Dr. Louis Turi’s UFO’s and Alien Abduction Experiences

January 8th, 2011


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After I recently posted my account of a reading that I had with Dr. Turi in 1995, he contacted me via the Cryptogon story suggestion page and sent some essays about his alien and UFO abduction experiences.

After reading all of the information, I made comments and asked some additional questions. He graciously responded and gave me permission to publish the materials here.

If you have never heard of Louis Turi, see: drturi.com. This FAQ is extensive. Dr. Turi also mentions http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/ as a reference with regard to the material below.

You may notice that I briefly mention a UFO sighting that I had, along with a friend of mine, when I was 14. Let it suffice to say that I am 100% certain that what I saw was not any standard aircraft, satellite, Chinese lantern, remote controlled toy, meteor, planet, star, swampgas, weather balloon, etc. The object demonstrated flight capabilities that were very far beyond what was publicly acknowledged as possible back then (1985), or now.

The rational explanation is that the craft was related to some military black project, but I doubt that explanation. Why would a spherical craft, that looked like a yellow/orange ball of plasma, be flown low to the ground in a densely populated area? Also, the craft moved over a reservoir that served as a municipal water supply (see: UFOs and water) and hovered there for about a minute. Potentially, thousands of people could have seen the display.

It went from hovering, to moving left a few dozen feet, then right a few dozen feet, and down a few dozen feet. As it was doing this, my friend and I both agreed that it must be some sort of high performance helicopter. Indeed, that’s what it looked like. A helicopter could move in that manner. Then, literally in the blink of an eye, it shot up and out of the atmosphere and disappeared. I’m not sure if I saw motion blur from the incredible speed, or an arc of ionized air behind it, but it didn’t go straight up. It went in an arc that was perhaps 20 degrees off vertical from the starting position by the time it disappeared from sight. There was no perceivable acceleration. It went from an almost static hovering position to… I don’t know how fast; maybe several thousand miles per hour. But there was no sound of any kind. There should have been a sonic boom.

Whether you believe me or not, it definitely happened. I know that I saw the object and whatever the explanation is, that experience was proof to me that there is much more to reality than the so-called “normal” mind is willing to consider.

While my sighting resulted in a lifelong fascination with the UFO topic, I have drawn no conclusions at all as to what is actually happening. I have no idea what to make of any of this.

With that, here are the essays that Dr. Turi sent to me.

UFO”s Are Very Real  – What Did They Do To Me? –  And So Is The Legacy! 

Check the double results of my predictive legacy!  –  Listen to my 4 UFO experiences

Dr. Turi’s First UFO Encounter www.drturi.com

This is Dr. Turi’s first UFO experience as a child in the old house attic. From his early abductions to the spaceship trip, he has 3 more incredible and solid experiences to relate, complete with drawings. Indeed Dr. Turi is a legitimate and honest recipient of extraordinary encounters that have influenced his fate to learn and teach the dynamics of our Universe and its relationships with the fate of mankind.

My First Contact!
Important note: Please keep in mind that none of the following experiences are fictional. All of the following stories are real and some of them were very dramatic and reflect parts of my own dramatic life. All of those bye-gone experiences were the indispensable ingredients I needed to recognize my own conviction of the subconscious power we all possess inside. The purpose of this work is to make you aware of your own spiritual essence and your ability to control the outcome of your personal existence. Blessed with this knowledge, my only aspiration is for you, to attract only rich and valuable experiences.

“Incredible experiences breed incredible people; day by day experiences breed odd people”
–Dr. Turi

I realize that the following may sound incredible and some readers may also question my sanity. Well rest assured that I have better things to do than to make myself look like a disturbed schizophrenic abducted by aliens. These are my experiences and anyone has the right to remain skeptical as this is such a personal matter. But I decided to come forth with the truth because I am all about the truth. This is the story of my first contact in four solid interactions with the extraordinary. I am not a walk in; I did not see far away light or what seemed to be a space ship. I dealt with theses extraterrestrial intelligences face to face and on August 11, 1971, November 11, 1981 and August 11, 1991. I was standing less than 30 feet away from a solid space ship and spent time inside the saucer. All that came to pass took place on both the physical and spiritual realm of consciousness. Each time these unusual events were with a member of my family, thus reinforcing my own sanity. Yes I confirm that ET’s and UFO are very real and their legacy of inducing supra-knowledge on my psyche as such.

As incredible as it may sound, since the tender age of seven, extraterrestrial intelligences have interacted and programmed me to convey to you an awareness of the dynamics of our universe and its interaction upon mankind’s psyche and affairs. I was born during a very cold winter night in February in the southern part of France in “La Provence.” This small locale is called Pont Saint Esprit or translated in English, “The Bridge of the Spirit.” In the same area, the renowned prophet Nostradamus was born and wrote the famous “Prophecies”. Realize that I have nothing to do with the great Seer apart from being born under the same local stars and spending much of my time rekindling his divine way of handling the stars. As far as extraterrestrials invading my life, no tangible answers or explanations were given to me. I simply knew what I knew, which was “little monkeys” regularly came to visit me in the kingdom of the night. Those small creatures had big menacing black eyes, and that group of ETs is now identified as the “grays” or dignified robots doing all the dirty work. During this time in my life, I could only see and accept them as “little monkeys,” and were described as such to my wondering mother. After the first few visits, I became literally paranoid with fear and could not be left alone in the dark. Even after so many years, the rest of the family (seven brothers and sisters) can still recall my awful screams in the middle of the night.

Preceding the encounters my stepfather built a bedroom in the attic to separate the growing boys from the girls. Before that room, all the kids’ housed together. My grandfather owned the house, and the old structure suffered tremendous damage from the 1st and 2nd World War German bombings. Grandpa’s nickname was “Sardines” (he loved fishing.) Sadly for him, he lost both of his legs on a German mine and with his meager war subsidy, he could not afford to repair the impaired house. Thus, there were no bathrooms, no running water and no electricity available to the striving family. Years later, my stepfather and all the boys began to restore the patriarchal house in our spare time.

Silhouettes and phantoms of the night came from the dim streetlight filtering through a dirty broken window. I could barely find my way around and saw enough of my environment to distinguish the uninvited terrifying creatures. Myriad’s of cats lived with us and were my only source of heat during many cold winters. Our old house was a paradise for many pests, especially huge rats. Sanitary conditions were not enforced back then, and the next door butcher did all the killing and meat cutting right there. Before reaching the underground sewer system all the bloody waste had to sail past the back of our house through twenty feet of open concrete pipe. The sailing stinking guts found its way naturally down to the mighty Rhone River. Drawn in by the putrefying bloody smell, huge families of rats made our house their own heaven. Most of the vermin’s time was spent eating, fighting, and mating all year round. Incidentally it is because of this lack of hygiene that the plague found its way in Europe and took millions of lives in the process. Starving neighbors’ cats also found our old house a paradise for hunting and feasting. This brawling carnival of cats-and-rats concerto took place every night during my dramatic upbringing. In the 50′s, our neighbors had no money for food, let alone money for neutering their cats, and the feline’s set of offspring kept growing larger each year. I recall those long-gone days with agony. They were certainly hard and unhealthy, even dangerous for all of us. The possibilities of ingesting contaminated food or being stung by a countless amount of spiders, fleas, scorpions and cockroaches was very high. The old unsanitary house could be described as a wild jungle harvesting myriads of crawling pestilences. I recall our close neighbor Laura nearly losing her unguarded toddler to a monster rat’s vicious bites. The dirty pests were especially attracted to the smell of milk on the suckling’s infant clothing. Luckily for her the screams of one of her older children saved the nursling. One of my favorite pastimes was to kill as many rats as possible with my sling shots before going to bed.

