Draco: Full disclosure event for the “Galactic Federation of Grand Cosmic Order”…


By: Terania

The Draconic race is the earliest ophidian ancestry in the world and their ancestors, elsewhere happened to be from our very old past; which has appeared among everything in creation and come from a disconnected world or simply another episode.

As expected, one can put a number on it but still no one really knows when this took place.

The group of eleven, which have been assembled for a particular objective, have spoken that even the Draconian don’t all really quite understand – In what way or when they came unto this destination but what may be fascinating to some; is that this energy clearly makes it known and advises the public that it was its kind, who has been in nature from the very beginning (SOLAR – AMEN RA – Father Sun / Mother Moon)…Long before the “human” species.

Human stellar wars, throughout history, have always been over a “false king of tyranny” psychology and ideologies, with belief of “service to others.” (Law of One)

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The law of administration knows about the real 13th parallel of latitude and its manifestations… Not the usual widely recognized 12.

The others have kept this private for many eras because it is the symbol of the ‘dragon.’

Dr. Turi: Power of the dragon…

What lurks in the shadows of the psyche, has always been interacting with a bigger universal computer.

All its characteristics and habits of its gestures are kept hidden, in order to prevent giving away tips, to the serpent’s consciousness order… 

And as a consequence; this group is the real beneficiaries to our natural world and per say, their presence is indeed dignified.

It seems though, that humans too, have always been somewhat – Like that of “earth based extraterrestrials,”  mixed with “reptilian based” genetics…

After all, we do operate in strict hierarchical systems of rank, and submit to various superior groups.

The Dracos or Draconians from Alpha (First /  No end) Draconis, are in command of earth…

But unfortunately, it is as though more and more of the non-human (ET) forms along with various other worldly *HIDDEN reptilius energy, has since forever – Been influencing the
worldly based souls, who reject anything superior…Becoming more and more “infected or reptilian like”…

Image result for dr turi reptilius

Dr. LOUIS TURI ~ “Reptilian Demonic Possession – Alien Abductions & Predictions” [Age Of Truth TV]

NASA Infectious Reptilius Deception…

Social media, the reptilius and teens’ depression…

Despite the fact that, Draco (Gardeners of the world) are those, who hold true “ownership” over earth and human beings, and wish to help work through them positively.

So, the war has been since some of the non human (ET) Draco “reptilians” have instead, always viewed themselves as the most intelligent species in the Universe…

And earth humans, with the same (positive / negative) power, are the result of the biological seeding method, from diversified planets.

Remember, that both good and bad are born out of negative energy, as you can’t separate the forces of nature…Period.

Not to forget, that the non human form “reptilians” also use deadly cosmic winds, and other ailments to influence their victims.

Image result for dr turi sos

2019 UDD AND UDD Cosmic Biorhythms


This can be anyone.

They don’t care about your education or advancement and constantly work harder, to create more chaos among society and handle all of natures forces, including the weather.

These deception systems look towards how they can inflate the effectiveness of the invasion process as well as, decrease the payments of resources, that they have to produce themselves.

To help reach this goal, the secret infiltration of the center – societal / organizational structures such as: Religions, medical, financial systems, legal systems, pharmaceutical industries, human trafficking, since all would be standard to re-shape the monetary worth systems, while generating the real world belief systems, they want to have charge of.

Through the construction – (Saturn – Graduation / Gradual Indoctrination process of the negative Saturnian’s and not to be confused with the positive side of Saturn’s “structure and rebuilding” ) Of a maze with self–enforced enslavement tactics, based on fear and bullying among the earth inhabitants, they would bring to a successful conclusion, the use of even the slightest “off planet” resources… By piggy backing on the earthly-human resources.

Earth humans, would efficiently set their own enslavement in motion, as well as enslave their own global human family – By giving up all rights and resources.

This is very productive for takeover and invasion, with the slightest opposition or revolt, by citizens who are not aware that they are being attacked.

The negative alien agenda of many kinds, also have developed high psyhcal abilities, which they use for mind controlling other entities and do not have an emotional body or soul body.

Yet, they can possess or enter bodies through consciousness projection.

This is comparable to the blue Kachina orb that further seized control of our beautiful dog and us on June, 20th 2012, during the Gemini solar eclipse predictions.

Image result for blue star kachina

(Blue Star Kachina (blue sun orb) or Chasing Star Katsina; also known as the parallel between cultures like the Hopi and Sumerian or Nan – ga – sohu)

The spirit had used the shadowing of the sun and its planetary air currents; full of elements lack of light, in order to further install the cosmic temperament in Louis and me and completely into our dog Draco, at the time.

Goodbye Draco, you will always be in our hearts…

The essence of Orion’s belt was on the hunt, to get more of a sense for inhabitants of our planet and required more of a “man made technical type leader” or “cyberspace,” to pay attention to those like Louis and I.

And every time someone is to view the video, by some means; they get linked to an uncertain schedule led by the aliens.

Doberman / Rotweiller killers – YouTube

While this essence was unable to convert into our bodies right away; a task that calls for composure and much attention…The being was able to lodge into our dog Draco at that time, which like many animals; resonate at a less high – universal tempo than people.

The essence had imposed the misfortune upon us to adopt our dogs to a new family through a series of unfortunate events, that obviously were out of our hands, because of choices we made for our future…

By all means we had tried all we could to not let that happen but it had seemed set for us to have to do so and our hearts are still full of emotion, at times.

My husband told me that he questioned the presence, as to why we had to endure so much pain intensely and his answer was that he had been in assent with them since the beginning and that some of what is involved – With the responsibility of the spirit guide, was to evaluate the intensity, of a person’s mental state…

After nearly two years, the spirit was unable to remain embedded in Draco’s physical structure without the possibility of putting his body at some kind of risk and blessed be, it was March 10, 2014 that the spirit guide showed up to our home by way of another metamorphosis…

Introducing Lady Night…

Meantime, we have been restored in our confidence that ‘Lady’ would not depart us and since she was only six months old at the time of the invasion, it had made the delivery brief and free from harm.

