ones and the world at large.

This cosmic fluid will soon engulf the entire Middle East fulfilling a prediction I made back in March 2005 on the Art Bell Show and many more times on the George Noory national radio programs.  The sad reality is now obvious and seems unavoidable with ISIS plaguing the Middle East, but this is how a cosmic God impose his will upon his children and acknowledge its cosmic divinity. 11/2015-02/2017 the beginning of the End of All Religions.

This Neptunius Draconis is very illusive, very deceptive and extremely religious and marks the end of Age of Pisces and the true awakening of the New Age of Aquarius.  Many lost souls from all walks of life and nations, including the US, are joining this dance of evil (ISIS) and many will be obliterated with drones, or sophisticated technological armament. When I first saw this picture, BOY POSES WITH SEVERED HEAD I knew the “Spirit of Hitler” working through the 2014/2015 Arian Draconis was going to do serious damage to humanity, and God was I right!

The battle on earth is a reflection of the wars taking place in the heavens with the reptilius infected souls (ISIS) aiming for humanity psychical poisoning and absolute power over this world…

It is crucial for you to help make the world cosmic conscious before the next 50 years as to avoid humanity total self destruction. Your children MUST become “cosmic” educated outside of the traditional religious and scientific matrixes monopolizing all sources of education.  A Godless world run by science is as bad as ISIS ruling this world!

I hope all  readers will join us in our “Cyber Cosmic University” and enjoy all our forecasts, personal and Universal guidance and predictions we generate every months of the year. Please show your support by suggesting all your loved ones and even yourself to become a VIP to the Cosmic Code website. The battle to save humanity from the nefarious reptilius poisoning the psyches of billions of people on earth cannot be won without your participation.

I do as much as I can to warn and guide people with Draco, the Draconis benevolent ET on his Facebook page and if you never heard of him before please take the time to read all about our divine connection. I am Alien The Final Revelation



Change of cosmic guards 11/12/2015


Neptune Lord of Religious Deception Rules
Fear Water, Drowning Fire Black Blood
Dreams Reality Conflicts Poison Mad Spirits
All False Gods Lost Children Join To Kill

Welcome to Each Sign of the Zodiac

Your Personal Horoscope for 2016 – Public Gemini Sample.


Philosophical Astro – Poetry

Mercury Governs the Nervous and Witty
Dual Constellation of Gemini

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am Gemini, child of Mercury.

Characteristics For Those Born In June or under the sign of Gemini

The planet Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. You are intellectual, nervous and adaptable and born with a strong drive to communicate; you are classified in Greek mythology as “The Messengers of the Gods.” You inherited a gift of youth, a double personality and a quicksilver mind enabling you to adapt easily to any situation.

On a negative note, Mercury, the “Lord of the Thieves” breeds volatile and unreliable people due to their dual characteristics. You are a gifted communicator, yet you must learn to listen.

Vocations that would appeal to Gemini’s, are likely in the fields such as radio, language, photography, sales, movies, acting, dancing, the medical field and any type of public relations work. Your natural speed for life’s experiences makes you impatient and nervous. You must learn to focus and crystallize your powerful mind. Y

You have the potential to become an efficient speaker and produce interesting books. Due to your strong desire for security, many of you will be attracted to the real estate and food industries. Your financial potential is unlimited if you learn and make a good use of the Universal Law in charge of your 2nd House of income.

A strong Mercury influence will produce an incredible amount of physical and spiritual energy that must be dissipated. The unaware traditional psychological field classify those children as A.D.D. (“Attention Deficit Disorder”) or ADHD.  But there is much more to it!

Contrary to what scientists assume and perceive as an indisposition, ADHD is actually a potent gift from God. The soul is simply programmed to naturally reject traditional education, thus opening the rare door to genius and with it the potential for new discovery. Incidentally, President Clinton, Einstein, and Dr. Turi were born with an “ADHD affliction.” Thus if a teacher is mistaken about some information, the Mercurial soul’s inborn sense of curiosity and discovery will bring about potential information leading to the truth. Impatience, nervousness, mental curiosity, and a short attention span are your characteristics.

You will never follow long established dogmas. Your Mercurial spirit will open new doors to mental exploration. You are curious by nature and are always questioning. Boredom is your worst enemy and you must associate with intellectual people who can stimulate your incredible mind.

Telling jokes is also a part of your mental agility. A word of caution for Gemini’s: Always be alert when the Moon crosses the deadly sign of Scorpio at work, especially after the Full Moon. Remember to respect the Universal Law as your awareness and moon planning will be a major contribution of avoiding dramatic experiences, and will help you reach many of your dreams.