I also had to hunt for cats to share my bed, mostly to keep me warm during the cold, long winter nights. Sometimes my chase was made easier when a pursued cat would make its way to the privacy of my bedroom in the attic, carrying a bloody prey in its sharp fangs. It was then in those circumstances, in the winter of 1957, that my first UFO encounter took place. Over the years, I was to experience many more of those astonishing bedroom encounters, plus three others expreienced as an adult. Each one of these occurrences were simply extraordinary in nature.

The Fateful Night
“Time to go to bed,” Mom said. “You have five minutes to go upstairs, and then you must blow out the candle. And be careful not to set the house on fire,” she added.

“Yes Mom,” was my reply.

“Have you seen Grisette Mom?” I asked her.

“No, she just had new kittens and you may not see her for a while,” she answered. Grisette was a beautiful tabby cat; she resembled a miniature tiger, constantly rubbing her striped coat on anyone’s leg. She was my favorite feline friend and spent most of the nights curving and purring next to me.

Later during the night, I was deep asleep when I wakened to something touching my foot. I immediately thought of “Grisette” wanting to share some love and warmth with me in the bed. First I gently stomped the animal, trying to edge her closer to the top of the bed. The night was chilly and she was welcome to share some of my precious body heat under the thin blanket. She did not move an inch; instead she gave me a stronger signal that she (I thought) was still there. Quite surprised, I realized that she wasn’t making her way to the top of the bed. Thus, half way numbed, I raised myself on the bed and in the semi-darkness, reached for her.

As long as I live, I shall never forget that creepy moment frozen in my mind. That unworldly episode would haunt me the rest of my life. Surprised and horrified, I observed four strange creatures. They were about four feet tall and those creepy “visitors” were staring at me from the bottom of my bed. They were suspiciously looking at me with their enlarged piercing black eyes as if they were wondering how to proceed next. I was in shock and unable to make a single sound. My throat was tightened in a knot and I felt powerless. I swiftly brought the blanket above my head and hid away in the bed. In spite of the cutting cold I was perspiring and wondering how and why those things were there. I desperately waited for those “visitors” to go away. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, I slowly pulled the blanket away from my eyes and peeked out into the semi-darkness. One of them seemingly had anticipated my move, and to my extreme surprise, stood by the headboard less than an inch from my petrified face. It was too much for me that night and I simply passed out! The morning after, mom’s screams got me out of my “deep sleep.”

“Come on Louis get up son, you’re going to be late for school” she yelled from downstairs.

In a flash, I painfully recalled the night’s awful experience, and still panicking, screamed my head off for rescue. Then my frightened mother rushed up the stairs and got me out of bed. Crying, trembling and very upset, through many convulsing thumps, I struggled hard to explain to my mother the odd experience I had suffered the night before.

“For God sake, what’s going on Louis?” she repeatedly said to me.

“You had a nightmare? Did something scare you? Tell me son. Mommy is here now, you’re safe.”

I looked at her for a while, and then asked, “Are they gone?”

“Who? What? Let’s talk about this downstairs,” she said, helping me out of the bed.

Still very upset, I described as best as I could the detrimental occurrence, but not surprisingly my mother thought it a bad dream only. The following weeks, the situation got worse as the scary “visitors” kept coming. Nobody could help me understand what was really going on in the attic; I only knew that none of cats would come upstairs and share the bed with me. Their reluctance to show up was my only signal to expect the weird company and their mysterious purpose.

Not much information in this little French village in the 50’s was available pertaining to the UFO phenomenon. Especially when the family did not even own a television set or could not afford a cheap radio to expand its limited horizon. The ordeal was an ample part of my upbringing as the “little monkeys” were forging a specific curriculum on my psyche. The nightmarish experience repeated for months and years to come. My behavior became erratic, my emotions uncontrollable until my recurring screams became too much for the sleeping neighborhood. My mother thought of me perhaps being mentally disturbed. On the advice of our local physician an evaluation on my mental health was planned at the local hospital. My downhearted mother was also informed of the possibility of a nasty side effect involving the still experimental electrical brain shock treatments. She became unsure about the dangerous form of electric therapy and decided to repeal the entire idea. She did not want her son to be an experiment or a guinea pig and my brain never got fried; thus I kept my sanity! Trying to fix a computer (your brain) with an electrical surcharge is the faster way to loose your hard drive (your memory). My mom never graduated from any well known academic institutions but thank God she had lots of common sense and a great intuition.

Later, following the first initial abductions I became a little more trustful of the ET’s visits knowing I would be perfectly fine the next day. As I grew older the nightly Alien visitations slowly desisted, but a firm awareness of a close spiritual connection was born. I already knew that I was to meet and deal with them again, somewhere, somehow, sometime…and I did!

I have a serious assignment to fulfill, I strive to free the soul and enlighten its immortal consciousness.

–Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi’s 2nd UFO Encounter www.drturi.com
My Second UFO experience

My holiday was cut short because of the peripheries of my life. Mom was missing me too much and I had to go back home regardless of the outcome with my employers. I managed to do so by finding temporary replacement for my monotonous duties.

I took that trip through the English Channel so many times and always anticipated the people I was going to meet on the ship. Many hours later I recognized the familiar mountains of the South of France. The weather was still warm as I exited the train in the city of Orange in Provence. Mother took the drive from my little village and after hugging her I took over the drive back home. We spoke about the latest news with the family. After a good diner and a few glasses of wine very late in the night, I went to bed and enjoyed the safety and love of the place we all call home.

My life has always been rich and variety is the spice to anyone’s existence, but I always had a thirst for the incredible. The memories of my first encounter with the incredible left me with an unfinished taste in my mouth and I subconsciously wanted more. I was anticipating a good time with my family but certainly not another UFO encounter that would stay with me forever. Again and again this material is not fiction and all really happened to me.

The next day at about 2:00 PM my older sister Noelle and Mom’s agitated discussion woke me up. My sister was at the time a nurse trainee and worked in a sanatorium in the lost mountainous region of “La Provence.” She was very upset because she missed her bus and said “I am going to get fired from work” to mom, sobbing. My step dad had gone to work and none of my brothers were around to give her a ride, and the hospital was located about 70 miles or so from Pont Saint Esprit. “Don’t worry honey, Louis is here and he will take you there,” mother said.

Driving meant spending more time with my sister instead of waiting to see her the next Sunday. We took to the road with mom’s recommendation to drive safely and to wear our seat belts. In 1976 the use of a map or owning a cell phone was a foreign idea for anyone back home to consider. I relied entirely on the road signs and some anticipated stops to ask for directions. The South of France’s road system then was a true nightmare. The small tortuous roads often lead to a few cross roads where the signs were either carried away by the wind or shot down by a frustrated hunter.