There has been many times, where I have seriously mentioned to Louis and others that Lady is an ET who has been sent to us by God… She was all that I had *wished for in a dog and to this day, we feel as if I have been right all along.

Papillon galaxy…

Image result for papillon galaxy

Papillon means “Butterfly” in french…

And I am a “dignified” Leo (France / Italy / Sun / Stage / Children) dragon’s head.

I also married an Italian man, born in France and am a “light worker” for the children / future of tomorrow (Aquarius – Opposite Leo). 

I can say, that I am at least, using my personal dragon head and tail in balance.

As within “either” of the two “Akasha” divisions (major and minor / lower astral and upper astral – Along with everything in between), you shall be re-mastered into a light “butterfly” of consciousness.

Even our ET friends are hinting at us through their crop circle formations. This is a gigantic human butterfly crop circle which appeared in Netherlands, near a town in southern Holland called ‘Goes’, on the 7th of August 2009 (7, 8, and 9 … Activation Sequence Initiated … And the BIGGEST ever… Quite interestingly the word ‘Goes,’ when anagram-med – gives us ‘Egos;’ pointing out towards transcending the ego, as we journey forth in our spiritual evolution…

However, my husband also told me that when he asked the spirit guide, whether or not in the future; we would be released?

He told me that,what he was told, was that he and I may not be subjected to any type of physical demise but he did not want to describe that subject in detail any more than he had to for the time being.

But if it does happen, one may or may not find the story revealed on this private cosmic code website… That is depending on if we are still here or not.

Now, the spirit had also been made more apparent to us by manipulating something of significance from our home and something we have kept private for a long time now.

It will be explained more in depth over time but once upon a time, my Zodiac ring from Israel, which I always had worn – On my right hand and on the finger, located near my pinkie finger for a few years; along with two other rings in front of it and that were given to me by my husband…

Well, the Zodiac ring can be seen here, while at the good luck rubbing stone (April 2013 / Week of my birthday) – Near the wheel from the Spanish Schooner (Evadne) wrecked around the Florida Keys, some time in 1900, on a trip in Jupiter Beach Fl.

Evadne has its origins in the Old Greek language.

It is also used largely in English and Greek.

The meaning of Evadne, is “good fortune.”

Much the same as “The 13th Sign or Condition” or “Ophiucus;” which has been in rotation ever since…Like the wheel or “ring of life.”

Ophiuchus is the spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity representing man and the snakes lost wisdom each one holds within and fights.” – Byproduct of astrology + astronomy + psychology = astropsychology (13 and so on or eternity – The Master combining all older discipline) Simply another name created for something much bigger, that the masses can’t nor may ever understand.

Ophiuchus mystery divulged…

“OPHIUCUS” SYLLABLE MEANING:Image result for evadne



– U





The zodiac ring that I purchased off e-bay may have only been $25 or so, I think but it was special to me as are, all my rings.

It was made of silver and fully circumference d, for secure wear.

Now, throughout those years I have never taken any of my rings off, except when we would go floating down the river or gold hunting out in the desert and such.

However, the last time we floated down the river a that time, was in July or August and ever since, I had put my rings back on.

Up until Halloween night (2013), when my husband had his experience of being knocked out cold and somewhat under the influence, during one of his “personal window dates.

I had to keep a close eye on him and take good care of him until he was able to finally zone out in Neptune’s world.

It was approximately 2:30 AM when I finally thought, it was time to join him.

I looked at my rings before climbing into bed, as I always did.

Louis has also always warned me to keep the hall light on at night, ever since his childhood experience with the ET’s and usually I would jokingly laugh and say something like: “Well, we are protected, and it wouldn’t hurt to save on some electricity.”

But he always says, just wait and you’ll see.

More so, this night I was very tired and since keeping the light on keeps me up a lot, because it shines in my face even with the door slightly cracked…I went ahead and turned the lights off and dozed off to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up later than usual – Maybe around 11 AM or so.

When I stretched my arms out, I immediately noticed that my zodiac ring was ‘MIA’: ’Missing in Action…GONE!

And while my cat was on my pillow looking at me, I know it wasn’t him; even though he liked to chew and bite on my rings at night.

All I can say is that whomever or whatever had gotten to my ring, was able to leave the other two in front of that one on.

It was the ZODIAC ring, that was wanted.

We had cleaned the house and moved everything, searching high and low with, no sign whatsoever of my ring.

It was that same night that I noticed it missing, when Louis and I sat down in front of the TV to eat as we do quite a lot and the first movie on the channel, without us changing the channel, was none other than The Abyss…

Image result for the abyss

The Abyss…

Now, as a kid when the movie first came out, I didn’t really want to see it; because I thought it would be too much for me to handle, after some of my previous ET / ghost experiences.

But this night, something kept me somewhat glued to the sofa watching.

And well, you have the link to read about the film but watching to the END, is another story… Then we can talk.

Next night, same thing…

I usually don’t watch too much TV since it has gotten so dysfunctional over time and all you hear is depressing, sad and bad news.

But when I walk on my treadmill at night, I will only usually tune in to “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or shows like so, mostly because of the girly type show it is and can’t help it – But are fun to watch sometimes, alongside a few other “girly” ‘E’ shows.

I would have never thought that this night’s episode, would have included the Kardashian / Jenner Family set out to hunt aliens?

At America’s top secret — And legendary — Military base, known as Area 51.

What would be the odds of that on one of my most watched shows?

I am seriously thinking now, that our ET family is trying to tell me something.

Perhaps for the future benefit of mankind?

And even my husband thinks that he was supposed to be knocked out that night the way he was, so that they could possibly take my ring without him noticing.

