Dr. Turi Versus Ripoff and Lies

“Dr.” Louis Turi Startheme publications Inc. ASTRO-, So-Called, ‘Psychologist’/ ASTROLOGER/author/webinar speaker-? Teacher??*”scam-artist” phoenix, Arizona

Dear Readers;

First how many “ripoff” artists you know got so many endorsers?   Jealous reptilius infected subhumans will get to great lengths to hurt those they are envious of! This is the price to pay when you own a name and real talent!

Laine Behnsen is one of Dr. Turi’s Internet enemies dedicated to hurt my work and my integrity. She left her evil droppings on http://www.ripoffreport.com/-dr-louis-turi/astrologers-psychics/phoenix-arizona-09821.htm – The fact is; regardless of the amount of mental services offered, there are people bordering dementia that can not be helped period.  But there are no accidents for her to behave so obnoxiously, and through the debate,  the reader is about to learn the tremendous negative pull of a Hidden Taurus ($$$$) Dragon’s Tail (negative.)

Note also her natal Dragon’s Tail is in the sign of Capricorn (Head of Evil/the manipulator) RIGHT in her second house of money and self esteem.  This is enough information for any of my students to realize the problem is all about money and ego!  Most of my Internet cosmic unconscious enemies are at war with themselves and the world at large, they were born to fail accepting their intellectual shortcomings and are usually quite envious of other people financial / emotional success. In fact Laine is reading this newsletter and she is about to get the FREE Astropsychology reading she requested and deserve!

With so much impact in the money and self esteem house it is obvious that Laine lost all her possessions a few times in life and with it, her self esteem. This makes her much more insecure and she subconsciously associate me for the reason of all her failures and financial stress. This is a common and expected reaction only smart readers and my students will appreciate. Anyone endorsing her rants vibrates at her speed or shares the same unlucky Dragon placement. Become an Astropsychologist learn all about what it means to be human.

Laine was born 12/01/1963 under the sign of Sagittarius thus before proceeding read her sign characteristics and I hope she will pay attention to this particular section.

“The young Sagittarius soul is too concerned with finances and must learn to give so that he may receive help from the accumulated good karma. You must adapt to the saying, “to be a millionaire, you must act and think like one.”” 

author/webinar speaker-?

 It seems Laine Behnsen did not participate nor read the incredible positive results of my latest webinar speaking engagement  http://www.drturi.com/dr-turis-global-teleclass-results/ or read the endless chain of positive endorsements  from more perceptive healthy minds and my many students.

The reality is, since 1991 I have helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide and before the Internet was invented, over the years I amassed enough wonderful letters that would beat her  heavy weight… In my rebuttals to clear my name I will also offer some Astropsychology tips to the readers – Taurus Tail are known to eat a lot when frustrated and the BULL own big bones and big appetite. The animal has an obnoxious fixity of purpose and when challenged, will behave as such. But the Matador *Dr. Turi,  is much faster/smarter and the raging bull always lose…

If you take the time to click on any of the provided links above, I already made my claim and cleared my name, but with 4,490,000 Google results why would I even mention Laine’s desperate actions and promote her rants? Because I am using her insanity at my advantage to offer the real truth to the people who do not know me. Have you heard of “keeping your friends close but your enemies closer?”

Today’ search engines are very sophisticated, by duplicating her lies, ignorance and total nonsense, this eye opening Cosmic Code newsletter will join the thousands of others I already have  on the Internet,  thus JUSTIFICATION and the truth always prevail… So please first  read about her frustration then my rebuttals on a similar case later on…

Note Laine was born with a Gemini Moon (the chatter box) and it is impossible to deny this fact when reading her very long nonsensical saturated rants…

This Man is THE WORST type of crook I have EVER encountered. Not only did I not receive Most of the long list of promised information I paid more than $300 for –

DT: Rebuttal: First lie, she did not pay the full price, in fact, like all Taurus/Capricorn greedy Tail, the soul will act only if money can be saved!

Continued – but the reading, supposedly about ME (that he actually dared to put in a recorded format, promising information at the end that never came and was far-short of the established length-of-the-reading) – was one inflated ‘self’-promotion after another.

