May 2014 Full Forecast and Predictions By Dr. Turi

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This is a sample of my 2014 Moon Power produced and published over a year ago when I translated the cosmic energies preparing my VIP’s for this infamous day. I serve my VIP’s every months of the year, translating the cosmic code in my Cyber Cosmic University.

Simply scroll down to the infamous date of May 25th 2014 and imagine if the entire world had the real option to acknowledge God cosmic divinity and heed the signs… This is not modern Astrology but Nostradamus 16th century divine astrology and it works! Join us now . Indeed a day America will never forget! Be prepared for next month and the rest of the year, knowledge is power, ignorance is evil!

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When I wrote April was going to be a tough one and to expect large earthquakes I did not exaggerate anything looking at all the dramatic news unfolding on CNN! Spring storm kills dozens  Spring storm kills dozens  ‘A hurricane and tornado all in one’. To those of you who have been with us for a while there is no doubting my predictive gift and May will also bring some tough and dramatic news… Only if humanity was totally cosmic conscious peace, happiness and general security would reign on earth and this is why I am dedicated to educate the masses and battle the controlling news-media, religious and scientific educational matrixes through my Cyber Cosmic University.


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This forecast will touch everyone, please pay also attention to the  Moon Transits as they unfold.


Read  and make notes of 2014 Supernova Windows

Plan your trips away from those dates and if you must travel be very careful. I traveled the world during those windows and while I suffered frustrations, nothing really bad happened to me.  

May 2014  at a glance – Note this colourful calendar is not part of my “Divine Astrology” methodology work and used for rapid traditional dates/moon checking only.



 There is a celestial concentration of negative celestial energy bombarding the earth for a few weeks. Be extremely prudent in driving, and expect chain-reaction accidents. Be prepared for delays, strikes, and nature producing awful weather, including hurricanes and tornadoes. The same energy that produced the Titanic disaster, the Northridge, Los Angeles, and Kobe, Japan, earthquakes is approaching again. Double-check all your appointments, and if you can, postpone travelling and flying during this Supernova “window”.


Welcome to Your Day-To-Day Guidance For May 2014

May 3, 2014 — Venus enters Aries: Time to use your head not your heart in dealing with love. Aries is much too impulsive and impatient to look thought­fully into others people values or motives and some young people will get hurt in the process. On the other hand, one area that Aries won’t miss is your financial potential for sure. On a more positive note, souls born with this celestial signature will be quite artistic and extremely magnetic. His diplomatic sister Venus will tone down the aggressive and rough attitude of Mars.

 THU., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON.  — MAY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

RULERS — Mercury (Good News/Travel) and the Moon (New Beginning/Moving)

Work, Career and Business: Great news is to be expected soon in the work and career scenes, and progressive changes are on the way. Make the most of Mercury’s intellectual powers to review your business life and do some financial planning. Concentrate on everything important, and then go for it with faith. Lots of progress is ahead, make the most of this positive trend. As always drive with caution, don’t let speedy Mercury ruin your day with the police.

Partnerships: The Moon is up and happy for the next few days; do all you can to further your partnerships and if you have to, let go of your past and look for someone else. There are plenty of great souls walking this earth; just ask for your happiness and let go of the past. Use Mercury’s strength to take a trip with your partner.

Family and Friends: Your maternal instinct will show itself to your children. Share your knowledge with friends; help them to understand some of the secrets of life and make them understand their emotions, which are regulated by the Moon’s passage through each and every sign of the zodiac. The subconscious response to the moon’s fluctuations upon humans is referred as “lunatic behavior or moodiness” and right now she will make you and others feeling happy. Expect the beginning or ending of important parts of your or others’ life. Expect some surprising news from the children. A close friend needs your attention to deal with an emotional situation. Give help.

Love Affairs: Realize your limits with the wrong people, be honest with your feelings and make the needed changes. Your own future, positive or negative, is mostly based upon your decisions, and is the reincarnation of your thoughts. An old friend who lives far away may need to communicate with you, use Mercury and write those letters. The mail could bring you great news and everyone will want to talk to you. If you are a Virgo a Capricorn or a Pisces will want you. Someone born in July needs to spend some time with you very soon.

Travel and Communication: If you have to travel for business purposes, do it now and always use the two weeks following a New Moon to do so. Don’t let insecurity stop your progress, and promote important business now. Expect the mail and your telephone to bring you interesting news. Many will be going back home while others will have to go away.

Environment: The Moon’s waxing energy could induce stress on the faults, so that many people will be forced to relocate soon following natural disasters. It’s time for her to stretch herself and restructure her inside. Mars is still in Scorpio; be aware of fires and destructive emotional behaviors.