What OMEN could this be?

Are our space inhabitant friends just adding more fuel to the fire, for those we educate; to re-activate a ZODIAC that has wandered off track?

 In July 1997 for the fiftieth anniversary of the July 8, 1947 Roswell incident, DT was invited to speak about his four UFO experiences and its prophetic legacy.

He was asked to make a few predictions in a time capsule, that is now buried 10 ft below the City Hall floor.

This capsule will be brought to light in 2047 and he will be dead or ninety seven years old then… Meantime the museum does not make any reference about it and this capsule involves many well known speaker,s present at the special anniversary event.

When he spoke to the  director of the Roswell UFO Museum,  he did not know  anything about it  and the general public  should be reminded of this fact! 

Could it be, that they are adding more fuel to my fire?

Again, with regards to Saturn – The Great Malefic / Freezing fear principle…

Always pictured as “black” (Ancient God ‘El’ – “Sickle” + “Cross on top” – Palestine today, or like Middle Eastern history, that has the oldest of the alchemist’s roots… 
Note again, the flag with its moon and star symbols.)

Image result for black saturn el

When you get married, you get married before God.

And the symbol of that God, is the ring that is put on each other’s fingers… The ring of Saturn.

In the expression of marriage, one starts to see, what that has to do with Saturn.

So when you get married, you get married with rings, and the symbol of that God are the rings, the rings of Saturn.

You’re each wearing God’s ring.

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

And the yarmulke, was the round ring that you wear on your head, for Saturn your God.

Even in the middle ages, in ones house of worship, Catholic monks shaves their heads in a *round circle, and the Hebrews, would wear the yarmulke.

Though, it was all about the “round rings of Saturn.”

Now, back to to my missing zodiac ring, that was taken from my fourth finger on my right hand (with two other rings in front of it)…

The most generally known typology for fingers, is the fourth finger on the left hand, where in many cultures is reserved for the engagement ring, and later the wedding ring.

However, they say to be warned: As in some parts of the world, this finger reserved for the engagement and wedding rings is the fourth finger, on the right hand.

Has my ring fallen into the fires of doom or will my vows to the Galactic federation of light, be reaffirmed in time?…As another sort of “rebirth.”

Image result for lord of the rings ring fire of doom

So, how do I know about my ‘recordings,’ left in the Akashic law by every occurrence…

Or at least one?

I specifically remember the moments, before my arrival in this world.

My vehicle of ascension, where I cried and begged not to come back but they or those who were my guardian angels at the time…And I remember ‘4.’ 

They had told me I had to come back one more time, to do what I had to do, in order to get it right.

I have hit on this so many times that I am sure of that and there were no fuzzy lines.

It was all part of the same phase, adding up to my Star of David or pagan god Saturn ,(freezing fear principle) and be it that I am very wise of my two-dimensional likeness…

Rather call it the star of god, I have made for myself.

Was it one of the four divinities?

The shining luminary or belonging to the brightest star.

Sol or in classical Latin means the Sun; the Om through Persian Hindu Sanskrit for the Sun, and on, which was the metropolitan location of the Sun within Egypt; or one of three various distinctions for this idol.

Our sovereign and unconnected universal world force, is a unit of four…

The highly empowered or celestial world spirit, its derivative or solar deity, the moon god and the very large planet known as Saturn and full of volatile substance – With a typical range, where about nine times out of ten, could swallow our planet and a few others…

That should speak for itself.

Wake up or else become a thoughtless exclamation of praise!

Or a term of acknowledgement; esp. without interest; as snow is white – Many would say its opposite is steam but that is still water.

See, nothing can be entirely opposite in that black, is a color like that of white.

Ride the light and reunite the Russian bear (Located in the north, west and east latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, most of Russia is much closer to the North Pole than to the equator…

Russia includes the entire northern portion of Asia – Bear birth totem: Northern Hemisphere Aug. 23 – Sept. 22 / Southern Hemisphere Feb. 19 – Mar. 20 ) with the fare share of 17th century prophets as Nostradamus or not but in the territory of all mammals, lies also that which is sacred of the animal’s spirits.

Image result for russian bear

The bear is symbolic for setting stamina and structure.

It has been honored throughout life, as an authority’s emblem, encouraging those who need bravery – To stand up against any type of bad luck.

As an animal of soul in touch with the world and its courses of nature, it is also to be that of a mighty leader, in support of physical restoration and the demonstration about one’s feelings.

This spiritual animal or emblem is an age-old admired beast of its kind.

The leftover parts of many bears have been brought into being, from many archaeological grounds and particularly from that of Europe, where many animate skeletons of bears and such, were found with those of human cartilage… Dating back to the possible subspecies of Homo sapiens.

No photo description available.

It was also known that the Vikings wore the outer coverings of bears during their war time, to send their attacker into panic mode.

The Vikings wanted to appear as strong, as the untamed animals.

Bears represent a champion like attitude and the boldness for any type of physical encounter they might be faced with.

The energy of the bear would be called upon, as guidance for fighters in the combat.

During the era of Roman Greece, bears were also a symbol identified with the goddesses of fertility; Goddess Artemis and Diana.

However, in the ethno linguistic group of tribal societies of Iron Age, such as the Celts (classification as Indo-European Kelt) the bear stood for the sun.

Image result for celt bear

“Bear (Russia) and the Eagle (US) will unite against the Snake (Middle East) and Dragon (China / Korea)”


Often used by Westerners, those in Britain and now in the USA to indicate Russia is “big, brutal and clumsy.”

This also can be compared to that of the ridiculous experimental investigations, carried out all the traditionally educated kids of today, cursed by the OCD generation, where spirituality, intuition and ingeniousness is absent and only science is the principle of behavior.

Millennials A Generation of Born OCD…

As the sun gives heat and light for life, the dragon is a form of life energy; that can enlighten you with its power or spit fire at you.