The location of your natal Dragon’s Head or Tail will seriously alter the strength or weakness of Mercury in your chart. You can learn much more about yourself or anyone else by ordering my new book entitled “Beyond the Secret,” “I Know All About You,” “The Power Of The Dragon” or “And God Created The Stars.”

2016 — Dragon Forecast For Those Born In June or under the sign of Gemini

Personal: On February 19th, 2014, the Scorpius Draconis gave room to the aggressive war like Arian Draconis and “Hitler” spirit will reign upon the world until November 12, 2015.

On this date, the “Change of Guards” will take place with the new religious Neptunian Dragon residing in the Pisces/Virgo axis until May 10, 2017.

This new cosmic order will stimulate all affairs regulating your 10th house (career) and your 4th house (home/security) where anything involving career and moving will be supported by the stars. The challenging Tail of the Dragon in the sign of Pisces right on your public standing will force you to re-evaluate all about the way you feel about creating your own dreams.

2016 Predictions: The new Dragon’s Head (luck/growth) will affect the security house offering you more opportunities to reshape your home and your security. This could also mean studying, rebuilding or ending a weak career or build a new one.

Gemini will also enjoy or be forced to change their image to the world. Take the example of Donald Trump also a Gemini and its move into politics and aiming for the White House! The real estate tycoon is not cosmic conscious but nevertheless, his life is entirely controlled by the stars!

 You may also benefit dramatically from my book “Beyond the Secret” offering you with a better understanding of this creative process only a minority is aware of.  Souls born in June will be tested on how to handle their emotions and use those cosmic winds at their advantage.  A new flux of creative writing, composing and artistic endeavors will merge from your home enriching your soul greatly.

Indeed, 2016 could mark the beginning of a new and improved spiritual you where your personal positive thoughts will play an important part of those changes.  The progressive June soul may also give life to a new career offering care, security and love for others. The world is ready to appreciate and reward the new you if you study and use technology to serve the world artistically and spiritually working with Aquarius and its promising future.

Many souls born in June will start new endeavors like writing, painting, photography and spend more time with their creative selves’ leading them to slowly build their new image to the world. Progressive thinking and great intuition will also bless your mind and you should pay attention to your dreams.

Souls born in June are highly spiritual while some are more religious, Gemini are security and money oriented but the new cosmic winds will offer them the best of the visionary and creative gifts God gave them to help others. And it is by being positive and building confidence in your new spiritual talents and letting go of the past that success and security will come to you.

Adapting to the Universal Law of the Moon (see all 2016 forecasts in the cosmic code website – become a VIP), will help you synchronize perfectly and accordingly with the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. Furthermore knowing all about your Personal Cosmic Biorhythms will become a major contribution for all your successes (or failures) in life.

Important note:  Remember this work, while proven accurate is dedicated to serve the reader objectively only. This material is generated for the mass only and does not imply the complexity of a lengthy private session with Dr. Turi. The Dragon Forecast for those born in June, while proven accurate, is dedicated to serve the reader minimally and objectively. A simplified personal reading: “Full Adult Personal Report,” is an inexpensive and good start for you if unable to afford a Full Life Reading or a Skype VIP session Go to for a full in-depth description of services provided.

JUPITER LUCKY TOUCH – All the way to August 11th, 2015, the great beneficial planet Jupiter (luck/expansion/protection/traveling/foreigners/studying) was cruising through the sign of Leo in your 3th house (the mind/critical thinking). Jupiter expansive attitude could lead to egocentricity and straightforwardness and ruin your image. Did you notice this with Donald Trump? Gemini was offered the opportunity to travel and talk more than usual as to express your drive for a new career endeavor.

The option to convince others and pass on your thoughts while reaching others on foreign grounds was also offered to Gemini. Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil but those opportunities may not come your way if you do not socialize or know nothing of your forecast and act upon it. Thus many “young souls” did not use Jupiter’s passage in Leo and missed lots of opportunities.

Jupiter’s protective luck always offers drastic benefit by the house and signs for which the transit is taking place in, but some Gemini would rather stay with religion or science. It is only through a professional, personal taped VIP consultation that the full impact of this great planet can be fully and accurately explained.

Then on August 11th, 2015 Jupiter moved into Virgo in your 4th house of security home and family. A more critical approach to those you love and yourself leads many Gemini souls to seek ways to protect those they care in a new home (The white House for Trump?)

 Much of your understanding of a cosmic God blessing your existence, and all affairs involving your body, mind and soul could be clarified if you need direction through my services.  On a sad note many Gemini are unaware of their Personal Cosmic Biorhythms (or the cosmic code jurisdictions) and end up paying the price of ignorance for seeking support against all cosmic winds.

Millions of June souls worldwide read more of my articles and will be lead to assimilate my cosmic work, and those are the lucky ones making a good use of those cosmic winds flowing in various signs and houses.