Famous Personalities: The rich and famous will be investing or planning reunions to feed the children of the world. Their artistic gifts will benefit many generous organizations. Some other crazy famous people may make surprising news trying to use Mercury’s (the press) power to gain free publicity.

Events: Expect the military to make the news or perform deeds that will aid the general public and provide relief from disasters or war areas. Nature will begin to feel agitated under this celestial manifestation.

Shopping: Buy anything that your home or garden needs. You are under the protection of the New Moon, thus signing anything related to real estate, hotels or restaurants is okay. Share my valuable forecast on or offer my Moon Power Starguide and its accurate guidance for someone’s birthday, or offer a comparison chart for a newlywed couple.

May 8, 2014 — Mercury enters Gemini: Speedy Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini. You will feel like talking about traveling or furthering your business and emotional relationships. Be prudent on the road as Mercury rules cars and speed. Many people driving with you are not aware of this celestial activity and could pay the price of their cosmic ignorance. Make good use of “Moon Power Starguide” and keep reminding yourself of this fact and your real knowledge. Your telephone will be red hot and action will be everywhere. Mercury rules all the motion parts, your arms, fingers, shoulders, etc. Don’t let him crack some of your bones because of impatience. Be prudent and be patient in all you do and you will be protected. Investing in a car after the New Moon may protect you from violent death. 

TUE., WED., THU., FRI., SAT. — MAY 6, 7, 8, 9, 10:
RULERS — The Sun (Love and Light/Children) and Mercury (Trip/Siblings)

Work, Career and Business: Don’t let the egotistic power of the Sun take over your management skills. Keep in mind that we are still human and have egos that sometimes get out of hand. Make the most of the Sun and Mercury’s revitalizing energy to further your business life. Interesting progress and surprises are on the way. You’ve been waiting for this New Moon long enough; push now.

Partnerships: We are under the white power of the Moon and you can also feel the valiant Sun’s strength light up your life and your relationships. This is the time to offer presents or flowers to those for whom you care. You should nurture happiness and feel rejuvenated; your spirit is free and happy. Use this long-awaited New Moon to your advantage; get active with life. You may hear about a birth soon.

Family and Friends: Remembrance of the he past will activate for many, and great time is ahead. Let the golden protective Sun’s rays further everything related to children, love and creativity these days. A trip to the wild or the zoo would be rejuvenating for the entire family; get your camera as those laughs and sincere smiles are priceless. With Mercury’s speed affecting the kids, and dangerous Mars in Scorpio watch over them carefully around the water. If you feel confused about a situation, Mercury will help you find the perfect words to fix the situation. Expect interesting surprises coming your way via telephone, mail or social activities. Use this powerful lunation to your advantage; get yourself in shape and do something different this weekend.

Love Affairs: Time to get active as love can be found practically anywhere, especially if you set your mind to it and participate in all events. Throwing a party will pay off for some people and love may just enter your own home. Again don’t stay home if you are invited to a gathering; the Sun may reward your heart’s desire. One of your important wishes is in the hands of a friend; don’t miss the party. If you were born in May, a Scorpio or a Virgo will be strongly attracted to you. A friend born in March or January may need your help.

Travel and Communication: Use all the beautiful words you can come up with. Everyone will sparkle with the Sun’s power. Make plans now for a trip close to the water. Let your loved ones know that you miss them and that you’ll be there soon. Travel is under the protection of the Sun but please remember the Supernova window and dangerous Mars in the deadly sign of Scorpio.

Environment: The Moon will make hard aspect to other planets these days and this will remind us of our vulnerability to the shocking destructive forces of nature. With the new Moon upon us, let’s hope no earthquakes will come to remind us that the earth is still very much alive. Trouble may be coming from an accident involving children. Again, keep your eyes open, especially close to the water.

Famous Personalities: Many new figures will show up on the entertainment field and much work will be done to produce the finest in the arts. Great movies are being made and expected to appear in the fall. Some famous actors will get in or out of business and love relationships. A famous personality will make weird news.

Events: Are you into the extraordinary? If so, go to the desert now; bring your camera, as this energy activates UFOs sightings. The Sun’s light brings the undiluted truth to whoever wants to see or experience the incredible power of the divine. Nature may do things of her own and disturb power and electronics in some areas. Be aware of Mars and children producing accidents including explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions are high on the list.

Shopping: Buy anything expensive: gold, cars, and electronics for the children. Presents bought now will bring luck to both of you. Invest in all that shows true love and you will win the heart of that person later. Now is the perfect time to invest in the light and my Astro-Psychology course and learn all about the stars.

