Earth’s moon is shrinking and quaking but there is more…

May 14, 2019

“There is only a very thin line between imagination and reality when science, religion  and conspiracies are debated!” Dr. Turi


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Earth’s moon is shrinking and quaking, study says

Dear readers;

Be prepared to hear much more about the moon is the weeks, months and years to come from the infected scientific community my friends, because Mars’ deceptive  project to land a man on the dead planet is not only a deceptive dream but also much to costly and much too far away!

The scientific community will, from now on amuse you with anything and everything they can find about the moon because without stimulating your interest ( and financial support!) like the reptilius feeding on your fear, they can not survive!

What’s really interesting to me is that; Scientists are discovering and talking about new planets and black holes everyday! Knowing there are billions of celestial bodies and cosmic phenomenons taking place on a regular base, they will never be short of entertaining news! 

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Warns Science Need Your Money to Survive

I teach my students that; There is always a piece of truth in any jokes and for pot head born, Mister Neil Disgrace Tyson, to mention pot is a sure sign that he is infected, mostly because he is a Libra born in October! This does not mean all Libra are infested, only those who inherited an unevolved addictive Neptunian UCI!

“It’s really remarkable to see how data from nearly 50 years ago and from the [orbiter] mission has been combined to advance our understanding of the Moon while suggesting where future missions intent on studying the Moon’s interior processes should go,” said John Keller in a statement, study author and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“For me, these findings emphasize that we need to go back to the moon,” Schmerr said. “We learned a lot from the Apollo missions, but they really only scratched the surface. With a larger network of modern seismometers, we could make huge strides in our understanding of the moon’s geology. This provides some very promising low-hanging fruit for science on a future mission to the moon.”

Well my friend, just tell me how in God’s name those wasteful and costly studies are going to benefit you or your kids physically or spiritually? Reconnaissance Orbiter project is set to find out the best, safer location to build the future “Moon port” and you certainly do not want to build a landing strip on a fault zone yes?  

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Elon Musk Made Fun Of Jeff Bezos’s Moon Plans. He Wasn’t The Only One.

The two greedy, infected space billionaires have previously jousted over whose rocket is bigger and for any “normal” human beings to live in a glace container is simply absurd. Those financial projects are designed to kill the competition because the fact is: “The two greedy, infected space billionaires have previously jousted over whose EGO AND WEALTH is bigger!

Those men are reptilius infected, yet totally oblivious and under the full control of those nefarious entities cursing their body, mind and soul! This is typical, the reptilius have hijacked not only their mind but also the mind of all the scientists involved in this project!

Those greedy infected “educated idiots” fat pay checks must keep coming and further this new Blue Moon deceptive project! Those precious resources should be used to better a dying Mother Earth and its depleted precious human cargo!

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