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Dream interpretations by Dr. Turi

Humanity is on the brink of  setting aside religions but still has a long way to go at rediscovering God cosmic divinity in time and space and using all the signs productively… Especially as Neptune (ruler of Pisces) is currently and until May 2017, the leading  muddy tsunami cursing the world.  2016 Neptunius Draconis Predictions (public).

Though this nebulous planet will always remain in one’s natal UCI and has the potential to make one a Neptunian or notI have been at the front of this psychical awareness battle since I left my natal France back in 1973.

I can only hope one day, God cosmic awareness will become universally accepted and understood by all. While I am enjoying a worldwide reading audience, this mass of curious people, unlike our students, did not take the time to master the cosmic code secrets! 

Thus I am sure many of those readers will never be able to assimilate this cosmic work, yet this does not mean they are all fools. But seems they can’t auto analyze themselves accurately without feeling offended or mentally inferior. Thus, acknowledge and blame it all on their natal UCI? 

You be the judge of their deplorable mental capacity after reading their traditionally “educated” response to my article..

  • AlmostThere – Ding dong the witch is dead, err warlock.
  • 2QIK4U – Whats next weeks Australian Lotto numbers❓

God and the angels offer prophetic dreams to humans as signs that can be translated by spiritually gifted people, or those born with supra-cosmic consciousness. But before proceeding, let me explain what is in charge of your dreams.

Neptune rules Nirvana, the intangible, the subconscious, sleep and the dream state. As a Pisces myself, I am under the jurisdiction of this nebulous, creative planet. I can easily translate the depth of your subconscious’ messages and offer reliable guidance and warnings to what lies ahead of you. I am a rare “soul doctor” able to guide you from the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness and safely guide you through this dense, physical manifestation.

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Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. In many ancient societies, such as those of Egypt and Greece, dreaming was considered a supernatural communication or a means of divine intervention, whose message could be unraveled by people with certain powers. At least this is what Wikipedia (who fired me) assume.

People with certain powers are souls are those born ultra-sensitive, mediums, psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, spiritualists, artists etc. And unless the inborn karmic UCI is highly advanced and loaded with rare astrological progressive configurations, (sextiles, conjunctions, trines) making good aspects to Neptune; combined with a strong natal or hidden dragon’s head blessing the 12th subconscious house, you may be dealing with a deceptive Neptunian.

Do you know that; Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Madame Vladesky were all born with the Dragon’s Head (luck/growth/protection) in the sign of Pisces (the medium visionary?)  It is no accident and the cosmic factor as to why they became Prophets, healers and psychics.

Maybe you have the essence of the born prophet, psychic, the natural healer or are you a rational, logical modern “False Prophet?”  Start by discovering your natal dragon and all its blessings…  “Read “The Power of the Dragon” to find out.

“If you make people think they’re thinking, they”ll love you; but if you really make them REALLY think, they”ll hate you. The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” 

In this case, the easily indoctrinated; addictive psyche of a born Neptunian is overloaded with Neptune’s deceptive current sinking the soul into its murky, illusive waters. A true reptilius infected Neptunian is unable to understand or swim upstream towards God’ subtle Cosmic manifesto.

A true Neptunian is also seriously prone to addictions, sleeps too much or not enough and use or abuse alcohol, legal or illegal drugs. In some case, the puritanical Virgin nun legacy turn those people into health fanatics or hypochondriacs; dedicated to eternally cleanse people and their immediate environment. Their attitude toward sex is often deplorable if not detrimental to raise children.  The U.S. Birth Rate Is Declining Thanks Millennials…

The tainted soul can not exit the codification of thoughts as its critical thinking is largely altered by religious fears and becomes a dangerous, righteous walking religious book. And there are billions on planet earth, all the way from close family members, friends to ISIS.  The religiously poisoned soul can not “save” themselves using logic; such as a long lasting legacy of endless religious war, that killed more human beings than all the wars; diseases and natural disasters combined.

The unevolved natal UCI must find himself in grave situations and greatly suffer mentally and spiritually in order to escape Neptune’s poisonous deceptiveness and this make them extraordinary susceptible to try and join religions, cults like Jim Jones – The Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ, David Koresh – Branch Davidiansreligious sectfollow gurus, man made deities or sign up for ISIS… The psychology and neuroscience of terrorism by Dr. Turi.

While you may think you are far from being a victim of Neptune, do not be so sure.  If you made an habit to visit your local Church every Sunday or  seek psychics or read any corporate “For Entertainment Use Only” astrological or tarot websites, take psychoactive drugs or many medications, you are under Neptune’s illusive power. And so are all the famous artists, singers, dancers actors living in a fabricated world, either to escape reality or to make a living.

In fact, not a single human is not touched or affected by Neptune (and all the celestial family for that matter) but you are unconscious of it. If you swim upstream towards God cosmic manifestation, master, understand and use the signs, you are blessed by Neptune incredible psychic spiritual values.

If you swim downstream you are now under the jurisdiction of its malefic, deceptive power and forced, geographically to adhere to the same religious teachings as your parents. Thus if you were born like me in France, you may become either a Catholic, a Protestant a Christian etc. However if you were born in the Middle East, parts of Asia or Africa you would be forced into the religion of Islam or into Buddhisms.

There are over 875 different politically oriented religions created and still being created by man’s folly and his greedy drive; to control all the people’s lives and information.

And of course there is God’s cosmic divinity or the real cosmic essence of an eternal spiritual manifesto or cosmic entity  commonly called God; Allah, Buddha etc.  But the world is resilient to changes imposed by the same God they know nothing about.

Indeed the end of the Age of Pisces and its deceptive archaic teachings is slowly taking place while making room for the Age of Aquarius (one world government/humanitarianism) but this “collective oneness” is  also wrongly perceived as socialism, communism or by those born with a Saturnian fear of foreign invasion, i.e. Trump’s followers.  Donald Trump and Mexico wall.

But with the implacable, enduring, daily, religious and scientific indoctrination, advertising and in control of all information, my clarification or cosmic messages are drowned by a system who will do all they can not to lose control over a gullible, misinformed, brainwashed society!

Sometimes I wonder why a cosmic God cursed me with such clairvoyance; making it impossible for me to enjoy or read fictional work, appreciate entertainments or sports and seek “nirvana” with pot or in one of the many deceptive, religious organizations or cults; created and maintained by reptilius infected blind souls. But I do appreciate that I am ahead of all this reptilius infestation.

While my new Facebook page is  to attract readers to test my gift as a dream analyzer, there are certain cases that are much too sensitive to be exposed, explained publicly. Meantime the majority of people are extremely private and this article is an option for them to have me  personally conduct the investigation and offer my findings privately.

Thus if you have a recurrent dream, a dream you can’t forget, or suffer nightmares in no way can I expose the answers to the general public. I took an example from one of our Facebook friends and posted my answer on my page as to judge my answer.

The $25 deal starts now and ends on December 3rd, 2016

If you are interested, email teraniapromodir@gmail.com with any information you can recall of your dream. Do not add or embellish your dream. In fact, the more concise you are the better the interpretation. Smell colors, sound, picture, situations, animals, nature etc. must be part of a prophetic dream.  Make sure to include your DOB for me to check on the sign or planets affecting and ruling your subconscious.

I will write an email to you with all my findings, guidance and predictions and I am sure you will find it revealing.

What will 2017 bring you?

The future is already here!

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