Then on September 9th, 2016 great Jupiter will move into the sign of Libra until October 11th 2017. In Libra, Jupiter’s blessings will affect your 5th house of creativity, love, romance and children. This will open many new doors to contracts, legality, to new endeavors, contracts, learning, teachings and traveling on foreign grounds. A full progressive restructure of your speculative self will come your way with great opportunities offered by new friends. New justifications, jurisdictions, contracts and legal psychological studies will flourish during the great lucky Jupiter’s passage in Libra if you ask for it.

SATURN KARMIC TOUCH – At a universal level, Saturn (The Great Malefic) will be cruising back and forth through the signs of Scorpio (death) and Sagittarius (foreigners) bringing new restrictive laws about emigration and add more stress to the people forced to relocate from dangerous war zones.

Saturn will be directly afflicting your 6th house (work) and 7th house (partners/public) offering more opportunities to reach for your wishes.  Many souls born in June will also experience a lack of energy and spiritual challenges due to the Tail of the Dragon in the sign of Pisces. Gemini involved in the law enforcement or the public must not take chances to avoid drama and death.   You are strongly advised to stay positive at all times and stay clear from anti depressants, drugs and alcohol.

URANUS KARMIC TOUCH – The eccentric planet Uranus in Aries is right in your 11th house (friends/wishes) and may offer you an above normal even shocking luck and support from various groups or friends. I am sure Donald Trump never dreamed of the success he is enjoying today, but will it last?

Uranus’s erratic nature may induce insomnia and unfounded fears, especially with the Pisces Dragon’s Tail cursing the world.  You may also decide to invest in all sorts of electronic gadgets or spend more time on the Internet or invest in new Age Matter and our Astropsychology course to uncover more of yourself. This investment will benefit and change your perception of life forever.  On a good note Uranus rules new age matters, astrology, UFO and both my teachings and original articles will benefit many souls born in June willing to help the world to develop more cosmic consciousness and UFO awareness.

NEPTUNE KARMIC TOUCH – Neptune (ruler of Pisces) will be cruising through your 10th   house (career) adding more imaginative fears or a lack of energy due to the stress involving your position. Support and regeneration will come from family members. Over competitive friends may deceive you, be cautious with them all, especially with your words. On a more positive note, Neptune will add more intuition and creativity to your being. Be also aware of deceptive people luring you into illegal endeavors that could land you in jail.

More than any other signs, Gemini will have to battle those difficult 2016 Neptunian cosmic winds forcing a total restructure of their career and public life.  Religions will play a very important part of this trend and many young souls born in June will fall for the universal poisoning, cults, gurus and deceptive psychics.

PLUTO KARMIC TOUCH – Pluto is still in the sign of Capricorn on your 8th  house (corporate endeavors/death/metaphysics) Many souls born in June will feel the urge to educate themselves, rebuild a new career or improve the current one through rational and spiritual investigations. Thoughts will run deep as you try to adjust to what you like the most to fit in this world.  Pluto will stimulate your being and help you realize what stops you moving forward and make sense to what your career goals and wishes are all about.

Pluto is the power of the rogue mass (ISIS/criminals/killers) forcing dramatic changes into Capricorn (political / governmental power structures.)  It also explains why crazy people target and kill the police and why Donald Trump “political’ career is endorsed by a non cosmic conscious mass. 

CNN – Veteran strategists from both parties say Trump (Pluto) has completely redefined the rules of the political debate (in Capricorn–) ushering in an era when statesmanship is out and the rules of professional wrestling may well apply. Get ready for the fight.

Being at the right place, at the right time, has a lot to do with your progress in terms of luck and opportunities and in time, Jupiter will provide those breaks. If you decide to move, the knowledge found in Astro-Carto-Graphy would become a serious contribution to your success in the new chosen location. Most of all, my latest discovery on Your 12 months Cosmic rhythm or Personal Lucky/Unlucky Dragon Window Dates” will also become another option for being at the right place at the right time. Keep this service in mind and give it a try

— Good luck to all Gemini and souls born in June.

This ebook will be soon available to the public and will offer your full personal forecast and the ones of all the people around you. Knowing all about your personal fate, those you care, your co-workers, friends and foes can give an head start over them and offer real directions.   What a great gift to offer knowing my universal predictions are irrefutable if you take the time to investigate my claims...

This new e-book is in the editor paginator hands working on the new cover. You may order it today and be the first to receive it in a PDF file once ready for your eyes.

2016 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast

L’oeil Du Droit A La Force D’Airain

You shall receive
Knowledge is true power
Ignorance is dangerous and pure evil
Do not suffer others karmic Dragon if you can avoid it
Do not suffer your Dragon’s Tail karmic lessons if you can avoid it
Listen to your intuition and if you feel me right through your soul then you are right


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