Dr. Gallagher versus Dr. Turi on the biblical “Demons!”


Scepter taken from “The Roswell Incident UFO Cover Up!”

In July 1997 for the fiftieth anniversary of the July 8, 1947 Roswell incident, I was invited to speak about my four UFO experiences and my prophetic legacy and was asked to make a few predictions in a time capsule that is now buried 6ft under in the City Hall. This capsule will be brought to light in 2047 and I will be dead or 97 years old then…

Meantime the museum does not make any reference about it and this capsule involve many famous speakers present at the special anniversary event. I did not want to appear like a forgotten egocentric to the  director@roswellufomuseum.com but I think its fair for the public to be reminded of this fact!

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“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination offers no real answers. There are no accidents just  cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.” Dr. Turi


“Dear Readers;

There’s really no other way, to reach the readers with the undiluted truth; without creating any negative repercussion. Knowing the truth is not designed to spare sensitive people from reality and facts I can only hope!  Please read this article then my rebuttals and feedback, you may or may not agree with me but I’ll let you be the sole judge of my claims at the end! And if in any way, shape or form you do relate to my cosmic teachings, please share this Cosmic Code sample newsletter with those willing and able to handle the plain truth!  Thank you.

Dr. Turi

Psychiatrist believes victims looking for exorcism should not be ignored as demonic possession Is real.

Exorcisms are on the increase, after people believe they are a victim of demonic possession. While some people might shake their heads in disbelief and deem them crazy, one psychiatrist has the belief that possession by demons is real.”

Demonic possession claims have been increasing around the world. Anyone possessed by a devil spirit undergoes an exorcism carried out by a priest. Demands for the rite are on the increase.

While many are skeptical, one psychiatrist with a Princeton and Yale education claims they are real and it seems to that many residents of the USA agree.

Goya Borgia exorcism

Francisco Goya’s 1795 painting St. Francis Borgia Helping a Dying Impenitent – 

Gallagher Has Witnessed Human Behavior Along With In-human Behavior

Dr. Richard Gallagher holds a position in a private psychiatric practice at the New York Medical College and Columbia University, with over 25 years of experience. During his time in the field, he has come across many different types of human behavior and there is inhuman behavior he has seen.Dr Richard Gallagher Exorcism The Exorcist

When exorcists need help they call Dr. Richard Gallagher

Dr. Gallagher on demons:

“They’re very, very smart. The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings”

Anyone interested in discernment, which is a step that is required for first determining whether or not there is an actual need for exorcism, turns to Dr. Gallagher for evaluation.

Pope Francis Also Believes in the Devil

Dr. Gallagher is not the only person in authority who believes that the devil is real as Pope Francis frequently makes it know that Satan is real. He said “a real being, roaming the Earth to devour souls like a lion”.

The pope said: “Hence, we should not think of the Devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea. This mistake would lead us to let down our guard, to grow careless and end up more vulnerable.” He observed that life can be “a constant struggle against the devil, the prince of evil”.

Pope Francis even went as far as describing the Rite of Exorcism saying it was “a delicate and necessary ministry”, finally warning when choosing a priest for exorcism it should be done with prudence along with care.

Dr. Gallagher agrees with Pope Francis, many others do, however, Gallagher is the only psychiatrist who will openly admit he believes that the devil can possess a person.

Gallagher said: “There are many other psychiatrists and mental health care professionals who do what I do – perhaps not to the scope that I do – who seem hesitant to speak out. That’s what gives my work some singularity. That I have had so much experience that I am willing to speak out. I feel an obligation to speak out. I think that I should.”

Dr. Gallagher is the person others turn to if they believe they have been possessed by the devil, and Gallagher noted that many people who have been referred to him to suffer a great deal. The psychiatrist does take people seriously; in fact, he has criteria that are strict in regards to determining if a person is actually being possessed by a devil and needs an exorcism performed.

75% of Americans Believe in the Devil

Dr. Gallagher does believe possessions are real but they are rare, happening in all cultures. The doctor evaluated numerous cases sent to him through priests, Christian ministers, and rabbis. Gallagher has also said that around 75% of people living in the USA do believe in the devil, with around half of these people having the belief demons can affect humans, whether this is by possessing them or not. Belief in exorcism is dependent on the country. For example, in Madagascar, almost everyone believes it is possible  for spirits to possess people

Dr. Gallagher said, “So it varies a lot from country to country. Haiti is another country that believes a lot in demons along with spirit possession. It depends on what subculture you’re addressing. Some secular subcultures on the east coast and the west coast of the United States are very skeptical but the majority of Americans are not only open to these ideas but believe them. So I don’t feel that I’m out of the mainstream.”