It was about 3.30 AM when I realized I was lost in all sense of the word, and my sister Noelle had been asleep for a couple of hours. It was dark and each turn brought more danger as the icy road revealed the high altitude. I was totally exhausted and hoped for any sign of life or direction. I was especially longing for a hot cup of coffee so I could stay awake and safe. After what seemed to be an eternity I saw a dim light from my vantage elevated view. A great feeling of hope reaffirmed all my senses as I woke my sister out of Neptune’s grasp. “Hey Sis, wake up, we’ve got to stop out there, and I need a cup of coffee now,” I said. As she woke up, she also complained about the cutting cold as mom’s old car did not have a heater.

I parked the car safely by the road just a few feet from the front door of the little café. I did not see any cars there, and because of the early hours it could easily have been closed, but to my delight it was open. As we walked to the place I asked Noelle what she wanted to drink. “A cola” she said half way awake. I was surprised by her choice. I was expecting her to pick something warmer especially when she complained earlier of the freezing temperatures.

I picked a small table by the entrance and gently asked my sister to sit and wait for me and the drinks. Then an eerie feeling came over me when I noticed three huge men at the bar. Their stature was very impressive, each matching at nearly 7 feet in height. The men were speechless, motionless and facing the bar’s mirror. I felt watched and suspicious and had no idea of their intentions. I am very protective of all my family members and I thought to be in serious trouble if anyone of them decided to harm to my little sister. But I was as always ready to face death without fear or hesitation if needed.

I carefully approached the bar and politely asked the barman for a coke and a cup of coffee. Next to me, just a few inches away, one of those tall men seemed even more menacing. I felt like an ant next to a huge dangerous foot but I decided to put my fears away. I brought the cola to my sister and went back to collect my cup of coffee. I thought to myself that those guys must be loggers to be so muscular and probably worked the surrounding woods.

The nightmare started when the one closest to me started to engage in a conversation. I was even more terrified by the stranger’s size and powerful gaze. Then he authoritatively asked me, “Do you wanna play cards? You’ll be friend with cards for the rest of your life.” His question and remark did not make any sense at all and brought more fright to my entire body. I politely and submissively refused by telling him that I was tired and stopped only for a short time to get directions. He added, “Come on, pick a card.” He held a splashed full deck in front of me in one of his enormous hands. At this point I did not want to challenge him and thought I had better comply with the demand, hoping for the best.

I picked the card and at the very moment my eye came in contact with the card he immediately told me what it was. “Very nice, this is great,” I said again respectfully. “Pick another one.” He ordered me and I did without challenging him. I would have had take a chance and run out as fast as I could if I was alone or die fighting him but with my little sister back asleep in the corner I did not really knew how to behave. I thought I must of play safe and compromise entirely to the weird stranger’s demands.

He played the card trick on me a few times and each time I congratulated him for his “intuition”. However I clearly recall these sentences. “Take another one Louis,” especially when I had never told him my name, I was freaking out. Or when I said to him, ‘Whoa this is a great game,” and her replied, “No Louis this is not a game!” I was totally bewildered and scared. At this point I could only go along as I seemed to lose my will against his. Then after doing the “trick” for a while I wondered how he could do it, how could he tell me as soon as my eyes saw the card, what the figure was?

I realize now that I was brought to challenge him mentally and I did… something that I will never forget or should never have done. I saw the nine of Diamonds card and in my mind THOUGHT… I will change the nine of Diamonds to the Queen of Spades when he asks. Oh my God, he immediately and furiously snapped back, “Louis you will not change the nine of Diamonds to the Queen of Spades!” Simply imagine yourself in my socks that dramatic moment and you may remotely feel as I did.

But this was nothing compared to what was to follow. His gaze literally penetrated me and I felt as if a screw driver was being driven from my left temple through my mind then out the other side of my head! I was totally helpless and I had to hold myself at the bar counter. I managed to tear myself away from his eyes and barely made it to the bathroom just a few feet away. The door was open and I reached for the sink, opened the tap and splashed my face with freezing water trying hard to maintain my consciousness. I immediately suffered a massive migraine and I could feel my eyes popping out of my head. “What’s happening to me,” I wondered. I felt so invaded and vulnerable. Then the thought of my sister left alone with those strange men made me feel sad because even if I wanted to defend her, I could barely contain my own pain inside my head. I felt as if a heavy chain connected me to that huge man, and I knew not only could he read my mind, but I could also converse with him. Using all the will I had left I began talking back to him as the wildest tiger in me unleashed its ferocious deadly self. “What the hell are you doing to me, who the hell are you, and what’s going on here?” I demanded powerfully by thought. “I am going out to face you Mister, and you had better talk to me,” I thought even harder. I immediately walked out of the bathroom and to my astonishment the three huge men left the premises. My first concern was for my sister, but she was still deep asleep and missed the entire awful deal I was going through. I was baffled. Gathering all my strength, I asked the barman, “Who were those people and where did they come from?”

“I don’t know” he said. “They probably drove here like you did!” I knew for sure that no cars were parked outside when we arrived. Collecting all my courage I ran out to find a quiet and cold night. I was listening for any noise but all I heard was the wind cuddling the tip of the tall trees in the moonless night. I woke Noelle up and said, “Let’s get out of here,” and we rapidly left the area. What exactly happened to me there I will never know. What is even more disconcerting is that I do not recall the rest of the trip, taking my sister to the sanatorium that night. And if she or I were awake for it, either one of us would remember asking for directions or the trip itself. What I clearly recall is that: It was 9:00 AM the next day and I entered the boundaries of my village. The pounding headaches stayed with me for more than three consecutive weeks after the tragic encounter.

No, this is not science fiction or the product of my imagination. This encounter really took place. Later on in life I understood why the man said, “You’ll be friends with cards for the rest of your life.” At 52 years old I still do not know how to play regular card games like poker or the famous twenty one in Las Vegas. How more dim can I be? Well not so fast, because the cards I “play” with, all hands are winners. This is because I do not use playing cards, but the Tarot. Is that why the weird man was so upset at me when I tried to change the meaning of the cards? The Tarot doesn’t lie; the meaning is direct and cannot be changed. What really took place is clear to me now, and unless you experience a tarot reading with me you may remain skeptical. The intense pain I experienced was simply a super but painful downloading of mysterious symbolic knowledge found within the twenty two symbols of the tarot cards reflecting the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The experience was intrusive, if not abusive, but proved to be nothing less than extraordinary. Mostly it is very valuable for anyone who has engaged a tarot reading from me. For years I was left wondering about this miraculous encounter and the mystical purpose behind it. (I was certain that I would have to deal with the force again. Once more my future proved me right.—follows the 3rd UFO experience)

Dr. Turi’s 3rd UFO Encounter www.drturi.com

My Third UFO Experience

Life was simply great; I had graduated from the Royal School of Music in London, with the highest distinction marks and won the silver Musicianship cup. I landed a contract with Phillips record company and my first single was on the market. I saw the people dancing and I heard my voice on the radio, blowing out of the speakers in numerous discothèques. I was a happy guy savoring the results of years of monstrous labor. Yet I also knew that the far-fetched forces above my head had more incredible experiences in store for me.