FULL MOON — May 14, 2014 in Scorpio: Use extreme caution. The next two weeks are going to be trying and dramatic for some. Be ready for a rough journey. Disturbing news from foreign lands is to be expected. Pluto (suicide/drama/death) will bring a dance of destruction to this world where fanatic religious young souls will impose their deadly, righteous, dogmatic views on others. Powerful transformations in the world of faith and the church are ahead. The previous wake-up call provided by Pluto’s impact on the WTC on 9/11 will induce a form of awareness, but also a death and rebirth for some people. Pluto will bring to light the shameful manipulation, sexual and financial secrets of organized religions and some of their religious leaders. As always with the Lord of hell in charge of this trend, better think twice before saying or acting on impulse. Expect nature’s devastating forces to be active, and secrets, affairs of sex, and finances to be divulged. The police and blackguards will make the news. More than ever use diplomacy, as whatever you do now will have serious repercussions in your future. Time to keep a cool head and be aware in all you do or say. Pray for the souls of the poor victims and let’s hope my message gets out to the world at large this time.

Aries – News of life and death and trouble with corporate money is ahead. Be patient.

Taurus – Partnerships in business or marriage will become serious problems clean up.

Gemini – Stress and change with your health or your work, use your will and win.

Cancer – Problems with love, romance and children; don’t respond to the negative moon.

Leo – Important change at home or with the family is ahead use diplomacy you will win.

Virgo – Be aware of your words and your speech a sexual encounter could bring trouble.

Libra – Finances will cause worry, don’t hurt your self-esteem, be positive.

Scorpio – Time to use all your will to avoid drama in all areas of your life, be the Eagle.

Sagittarius – Let go of your past, a secret will come to light and good change is ahead.

Capricorn – Sad news and secrets from friends will bother you, be strong.

Aquarius – A setback to your career but so much more for you. See through it.

Pisces – A study or a trip will become stressful and wake up calls from a foreigner.

* * * * *

Note: Pluto is back with us; be VERY careful of what you say, where you go and what you do! Unaware police officers and/or criminals will meet with their death. Many other unprepared souls will pay the ultimate price by losing their precious lives and this could be you too. Please DO take my heed VERY seriously! Plutonic windows dates depict EXTREME criminal activity and police VULNERABILITY. No one is safe when EVIL reigns on earth! The full year of SOS deadly Plutonic window dates are available to my VIP’s Cosmic Code subscribers only. Please read Plutonic Deadly Window – THE DO’s AND DON’Ts. Is your life worth this VIP subscription? Call us anytime for information at 602-265-7667. Join us ASAP. Sign up NOW!


Read the Do’s and Dont’s

* * * * *

Shame to Light
Life Death Reality Strike
Battle Of God Power Ugly
Evil Lead men’s Tainted Spirit
Quatrain Written by Dr. Turi
Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA /
Mob/Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers.


SUN., MON., TUE., WED. — MAY: 11, 12, 13, 14:
RULERS — Venus (Passion/love) and Pluto (Death/Drama/Sex)

Work, Career and Business: With the waning Moon and Pluto in charge, be ready for dramatic repercussions in your life towards the weekend.  Let’s hope this trend will not touch you directly, but if it does you will need to be strong and realize the harshness of life.  You may also find out your real limits about your life’s situation.  Now is the time to review all your accomplishments and the reasons for your failures. Accept the upcoming changes with grace.  You will be forced out of a situation where you do not belong and you should be thankful for your intuition.  Meditate on improving your future.

Partnerships:  Finances will play an important part in your life now.  Be practical in all your expenses; you are advised not to overspend.  The lucky souls will receive very expensive presents; some good-hearted people will offer them.  As always with Pluto in charge promises made now could be dramatic.  Just wait patiently for the next New Moon to invest in your future.  Churches all over will be busy planning to accommodate many pious souls for fast approaching Xmas.  Answering to Pluto in Sagittarius, the Christmas spirit is now getting stronger and the world will feel compassionate and loving for all his victims.

 Family and Friends: Many will make plans to travel to visit friends and family members.  Expect news from all over, as new plans must be set to accommodate visitors.  Your family from afar will let you know how much they love and miss you.  The circle of friends will be extremely busy as we are making early plans to enjoy the past.  With Santa Claus in the mind, children get more excited and will be somehow be difficult to handle.  Pluto will make everyone passionate and restless.  Don’t expect much diplomacy around, as people will become susceptible to your comments.  Control emotions and watch the goings on in the house, especially if children are around.  A great time is ahead of you if you listen to your intuition.  As always, if a stranger is brought to your house, be aware of his motives.  Drama is bound to strike a family somewhere, don’t be one of Pluto’s victims.