Solar Soul...

We are the “Material Dragon’s,” (*Draco – Latin for dragon – Solar / Son / Sun / Sons and daughters / Sun – Father & Moon – Mother) who can shed some light but yes;
we know that we still need to defend ourselves at times when needed, with our flames.

Unfortunately, most only create a blaze, and this is where the complication lies by choice for resolution.

On behalf of our pleading universe; people are desperately encouraged, to improve their mind; towards controlling their differences, while in tolerance of others and before it’s too late…

Whether they agree or not; or simply just back away, because so many can’t handle the truth.

This makes for the king of gold in totality.

Remember, that light has always been represented as good, and dark was bad.

The Sun, of course, has always been the light of the world, and the ancients understood that.

They saw that the Sun was not God.

They never believed that the Sun was God, but they trusted that it was the reproduction of God… It was the *child of God and it was the closest symbol that they could understand, as to present the image of our deity in heaven.

So, they figured that since your *son / SUN looks a lot like you, possibly God resembles that of the Sun… Or that the Sun looks a lot like the *father.

The generous ET Draconians also teach their masses that they were here in this universe first, before humans, and as such they are heirs to the universe and should be considered royalty.

They find disgust in the fact that humans do not see this as a truth.

Nevertheless, they have defeated many star systems and have inherently changed many of the life forms, they have come upon.

The area of the galaxy most heavily supplied with inhabitants of Draconian sub-races is in the secondary Orion system… Which is a huge system, and systems in Rigel and Capella.

Sirius and directly above our home is that of Orion’s constellation and easy to locate the three bright stars in a row.

It is from within our Biltmore, French Renaissance Chateau; in Phoenix, AZ sitting on the “vortex” of energy, where much is exposed. And as the Phoenix or Phoenix, AZ is associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life; by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.

On the way to Orions belt...

The mind set or consciousness of most of the races, in this order, is Service to Self (*Soul Purpose).

And as such, certain forms can still invade, subvert and maneuver still – The less advanced races as well, and use their technology for control.

Indeed this is a very old war and the peace that does not exist, is always being tested by these beings, who believe that fear is the standard, and love is not strong.

Now, this has also been promoted prior to birth…

Whereas, the reptilius energy will manipulate the womb of a pregnant mother and the genes of the unborn child…

Therefore, at some point, before puberty – The child may feel abandoned due to certain belief systems and left to fend for itself.

Used by the public and the reptilius, for games of combat and amusement.

Image result for depressed bully kids

Were you born gay?

How to talk to kids about God or being born a transgender…

Transgenders and Gay teens…

Matt Ogsten, Naz Mahmood Gays, Lesbians, transgenders and the reptilius…

Ultimately and directly promoting, the basis of composite hatred and sexual objectification on the planet…

Of which many women and men, may already feel on this earth, is degrading all of their potential, to hold the real – equalized and unified state of balance – Between male and female.

In many cases, Yahweh or Jehovah, was an “hermaphrodite” — The Hebrew God was both male and female.

That’s what the Hebrew word for the “four letter biblical God of Israel” (Tetragrammaton) hinted at and why the Bible says that God made man in his own image… “Made he male and female,” because God was / is male and female.

Which is also challenging for many to accomplish on the earth, with the intentions of spiritual abusive behaviors, distorting ones connection to God or the rise of consciousness -While integrating all kinds of violence, with the use of mind control, persuasion of “false god” belief systems.

Thus, radically impacting both genders into a sexual misery, of sorts…In order to demolish the potential of running the magnetic sound frequency, of the “cosmic unity fields.”

However, we have had real life turmoil, which are also being used as a set up – To repeat the widespread destruction, of the human “resurrection” chronology (Christ forerunner of the Aquarian age) and self sourcing, to help clear negative ego and the instinctive mind (Pain body).

Image result for hermaphrodite male female god

These timelines have always been substantial occurrences, to ruin Christos-Sophia and turn it’s way into adverse fashion, of the “knights templar” (dark Satanic mother) hidden, within the depths of the world.

This has conceived reversed alien technology, which seize control of rotating vortexes and are heart circuit centers – Directing energy in the planetary grid system…Otherwise known as a black heart network and many other demonic system of connections, in our global body.

So, it’s very serious and this is what leads to further psychic terrorism, as not everyone has the best at heart, for one another.

This is all misuse of the supra – conscious, in time and space…

As well as what the non – human, EVIL beings devour off of.

Therefore, be careful how you think, because your thoughts shape your life.

At the same time, you can’t get rid of the “Black Sun” (Pluto)…Despite the billions wasted (And lives) within the scientific community and NASA experiments, life on other planets, do not want us on their habitat.

God bless their “lost souls…”

Image result for nasa explosions

The true spirit of NASA…

The MARS CULT – A deadly proposition…

Mind you, our physical conception does not allow us to “escape” the dense physicality of earth…

Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s all part of the genetic lineage and this regeneration principle (life and death), that is in charge of each era.


Image result for phoenix rising

Once again…

As we have good and bad in all forms and can be under any name (Annunaki / Fallen Angels / Nibiru / Drac / Greys / Pleadians / Andromedans / Nordics / Starseeds / Indigo / Anasazi / etc.)…Whereas, certain attributes, may not be found in all

Like on this “intermediary” earth, we have good working with good and bad working with bad OR good working with bad (vice versus).

Still yet, each are all from multitudes of celestial bodies orbiting the stars.

Those charitable, have no need for wealth really or the art and science of administration – Where neither government nor religions are concerned and without any doubt, they declare as we do that the later two of politics and the belief in any divinity, are really alike.

The Pleiadians are bothered by the thought, that as other charitable groups come visit our destination; humans will further damage our earth and themselves, while continuing to reveal their lack of success, in the aid of creating a conscious stratagem.