My brother Jo had a discotheque and he asked me if I wanted to sing there to promote my record in the area. I accepted and once again took on the long journey back home to France. When Jo was young he always dreamed of owning an old farm with many animals, in 1981 his own dream became a reality when he purchased and restored an old structure. The farmhouse was less than fifteen minutes away from the village in a remote wooded area.

As you well know, the night life in France starts around 11.00 PM and contimues throught the night. We usually left the farm around 10:00 PM every night and came back exhausted the next morning. I had an easy life, spending much time sleeping, eating, and riding horses during the day, until we started the process all over again.

On November 11th, 1981 at about 10.15 PM we were to experience one of the most dramatic UFO experiences anyone can ever hope for. We left the farm that night as we always do around 10:00 PM. It was a cold night but the warm heater of Jo’s brand new Mercedes and the soft comfortable ride was a real pleasure. Often I thought how much Vincent would have appreciated the luxury of a modern day motorcar. Vince was gone now for over ten years and I still missed his loud laugh and loving nature. Jo was driving smoothly through the tiny serpentine road scaring away multitudes of rabbits. We had to cover about three miles through endless vineyards to reach the RN7 main road, and then drive for another 30 miles to his discotheque. I was quiet, simply anticipating my number and wondering about a pretty girl I met the night before. Then from the corner of my eyes I saw what seemed to be some far away flickering lights. Because they were coming from the vineyard I thought someone must be working late. As we drove further into the night the light became quite obvious and came fast in our direction. Then wondering I ask my brother, “Hey Jo, are there people working in the vineyard tonight?” Jo responded sarcastically, “Louis, it’s November. All the grapes were picked weeks ago, there is nothing there. Relax.” Incidentally, Jo was born in November. Thus his Scorpio sarcasm was nothing new, and a part of his character I was used to and never took personally.

He kept driving, but not without peeping through the right window were the weird lights were now obviously coming from. What really grabbed my attention was the height and the circular movement of what I obviously perceived as powerful bright beams. Jo kept driving, denying my requests to stop and watch those strange lights.

The lights were much closer than anticipated and almost immediately right above the car. For no apparent reason the Mercedes’ reliable electric system died instantly and the car came to a standstill in the middle of the small road. Jo and I looked at each other wondering what just took place, while an immense bright light submerged the entire area around the car. We both immediately looked up through the windshield but could not discern anything. I thought of a helicopter above us but I did not hear the usual noisy flaps of the blade cutting the air for lift. There was no noise, just a humming vibration above us. I calmly said to my brother, “Jo what the hell is this? I am going out to check this thing out.” I wanted to investigate whatever was above us and I did not feel or think for a second about any form of danger. Jo was well respected by all and had this macho personality about it, but that night I saw a side of my big brother that I did not expect at all. He screamed, “Are you crazy or what, stay in the car you’ve got no idea of what’s up there.” I managed to escape his terrorized grip and slide out the door. I looked above my head but the light was so bright that I could not discern anything at all. I walked around the car ignoring Jo’s scream for safety. Then after a few seconds the powerful beams dimmed and went off. It took a little while for my eyes to adjust from the bright light to semi darkness. Then I glanced again and began to recognize a round shape and a golden reddish beam coming from its center. I kept forcing my eyesight to adjust to get a clearer picture of what was there, and then there it was…

Less than thirty feet above me I clearly saw a majestic motionless flying saucer. I pondered for a moment wondering about my own senses. Am I sleeping or what, is this thing real? Then I frantically called Jo to come outside the car and witness the object with me. I began to run like a crazy maniac screaming and banging the top of his car to get his attention. “Oh my God, oh my God, Jo it’s a flying saucer, its real man, this is the real thing, come out Jo, come on!” In no way was Jo to take a chance as I did, and saw everything through the windshield and the safety of the Benz. I had all the time in the world to see the magnificent spaceship in its entire splendor. It felt as if they really wanted me to acknowledge the wonder of extraterrestrial life. I was also convinced of the intelligence operating this marvel, because when I showed sign of distress with my eyes, they immediately dimmed the powerful lights. I could then discern easily the numerous red, yellow, blue, gold, green and white circular lights under the belly of the saucer.

The powerful stream of beams returned to life exploding in brightness. Then as swiftly as the saucer came through the night, it disappeared dangerously close to the roof of a nearby farm. Jo restarted the car successfully and said to me, “Louis this did not happen, you can not say a word to anyone about it.” I was so upset with him for that urge to secrecy, but thought I had better control myself and regroup my own good sense following the phenomenal experience.

I did not engage in conversation with Jo until we arrived at the discotheque. In normal circumstances by the time we reached Jo’s bar, the staff, barmen, servers, cloakroom personnel, DJ’s etc. were doing the last preparations to what would be a very busy night. But when Jo and I turned up that night, I noticed the discotheque was already up and running. I observed it but did not elaborate on this fact back then; only years later I fully realized what had happened that night of November 11, 1981. Totally in denial and still in shock, Jo did not notice as much as I, the obvious missing time and the clear indication of the abduction that had taken place earlier.

I had never heard of or seen a flying saucer before and had no idea or reason to believe in the phenomenon. In some ways I was also happy that Jo was a solid witness to this miraculous sight. My older brother never really trusted or believed anything before: no God, no evil, no UFOs, no magic and no stars. He was born like the majority of people, skeptical and unwilling to accept anything other than what his rationale dictated through his human limited senses. There is no doubt in my mind that my brother needed and got a serious wake up call that night.

Like many other people, my brother had a reputation to maintain and knew many people from all walks of life. Talking about UFOs may not be a favorite topic for any young soul. Only when someone is ready for the experience may he become a part of it. Fearing ridicule is a troublesome feeling, and Jo kept this secret from the rest of the family for nearly 15 years. One day to my delight and surprise he finally admitted to all, the plain truth about this incredible encounter. I recall now it was Christmas. Ridicule is a real feeling and Jo kept this secret from the rest of the family for nearly 15 years. Years later, at the Christmas table after a few drinks and to my delight and surprise Jo finally admitted to all the plain truth about the incredible encounter.

He asked everyone’s attention and said, “I do not know how to say this to you guys but do you remember what Louis said about a flying saucer above the car?” Every one of my brothers and sisters were listening carefully. “Well Louis did not make it up… this really happened on the way to the discotheque I used to have.” He added, “I am sorry Louis but I had to deny it because I was afraid of looking weird in front of some of my partners.” Then my sister Noelle said “Yeah, something weird happened to us too one night when he drove me to the hospital, I don’t know what but I had some weird dream after that.” It felt pretty good to be supported by my siblings. Then I asked Jo, “hey what made you change your mind about the UFO encounter?” He responded, “Well my son is behaving like you did when you were smaller and he is telling me all sorts of things about small people with big eyes. I have learnt to keep an open mind since this night.” I was in shock to learn that my own nephew may be going through the same thing than I did when I was a kid. He quickly proposed a toast to the ET’s laughing his head off. I just hope for his son’s sake that those ET’s are the good guys and would not leave him with serious scars.