Love Affairs: A mixture of Pluto and Venus will transform you into a walking magnet. The potential for secret affairs or sexual intercourse is high on the list of things during the weekend.  The planet of love could make you too friendly or trusting while mysterious Pluto and his sensual charisma will bring passion and danger to you.  Stay clear of alcohol and use your intuition at all times.  The Moon is still waning (negative); avoid trouble.  If you are a water or an earth sign, you may be experiencing some stress with love, be patient it will pass soon.

Travel and Communication: As you know, Pluto rules passion, the crooks and the police force.  News pertaining to the police will always appear during his ruling days.  It is my aspiration with my students and my books, to communicate this knowledge in the future to the police academies.  Pluto’s impact upon our courageous police officers is lethal; and in the name of ignorance from their superiors, many suffer early and wasteful deaths.  In the future, when “ridicule” is cast aside, Police Executives will be forewarning their officers to the influence of the Plutonic impact upon their dangerous careers. Locating the destructive power of Pluto transpiring in the natal profile of a potential murderer can be identified with Astropsychology.  Knowledge is power and there is no room for ignorance especially with the police force.

Environment: Pluto will induce drama and could disturb the earth’s belly, producing a bad earthquake.  As usual with Pluto in charge, be ready for many interesting secrets to surface and remember to keep quiet. CNN 03/29/05 -FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida The police always makes the news under Pluto’s power such as (AP) — A police officer who stopped a doctor for speeding on his way to deliver a baby, and then took him to the maternity ward in handcuffs, has agreed to an unpaid suspension for lack of judgment. CNN 03/29/05 – Indonesian officials report 330 people are dead on the islands of Nias and Simeulue off Sumatra from Monday’s quake.

Famous Personalities: A famous personality will be called to God and many will miss the soul.  A powerful reminder of our own mortality is ahead, this is the signature of Pluto’s regular jurisdiction upon our lives.  Note when a soul is born with a Dragon’s Tail in Aries as was Mr. Kennedy, 39, son of the late U.S. Sen. Robert Kennedy. That soul is prone to experience a violent death.  He died New Year’s Eve (1997) in a skiing accident in Aspen, Colorado.  You may order my book, “Power of the Dragon,” from to find the location of your own natal dragon.

Events: Under Pluto’s explosive power, in 1988, at American Pacific’s plant near Henderson — Pacific Engineering & Production Co. of Nevada, or PEPCON — a series of colossal explosions left two dead, injured 300 and caused $75 million in damage. Clark County fire investigators blamed the blasts on welders, cramped storage, messy conditions and wind.  Company officials disputed those contentions.  Shortly after that, the company moved the operation to Iron County, Utah, and renamed it Western Electrochemical.  Pluto stirs man’s animal tendencies and causes the infinite forces of good and evil to constantly tease each other.   Don’t trust anyone and be aware of the police.  Fact: Controlled by Pluto, the planet of death and drama, the highest suicide rate is to be found within the police force.  Expect this type of news soon:  BALTIMORE (AP) — Five women were found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in a home Sunday night, and police were searching for four suspects, officers said.  The shootings capped an unusually violent weekend in the city, where 10 people were killed since Friday.  FORT GIBSON, Oklahoma (CNN) — A 13-year-old boy firing a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun wounded four classmates at their rural Oklahoma middle school before being subdued and taken into custody, police said.  The victims were taken to hospitals; their injuries did not appear life threatening

Shopping: Only second-hand shopping or well advertised sales will give you the best deals in town.  Better wait for the New Moon for super deals.  Do not invest in dangerous toys for your children; with Pluto signature, they could get hurt.  Give old toys to unfortunate children.

THU., FRI., SAT., SUN. — MAY 15, 16, 17, 18:
RULERS — Jupiter (Foreign Grounds) and Saturn (Government)

Work, Career and Business: Jupiter’s positive energy will help restore faith and new opportunities in your life. You could use this trend to gather your thoughts and get close to God in your local church or in nature and enjoy the wildness. Keep your notion of life clean; avoid poisoning your future with negative attitudes. Pray for the world, for the children of the future. Many of those restorative thoughts are needed, then slowly but surely a healing process will take place. With the New Moon upon us you may begin to see the light. Signing important documents is okay while the moon is still waxing, and valuable opportunities are on the way. Be ready for the beginning or ending of important parts of your life.

Partnerships: A new business partner wants to share a great plan with you; it probably is! Don’t rush. Listen to your intuition before and add your own creative force in the process. A foreigner could also enter the scenery and the meeting could positively affect your future. Avoid tensions this weekend about a specific project or trip. Nothing can really stop you if you mean business. Keep a positive attitude.