DT: Rebuttal: It seems her ego is on the way…The capitalized “ME  speaks for itself, did you notice it?  Owning an uncontrolled / unconscious Capricorn Dragon’s Tail means the soul’s ego is enormous.The soul is usually cursed in all affairs involving career matters  and bring only stress and problems to the institution/corporation – More on the “inflated ‘self’-promotion content later on, meantime the stars do not lie and Pope Benedictine owns the same Dragon’s Tail…

Was he the right man for the job?

As the troubled papacy of Benedict XVI limps to a close, it appears very possible that the rule describes Ratzinger’s eight years at the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Yes the Pope was born with the same cursed Capricorn (accomplishments) Dragon Tail *negative  as Laine… Of course I do not expect the Pope, Laine, the scientific community and  99.09% of the world to relate to such an obvious fact when cosmic consciousness is missing…

This Dragon magnetize failures, stress and endless challenges until the Illuminati reading my work, finally acknowledged my pearls of wisdom and finally “fired” the Pope.  All the vital information about the Pope “dismissal” is offered to my VIP’s but rare is the curious smart human being wanting to know more. Its all there for  the others…

Cosmic Coders Only

Cosmic Coders Only

Continued – *It actually started with an Emphatic disclaimer that you wouldn’t get your money back – time to worry, right?- if you felt the content wasn’t substantial enough for your “level” of understanding -which was central to the talent he claimed to be able to reveal about you. ( it was obvious a lot of people want their money back).

DT: Rebuttal: Again, Laine’s  Taurus ($$$$) Dragon’s Tail (negative) induces an inborn insecurity complex, she is focusing on money instead of my pearls of wisdom. More on this money Dragon later on… Keep reading her rants.

Continued – He claimed my level of understanding was so high that I required no real “education” – that I could throw out all the books and re-write them…excepting in his case, of course: he felt that He was the right teacher to guide me into my success & wealth, which I was urged I should then share “with Dr. Turi” because my downfall would be in Not sharing. ( I am considered a ‘teacher’ of the highest level in some of these areas, but the thing is – why didn’t he adjust his information, accordingly, and give me something worth-while? Though he claims his style of astrology is so rare and special  that an introduction is required, I never asked, nor paid for, Just an introductory session with the ‘un-told’ requirement to become a full-time student(and customer) if I were to get anything out of his “gift”.I bought “a Full-Life Reading”. 

DT: Rebuttal:  After dealing with her obnoxious condescending threats a few times, I gathered she did not going to take the truth about herself too well, I realized her bruised ego was in need of serious pampering, thus I told her she was “an advanced” spiritual being who would learn faster outside of traditional education, but she obviously re-arranged my words to fit her lies.   “I am considered a ‘teacher’ of the highest level in some of these areas) enunciate her huge “know better” ego and I wonder why she would ask to learn anything from me?  This is her way to battle her own inferiority / superiority complex and the introduction she never ask/paid for is a vital part needed to assimilate Astropsychology unique housing system.

Continued – I still don’t know where the ‘hours’-long “reading” or the dozens of pages of written information went, but when I expressed my shock at the complete lack of content as compared to what was offered, he asserted that I had to pay more to get not only the information already bought & paid-for – but for the “V.I.P. upgrade” that I had also been promised with my purchase; thus it was somehow my fault he hadn’t given me what he’d promised. 

DT: Rebuttal:  The introductory paperwork clearly mention that my work is about quality no quantity and offers the client the option to request the full report via email. Terania did email her the 30 pages she requested. Note also every client of mine becomes VIP for free where I generate a tremendous amount of work, elaborated horoscopes, Moon transits,  and the endless teachings of the Cosmic Code. In fact the public can now go to the Cosmic Code website http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com and digest 1257 articles I wrote so far, thus she got much more than the “dozens of pages of written information” she bargained for! It is obvious that she is not short of FREE material and FREE teaching and all she want is the cake and eat it too!

Continued – UNBELIEVABLE gall! When I complained of what I thought had to be a gross misunderstanding, as I had been CLEAR on the fact that I was Not interested in ‘basic’ information; that I was already very self-knowledgeable and was looking for counsel on relationships with two other people;(IF This Could be done?)