Many famous UFO investigators can only dream about what so many of us had to really deal with. Some of them have huge egos and little intuition. I gave a well known female investigator obvious signals at Victoria Jack and Brian Hall’s San Jose Marriot UFO conference in September 2002. But the reporter gulped her margarita totally unaware of a real and solid case and therefore she missed all the valuable information. My good friend Dr. Roger Leir was telling us great stories about a case he investigated himself in Brazil surrounded by other friends; Shawn Atlantis, Robert Short, John De Haan, Ben Uriarte, David Icke and others. Again a magnet will not attract a piece of wood and many researchers in all fields will never know what they really miss by not listening to their intuitive voice. They are all investigating these things second hand. They are looking at evidence, traces UFO’s have left. Yet sitting next to them was a man who has had a lifetime of real contact, and who has actually been on an alien ship. Not only that, but this person was given a message to transmit to the world and they do not seem too interested in that either.

Dr. Turi’s Fourth UFO encounter

My fourth UFO experience
At that time we were renting an apartment in Oceanside, California. My wife Brigitte was an extraordinarily good looking girl and she wanted to become a model. She entered a contest in a beauty pageant set for the upcoming weekend of August 11, 1991 in Anaheim. Brigitte was born in May under the steady and family oriented sign of Taurus, and she was excited about the opportunity but a little too reserved to really succeed in this business I thought. However like a good husband, I supported her wishes and actions all the way.

At about 9.00 PM I suggested Brigitte work on her “beauty sleep” and by 10.00 PM we were lying in bed. I gave her comforting words of hope and we both fell into Neptune’s world of dreams.

Suddenly I awoke, squished by my screaming wife. I immediately thought she had a nightmare and tried to calm her down. Her face was contorted and her entire body was in serious uncontrollable convulsions. Her beautiful piercing blue eyes were turning reddish as she screamed for help. I really thought she saw the devil that night. Regardless of all my efforts to stay calm I was worried sick; in eight years of marriage I had never seen my wife behaving in such an extreme way. I had to put my hand over her mouth to stop her terrified screams, for fear the neighbors would call the police. I dragged her convulsing body into the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face, asking her to stop screaming. After a few minutes she regained a little control over herself. I glanced at the clock; it was about 2.00AM on Sunday August 11th, 1991.

She did not know why but she wanted out, so we walked outside in the warm night air on the surrounding green area of the complex. She was telling me that something was in the house and she did not want to go back inside. I persuaded her that nothing was there and she simply had a nightmare. She was petrified, but I promised to check over the apartment for her. She made me look under the bed, inside all closets and remote areas of the apartment I did not even know existed, for the monsters in the night.

I kept talking to her softly but her gaze had changed into a terrified mixture of agonizing fright. We went back to bed but I could feel her heart beating fast and loud. I enveloped her in my arms trying to bring a feeling of security, and she finally went back to sleep with all the lights on. I did not really close my eyes for the rest of the night wondering about what Brigitte had seen or experienced earlier in the darkness of the bedroom.

The clock woke us up at precisely 6.30 AM and my first thought for my wife. She was still holding me tight and said, “Are they gone?” What did you see last night?” I queried. “I don’t know but I was very scared” she answered. “Do you really want to go to Katella in Anaheim to this beauty pageant? You might as well forget it, you look very tired” I said. “No, let’s go,” she said, “I want out of this house and we can always visit Grandma there.” At 8.00 AM sharp I was fuelling my gas tank and about to get on interstate 5 North in direction of Los Angeles. We were driving quietly then I could not help myself to ask Brigitte what happened to her in the apartment. She listened patiently to me but could not find any plausible answer to what or why she behaved so erratically the night before.

The morning was nice and warm and we both enjoyed the coastline and the Pacific Ocean’s blue water. We drove past the emigration check point. Soon after the US base of Camp Pendleton and after the 405 HWY intersection, I noticed the huge sign of Jamboree Road. Interestingly enough the road seemed to get wider and wider as I drove under the underpass. This is the last thing Brigitte and I remember, driving into what seemed to be a thick cloud of smoke.

“Honey what are you doing?” she said “pick up your speed and drive on your lane, do you want to kill us or what?’ she added nervously.

I was driving at less than 30 miles per hours on the highway where the speed limit was in those days 55 MPH. The jarring road bumps dividing the lanes made me feel as if I woke from a dream, as I quickly adjusted the speed limit. I could not understand why I would drive that way and maybe I fell asleep, I thought. All around me felt strange and eerie and I could not recognize the land marks anymore. Brigitte and I had driven to Los Angeles hundreds of time and we both knew the way very well.

“Where are we Honey? Are we lost?” I asked her. I could not make sense of my environment and really thought we were on a different highway. “Don’t worry darling and keep going we have a long way to go still, I have not seen any signs for Anaheim or Disneyland yet.” she said.

I drove another couple of miles looking really hard for any familiar road signs or well known sites. Nothing that I knew was there and my frustration got out of hand. I again asked Brigitte for some sense and she kept telling me we were miles away from our destination. Then to my surprise she opened the glove compartment and took the US map and opened it. I used this map only for very long distances from one state to another, in one of my many appearances in many conferences all over the continent. Why would Brigitte look for Anaheim on the United States map? I thought. We have been there hundreds of time and we never even thought of looking to any map as we knew the way so well. It was practically impossible for us to get lost and I was still experiencing a strange bewilderment inside of the car. I could not make sense of anything as I became even more disoriented.

I decided to do something about this unnerving situation and drove to the first exit, hoping for direction from a person or from a gas station. Brigitte reluctantly agreed to put the US map back in the glove compartment and to drive off the highway. “We are so far away, we have a long drive ahead of us honey, and we’re going to be late” she added tensely. “It’s OK baby, it won’t take me long,” I said and I took the long exit off the highway. The ramp led me to a large empty parking lot. I carefully parked next to a single white Toyota pickup. On the back of the vehicle three Mexican men were enjoying cold lemonade and warm burritos. “Hey guys, sorry to bother you but can you tell me where I am” I shouted. Their facial expressions told a lot, wondering about the lunatic man disturbing their breakfast. They probably thought of me as being not only lost but also deranged, and finally one of them answered in broken English. “Hey Amigo, you’re on the Glendale Zoo parking lot but it won’t open for business for another hour.”

“Glendale Zoo? And where the hell is this place” I asked. By now the three gentlemen were staring at me, wondering about danger and my sanity. I had absolutely no idea where I was and most of all how I got there. “Where is Anaheim?” I asked politely. “Well you passed it a long time ago my friend,” the oldest of the three man said. “You are past Los Angeles on the parking lot of the Glendale Zoo” he reaffirmed.

