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Dear Readers:

I received the results from my Global Teleclass and I have decided to share them publicly while adding some of my rebuttals and thanks to some participants, enjoy… Teaching  the power of the Super-conscious and hypnotizing people over the telephone was a challenge I knew I could face successfully.

Hello Dr. Turi,
You had 702 people registered for your call.  Below is the summary of the evaluations.
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Rona Menendez
Director of Marketing
Hilton Johnson Productions, Inc.

GTC Course Evaluation

Evaluation Summary for LTGT-701b-How to Unleash Your Psychic Power
Level of Agreement Section   Average
(1= Strongly Disagree thru 5 = Strongly Agree)   Response

TeleClass Feedback
The TeleClass was everything that I expected.   3.5
I received more from the class than I expected.   3.4
The material was organized in a way that was easy to understand.   4.0
What I learned was new to me or a new way of looking at things I had studied before.   3.4

Leader Feedback
The leader kept the class focused on the information.   3.9
The leader was innovative, creative and enthusiastic.   4.5
I would take another class from this leader.   3.8
I would recommend this TeleClass to others.   3.9

Comments and Suggestions Section

Comments on TeleClass Material
This class was quite different from others I’ve taken – still not sure what to think of it. 

DT Rebuttal: People’s mental power, perception, intuition, logic, understanding is not “Universal” and very different from each others. All depend of the location of their natal Mercury (critical thinking) and its vibrational connection to mine. Thus a earthy logical Mercury in the sign of Capricorn will have difficulty with a watery more spiritual Mercury in Pisces. This is why you have religious fanatics and Atheist…Make sense? Being cosmic conscious is the key to understand oneself and others through auto-analysis and reflection. I would say to this person take my course!

I found the TeleClass very good and will try to make any others.

DT Rebuttal: In this case the soul is much more spiritually advanced and tuned to the subconscious showing a an intellectual compatibility where the information were easily assimilated.

— a most unusual course. first 30 min was confusion. I had mostly ‘tuned out’ by then. shall have to listen to it again and perhaps then I will ‘get’ it. 

DT Rebuttal: This person is in transition from a lower to a higher psychical level and with repetition the job will be done. My DVD or my book “Beyond the Secret” is the best way to achieve perfect results. Read the information at the bottom of this newsletter to proceed.

The meditation was powerful and different to others ive experienced before.l..almost like i was being hypnotized  A shame the sound wasn’t all there but the material was strong, I have read about some of the encounters he described. Interesting. 

DT Rebuttal: In this case the soul is definitely tuned to suggestions and highly spiritual material even with the poor music background. Caution is advised against “Psychic Accidents” _Was awesome! 

DT Rebuttal: No much to say here and much more to gain with practice…It seem the numbers speaks in my favor with all the wonderful highly spiritual curious people who attended my presentation.

The material is fascinating and mind-opening. I’m so glad I was adventurous enough to sign up. I learned some life changing things. 

DT Rebuttal: With over 700 people listening I am sure many more people had only good things to say but no time to spare. I am glad our spiritual colors matched!

Dr Turi is a friend and I appreciate what he has to offer, but even more I appreciate that you provided a link so I could listen to it at my leisure as I had to work that night and missed the webinar. So I’m delighted that it was recorded…good job! 

DT Rebuttal: Thank you whom ever you are my friend, I am happy it was made available to so many others who missed it, but as mentioned the job while quite powerful is still half way done with the most important musical/suggestive portion defective sound.
A step by step how to would have been preferred.

DT Rebuttal: A slow, organized earthy Mercury does not mean stupid or inefficiency. My fiery/airy Mercury is a bit too fast for some more methodical born souls…It seem this soul is more visual than audible and reading any of my books will help assimilate the DVD I have for those willing to make the full benefit from my work.
the title did not match the information given. Although, he did bring us through a meditation, it did not give us tools for everyday nor did it ever talk specifically about”psychic” power. I thought there would be more steps and tools to use. 