DT: Rebuttal: While I usually offer basic  information on other people brought in the consultation, she primarily paid for herself and she had impractical expectations wanting me to perform FULL readings on 3 people and refused to pay more money for me to spend the time needed to produce a good quality work. Laine Behnsen is so stuck up she even called the police and gave us the badge number of the poor detective. We of course kept her insane threatening messages where she mentioned talking to the FBI she left on our answering service. Indeed a very disturbed lost soul…

Continued – – as well as the fact that I was unemployed and without the means to throw out money unless for the serious help-and tailored advice I was looking for – not only was he too arrogant & certain of his-self to listen to me, but assured me he could help me with “more answers than I could ask questions”  I thought he must be very good, though I quickly changed my mind after reading his stuff on line but it was too late.  In lieu of a correction, of any kind, the response to my complaints came from (Dr?) Turi’s wife – a ‘student’ of his, who had gone into my personal ‘data’, and, contradicting Turi, entirely, with her own re-interpretations, assessed & condemned me as likely “drinking myself to death”; “headed for  mental institution”; “without any friends”; and that none of my wishes were coming true.

DT: Rebuttal: Anyone who truly know my  wife Terania would know she was out of patience and exhausted her natural diplomatic, sensitive nature.  In fact those were my words, not Terania, anyone can depict her considerate nature by reading the very long emails she write to cater normal clients’ questions and requests.

Its all there – http://www.cosmiccode.drturi.com/forum/topics/terania-s-shared-e-mails-part-5

Continued –  Now, isn’t that compassionate and professional, not to mention ‘intelligent’, coming from people who claim to be teachers and healers?  When I pointed out the complete lack of ethics & morality of taking someone’s money for guidance and using personal information to try to devastate & attack another human being, at the most vulnerable level, not to mention the psychological risk – remember this guy claims to be an “astro-‘PSYCHOLOGIST”, you know those guys who’re highly Educated & motivated to ‘Help’&’Heal’ — it was completely Lost on the both of them. They had their money, after all, and weren’t giving it back for anything, DESPITE MRS. TURI’S URGING ME TO “NOT BLOW THE WHISTLE” ON HER HUSBAND. (a pure admission of guilt). 

DT: Rebuttal: Anyone listening to us on the radio realize we RADIATE compassion and integrity and our success is based upon maintaining ethics and deliver real good services. Yes we are in demand, very successful and loved by the majority but our spiritual essence and all the attributes mentioned above conflicted with a young, greedy, insecure soul.  Again I  am the one who urged Terania to relax because blowing the whistle on me can only backfire on her, there is no guilt there at all. We are untouchable, we are protected by the light and the angels above  because we are giving much too much more to people like Laine Behnsen who still want more!


Continued – Trying to convince TURI of any wrong-doing only encouraged more slanderous attacks on my mental health and some very sick & disturbed e-mails, one which came from his address, with someone elses’ name signed to it, telling me to go F–K myself. Though my mental health was stable enough to withstand attacks that could easily have ruptured someone if they WERE that unstable, and would traumatize most average persons -especially after giving up a month of groceries’$, not mention entrusting a a so-called “professional”, albeit, ‘stranger for ‘help’.  I would give this man the award for the lowest-level morality, and ethically-devoid and professionally-confused person I have ever been involved with, and there are a lot out there.


DT: Rebuttal: As a rule when someone purposely forget the title I own after so many years of good services it exposes a huge inferiority complex.  Note also the way she spelled groceries’$, with a dollar sign or the signature of her insecure Taurus Dragon’s Tail! Yes it is ALL about money with her!   How many time Laine mentioned or referred to money? Yes the stars do not lie and her Taurus ($$$$ money $$$mce_markernbsp;Dragon’s Tail (negative) spoke of the true values and services I offer my fellow human beings. But will she ever be able to auto analyze herself correctly?

As a rule I would let it pass but she went overboard by trying to tarnish my wife’s character and actions and this is a big NO NO that reflects the consequences to bring all this dirt public! We are public, we have nothing to hide and  I always warn my enemies to develop a very thick skin if they dare to attack us, I do have a lot of supporters that would love to tell how they feel… This Terania’s last email that I feel should also be made public and I am sorry I forgot to remove Laine’s email address…

On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 4:19 PM, laine behnsen <behnsen.laine@gmail.comwrote: in case your dim-witted wife missed the point & message of my phone call: STOP sending me any & ALL e-mails or I will follow up as one would do with any criminal harassment process, which is the same over the internet.