I was baffled, I was shocked and I was trying really hard to understand how I could have gone so far from my destination. But the time did not make sense to me and asked the man again. “Excuse me, what’s the time please?” I asked. “It’s exactly 9.00 AM,” he said. I could not even speak anymore and went back to my car clock to check out the time. How was I to tell Brigitte that we were nearly two hours or so past our destination when we left home less than 30 minutes ago? In her mind she was expecting to drive 1-1/2 hours north again to reach Katella city. To my surprise she was again looking into the US map for directions. She had no clue yet of the elapsed time and our location. The world seemed to have stopped on us and the bewilderment we experienced was intolerable. I finally realized that Brigitte and I had been abducted. The last thing I needed was to freak her out and I had to find a way to announce what had really transpired with us soon and safely. It then dawned on me that my wife had a premonition or a UFO visit the night before and this would also explain her erratic behavior at home.

So I calmly sat next to her and gently held her hands and said, “Honey do you remember what we talked about just before you married me?” I asked. “Nope I do not, about what? We talked about so many things” she said. “Well I told you that if you were to spend your life with me you may also have to experience the incredible, do you remember?” I asked her. “Oh my God, do you mean the UFO stuff? You know I don’t believe in this honey,” she answered rather amused. She was in total denial as is often the case, but I did not challenge her as I needed time to build a safe psyche to accept the fact that she and I were abducted. “Brigitte sweet heart, what time to you have on your watch?” “Its 9.15 AM,” she replied. “OK Brigitte now do not panic, stay calm baby, OK? We are about two hours or more north of Anaheim on the zoo parking lot in Glendale, just after Los Angeles.” I added, “It should be 11:15 to have reached this far North.” Her big blue eyes were innocently looking at me in total loss. She did not say a word for a while and began to cry. “But how is it possible honey, we just left home?” She said. “I know girl, but don’t worry you’re safe now, it’s over.”

I asked Brigitte to secure her seatbelt and drove back in direction to our initial destination. I quietly kept talking to her, trying my best to build a form of security where there was none. They could pick us up at any moment if they chose I thought, but I had to keep Brigitte mind, away from this possibility. I certainly did not want her to experience a panic attack right here in the middle of nowhere. As always, the traffic was very dense through the city of Los Angeles, it took us nearly two hours to reach Anaheim.

The feeling experienced after any abduction is quite detrimental, as your common sense does not reason with your awareness of reality. A sense of invasion to your very body, mind and soul makes you feel extremely vulnerable. Such a powerful event involves so much more than words can express and only those who have had similar experiences can relate to what we felt. We were so confused and so tired that I had to stop and rent a very expensive room for us. In no way could I convince Brigitte to go back home, and from the hotel suite she called her good friend Mary. She begged her to come, pick her up, and then drive to another friend of ours in Phoenix Arizona. She wanted to distance herself from the creatures, the apartment and the experience. So I supported her decision and wished her a safe trip to Arizona.

The very next day I drove back home, and then again to the Glendale exit, trying to make sense by investigating the time and the mileage. I came to the conclusion that only if I had driven above 150 miles per hour, providing there were no cops or traffic in Los Angeles, could I have made that journey in what seemed to be a 30 minute trip. The next few weeks were spent at home alone, or I thought I was. I had gone through an abduction that memorable August day and a part of my existence had been stolen against my will. I did not know what exactly happened, but I made a commitment to myself to find out.

The desire to find out was burning inside and I did some research on the subject of UFOs. I called a man named Shawn Atlantis, and we set an appointment with and he came to my home with some recording equipment. Brigitte and I revived the traumatic experience and Shawn became a very good friend of mine over the years. He knew Brigitte never dealt or knew anything about UFOs before, and he was very compassionate in helping us. I told Shawn that in my case it was not the first time, and he patiently listened to the rest of my incredible UFO experiences. Then Shawn mentioned a Doctor in Victorville California from a reliable source, willing to investigate my case using hypnotherapy. I accepted and I was on my way to discover what really happened to me.

A famous researcher and film producer was invited to record the session and swiftly installed three cameras in the doctor’s office. I was offered some cold water and asked to lie down on a comfortable sofa. A nice, soft, relaxing music enveloped the office to cover up outside noise. The hypnotherapist’s soft voice brought me back to my childhood, then progressively to the sensational day of August 11, 1991. I slipped into time and space and began to talk.

Under hypnotherapy, the following is an account of those events as they really occurred: Brigitte and I were driving on highway 5 North, then I turned the radio off just before the sign of Jamboree road. Brigitte first mentioned the road getting wider as we drove through what seemed to be a thick white cloud. I could not see much and slowed down, wondering about the gentle soft dreamlike feeling encompassing us. I did not feel the road or median bumps anymore and Brigitte took my hand, staring at the cloud.

We were sucked into a flying saucer belly. At this juncture we were in what seemed to be a large metallic underground parking lot area. It was a bit dark and very quiet.

Two very large men dressed in silver suits came from the left side of the car. Brigitte was screaming tightly, holding on to me.

“Oh my God, what’s going to happen to us” she said terrified.

“It’s OK Brigitte, I have been there before, and you are safe” I said.

I told her we were going to be separated for a while but to have faith and all would be OK. One of the men opened the door for me and I followed him towards a steel door. The other man took Brigitte to a different area, but for some reason, I was not worried about my wife due to a strong pervasive peaceful felling.

The extraterrestrial left me at the door which immediately opened sideways. I entered a small room and stood in front of a tiny porthole looking at the distant earth. Our planet was the size of a basketball similar to observing a full moon a full moon on a clear night sky, and certainly indicated we were a very long distance from home.

I then started to complain about heat and some form of electric light coming from the inside of what seemed to be a decontamination room. The first stage was over and I was now facing a second steel door which slid upward. I entered the flying saucer pilot room and no one was paying any attention to me. Teams of dignified robots, the greys, are flying the device, busy looking at large screens and handling a round floorboard with lit buttons. A few tall human-like people seem to supervise all actions from different points of the saucer.

I wanted to see Brigitte and I knew exactly where to go. I walked towards a large screen. There she was, laying down unconscious with three Greys working on her. I was neither surprised nor upset about the entire deal, I felt I knew what was going on and somehow could only agree. She was lying on her back on a clear glass table in a position where she was to deliver a child.

I knew all was going according to a plan that could not be changed, and walked to another door. I was like a conscious robot but with no will of my own and I knew it was time for me to go. I entered a room that could be described as a bright dentist’s office without the surgical equipment. I saw one of the supervisors silently observing my move as I sat on a cold metallic armchair. Then from above, a thick electronic helmet-device descended slowly from the ceiling and covered my head and eyes.

I was not scared and seemed to have had been there before. I felt my entire body turning in to a frozen electrified corpse as a sensational energy was discharged from my brain to my feet. I was fully conscious within the entire experience and told the hypnotherapist about being like God. I felt a great peace inside my soul where all the reasons of my being and my fate became clear. I felt as if I had been given an objective understanding of the complexity of the universe along with a super drive to make the world aware of it. I was one with God, one with creation and one with the universe.

What really happened is that I was blessed by a downloading of the secrets of the Universal Mind by an extraordinary extraterrestrial intelligence. After the session, the doctors and the UFO investigators decided not to immediately let me watch the tape. Brigitte was speechless and silently crying as I walked out of the room soaking wet. Amazingly, later as I watched the tape, my entire body started to sweat huge water drops and my entire clothing was damp.