Family and Friends: Friends will be active and many will be requesting your presence. Do not refuse invitations. The waxing Moon through your great friends can still grant many of your wishes. You may plan to throw your own party with some good friends this weekend. Keep your eyes open for an older person with good deals or kind words to offer. Kids sense that they are the center of attention, be patient with their demands. If Mom is far away, she may call you; don’t dwell on the past and avoid gossip. Be happy. Don’t let other people’s trouble upset you, and all will be fine.

Love Affairs: Socialize with friends and have faith in the stars. You will feel positive away from home with the people around you. They will enjoy your company and one of your wishes may come true. Avoid impulsive actions where romance is concerned and drive carefully on your way back home during the late hours. Do not fall victim to Saturn’s gloomy power; forget about your responsibility, go out, meet new people and expect a lot. If you’re born in January or September, your magnetism will be high and you could find love. The future has better to offer, so put a big smile on your face and be confident. Progressive changes are ahead; be patient and participate in life. If you were born in August, someone born in April, or an Aquarius or Gemini could be strongly attracted to you.

Travel and Communication: Saturn rules old people and parts of your past. Take care of the old people you love. Make these days’ good ones, as those folks might not be around for the next cycle. Some will plan to travel far this weekend, and some just around town to meet their pasts. Be aware of early celebrations as people could drink too much and drive dangerously. Stay safe and watch the roads. Many will find themselves with car problems or stuck in airports. City workers may also decide to cut off traffic making you late for work.

Events: Jupiter may decide to entertain us with some new from foreign powers. Under Saturn’s power, people challenge governmental structure. For instance a few years ago the news reported that many Taliban fighters asserted authority in northern Afghanistan. Warlord Dostum flees to Turkey. Taliban fighters moved swiftly Sunday to assert their authority over this northern stronghold, whose capture nearly completed a three-year campaign to unite Afghanistan under the white flag of the radical Islamic army.

Famous Personalities: The rich and famous will busy themselves to alleviate pain in the world.

Events: A political person may make surprising news. Be ready for startling news from a foreign land soon. The Middle East, Mexico or a Spanish-speaking country needs help.

Shopping: Invest in traveling or learning a foreign language, and you will have a rewarding time ahead of you. Use Jupiter’s philosophical values to improve your consciousness, or plan to start an important study. Invest in anything for your pet. 

* * * * *

May 29, 2014 — Mercury enters Cancer: The Lord of communication in the sign of home and family will instigate worries about home, food and general security. Be aware of children sensitivity and hopeful at all times. On a more productive note, use this powerful planet to find a way to communicate and provide security to your loved one or use your mental power for any real estate task. Souls born with this celestial gift will be geared into general security and will own a powerful intuition. This Mercury position breed real estate icons and the moon fluctuations seriously afflict their judgments and feelings. They are all strongly suggested to watch the moon whereabouts in the Zodiac Moon Power Starguide as the perfect tool to do so. They also need to check on their personal Dragon dates for any and all endeavors.

 * * * * *


Shock Surprise Nature Upset
Down Under Up Above Water Fire Kill
Heavens Deep Earth Wakes At Night
Ring In Fire Spit Science Wonder

* * * * *

MON., TUE., WED., THU., FRI. — MAY 19, 20, 21, 22, 23:
RULERS — Uranus (Explosions) Neptune (Deception)

Work, Career and Business: Do not expect to make much progress for a while; many of your plans will fall apart. Listen to other people’s stories; the stars affect everybody and they may come up with interesting, even surprising news. Be ready to invest in some appliances or equipment. Saturn will help you make some great adjustments after careful planning. Wait for the next New Moon for more progress.

Partnerships: With Uranus in charge, anything and everything unusual can happen and with a waning Moon (negative) upon us, do not expect great news. Restaurants will be busy; better make reservations if you don’t want to be turned down. However, any changes should be accepted with faith in yourself and the new future. Be patient with everyone, as Uranus may make them eccentric and Saturn depressed. Avoid drinking at night.

Family and Friends: An opportunity to meet with some family members you have not seen for a while will be given to you by this lunation. The past will come alive again and an old friend will reappear soon. A person who owes you money sincerely wants to repay, but may be in such a difficult set of circumstances that he can’t. Be patient as he may repay you in a different way. A friend who has invited himself and who has been a house guest for a while may need a little push to get him out of your domicile. Providing help is great, but let people know your limits.