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Terania Turi <teraniapromodir@gmail.com> Date: Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 5:59 PM

Subject: Re: This has now become a “harassment issue”

To: laine behnsen <behnsen.laine@gmail.com>

Excuse me, who are you to call me dim-witted Laine?… I stopped e-mailing you long ago and told you to it would be best to go else where with your obstacles, because you can’t get it and obviously don’t understand how to follow directions. We stole nothing…You willingly paid for a service that our website and I  fully explained  you would receive and if you wanted further guidance it would require more time and money as any appropriate business would do.

 Please STOP sending me and my husband e-mails and calling from a private number listening and then hanging up — or speaking when you choose, to only threaten us…Because to me, that is ridiculous etiquette.

Mrs. Turi


As you know being a man of true and integrity, I do not only offer links for positive endorsements but also share to the world anything that is being said about my work and I. We all know that with an infinitude of karmic UCI or “Unique Celestial Identity”  making up billions of human souls trapped on this dense physical world the chance of pleasing everyone is ZERO!

Are You Deceived or Unconscious? Or both in this case?

This is an old published newsletter discussing my reading procedures with Mary Grace, a similar case experienced with Laine Behnsen, I think it is only fair for me to share it with you so you may understand more about this situation.  I will also offer my famous DT Rebuttals and explain the subconscious reasons fueling any dear client of mine complaints.

The good news is 99.09% of emails are in my favor, but as mentioned above some human beings MUST find a reason or someone to vent their frustrations for their pitiful life. While Mary Grace was born with a smarter dragon than Laine, her case was resolved successfully. Thus before anything, I have to graduate Laine Behnsen to the famous Dr. Turi Monkey Wagon…

 Laine Behnsen Another Successful Monkey Graduation!

—– Original Message —–

From: Mary Grace:

To: teraniapromodir@cox.net Sent: Monday, June 04, 2012 6:26 AM

Subject: Free modern astrology report internet file

Dear Terania, please send me the free modern astrology report internet file. thank you

— Love and Light

Mary Grace


—– Original Message —–

From: Mary Grace

To: Terania Turi

Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 7:42 PM

Subject: Re: Free modern astrology report internet file

Dear Terania,

My birthday is 2/19/1938 and time is 7:40PM.  Why are you asking for time when Dr. Turi said it was not important as his abilities do not require it.

DT Rebuttal: The reasons why time is requested in the form is to have it stored for future services such as Rising/Ascendant/Progressive or ACG readings, this will save us time if you order again. It looks like you did not read the introductory letter mailed with your tape.

Memo – Important note: Dr. Turi work is crystallized and channeled in the tape and not in the FREE Internet Halloran software report.  Dr. Turi methodology does not require the precise time of your birth and reflects Nostradamus 16th century Divine astrology, the great prophet did not use a watch or a computer 500 years ago. If you have it, simply submit it and it will be used only for Astro-Carto-Graphy relocation report or ascendant/rising reading if you ordered this service.  ASTRO-CARTO-GRAPHY is based upon longitude and latitude and time is a must for this service.

Find the best places for happiness in the world, don’t relocate without it –  A 90 mn tape of information tailored by Dr. Turi including 35 pages of printed materials,5 maps (the World/USA/Europe/Asia and Australia) with Dr. Turi’s translation, by mail or on Skype.

Continued: I feel I need to tell you how disappointed I was with the so called reading.  Most of it was a copy of a generic recording for anyone with that birthdate and I have known that info for a long time.  About 15 minutes at the end was specifically for me and that was real.  

DT Rebuttal: As mentioned in the letter of introduction enclosed with your tape;

Memo – “The beginning of your taped reading is a full introduction of the unique housing system I developed with the Dragon Astropsychology software; with your tape you will also receive a single page (your personal chart/wheel (or Unique Celestial Identity) to be used as a guide when requested to do so in the tape. The sound may be a bit blurry in the introduction but will get much better as you listen and I apologize for this mishap, my equipment is getting old and is overworked.  Meantime after the introduction, your reading will be loud and clear.