Those Pleiadians; like many other kinds of ET’s, have deserted their offspring on this planet many times before and they too have stated that they are ready to assist humans from the third to the fourth dimension and higher –

Here again but the bottom line is there will be no changing our progress, to the point that they become held accountable entirely for the people of this planets kind.

They are to have said; that people on this planet make their fate as they go and they need to take the blame in all and that includes discipline in one’s life as well as fixing one’s own errors themselves or endure the pain and karma that follows because of those choices…

Or face similar setbacks that certain extraterrestrials once had.

As this work has become more favorable, there have been more space inhabitants that have also involved themselves in these groups and as some are from other systems, this is where it can be difficult sometimes to tell who is really genuine on this planet apart from others.

All the same, for the particular Plutonic (Black Sun) groups intentions, that have also been mis-understood… For that of a Satanic network class family.

“If we use mystical arts for entertainment purposes only, without offering solid proof of predictions or crucial information on its dynamics, how can the average person possibly distinguish the art and science of Divine Astrology
from pseudoscience only? ” ~ Dr. Turi

Keep in mind, that it’s not any of the planets that are bad…It’s about the identity (true character) of the species / race from those spheres, as there are different levels of contingents.


Recognize that Mother Earth has granted us life in all forms.

How long halt you between two opinions?

If the LORD be God, follow him: but if Baal, then follow him…” -1 Kings 18:21

LORD = “DROL” pertaining to the nature of our “GOD,” of our planet and having thousands of heavenly bodies; consisting of the material and metaphysical…”

BAAL” (DEMON) one of the 7* princes of hell.

Based upon the law of opposites, there could not be good without evil and God cannot be without the Devil.

Without opposites, there would be no room for life’s experience.

Man was created in the image of God! ~DT

What is the difference between two images?

None, you are God and your future is nothing else than the reincarnation of your thoughts.

Image result for Curse of Canaan

The Curse of Canaan (in Genesis 9:25) seemingly gives reason as to where the black man comes from, because he was damned by God.

Image result for Curse of Canaan

That is an unpleasant – wrong application of scripture.

Adequate enough to say, that it was intentionally used by people, who knew better when they were using it… That it is not a misfortune, wished upon the black man.

It has to do with the Curse on Canaan and the Canaanites, who were not black people.

We can dispense with that, it was a wrong application of scripture.

One finds how even today, with Canaan and Babylon, that the Babylonian authority still
influences our world.

Many of our symbols come from Canaan and Babylon, so if there’s a “Curse on Canaan,” we’ve all certainly been taking pleasure in it.

And while some planetary beings work with Luceferian powers to control the planet and share the spoils of “armed conflict,” by means of reversing DNA from eons of provoking warring attacks in the Universal timelines – To an opposite DNA strand and running a reversal life current…

But this isn’t, what the power of the underworld is all about either.

Thus, as they are also able to exist in 3 dimensional consciousness while in their body, as they too have entry to 10 dimensions of consciousness field.

Image result for dna reversal spirit

Like a boulder, crashing into an ocean of history…

It is within your sacred zone, which you can discover yourself in more ways than one.

Or before you construct a house or a building…

You must lay out the groundwork and know what it is going to rest on…Sand or stone?

Its reasoning should be understandable.

Stand under the foundation to truly understand!

It’s all the same for the physical ramification of DNA, the human spiritual “DNA” borrowed from its own unique celestial Identity or its hereditary karmic (universal) make up.  

Based upon the soul’s age * past-live occurrences, the ethereal creation between a mother and her child (or anyone of your family members, on that note) is entirely unlike your own.

This can mentally absorbed easily / understood by building cosmic consciousness through mastering the art and science of Astropsychology...Or standing under your stars, to really understand.

And as they can’t always cellularly mutate their mortal parts in and out of energy vortex wave spectrum’s that connect into multiple other dimensions, within the Universal time space matrix, they use the subconscious of humans to do this.

Remember that since these types of existence, approach limited heights of biological immortality, through the vampirism off of other living things, such as the planet earth.

This is where not everyone can adhere, nor understand or even accept the “hidden” power of all the Greek Mythology Gods, that are in charge of humanity – In order to pay their respects to them or Pluto (Lord of Hades), accordingly…

scorpio star sign


As well as use its generous potential, to their advantage.

As a result, and blended together, they only create more power and more “infected” minds and artificial intelligence required to attempt to pull the earth body into the Black Hole System leading into the phantom matrix where they exist, and then could gain total control over the entire planet and much of humanity.

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Pluto’s impact on generations…

Because of explosions or disasters that made certain planets unfit to live in, within the planets orbiting the Sun, our planet has been used as a relocation haven for beings, referred to as Refugee Races.

These are beings that have been disturbed within their own world, because of some demolition that took place.

This removal of other groups on the earth, added to the mixture of the original earth human bloodlines and injury, to the standard DNA of the original angelic human 12 Strand DNA (Founders 24 / Oraphim 48 / Blue Ray founders)…Efficiently making it almost hopeless, for higher consciousness manifestation – Of the cosmic code jurisdictions.



Even though, much of this “displaced existence” is inherently very much like that of original humans, they are much more hostile (Patriarchal Domination) and have destroyed their culture, by the wrong use of art and science.

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Our guardian host, has divulged, the different types of “alien apparatus” that has been and is being used for knowledge swabbing…

As well as focusing one’s concentration on “impostor spirits,” inside the false ascension matrix and repeating the reuse of energies, that are sent along into consciousness traps, that additionally continue to make the earth a prison planet.

No photo description available.

Again, this has also been where some Refugee Races began to purportedly, mix with earth based humans and their official systematized breeding agendas…

Since about 2013, when the universal axis entered Scorpio / Taurus, our planet has been coming towards the time of the sacred art and science of mechanics, concerning the natural laws, governing our Universal Creation.