Love Affairs: Be ready for the incredible to happen; if you are in a karmic relation-ship, changes are needed. Friends may fall in love with other friends or mistake love for friendship. An old love or an old friend long gone will reappear in your life soon. If you were born under any of the water signs expect needed changes. If you are a Libra, a Leo friend needs to talk to you and someone born in April or February needs to understand you. A friend born in June might fall for you.

Travel and Communication: A business trip or an invitation may lead you to many good contacts from the past. However, you might have problems getting to the given address and may get lost a few times. Be patient, as you will still have plenty of time to play and enjoy yourself with various unusual people. For paranormal investigators, now is the time to look for UFOs in secluded places. Don’t forget your video camera; you may be sorry if you are not ready when Uranus is willing to display the secret of extraterrestrial intelligence. Stay clear from tall trees and posts to avoid lightning; many people met with their deaths in stormy Uranus trends.

Environment: General electronic failures or viruses could produce aeronautic disasters soon.

Famous Personalities: Very surprising behavior or news will come from the rich and famous. Disturbing and sad news about a famous child could reach the media. Fire and electrocution are also high on the list; be aware.

Events: Uranus loves accidents and explosions; under his power expect surprising and original pieces of news such as: Four people died when a Marine Corps electronic warfare plane went down in the desert. It was the third military plane crash in two days. Two teenagers were killed when a butane pipeline broke and exploded in northeast Texas Saturday. Lastly I gave the date of August 18th on my newsgroup and asked the readers to be prepared for “electronic failures.” On the exact date (posted months earlier) NASA shuttle lost his main computer in space and made international news. The costly loss of the Mars probe took place under this disturbing Uranian energy. Watch the children at all time.

Shopping: This is not a time to purchase new electronic equipment or plan a long voyage by air to a foreign land. As always, Uranus rules the future, and his psychic powers can be used through your trusted local psychic or astrologer. Second-hand shopping of Hi-tech will pay off for some.

* * * * *

SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — MAY 24, 25, 26, 27:
RULERS — Mars (Danger/Men) and Venus (Docile/Women) Read the Do’s and Dont’s

Work, Career and Business: The Moon is still waning (negative) so think twice before committing to an investment program. A powerful hunch might save you trouble if you are unsure about a person or a business scheme. Don’t let Mars affect your judgment; be patient with everyone around. Expect upsetting financial news; don’t let it get to you, you can only do so much. The future will offer better opportunities. Wait patiently for the next New Moon; right now just clean up and reorganize.

Partnerships: As usual with Mars’ aggressive personality, expect all sorts of trouble with partnerships. As always with the Lord of war around these days, you are seriously advised to use discretion in all you do or mention to avoid serious complications. Keep in mind that the Moon is waning (negative) so don’t expect progress in any of your endeavors for now. Finish up a project or re-evaluate a situation, but most of all be patient.

Family and Friends: A difficult trend is taking place; do not let it get to you. Use your will and look for happy people. Moon Power Starguide is preparing you for this type of celestial affliction; take a passive attitude and all will go your way. Use Venus’ loving touches with practical advice to provide spiritual help to those you care for, but realize your limits. You need your own spiritual strength to face those tough stars and you can do it.

Love Affairs: Expect some secrets to be divulged, especially the ones related to sex or financial scandals. Venus’ gentle nature will reward you if you use her diplomatic, loving powers to smooth things out. Better stay home and enjoy good food during the late hours. A great movie with the one you care about this weekend is your best shot. Many will fall prey to con artists and weird sexual endeavors. If you are a Virgo someone born in March, a Taurus or a Capricorn could be looking for you. A Cancer friend will give you good advice, but do not complain too much if you want to save your friendship. Stay clear of alcohol consumption.

Travel and Communication: The people of your past will soon show up. After the Full Moon always stay clear of suspicious deals. Deal with the people you know and avoid dangerous dark alleys. Keep your eyes open and your personal alarm (intuition) on all the time. Mars rules man’s animal instincts and he could stimulate one of his aggressive children (Mars in bad aspect) to hurt you, given the occasion. With any trouble on the highway, stay inside your car with the doors secured. Many violent crimes have been reported during this type of energy, especially when drugs or alcohol are involved; take no chances.

Environment: Soft Venus will try to stop her violent brother Mars and his friend Pluto from stirring the earth’s entrails and producing earthquakes, explosions, volcanoes and disasters. In time of a waning Moon and with a Supernova window in action she might not have much influence. Be ready for destruction from both Pluto and the red planet, Mars, “The Lord of War.”

Famous Personalities: This same type of energy has taken the lives of many famous people, sometimes dramatically. Drama, sex, and scandals of all sorts will go public and may induce suicidal tendencies in some prominent people. Stay clear of any chemicals and be aware around the water.