Please realize also that my work is not based on quantity but quality. The introduction is an intrinsic and very important part of the reading and will bring you to an understanding the 12 specific areas of the human experience and how my own philosophies apply to present day situations. The other side of the tape will become MUCH MORE CLEARER AND PERSONAL as you listen on to your predictions and the teachings of some Universal Laws applying to you.  Remember this tape is NOT designed to teach you the complexity of Astropsychology but to stimulate your curiosity to learn more about the Cosmic Code secrets while getting solid directions and predictions.

Note that a reading is ALL ABOUT YOU in all areas of your life and not about earth changes or anything else that does not concern YOUand your fate. The pre-taped information are very important and designed to help you understand the power of Pisces, Neptune and the rest of the celestial family while giving you others serious and valuable information on all areas of your life. There won’t be a single topic I will not talk or advise you about but it is crucial for you to understand your housing system first. The months of your birth dictate the start of your wheel regardless of the day you arrived on this world, even if born on the cusp. Your Sun sign will never change but your housing system starts by the month of your birth.”

Continued: The fact is Mary Grace is desperately regenerating with my work and she is requesting to hear more of my work.  The same request was made over and over again by Laine Behnsen but she was unwilling to share the S&H and already got a $700 VIP reading for half price! Of course she did not mention this fact on http://www.ripoffreport.com/-dr-louis-turi/astrologers-psychics/phoenix-arizona-09821.htm

Obviously both ladies are wrong when mentioning “Most of it was a copy of a generic recording for anyone with that birthdate and I have known that info for a long time.”  Because I am the only living Astrophile who designed a unique monthly housing system with a Dragon Head and Tail (natal and hidden) and no one else in the entire world (apart from my student) use this software.

Without a perfect understanding of the dynamic of this unique housing system there is no way for my client to grasp the rest of the reading. But the first part of the tape is forcing the client to do some mental gymnastics in order to grasp their “UCI or Unique Celestial Identity” but they are mentally ill equipped to do so. All they want is to listen and hear only good things about themselves and when I point out their shortcomings they are unable to auto analyze themselves and become resentful.

Like Laine Behnsen and a few other cases, the unsatisfied client usually owns a BIG ego and knows better than the teacher, and this is; most of the time the biggest problem. I feed Laine’s wounded ego in our telephone conversations trying all I could to fill the gap giving her much more intelligence credit than she actually own and this is why she recall and mentioned it in her dirty rants…

 Astropsychology is not modern astrology nor psychology and both Ladies have yet to make the difference. While the basics and signs are similar the explanation and distribution are  not. She has to also acknowledge that my work is quality, no quantity  and that I also speak “channel” very fast…thus she received much more than a 90 mn of normal speed type of highly spiritual information. I am RACING all the way throughout the tape to give you as much as possible direction, predictions while teaching you specific Universal Laws that took me 45 years of very slow intellectual labor to digest. Without the so very important introduction there is no grounding or structure for the client to relate to the 12 specific ares of the human experience.

Note also born with a Dragon’s Tail (shortcomings) in Gemini ( ADD) I am not exactly surprised for Mary Grace’s lack of attention… Its all about speeding ahead, I know I have the same Gemini affliction in my own UCI and I never read anything, thus she went straight into the tape instead of reading the directions…I do the same when  I buy equipment and find myself with a few more screws left once it up and ready to go lolol

But Laine Behnsen Dragon is very different, she  inherited a Taurus (money) Dragon’s Tail (negative) like Bernie Madoff and a revengeful Scorpio Dragon’s Head. The lesson here is for her to rebirth into a smarter, wiser soul by gathering more regenerative spiritual material, instead she focused on her Taurus Tail or $$$$$MONEY!$$$$ – My warnings about her losing all possessions in life and learn to let go did not sink in… Instead she added me to long list of people who hunted her, not realizing I was only trying to help her. But as a rule, Taurus Tail are greedy, not intellectual nor intuitive thus reaching her liberating Scorpio Dragon’s Head becomes a serious challenge. Mostly because with Laine, the focus in on MONEY and not on the spirit…  There is no point for me to keep explaining Laine’s financially insecure UCI shortcomings, it is quite obvious, so now I will let you read the rest of the debate between Mary Grace and I.