Dr. Gallagher suggests that demons have watched over humans since the world was created and demons are extremely smart, far superior to humans.

Coast To Coast AM Interviews Dr. Gallagher

Dear readers;

Are you ready for the facts readers? The main reason to why Dr. Richard Gallagher  popularity is “allowed” and widely publicized on CTC is because he endorses, respects and promote the infected religious matrix!

“For the past two-and-a-halfdecades and over several hundred consultations, I’ve helped clergy from multiple denominations and faiths to filter episodes of mental illness which represent the overwhelming majority of cases — from, literally, the devil’s work. Those who dismiss these cases unwittingly prevent patients from receiving the help they desperately require, either by failing to recommend them for psychiatric treatment (which most clearly need) or by not informing their spiritual ministers that something beyond a mental or other illness seems to be the issue. For any person of science or faith, it should be impossible to turn one’s back on a tormented soul.” Dr. Gallagher

In fact, while he is honorable in his rite to help others through science and religion, he is subconsciously endorsing the reptilius agenda who created and manipulate both! 

Related image

In no way will Dr. Gallagher realize or accept science and religions are the foundations of the reptilius’ agenda. And while like me, he may be able to investigate and endorse the incredible, the rational “traditionally educated” souls immature UCI’s will also turn against his perceptive but religious oriented findings. 

At this point it is crucial for the reader to realize the reptilius CREATED all religions and you are strongly advised to click on the provided link above and read how a reptilius ship manipulated Moises on Mont Sinai with the “10 commandments” before continuing! The reptilius also created the scientific matrix! The True $$$$$$$$$$pirit of NASA 

What religions classifys as the devil, Satan, evil, fallen angels, demons etc. is nothing else than what I refer as “the reptilius manifesto.” But the clergy or a politically oriented church has for centuries made sure to control the information and only priests and monks were able and allowed to read, write, edit and teach the bible!  

Secondly, as a traditionally educated psychiatrists, Dr. Gallagher is not a student of mine nor is he cosmic conscious! This does not diminish his intelligence but limit the reality of his findings.  Like 99.9% of the population, his understanding and use of Astroforensic/Astrology is non existent. This means he is also oblivious of the cosmic code jurisdictions, the soul of the cosmos and unaware of the reptilius agenda!  Indeed it takes a very special kind of super-human being to become one of my students! 

Furthermore, only a legitimate commissioned MJ12 or “A CHOSEN ONE” will be allowed to deal with ET’s physically or psychically and the imparted intellectual immaculate predictive legacy is not easily recognized or accepted by the UFO’s community! Cosmic Consciousness and all unconscious famous UFO’s “Talking Heads

You may now understand why exposing and vexing notorious UFO’s speakers and Dr. Gallagher’s supportive audience will make me even more enemies who are not able or willing to expand their own cosmic awareness. 

Dr. Gallagher’s work is like mine, unique, absolutely phenomenal and in demand, but it is also incomplete due to his natal religious codified UCI! *Unique Celestial Identity

I can only hope Gallagher will land on this article seek my help, because he knows nothing of the reptilius’ agenda and never dealt physically or spiritually with extraterrestrials! His first teachers did not know either and this cosmic ignorance is building a wider gap between science (atheists) and religion… 

The endless battles between the scientific and religious matrixes is still fueled by a universal ignorance of the cosmic code jurisdictions or the true purpose of our solar system as intended by God!

Introducing the world to cosmic consciousness

Who are the reptilius and what is their agenda?   Help to fight the reptilius! 

The fact is; over sensitive readers will immediately assume I am only an egocentric idiot pretending to know better than Dr. Gallagher or any other UFO’s speakers! Instead of assuming clicking on the provided links or investigate my direct relationships with ET’s and UFO’s will clarify my position and teachings. Indeed it is easier to let destructive emotions and imagination override curiosity, especially if an insecurity or inferiority complex curse the reader!

“Show me a reader I will point out a winner” Dr. Turi

UFO’s – Roswell new Mexico Mind Boggling Secret Divulged!

July 1987 – I am Alien The Final Revelation

“For those who know me, my UFO’s predictive legacy and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!  Dr. Turi

Unfortunately, our C2C “friends” and so many other speakers in the UFO community are infected and subconsciously responding to the reptilius agenda. I forgive them all because they are  oblivious of the reptilius effect and some never investigated my claims. But all are aware of my undeniable predictive legacy left by the ET’s Draco after so many years spent  with George on Coast to Coast am  and various television shows!