Events: Mars is like Pluto in some ways and will stimulate the villains; expect them to be nasty and active during this trend. Again, do not trust strangers and do not put yourself in any situation that could make you a potential victim. The police will make disturbing news and many officers will be dispatched to cool off situations, especially those of domestic violence. If you are in law enforcement, beware; Mars or Pluto could hurt you; don’t take any chances.

Shopping: Do not deal with finances these days. Avoid investing in tools or sharp instruments. Some will get bad news from their creditors and bank accounts or credit cards will be a source of trouble. Do not open a bank account now; the negative energy will induce unneeded financial stress in your life.

May 28, 2014 — Mercury enters Gemini: Speedy Mercury enters his own sign of Gemini.  You will feel like talking about traveling or furthering your business and emotional relationships.  Be prudent on the road as Mercury rules cars and speed.  Many people driving with you are not aware of this celestial activity and could pay the price of their cosmic ignorance.  Make good use of “Moon Power” and keep reminding yourself of this fact and your real knowledge.  Your telephone will be red hot and action will be everywhere.  Mercury rules all the motion parts, your arms, fingers, shoulders, etc.  Don’t let him crack some of your bones because of impatience.  Be prudent and be patient in all you do and you will be protected.  Investing in a car after the New Moon may protect you from violent death or serious accident.

May 28, 2014 — Venus enters Taurus: Souls born with this celestial gift will need emotional security at all times. Unless the partner is solid and strong insecurity will bring about a swift break. Great ability is often found in money-making schemes, the arts, poetry, writing, photography and drawing. A natural zest for diplomacy and diplomacy is often found with this position. The soul could also marry wealthy and operate in an artistic environment during the course of this reincarnation. Expect presents, love and general uplifting news where your Venus transits your housing system. This is a perfect time to concentrate on improving your wardrobe and shape the body, invest in your desire for beauty and perfection.  Souls born now will be possessive in matters related to love, and lucky with money.

As the Bull is stubborn, many of them will have to detect wrong relationships and learn to let go and trust again.  This is the ideal celestial position to invest in an artistic study. Empower yourself with spirituality and display your creativity to the world. Souls born now will inherit natural gifts in music and the arts.  This is a top position to become a leader in the artistic fields for some. When well assisted by other celestial bodies, this is a perfect position for total commitment and endless love. This position makes for one of the most beautiful woman of the Zodiac.  A sincere gift in loving, creating and a distinguished magnetism will lead her to a successful career. These souls were born to reach emotional, financial and spiritual security, teach genuine love and be loved back.  A top position involving financial security, communication, writing, and success in any artistic fields is offered to these lucky souls.

New Moon — May 28, 2014 in Gemini: Now is the perfect time to start any intellectual pursuit, begin or finish a book, learn photography, a foreign language, find a publisher and communicate your feelings to all.  With the new Moon upon us soon, you may plan to invest in a new car or anything related to communication. Traveling and foreigners will play important parts of this lunation.  Plans made to travel under this New Moon will bring excitement and many wishes.  On a larger scale, combined with the New Moon, witty Mercury will help in promoting better relations with other countries around the world.

 Lunation impact on all signs:

Aries – A letter or a telephone call will make you happy soon. Your sibling needs you.

Taurus – Great news involving money or a business endeavor is on the way.

Gemini – The Moon shines on you, make the most of it, you’re lucky for a while.

Cancer – A secret will come your way but don’t talk too much about it later.

Leo – One of your wishes will come true because of a friend, good news ahead.

Virgo – Your career gets you very busy, lots of opportunity in communication. Write.

Libra – Good news from far away and a gambling trip will bring luck.

Scorpio – Corporate money, a contract, legacy, and a deep spiritual study is coming.

Sagittarius – A new business or emotional relationship is about to start.

Capricorn – Your health and your work will improve and good opportunities are ahead.

Aquarius – Love and creativity are on the way, good news from the children.

Pisces – A change of residency or a new set of wheels will make you happy.

WED., THU., FRI., SAT. — MAY 28, 29, 30, 31:

RULERS — Mercury (News/transportation) and the Moon (Important Changes):

Work, Career and Business: The blessings of a waxing moon are with us for a few more days; you should fight lethargy and depressions. Be confident, as much needed change is ahead for you and those you care. You may also consider using Mercury’s mental agility to pass on new ideas to improve your business or communicate with the family. You could use these waning days to re-write or plan new advertisements or publicity. The telephone will be particularly busy but the news could be depressive. Don’t leave the office upset you do not need to bring stress at home.  Stay active and be mentally alert.