May 20, 2012 Gemini solar eclipse predictions…(One year earlier)

ET transmutation…Video by: Terania

As we near the rehabilitation of the natural timelines, made for continuing human domination on this planet, we evolve toward unity consciousness but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be on this earth.

Perhaps, for another world? (Terra*Nueva / Terania * Nueva)


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She – Cosmic Devil video…By:Terania

Like other indifferent cultures before us, Mother Earth may just decide to check out and remove her “offensive pests;” in order to start all over again just because many are reckless towards having any consideration over the rise and abnormality of large, repetitive natural disasters and situations of pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth and greed…

Misusing the supra-conscious in time and space and wearing the cross around your neck as if you are “Master – Teacher (God) pet” or some forgiven saint.

The Great Mother has been showing serious indication of hopelessness and giving signs of caution but seems there is no one to end the greedy money bags well – run machine and their favored, elect – exceptionally rich way of life.

Though nature personified has done it many times over…

Where the total large towns – much more advanced than our present civilization; were melted down for a long way, into the red hot – internal parts of volcanic matter.

The only difference between people and Mother Earth is that she has lifetimes to work with before like all else that was once born, will too pass on being marked out by the intense heat of the sun.

However, there are still many new “ET” tests she must bring to completion before the genuinely spiritual, human chromosomes of the “chosen ones;” apt to offer her original virgin (Virgo – The great cosmic mother / maiden) back.

UFO Talisman Contact – Are you a Chosen One?

Isis was a male/female forebear of information and insight, etc. (Egyptian deity – Great goddess of health / love and marriage)

So this was always depicted as a *mother holding a child, which is the same element to consider, to that of Mary holding the child.

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Open your “third eye,” eyes and heart, because all that stuff is put out there to put the war between light and darkness…

People have simply allowed themselves to let the people’s jurisdiction be the truth and not let the TRUTH (cosmic code jurisdictions) be what IS REAL.

Indeed there is no end…It has been the end of one age and the “dawn of a new era” or beginning of another.

Progressing into the cosmic trinity wave structure renovation through the truth spirits of our guardian races.

The original trinity in Egypt was the three life cycles of the sun, or the three life spans in life.

Morning, noon, and night.

With people, we have the infant, the adult, and the dying.

This is where we got the original concept for the trinity.

In Egypt, Horus (son of Isis and Osiris (Isis brother)… God of vengeance / sky / protection and war) – Was the beginning, and as the sun was coming up on the horizon, it was the newborn.

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Like DOG in SCRABBLE is “GOD.”

As they say, every word counts…

Think of the Egyptian supreme beings who have been taken for granted, for their diverse characters, within the miscellaneous of our framework…

Towards being identified with the mummification and guardianship – Of those extinct, for their passage into the eternity.

From the capitol of everything in creation, past/present of which is moving into the future – There have been many “gods” (whatever your beliefs may be and/or by any name); over time and as of the moment.

Yet, we are all earth gods “dogs” / goddesses – “doges –s” in training, so to speak and the cause of all affairs; when it comes to the structure, of all of our provisions for survival.

And with regards to:

(tar – Egyptian meaning “royal” and ro – meaning “road,” such as the waterway in the arctic of “Italy” or the “French Tarot de Marseilles,” wherewith our significance switches continuously.)

Part of the mission, is allowing liquid transmission and open energy, to wash through the many energetic tributaries of the planet grid work and its summit, in order to help begin repairing and restoring – The earths earliest pattern of our creational realm, along with that of the consciousness cycle, the re-education and improvement of the planetary body and human DNA design.

Now, by chance, it is interesting, as to why our natives believed that God was a father… Because in the very old worlds, they associated the development of humans and the earth, with the *mother.

It was only until the beginning of the Roman Empire, that the attention was put on the male…As compared to the African, which is placed on the female principle.

While this also is the beginning stages of the disclosure of Extra dimensional and Extraterrestrial connection – In assimilating personal ascension, through mind control, culture death strategies and maneuvering global matters for the negative alien agendas, through their chosen human hybrid demonic bloodlines within the Power Elite…

We support the wisdom of humanities true beginnings and *hidden experiences to be uncovered to all, as well as returning the information of the intricate bio-spiritual facts of existence, that is Ascension – To be given freely, to all inhabitants of the earth, through a full disclosure occurrence.

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Though it is clear, that there is a seize control, of the disclosure activity…In order to gain full power, over how that specific content is being shared with the public.

This is happening through the spreading of the familiar narratives and the same publicity plans that are used for psychological manipulation of the engaged audience and its key players.

Not to forget, that for propaganda to be productive or persuasive, it has to have a spokesperson… There must be key players or persons in a class of power, with meaningful command over mass-communication media, and who are thought to have credibility with a large audience, that makes them money.

You are slowly being “desensitized” by rich corporations who do not care about you or your children…

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How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think…
~ Adolf Hitler

Given the importance of informed consent, for the care of human rights and as righteous principle, it is applicable to Universal Laws in the appeal of challenging actual truths of events – To be revealed to the human  population, in a full disclosure.

At this time, in the biggest worldwide events, set up for world captivity and extra dimensional entities mass – extermination agendas – Knowledgeable concession in this larger framework is absent.

Therefore, all people willing and interested to help within the disclosure movement, can advance through the understanding of the higher laws of informed consent and the lack thereof – To open communication, on the moral associations this has made against mankind, as the request for complete revelation becomes larger and more unified.

The *blue beam awareness, are also known as the first light manifestations of our God source order, and are the cosmic parents of the Indigo (6th chakra / “third eye” blue skinned races) and are approachable and able to back the tangible Indigo races now.


A powerful message to the world…

These “Unity Field Blue Ray Races” have been currently being brought in through the 13th gate tracks of Mother Arc, reconnected into our planetary networks and its holographic matrix range.