Continued: Meantime thank you for the compliment Mary Grace – About 15 minutes at the end was specifically for me and that was real.  

The entire tape is about you Mary Grace (and Laine), including the crucial explanation of your personable housing system even if you missed it.  Explaining all the planets by house and signs is a serious task especially the rare information on the Universal Laws based upon your natal and hidden Dragons.  As a DUAL, the second time or the fourth time you listen to it, it will all make much more sense. I know by experience…

Continued: Yet before I purchased,  Dr Turi’s readings were advertised a lot differently than it actually happened.  I was supposed to be able to speak to him after the reading which was supposed to be done on the phone.  Because I did not have Skype (this was not stipulated beforehand) I was forced to get a tape without even speaking to Dr. Turi. 

DT Rebuttal: Again Mary Grace is a curious old soul and desperately in need to regenerate her spirit with divine information, (like Laine) all she want is more of Dr. Turi’s wisdom and I take this as a compliment from her. But there is a big difference between a $700 Skype taped consultation and a great $299 taped Full Life reading deal offered in the Internet seminar. Gemini Dragon’s Tail are totally unconscious of the natural “chatter box” they are and never leave the telephone. I had to discipline so many of them over the years before starting the session…

Mary Grace Moon’s in Scorpio makes her direct in speech and stimulate more need for deep spiritual food.  There is also no reason for me to RE-state what has been predicted or spoken about in the tape you received.

There is NO need to talk to me because I do not deal with you per say, but your subconscious only! In no way would I have the time to teach you the dynamics of your own housing system during a session and this “formality” while a MUST takes away from the channeling I perform live on Skype. Indeed you got much more than what you bargained for but still unconscious of it. Anything else involving the building of your cosmic consciousness require you to consider becoming a Cosmic Coder or take the home course .

Memo of the introduction letter:

“Again you are strongly advised to become a Cosmic Coder and let me guide you for the next 12 months from the day you join with your monthly personal horoscope, transits and the teachings of the Cosmic Code rules. Go to www.drturi.com to order and use all provided links to build a stronger awareness of Neptune’s deceptive powers in your chart and its impact upon this earth.    I understand and respect your education, beliefs, religion and valuable philosophies but my cosmic perception and its unique methodology can only add to your own repertoire or wisdom.

Note also the extreme speed in which I channel spiritual information may demand you to listen to your tape a few times to assimilate all the information.  If I was to slow down my channeling to a normal talking level you would have much less information in your 90 MN tape.  Once more, per your request, the report emailed by Terania is generated by Halloran software and is provided for FREE only as a guideline to modern astrology disciplines and in no way, shape, or form does this material represent my taped translations and/or Skype channeling.

 For your information there are 85 different ways to do an astrological chart and you are not investing on a normal product that can be shipped overnight. You are ordering a piece of the Divine and a reflection on your soul and this work is very serious. So please BE PATIENT listening to the introduction and you will be happy you trusted me to explain your UCI or Unique Celestial Identity at the end.

Some spiritually advanced clients will indeed need much more than a reading to regenerate their wise spirits and in some case those people may feel “cheated.”  They will request more information from me, sadly enough as mentioned in the tape; the reading is a basic guideline and not an in-depth Astropsychology course.  This is the reason why I may strongly suggests those advanced souls to take the Astropsychology home course build Cosmic Consciousness and gather the golden keys of supreme wisdom the right way.

More spiritually advanced clients would greatly benefit from this study while others may grasp enough information on the tape. Others may proceed by ordering more of Dr. Turi’ services or suggested items such as DVD, books etc for their health or subconscious healing tape CD – DVD etc. I may also strongly advise you to invest in my new book titled “Beyond The Secret” and learn all about the subconscious’ creative forces. This book is a serious complement to your reading and Amazon.com review says, “You will NOT be able to put it down once you start reading it”. You will get another 90 mn Hypnotherapy tape with your book order.