A Powerful Message To The World

Making sure my warnings and teachings about those entities is kept underground assures the reptilius to infect all humanity in the long run. Saying, writing and exposing the undiluted truth about anyone or anything is indeed the last thing to do with so much insecurity and competition  in the UFO’s community nowadays.

The reptilius will make sure you to nurture negative emotions such as; fear, insecurity, jealousy, enviousness and will do all in their power to stimulate your sins and not your virtues! Neutral human beings are salvageable because they somehow “escape” the negative fluid of nefarious emotions stopping anyone to expand outside of their own intellectual box! 

Thus if you resent me (or anyone) for what ever reasons, if you depend on drugs, anti depressants, pot, alcohol or nurture religious fears, you are infected!  And reptilius infected people will consciously do all in their power to mute me!

The most powerful tool you can use to fight the reptilius is the awareness of their malicious drive to infect you with any form of fear and negative emotions. This is why the undiluted truth and the voices of all spiritually advanced teachers like me MUST be kept underground at all cost. 

The fact is; in any field of the human experience, the more successfully a person is, the more infected the person is! Hard fact to accept but so obvious especially with an infected President chosen by the reptilius  and helped  by the Russians  to desensitize the world against evil! Donald Trump President? 

By recognizing, endorsing and promoting evil “much like President Trump supporting, endorsing North Korea / Russian regimes he is desensitizing America from the truth!”

  Dr. Richard Gallagher patients become much more vulnerable to this unstoppable universal infestation. If the patient acknowledge and accept demons are in his body, mind and soul, there is no way of escaping depressions and fear!

Dr. Gallagher diagnostic and prognostic is AFFIRMING the reality of “possession’ and will prescribe anti depressants and / or exorcism! Both suggestions can only make the situation much worse and the patient will keep degenerating psychically rapidly until he become mad or commit suicide!   

Image result for a physician cannot call himself a doctor astrology hippocrates

This is a psychical problem that demand spiritual remedy but how can a traditionally, religiously educated modern doctors be of any real help?  And listening to the wise words of the father of modern medicine involving mastering the crucial art and science of Astrology is practically impossible when both the religious and scientific infected matrixes condemn and ridicule the old science!

All you have is true, reliable, knowledgeable, committed, gifted Soul Doctors like me and all my students able to help you. Modern doctors are not cosmic conscious and can only use anti depressants making the situation much worse! 

Would you be willing to spend $700 for a Live taped Skype consultation or $310 for a taped full life reading with me to save your mental sanity and your life? Is your life or any of your loved ones worth $1000 bucks or so?  Maybe all the famous people who gave in to the reptilius by committing suicide wouldn’t have, had they would’ve taken a chance on and my cosmic wisdom or my talismans… Talismans, do they really work? 

I understand how far fetched and incredible my claims are, but the more you ignore and ridicule them the more power to the reptilius.  The more you want to laugh and remove me from the public the more damage you are doing to humanity in the long run, and conscious or not, karma is something no one can escape!

The reptilius are using both my 2018 SOS to the world deadly windows and your OWN negative cosmic biorthyms to hijack your mind. There are days where everything will go wrong regardless how much you try to do the right thing or be positive. And this is what modern physicians including Dr. Richard Gallagher do not know! 

There are days where you will get up very happy and every thing you want to be done will be done perfectly! These are the days where you could win the lottery or meet that special someone or a day where NOTHING wrong will happen! You can only try and make notes of those days every months of 2018 and judge for yourself if my cosmic wisdom is real or not! Email teraniapromodir@gmail.com if you have any questions, she will help you because our website cart www.drturi.com and service page is under construction! 

While I have asked to attend the many 2018 UFO’s conferences, none of the promoters have  responded to my many requests. I am muted and I can rely on you to pass on my messages about the reptilius! Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi …

But in this battle I also realize we have our supporters. I am not alone, my cosmic teachings and my UFO’s experiences while refuted and ridicule by some are still on the Internet and read by millions of people over the world.

Dr. Richard  Gallagher’s work is well ahead of today’s  conventional science but adhere too much to his own religious indoctrination. This makes his services very valuable still to society but  incomplete while promoting the reptilius agenda and this may be the most difficult part for him and his followers to accept!   

More than ever my crucial cosmic teachings on how to battle and win over the reptilius are needed but your support is important. Help fight the reptilius, reach George… He’ll  listen if you dare to tell him how important it is!



Dr. Turi 

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