Then I was informed to look at two different screens where the first and last frames of the video were frozen. One of the best ways to check if someone is really under hypnosis is to look for any move during the session. In my case both frames were in completely identical nearly two hours later. The only difference was my totally soggy clothes and body.

Then the shock came when Brigitte noticed and showed me with a two inch unusual scar just above the pubic hair line. The cut seemed to have been made with a laser beam not a regular scalpel used in conventional surgery. It became clear that Brigitte had been pregnant and the fetus was taken away on that trip. For what reason I do not know, but I knew for sure was the incredible changes that took place in my own psyche. I completely and entirely painted all the walls of my house with astrological and UFO symbols. Then came an immense urge to master Nostradamus’ divine astrology. Metaphysics became more of a fanatic obsession that led me to read people’s minds and fates accurately and make unarguable well documented predictions.

Those premonitions are much too numerous to mention here including the 9/11 WTC terrorist attack in New York over a year before it unfolded. Check my website for more predictions and records of my successful forecasts athttp://www.drturi.com/predictions.php

I wrote two emails back to Dr. Turi after receiving the information above. Here they are:

I have always been very curious about UFOs. I definitely saw one when I was 14. I was with a friend who also saw it. So, I definitely didn’t imagine it. There was absolutely no way that it was any sort of conventional aircraft. Whether it was extraterrestrial or some classified military project, I have no idea.

You very definitely were able to pick up on my future. There is no way that it was a coincidence that I wound up meeting and marrying a Kiwi Libra and having kids with her. I had actually forgotten about the reading you gave me when I met her. Only after Rebecca and I had been dating for a while did I remember what you said.

I wish I had the tape recording! HAHA.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying that I am very interested in what you have written about UFOs.

Most of my research deals with looking into fairly conventional “deep politics.” Only a handful of my readers understand, however, that things are far stranger than even I present on my site. This is why I created the Backchannel area on Cryptogon. I just wanted to be able to present certain things to readers who are willing to look deeper.


Hi Dr. Turi,

I read all of the materials about your UFO experiences.

I have no idea what to make of all of it. Your account of what happened to Brigitte, and the taking of your child… Wow. This is generally in line with other accounts such as in The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda by David M. Jacobs. But you were taken as a couple. Those events are very rare.

Yet, through it all, you don’t seem to think that there is any malevolent intent on the part of the aliens. Is that correct?

Do you have any sense of what they want with all of this? And with your child?

Was there anything further about this from Brigitte’s perspective? Did she have other encounters?

You indicated that they downloaded the astropsychological methods and information to your consciousness. Were you given any explicit instructions about how to proceed, or what to do?

And why do the aliens make life so difficult for contactees like you, in terms of having other people believe you?! Why not send you back with some sort of artifact that would allow people like you to say, “Look at this. They gave me this.” Some sort of undeniable physical proof, so the so-called scientists would have something to put under the microscope, so to speak.

Have you noticed all of the current and upcoming social engineering in the media with regard to aliens? I’m 39 and at no time in my life has there been such a deluge of television and movies along these lines.

I wrote a brief post here, trying to keep track of all of it:

Has There Ever Been This Much “Alien” Entertainment at Once?


Anyway, I could keep asking you questions all day, but I know you’re busy.

Who knows whether you want to answer anything. If you want to keep it off the record, that would be fine. I’m mainly just interested in this on a personal level, although I have no idea why I am so interested in this stuff. I don’t think I have been abducted or anything like that. But seeing that thing when I was 14 with my friend… It’s not something that one would ever forget.

At some point (when my finances are in better shape) I want to order an updated reading. And I would be curious to hear about my sons as well. The eldest is a double Scorpio and he is clearly very smart and… Scorpio like. Becky and I will need insights into how we can get him to focus that energy in positive ways. Reed is just six months old and he is a Cancer.

Anyway, your stories were very interesting. I will post them on the Backchannel site.

Thank you,

Here are Dr. Turi’s responses. He quotes my email and then responds below my statements:

Hi Dr. Turi,

I read all of the materials about your UFO experiences. I have no idea what to make of all of it. Your account of what happened to your ex wife Brigitte, and the taking of your child… Wow. This is generally in line with other accounts such as in The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda by David M. Jacobs. But you were taken as a couple. Those events are very rare. Yet, through it all, you don’t seem to think that there is any malevolent intent on the part of the aliens. Is that correct? Do you have any sense of what they want with all of this? And with your child?

DT – Well Kevin, while very dramatic for both of us I clearly recall like and “agreement” of some sorts I made prior to the adduction of August 11, 1991 above the city of Los Angeles. There are so many agendas in motion extraterrestrials are pursuing but in this case they seemed to be very interested in both the physical DNA and the spiritual advanced UCI I inherited at birth. I have explained much about ET needs to repopulate habitable parts of our endless universe in some of these previous newsletters published from my archives at http://newsletter.drturi.com/


Are You A Chosen One? Dr. Turi May 30th 2010 – “UFO Close Encounter Dr. Turi Jan 10th 2010 – TV Matrix UFO Contact Experiment Dr. Turi Jun 6th 2010

Was there anything further about this from Brigitte’s perspective? Did she have other encounters?

DT: No that I know, she would have certainly told me about it even though we are now divorced…we are still close friends regardless, we both understand the Cosmic Code imposes changes upon every one of us and we are not different. One thing sure she seems to have served a very specific physical purpose from her womb. I hope Terania, my current wife does not suffer the same fate…

You indicated that they downloaded the astropsychological methods and information to your consciousness. Were you given any explicit instructions about how to proceed, or what to do?

DT: Not at all, the downloading part was done quite fast I may add and totally against my will or awareness, even though each time I am left not only with extreme confusion, a sense of powerlessness and a humongous headache that seems to last a few weeks each time. But let me clarify Kevin, they did not download “the astropsychological methods and information to my consciousness” but a very powerful inner drive and the spiritual intuitive tools I needed to uncover the working of our universe outside of conventional astronomy. Ask any astronomers or astrophysicists to explain the spiritual values or the spiritual identity of each planet (and functions) and you will get a big laugh. Their mental process and over logical UCI *Unique Celestial Identity is not equipped or capable to enter the archetypal realm of consciousness or comprehend the intuitional domain of both the stars and my work.

And why do the aliens make life so difficult for contactees like you, in terms of having other people believe you?!

DT: lolol would you try to explain to a fish in his own watery world that there are other worlds above the surface lolol The wiggles they see produced by my powerful speedboat on Lake Pleasant near Phoenix might be a bit too much for them to manage… Who knows they may feel the same way humans do when they see a falling star without the possibility to think as much? Seeing or dealing with UFO is a privilege that most our infantile science is forbidden to acknowledge and could this make them jealous? After all why not them instead of us, they think they know better about everything, call it misplaced spiritual pride…Other God fearing souls may see them as evil about to conquer the world, impatiently waiting for Jesus to comeback before they do and save them from what they believe to be evil? Well in my case UFO and Astropsychology became a fact in my life and not a religion you sign for, it is well pass the word believe, it is a solid but personal fact.