 If you decide to become an Astropsychologist and start a new life and a new career take the home course or join him in the future please call me or Terania at  602-265-7667 for more information. Old souls regenerate with metaphysics and some may request/expect more in a reading than is humanly possibly to offer.  In any case, it’s a loud subconscious cry from your higher self to gather a much deeper understanding of the divine and this can only be provided by investing in any of my books or the advanced Astropsychology course.  For years my website, my books and on my numerous radio and television shows, I have unarguably proven over and over again the true predictive gift I was born with. I strongly recommend you to join us on “The Cosmic Code” website and take personal care of you for the next 12 months from the day you sign in. You will get your personal horoscope, transits and learn more on the Cosmic Code secrets once you become a Cosmic Coder. “

 Continued: And….in today’s age, taping means a CD not a cassette tape which I could not even play in my own home because I do not own a cassette player.  Dr. Turi even said on Karen and Selma’s show that all of my questions would be answered but how could they be without any personal contact?  For the price I paid, I am disappointed as I felt Dr Turi to be a good and honest man but this “tape” does not represent the integrity I expected from someone like him.

DT Rebuttal:  Memo of the introduction letter:  “The tape mentions a CD but there is NO CD because all the links needed to assimilate all the information you need took me for ever to generate and are on my website www.drturi.com.”

More people are visual than audible, thus I spent a very long time posting as much information as possible on Neptune’s power, the Universal Laws of the Moon, the Dragon etc. on my website so I do not have to “chew” time on the tape you paid me for. My goal is to get into the introduction and predictions right away and let me lead you to the areas you need, where I spent years and months for you to learn from. You may even learn much more if you visit my public Dragon newsletters archives and read the thousands of newsletters posted there for you.  Questions about anything, everything under the Sun have been asked since I write endlessly and share my wisdom to the world, the question is…You can take the horse to the water, this does not mean he will drink…Immediate gratification is enemy #1 of Cosmic Consciousness I did not master the divine in five minutes reader, I am 62 years old and still learning…

It took me 45 years to reach crystallization of the Cosmic Code and years to write my books. In order to please any unsatisfied client I would have to make a 45 years long audio tape of information and read them all my books to satisfy their thirsty spirit. Mary Grace, like all Gemini Dragon’s Tail are impatient, do not read all the information and would rather learn listening instead. All her complaints are about getting more of my wisdom and I and this can not be done in one single tape or Skype session period! And I am not willing to teach anyone on the Internet or the telephone because it can not be done this way.. discipline, patience and dedication is the key, all that a Gemini Dragon’s Tail born soul has to master! “I felt Dr Turi to be a good and honest man” and Dr. Turi is if you judge what people who  invested in me appropriately and used Skype wrote.

Continued: His information is not current with the energy of today, it feels and sounds like “old stuff” and cassettes are definitely not up to speed with what is happening in technology today. No one has cassette players any more, they are just about obsolete.   I feel that what I received was not worth what I paid as I could have received that 15 minutes of true info for around $50 from someone else. 

DT Rebuttal: Yes we are old goats and this is why you do not have/use Skype Mary Rose…Because I did not have Skype (this was not stipulated beforehand) but during the Internet seminar I spoke about using Skype and using audio tapes too, I guess you did not pay attention. Indeed the best dishes are made with old pots and while life is a constant process of “technological” changes the stars are old and eternal… Nothing of the truth changes regardless how you pass it on on tape or on a CD. I just retired a few days ago and until my old, obsolete dinosaur equipment let me down, I will still deliver more than any young modern astrologers out there… In fact the only old guy in town, able to work on my dying taping equipment is a WW2 Virgo veteran and he just suffered a heart attack. Is this a sign for me to quit too?

Continued: You can tell from my birthdate that I am on a set income and that was a HUGE amount for me to pay but I felt like I could trust him and it would be worth it to have an hour or an hour and a half of new info as I was promised.  My true sadness comes from the realization that what you give out comes back to you and I do not wish Dr. Turi to have any karma from our transaction but although I forgive him, he still has to carry the lack of truth and integrity that he did not fulfill as promised by his offer.

DT Rebuttal: Karen and Salma had to really insist for me to offer a deal on my consultation to the audience and I did it in order to help the many people who could not afford the equivalent of a $700 taped reading. The current economy is indeed to blame for the stress many of us are enduring. But I can only emphasize again that the information you received are about quality on the tape while the quantity is to be found on my website www.drturi.com or the Cosmic Code if you decide to join. This website is designed to endlessly gather the information, forecast, transits and master how God speaks to his children through the Cosmic Code.  The worse thing you could do for yourself is to cut short the motion of your duality and stop this voyage…Your natal moon (emotions) in Libra (the laws) wants you to master both the physical (man made religious laws) and spiritual (cosmic code) laws written in light by God himself.