Another cosmic position of this “Blue Ray” family, has been able to join on this level and have returned to claim this realm, in the natural laws of God…Or under the “cosmic code jurisdictions.”

The *blue beam is a composite of four limitless harmonious layers of the families of blue ray consciousness.

There are three primary order of sound ranges…

The three emanation, (Threefold founder flame) that makes up the ray elements of our limitless creation and the blue ray is of the first order of discharge, *The Mother Arc.

The topmost arrangement of the *blue ray family, emanate from the 13th circuitry gate, which is the first layer, thrown out from the eye of God (Zero Point Field) – Universal center of God.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13 and so on – making for the 12 physical worlds over the 12 spiritual worlds.

“Ophiuchus ( A name by any other name – All the same, for everything is the way it is, because of the way it has always been) is the spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity representing man and the snakes lost wisdom each one holds within
and fights.” – Byproduct of astrology + astronomy + psychology = astropsychology (13 and so on or eternity – the Master combining all older discipline) Simply another name created for something much bigger, that the masses can’t nor
may ever understand.”

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Ophiuchus mystery divulged…

The number thirteen stems from Jesus and his twelve apostles.

The twelve apostles were the foundation of the new age, and Jesus is mentioned to be the “Chief Cornerstone,” that the builders turned down.

Jesus is referred to as the Chief Cornerstone, a few times in the New Testament.

By the way, do you know interpreted the King James approved translation?

Rosicrucian’s and Freemasons …

Yes, the Bible is a Masonic book.

Chief Cornerstone, is a Greek word, that means “the highest point of a pyramid.”


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And I am sure many have seen, the little pyramid on top of the big pyramid on the left-hand side, on the back of a dollar bill.

That is a “Chief Cornerstone”…It represents that of Jesus.

Son of the Panther (Hebrew name Jehoshua Ben-Pandira – Joshua 100 years before / Essene)

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Even so, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were too, in search of the lost ark.


Because it has to do with the Age of Aquarius and the Nazis knew that.

“Jesus said to his disciples… “Go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces…”

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Dr. Turi was born February 26, 1950, in the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer) with his Sun (Self) in the sign in Pisces

The Nazis depicted Europe, as Europe is the “old world,” together with “new world” or the Anglo Americans who were also looking for the ark.

Where was the footing of the two plots, Hitler and Indiana Jones?

Egypt…Not Israel or Jerusalem.

And I am sure the movie producers knew this too.

Many may have their course of thought, to the strategic mistakes of Hitler but while alleged to change any object – To suit his desire and the same for all development of creation and its beings, just so that they would please his actual or needs, thought to be expected…

And then after so long, would battle out, counteract and try to fix the attacks of evil, absolute or fictitious… Eventually this is what distressed humanity.

All the while, he and those in his path were all accusing and killing all of those – Particularly the Jews, who were disloyal to following those terms; exactly.

Hitler / Indiana Jones…Last Crusade  / Raiders of the Lost Ark…

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As, it was to him and mandatory by the rest, that it was he, who was the Zionist master.

The Jews don’t accept Jesus as the Messiah.

Many Christians may even assume, that the Jews don’t accept Jesus, because they despise the Messiah.

But the reason why Jews don’t accept Christianity, is easy.

They know the story… And they know it’s just a story, “full of holes.”

It’s the agnostics that don’t understand this.

Think about it.

G-D missing the ‘O’ or their 613 commandments for Jews only?

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None of anyone- man/nor woman, anointed has ever been or will be chosen by God; to put an end to all evil in the world; rebuild the temple or bring the exiles back to the Promised Land and usher the whole world into come.

However, I do believe we will in the future visit far away solar systems, and perhaps more of what has been thought to be hopeless – Will be, only with the help of ET unification and only with the spirit, and because our physical conception does not allow us to “escape” the dense physicality of earth…

Though, it was rather Hitler and those like him, who may have been articulating the following misconception: ‘the gods love those, whom they (humans) ask the impossible and who ask the impossible of them (gods)?’

Or rather,

“The Ark belongs in the Reich… Something of such antiquity, belongs in Germany.”

~Adolf Hitler

He may have been close enough to one thing…

Whereas, modern Astrology categorizes the Dragon”s Head and Tail as the South and North Nodes of the Moon.

The Dragon in Chinese Astrology exact copy, is the symbol of Aries (GERMANY / LORD OF WAR / BABY OF THE ZODIAC in reference to the beginning of spring: vernal equinox and Caesar) in the more well known form, of Occidental Astrology.

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But we see, with Hitler; that self – deception and “wrong application” has proven deadly.

And that it is up to oneself only, to get to the lost ark of the honest promise…

Not the ark of some pact, between men – made dogma, as was was the Nazi-Tibet connection, who was indeed stimulated by the longing to make an association with the black adepts of Shambhala and/or Agartha and to enlist their help, into the destructive victory of the world.

It was also said that the Agartha followed the way of spirituality and the Shambahlists followed the way of violence and materialism.

All of this is said to reside in the earth’s core in Tibet, which really comes from the Manipura of us all: “City of Jewels” or the third primary chakra according to Hindu tradition, deep within the solar plexus, as once more – We are the “material dragon.”

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This beginning order *blue ray family is the mystical hereditary timekeepers of our universal orderand is known in Egyptian-Sirian histories, as the “Code of the Blue Nile.”

During the springtime, is when it would rain the most and the waters would move into South Africa, or into the lower half North Africa, which was very dry…

So, as it would begin to occupy its streams, the rains were all moving into Egypt.

In the order, that once a year the Nile River would flood, since it couldn’t deal with the quantity of rain.

Each time a very large submerging of water would move into Egypt, the civilians would always point out to it as “the waters of chaos.”

Or a time of horrible devastation…

It is.

Be that, as it may be, still along with that terrible devastation – Also came a fresh start of experiences.

Because of no water coming in, nothing could grow.