Why not send you back with some sort of artifact that would allow people like you to say, “Look at this. They gave me this.” Some sort of undeniable physical proof, so the so-called scientists would have something to put under the microscope so to speak.

DT: Well first you must consider antimatter and if anything I am not the only human being who benefited from Aliens “legacies.” The point is this is exactly what they left me with, a solid unarguable “spiritual” legacy that has challenged science, the police, the educational field and all the skeptics who assumed too fast about my interstellar inheritance. It is OBVIOUS to many that I understand and manage the “star power” like a pro and on a current basis. The fact is; over the years the thousands of people’ endless supportive feedback speaks for itself but like the police, NASA, USGS etc. the scientific community has not, as of yet, HONOR the very word science and investigated me publicly. However, not all scientists were born with a latent unperceptive UCI or are morons, jealous or imbeciles and some of these souls realizes that their accredited colleges and Universities teachers do not have all the answers…Thus, to avoid “the ridicule” they cruise the Internet and do their homework in the privacy of their home and enjoy the facts. Then a few months later you read about “new” scientific discoveries on how the planets actually do affect life on earth, something I intuitively knew at the tender age of 7 years old lololo…Read Science and Astrology from my archives…

Have you noticed all of the current and upcoming social engineering in the media with regard to aliens? I’m 39 and at no time in my life has there been such a deluge of television and movies along these lines.

DT: Well as we approach the year 2012 and the opening of humanity “Golden Spiritual Door”, God’s will through the Cosmic Code regulations imposes an upsurge or a little taste of the incredible things to come. Incidentally much of the people dealing and discussing this phenomenon never saw or never dealt with a UFO and can only regurgitates other people’s experiences. Others well known UFO investigators heard about my own incredible experiences on national radio and my television shows but choose to deal with the dignified robots, the “greys” the fleshy mechanical entities workers, the robots sent on planets cutting off cows’ tongues and guts to check on the human, animals and birds depleted chemically poisoned food chain. There is so much more to gain and learn from my legacy (and teachings) with the ETs than looking at disgusting cows parts found on secluded Ranchers properties. Meantime the Dragon Tail in Gemini rules general communication/Wikileaks and also birds and as predicted will do its rampage.

For example Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America…WTF


Memo from http://www.drturi.com/predictions.php – I see a serious terrorist gas attack and/or a pulmonary diseases coming from birds or poultry. This Mercurial energy aims for the birds and will manifest its negative power in the air, and water (MX oil spill).

Has There Ever Been This Much “Alien” Entertainment at Once? http://cryptogon.com/?p=18005

DT: Again this is just the beginning and when I first spoke to George Noory on his national radio show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bccRX_Op0k about my UFO experiences I also mentioned “be ready for much more UFO activity in the years to come” I was right again and so much more is to come…

If you want to keep it this off the record, that would be fine. I’m mainly interested in this on a personal level, although I have no idea why I am so interested in this stuff. I don’t think I have been abducted or anything like that. But seeing that thing when I was 14 with my friend… It’s not something that one would ever forget.

DT: First Kevin a magnet will not attract a piece of wood, like attracts like and your UCI must be loaded with a Uranic/futuristic New Age energy for you and I to be “connected.” There are NO accident in my work just because “a magnet will never attract a piece of wood” period! Consequently your own natal advanced, curious UCI “magnetized” you to such experiences while astronomers and “educated” astrophysicists will never see anything original because they do not “vibrate” at such a high objective spiritual speed. Combined with their inborn educated superior complex and fear of the ridicule they will have to reincarnate a few times on this low level of consciousness to undergo our experiences Kevin.

At some point (when my finances are in better shape) I want to order an updated reading.

DT: Well like the rest of the world Kevin, here is your chance to check on my claim for the US economy to revive itself as of March 2011 then your investment will be wisely placed lolol.

And I would be curious to hear about my sons as well. The eldest is a double Scorpio and he is clearly very smart and… Scorpio like.

DT: One day not to far away all spiritually advanced parents will stop poisoning the fragile psyche of their children with dogmatic religious material. Promising eternal hell or mortal sin to any handful child and instilling the fear of God is a very serious, dramatic and dangerous first “psychic” experience. And you wonder why America breeds more child abusers and rapists exploding with repressed sexual urges they were taught is sinful thing to think or practice. The is fact of many entrusted men of the robe secretively behaved this abominable way for centuries by raping your children and was kept secret to safeguard the integrity of Churches.

Becky and I will need insights into how we can get him to focus that energy in positive ways. Reed is just six months old and he is a Cancer.

DT: remember your kids are connected with you only genetically and may even resemble you physically. But realize also, like your parents and siblings that they are also your biggest strangers for their UCI *Unique Celestial Identity reveals their direct connection with God and the divine. Uncovering the Cosmic Code secrets and how God blessed your kids is a first step to liberate them from ignorance and lead them safely to what God made them to accomplish using the best of their UCI during this reincarnation. The world is moving in this direction as the New Age of Aquarius is slowly but surely taking over the last two thousand years of Neptune (and its Age of Pisces) breeding lies, uncontrolled imagination, deception and spiritual abuses. The war is already started in the heavens my friend and I am here, as a true spiritual Leader blessed/cursed by God himself to translate the burgeoning of an immaculate conception of a brand New Age and its incredible future wonders.

Anyway, your UFO stories were very interesting. I will post them on the Backchannel site.

Thank you,

DT: Do as you feel, do as your heart dictates for there is a divine purpose on all that was said and done in our respective lives and those of all other human beings… Please add this link for the world to celebrate and welcome the year 2012 and thank you again. http://cosmiccode7.ning.com/forum/topics/the-year-2012-1

Dr. Turi

Here was the final exchange:

Hello Dr. Turi,

Thank you for your responses. I am going to post all of it. I was reading your FAQ, as I was going to mention it so people can look through it if they are curious.


It states: “I worked for the US Government Naval bases in San Diego and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.”

Would you mind telling readers, in general, what your work for the U.S. Government involved? Also, did you ever hold any security clearances? Do you currently work for the U.S. Government or any government contractors?

This may seem like an inconsequential matter, but it would not be taken that way by my readers. I would be bombarded by emails wondering about your involvement with the U.S. Government.

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DT: Indeed I started working for US Government Naval bases in San Diego and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as a welder after passing the ASME section 9 welding test. I had no green card during those days and 911 was to happen many years later and with it; the current security nightmare we are all subject to. In my book “Beyond the Secret” I explained it all and how I did it so I could support myself. What I can tell you is from misery I was making over $80 an hour and living a good life. Thanks for the French FPA system (or Fast Professional Formation) paid by taxpayers unwilling to send their kids sell drugs on Paris’ streets. I worked for the US Government until early 1991 then after finishing my contract I came back to San Diego where the utmost UFO experience took place in August 1991 on my way to Los Angeles. While I am not directly involved with the government, rest assured I am watched closely for all that I know and represents in terms of an inadequate educational system and from my predictions pertaining to President Obama shocking death.

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I hope this helps!


There you have it. I would like to be able to offer some sort of meaningful conclusion, but, like I said at the start, I don’t know what to make of any of it.

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