Partnerships: Dealing with others has and will always be a challenge for us all. Some of you have learnt hard lessons and the scars take time to heal; don’t re-open them again. Move on to better ground, the future has always better to offer.  Keep a positive attitude in your conversations and promote only the great times of your past. Some karmic souls will have to experience a rebirth of their relationships. Whatever unfolds, accept the changes with confidence; the truth is that, life is a constant process of change and it always seems to be for the better.

Family and Friends: Mercury is fast and rules communication, so expect family members to get in touch with you via mail or telephone.  Some will be invited to enjoy great cooking at their friend’s homes. “The messenger of the Gods” loves to talk and throw jokes all over.  Control Mercury’s desire to exaggerate and do not fall for the negative things you may hear now. Keep in mind that your friends have the potential to fulfill all your wishes; get active in the social arena after the new Moon. As always, you might have a karmic debt with a long-standing friend; if so, you may have to experience annoyance. Try to clear it all up and you’ll win the person back.

Love Affairs: Be ready for the beginning or ending of important love phases of your love life. Keep your eyes and ears open on the people you know as the Moon affects everybody.  If you were born in July, someone much older or younger than you born in March, November or January will be attracted to you.  A friend may bring you sad news soon.

Travel and Communication: Use Mercury’s mental powers accordingly. Time to write those letters, as Mercury improves your mental faculties.  He will reward you favorably if you decide to invest in your education or start a book after the upcoming new moon. Control his strong desire to be a “chatterbox,” and save money on your telephone bill.  Mercury rules transportation and general motion; he also makes people restless on the road. Under his command you should be a defensive driver. It’s time to plan for your future travels, or visit parts of the world via great books.  Wait for the next New Moon to launch the trip.  You’ll be glad to know and respect God’s Universal Laws.

Environment: We are coming into a Full Moon period soon and some states will experience severe weather systems. If you are into videotaping lightning, storms, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc., be ready for those soon. Some will see the beginning or ending of dramatic times. This may force thousands of people to relocate.   Be ready for disturbing news soon that will force thousands of people to flee nature’s destructive forces. Check my website regularly for additional predictions and to read my quatrains. This book works in conjunction with my home page as to teach you how to read Moon Power accurately.

Famous Personalities: Much too close to the next Full Moon for comfort next week end, thus some famous artist or important political figure will experience shame with love, and their children will be directly affected.

Events: Prominent political personalities either from the Russia, US, France or Japan will make an important announcement. The government may come up with drastic news or decisions that could affect many families in the future. Let’s hope for the best.

Shopping: Invest faithfully in anything to clean the house or the office. Equipment purchased now will bring trouble to its owner. This is a perfect time to take care of your car. Mercury also rules literature and great deals on old books will be available under its influence.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.”
— Genesis 1:14 in King James Version of The Bible

Let me lead you back home in the stars above where, as a child of the universe you came from…

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring man a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony.
— Dr. Turi

Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom

–   Paracelsus

Be safe and watch the signs!

Dr. Turi is available for any and all teaching and astrological material.


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12/22/2012  Humanity Stars its Spiritual Journey

“The future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts” humankind, as of yet does not understand its serious implications and its accumulated applications.  Thus I choose the “DAY AFTER” or December 22nd, 2012 as Dr. Turi’s Universal day of prayer marking the awakening of the power of enlightenment, common sense and the liberation of the human spirit from fear.

On this day NOTHING dramatic will take place, instead a very constructive celestial energy will bless humanity.

The Universal gates will open  offering humanity  a  push a rare chance to finally connect with the Divine marking the END of the Age of Pisces (religions/deception/misinformation) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (UFO/humanitarian/the truth/the Cosmic Code.) Then, slowly but surely, Jesus’ true spiritual celestial Ministry will be reinstated. Humankind’s cosmic awareness of “Our Father In The Heavens” and God’ signs will be taught and used by all his children of the world promising the long awaited Universal spiritual rebirth of Humanity.

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God’s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Only when science finally honor the word science itself and investigate the “Divine” a real chance will be offered to the rest of mankind to uplift its perception and working of the Universe. Love, respect peace and harmony depend in understanding and respecting God’s highest celestial orders cloaked in the “Universal Code”. The truth of life and the Universe cannot originate from ONE solitary foundation; it’s all about a complex range of integration of all things at once”.

Dr. Turi

The greatness of the Universe is unknown, but the magnetic forces that direct and move all the planets in our galaxy are known; this Divine source of power can be used to guide and bring humankind a life filled with happiness, peace and harmony.

Dr. Turi 

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