In all I can’t be angry at you for wanting more of my wisdom and I Mary Rose  and I heard your desperate call for more…

Remember as a DUAL, the #1 is never the answer and will never fulfill your powerful thirst for wisdom, meantime this newsletter is #2 and in it you will find some of the answers you need. As for karma, the way God is repaying me for my commitment, unselfishness and endless work is just marvelous. I do not have anything to worry at all, just the opposite because, even if you do not agree or can not see it just yet, I own both the integrity in the truth.


Dr. Turi

“if you are not happy or something is missing in your life it is simply because you do not live your destiny as intended by God through the Cosmic Code”

Ask and you shall receive!

dr. louis turi dr. louis turi, Startheme Publications Inc., @drturi, Dr. Turi, Dr. Louis Turi MDUS Pretends to offer spiritual help but is really after your money Phoenix , Arizona

“I bought several of his books on his website after we had talked about spiritual stuff and was told that my books would be delivered after a few days. i never got the book to this day and its been over 2 months and he charged my credit card the same amount three times. i have disputed the charges the first time but after the third charge i had to cancel my credit card. And now his no longer returning my calls or responding to my emails and I am still in limbo with my credit card company to get my money back. This man is a total scam!”


Sad reality readers;

First how many “ripoff” artists you know got so many endorsers?  Jealous people will get to great lengths to hurt those they are jealous of! This is the price to pay when you own a name and talent!

This person is not a client, never bought any books from us just another liar  Dr. Turi’s Internet enemies. I also recognize the way this evil soul formulate his I (i) because he is not exactly a brilliant kid who can handle the English language too well. He has been following me all over the Internet trying to tarnish my name. But I am sure the smart reader will see through this one because we do not charge anyone’s credit card, the client uses our paying cart when placing orders.

Note also we always fulfill our orders… I sold and shipped thousands of books over the years and this Internet enemy is just too obvious in spreading his lies.  I will have to expose his post too so it can backfire and clear my name in the process.  Meantime rest assured there are very powerful forces at work directed against those evil unconscious souls and karma is not something to laugh about! Yes this is what success brings readers, jealous haters, meantime rest assured the force of light and your loving thoughts act as a very protective shield offering more blessings to the dedicated, honorable wise Turi’s. Note also that Ripoff is primarily an internet business that allows both,  true victims and the unwise jealous young souls to use their service. I will not bother to pay them to remove this junk because my world wide Internet presence justify and offer the facts!

Another dirty dropping against you and I this time readers… The sad reality any envious young soul will use extreme lies to hurt anyone… I am sure many of you have also experienced some people lies too as the voices of evil have nothing productive to offer the world!

Dr Louis Turi The Cosmic Code Psychic New Age Reading Sex Addict Abusive Internet, Arizona

Louis Turi is a complete fraud and I’m glad people are starting to see that.  We have been waiting for three Tape “Full Life Readings” and can now confirm that even though these tapes were sent to differnt people in differnt parts of the States they contain EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION. Literally the ONLY differnce is that he changes the name.  That’s it! Of course he has been challenged on this and became rude and abusive as did Terrania.  The so called “Cosmic Coders” that are most active on his website are all his former and present “playmates” who are acting as shills and stooges.  Keep well away from him and his Cosmic Code.

 These people are such idiots because each time they live their lies on Ripoff I immediately post my rebuttals so the full story and the truth expose them for what they really are while offering me more publicity…  Anyone typing ripoff and my name behind it activates Google and my newsletters comes up immediately at the top.  More on this tomorrow readers…

It seems like Laine Behnsen this envious young soul did not participate nor read the incredible positive results of my latest webinar speaking engagement  http://www.drturi.com/dr-turis-global-teleclass-results/ or read the endless chain of positive endorsements  from more perceptive healthy minds and my many students. In fact this soul is not in our database and all the reader has to do is to click on the provided links.

Love and light to all


About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08 Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.