DT Rebuttal: The sad reality is some people have too much expectations and did not take the time to investigate the very important steps to take in the many announcements I made in dozens of  free public Dragon newsletters prior to the Global Teleclass with a link leading to How To Unleash Your Psychic power – It took me 45 years to develop my psychic powers and its quite a challenge to offer my gift to anyone in 60 mn! All I can do is to stimulate your curiosity because all the tools are there, “ask and you shall receive.”
I didn’t feel that the class was really about unleashing your psychic power, unless I misunderstood something. It was good, and I enjoyed the meditation, but the topic was misleading. 

DT Rebuttal: I do not want to sound redundant and I am glad this person at least got something out of my presentation. Little do people know of what a Supernova or a Mercury retrograde is all about messing up all forms of communications. This point out how cosmic unconscious people truly are and like them all I also suffered the Cosmic Code jurisdictions.

Outstanding presentation…Beautiful Meditation 

DT Rebuttal: It seems some of my listeners did read the directions offered in my newsletters and made the most of it!

What teleclass material? Instructor, Dr. Louis Turi did not talk about the class, ‘How to Unleash Your Psychic Power’. Instead he talked about himself and his alleged personal experiences the entire time. Major disappointment!! 

DT Rebuttal: Sad enough you can not please everybody but  out of 700 people the overwhelming responses was positive. It seem this person never understood that using my own experiences was a sure way to pass on a rare wisdom he/she is not ready for.  The response is a mixture of disappointment and inability to spiritually connect with me, probably due to impractical expectations.

Great, TY! 

DT Rebuttal: Short and to the point reflecting the majority of spiritual advanced, perceptive souls listening to me that night.

DT Rebuttal: Short and to the point reflecting the majority of spiritual advanced, perceptive souls listening to me that night.
Very good 

DT Rebuttal: Short and to the point reflecting the majority of spiritual advanced, perceptive souls listening to me that night.
He’s all over the place. Agreed with everything I could understand, but it did not draw me in. 

DT Rebuttal: Again a slow thinking spirit designed to grasp deep information visually. A bit confusing, conflicting response though…

I was very happy to find out there would be a meditation and I loved it ! this was my 1st time listening to Dr Turi .

DT Rebuttal: Like any other advanced souls the more you practice listening/watching to Dr. Turi the more perfect you will become handling/using my pearls of wisdom.

The meditation was powerful and different to others ive experienced before.l..almost like i was being hypnotized  A shame the sound wasn’t all there but the material was strong, I have read about some of the encounters he described. Interesting. 

DT Rebuttal:  Mercury retrograde and my old sound equipment is primarily  to blame, however there are no accidents the universe (an Act of God) decided! Now you can really get the real professionally provided DVD and the ” Holistic Natural Healing” directions to make the most out of my teachings.

Comments on TeleClass Leader
TI enjoyed the session very much, I did not feel that it was a “class”, but more of a medication/hypnosis and since I had the house to myself, and I was able to fully relax I made the most of it


The Leader was quite good – the hypnosis section had me completely out of it! I don’t know what happened and I lost touch with what was being said so I can’t give a clear, definitive assessment. I still am not sure how to “unleash my psychic power”!

I love Dr T xxxxx

Dr. Turi is a wonderful teacher, very caring and this was a really enjoyable class

His accent took some getting use to which was good since he spent the first half hour talking about himself and his experiences. I would have preferred he focused more on the listener.

His accent was so strong that there were words that I still can not understand even by listening to it twice. because of this, some of the meaning of his sentences was diluted as you were hearing blah blah blah. the impact wasn’t there without the specific word.

Very knowledgeable

The Instructor, Dr. Louis Turi, talked the entirety of the program about himself and nothing about the Course ‘How to Unleash Your Psychic Power’. What was also disheartening was that when I checked to read his ‘biography’ on his website, there wasn’t one ounce of information regarding his background, credentials nor profession. Lack of biography information is very ‘shady’! I am Not interested in further classes from this instructor nor would I recommend him to anyone. 

