Dr. Turi Predicted the Boston Bombing (and more!)

Printed and published last year in my book 2013 Moon power

NEW MOON — April 10, 2013 in Aries: The New Moon will mature in the sign of Aries. Explosive and destructive news about fires, wars, and explosions is to be expected soon.


04/18/13 – Up to 15 people are feared dead after a massive explosion tore through a fertilizer plant in Texas. The blast, described as “like a nuclear bomb,” leveled dozens of homes. FULL STORY

Mother earth is alive and may stretch her self vigorously, producing powerful volcanic or earthquake activity. Souls born with this celestial identity will be competitive, aggressive and will use their inner leadership abilities to gain positions of power during their lifetimes. Discipline and patience must be induced at an early age to avoid serious head injury. Many endeavors will be launched successfully within the next two waxing weeks and you should be confident of the outcome.

Dr. Turi had an email today having to do with “Explosive and destructive news about fires, wars, and explosions is to be expected soon.” He named off the Boston Bombing and the Texas explosion. Just wanted to share a couple links of more destructive events this week.


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