For those who think it is a cold world now, imagine no rain…

Or no Nile flood back then for instance?

Then it would have really be deadly in all that warmth.

For that reason, the rains of utter confusion came about and the demolition of the earth took place in Egypt.

But when the waters lessened, and had delivered all the nutrients and nutrition, that would then be the physical foundation of a new life in Egypt.

In such manner, the nation had said that Egypt, comparable to you and me, would be “born again.”

And so, Egypt too came out from below the water and was born again, with new life.

And the people had called that festivity the arrival of the great flood.

The indication of that ceremony was a half moon, very much like a little boat, or the under part of the moon.

In Egypt, the lower half was known as the word argha noa…The monsoons.

This is where Noah’s Ark comes from, but it is really the Egyptian Noah’s Ark or *wet moon – Rather, the alliance between God and mankind.

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The keepers of our cosmos, call this element of Mother’s aquamarine light force, an advanced kind of magnetic strength – That has been invigorating within the center of our planet (which is wired from the earth’s center and from recently joined levels of the personal multi-dimensional consciousness structure, manifesting into space time – matter) and has been flooding the terrestrial body, with aqua ray frequency or the Mother Arc.

It is similar to understand, that we have poked a hole in the mind reserved repetitiveness web and once again, associated our common view nerve center…

In order, to rejoin with the Mother Arc, its the liquid light density and the interweaved blood fields, of the Aqualine Sun.

Thus, it is through the Mother’s infinite proton seed and by way of the Aqualine Sun, that all living things, can recover itself to its earliest celestial blueprint – Which is mobilized into basic substance, through the awakening planetary body, otherwise known as the androgynous (male / female) human pattern, created from the twelve spheres of the *Tree of Life.

“…like the ab-originals used the “kangaroo” as the pony express; to carry mail (Mercury / Gemini) from one place to the other…The same to go with the “Kangaroo.”

See, it’s all part of the same story but not their kind of story.

Or part of the “same pouch” rather, only by another name.

Kangaroo = “Mee – Nuah” (I don’t know?)

In other words, a Kazmik language, not easily under*stood by just anyone.

But as an Auz ram (TERANIA), I do under*stand the COSMIC language, as once again; Aries is the earliest Aryan sign master (Draco – Purple forbidden).

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The most fascinating piece of the whole puzzle is that my name Terania, which my mom dreamed up, turned out to be the Terania Creek Australian Rain forest; in which I came about not too long after the strive for its freedom was occurring.

Our trees are one of the most vital features for animation on this planet.

This is so because trees generate oxygen; through a method called photosynthesis.

It is known that trees create more oxygen when they evolve, and the most substantial producers of oxygen will be the trees that have the acquired power to switch the air and soil into wood.

The same as one requires secret knowledge of what it means to be human, to be under*stood.

Though first, one must willingly stand*under their stars.

Our DNA is made of the same DNA as the tree.

The tree breathes what we breathe when we exhale…

When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales.

So, we have a common destiny with the tree.

And it is clear way into the universe, through the forest wilderness…As in solitude, you can find many answers.

Terania Green Boutique Cottages Eco Resort (AU)…

Give trees a chance…The story of Terania Creek:

And there’s a lot more where that came from too…

Like my middle name” Loray,” (Clocher del Loray – Doubs, also in France, above the city in Provence where Nostradamus and Louis were born), happens to also be the ancient African tribal group of the Australian forest, named: “Mystical Thunder of the Gods -” Voodoo; that played out on the drums, all the sounds which was reflecting the cry of the people, as they were exerting themselves for liberty, during those very tragic times.

Loray of the Terania Forest…

Guess you could say, much of everything starts from the land down under and I have been coming up. 

Helping the children, swim upstream towards the ethereal light of oneness, towards God’s cosmic divinity…

Being that my name obviously has Australian roots, I obviously do too and really everyone does as well but not many can set aside the gringo in them.

It is a kangaroo court out there for sure.

Through our adored Mother Arc, we are able to recognize and understand the differences between the turn around of our *Mother strength and the real *Mother law of our Universe.

And through her, we can make entry through the aqualine star from the external part of our earth, which is the luminary fluid – blood light – Braided into the foundation of our terrestrial sphere and reconnected into the area of the Earth’s sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda. 

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These revolution of re-connection of the Mother of God standard, is also made conceivable by the *supersede column passageways, which are the original parent predominance and directly regenerates our inner soul and light body.

In this manner, it is important to realize, that much armed conflict through human and extra-terrestrial experiences, has been carried on, for this secrete language system – Which is basically the key to the kingdoms of God.

Hence, if more people could understand where religion really originates from, possibly then more could change, or take the first step towards change, over perceptions and authoritative examples of rite.

Perhaps then will one attain good outcome, or start to succeed, in discovering who and what the real God is all about.

Theology versus mythology?

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At this point, the deficiency of knowledgeable concession, as the result of non-disclosure of real events on this planet, demonstrates gross and careless abuse, which is only further leading to diversified classes of genetic utter destruction and other devastating consequences.

Dr. Louis Turi Interview: The importance of spiritual education

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In this, I will add, that our bird, Peter (Came along during a retrograde and following the Gemini solar eclipse of 2012) – Is like the “Petra” to my heart, whereas you could use the following analogy:





A perfect symbol for independence and perspective.

Because “birds” fly high into the sky, so they are like “messengers of the Gods,” (Gemini / Mercury) giving humans an overpass between ordinary and spiritual life.

And as retrograde also allows one to push forward with certain things, that didn’t work out, over the previous phases, I know we’re moving forward into the SUN… Either here or in a different world. 

Because as it stands now, we could very well be looking at the last battle – Or last age of current embodiment; aka the last fight on the ‘Ben Ben’ stone, (*ROLLING STONES) that has forever been standing…Between the three sovereigns and its five or more emperors below; the angels of light and darkness as we know.

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Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

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