DT Rebuttal: I will only answer some who need to hear the truth and thanks all others who appreciated my work. If you go tohttp://www.drturi.com/ it is impossible to miss my BIO and read all about my background. It is obvious this person is one of Dr. Turi’s Internet enemies following me, my posts, You Tuve videos, events trying to hurt my name and integrity. This is an evil soul born with an inferiority and insecurity complex feeding evil endlessly. The beauty is the majority of people reading his vitriolic, like me  know better.  What this lost envious soul has to offer the world is the question?

the guy sure knows what he’s talking about, but his way of presenting the material just wasn’t my cup of tea. no offence intended – just a vibrational mismatch … 

DT Rebuttal:  Sad enough some people are overly sensitive and  take my confidence, honesty and commending mental delivery as an ego trip! Remove your own ego from the equation and you will appreciate “what I was talking about!”so much more. By the way, if no offense is intended this “guys’ ” name is Dr. Turi!

Very Good as Always!

Effective speaker/teacher. Easily understood. Directions were clear.

Dr. Turi’s accent was difficult for me to understand. I watched a YouTube video by him to try to acclimate to his voice, but was unsuccessful. I just culdn’t listen to him and left the class early. 

DT Rebuttal: Again this person is not stupid, simply born a visual with a detailed oriented mental attitude where every words word is over analyzed. Blaming my accent is usually just an excuse to make up for a slow visual Mercury.

Congratulations on creating the healthy, loving space you are experiencing now.

I like him. Dr Turi has a way of expressing his thoughts and his knowledge in such a way that everybody can understand and grasp what it is he is trying to put out there. That leaves the listener wanting to hear more. He speaks with truth and integrity and shows a genuine sincere approach when it comes and he draws you in so you hang on to every word.

Hi Dr Turi, I listened to the replay as well as tuning into the class. I am new to the Cosmic Code since November 2012 but having found you and listened to some of your videos and read some of your work I am here for the duration!  Have spent many years trying to find answers to my purpose and my experiences and the onus is now on you, because I believe you may well just be the answer I’ve been looking for!! I couldn’t hear the music you played during the meditation that’s all. ..

With kind regards,

Claudine ///UK (Wales)

Comments Not Categorized
No audio on replay. Could not listen. If possible, please resend.


I am “re-sending” the right option to make the most out of my presentation below and will take this opportunity to thanks all of you for listening to my pearls of wisdom.



The most important healing part of this global teleclass was the hypnotherapy section but over the phone the chances to succeed reaching the Supra-conscious creative forces is very limited. Thus I doubt many of you succeeded especially when you can not hear the music or if you did not read or follow the directions. * http://newsletter.drturi.com/admin/public/archive.php?id=1522:1814

Thus what you need now is the professionally made DVD where you will see and hear me in action. The DVD is titled “You Have the Power To Create Your Own Blessings” and you will have all the time in the world to use and enjoy it at home in your own time!  You are advised to listen to it with headphones and adjust the volume as needed. Go to STAND BY FOR THE LINK (* I will make an announcement) to get this DVD in the service/cart page for $25 plus  $5 S&H or you can also order directly by calling Terania at   602 265-7667.

You will also receive via email the FREE  “ Holistic Healing Candles Ritual” you must perform before using your DVD. This ritual is designed to cleanse your immediate physical and spiritual home environment, including your body, mind and soul to assure full psychical protection.

This DVD will come by mail but as soon as you place your order, you must email Terania at teraniapromodir@gmail.com  and follow the directions on how to use the “ Holistic Healing Candles Ritual” to maximize the results and your protection.

Note my Book “Beyond The Secret is a serious complement to achieve your goals and I very strongly advise you to order and read it before listening to your DVD. The incredible amount of vital information generated on the working of the Supra-Conscious creative forces in time and space can only help you assimilate, direct and control the power you were born to discover and use during the course of this earthy reincarnation.

Why you should own it? Because its just a matter of time before one of your own  ”Unlucky Personal Dragon Dates” hits you and brings you down to your knees imposing a lack of mental and physical energy, loss of faith, deep  fears and total depression. Then you will be very happy to have me near you, at your disposition, at your convenience and ready to recharge your spiritual depleted batteries. A very cheap price to pay for a priceless teaching and I have more goodies for you. ORDER THE DVD NOW!

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“The Stars are composing God’s Heavenly Eternal Melody and this Divine Order lie overhead, far from all religious books mandated by men.”
~ Dr. Turi

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