Ex-street kid to Pope: Why do kids suffer? UFO, ISIS, Racism, Atheism and War!


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Pete Santilli – Dr. Louis Turi – Terror Prediction Prompted FBI Visit 



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This is heartbreaking and even Pope Francis gives no answer… This is indeed great fuel for the atheist movement but and I can only hope, in the name of humanity, they will take the time to listen to my latest two radio shows! The first one is on youtube! Before getting into“Ex-street kid weeps as she asks Pope why God lets children suffer … racism and your children, let me mention that I had a phenomenal time last night with  Jeffrey Gonzalez, Allen Thomas and Emerald on Paranormal Central.

I was asked all sorts of pertinent questions about who I am, how I work and what I do, including my UFO experiences, my views on atheism, the FBI,  ET’s agenda with some “Chosen Ones” my predictions etc. Indeed a show you do not want to miss, especially if you are an atheist denying God cosmic presence or a God fearing Christian.

Like I did in all my previous radio shows, I also gave and elaborated on  the dates of  January 20/21/22 (earthquakes above 6.0)  February 1/2/3/ (earthquakes above 6.0)  and February 10/11/12 Terrorist/police news.)  Towards the end of the show or 1 hour .9 mn into the show, I was also irrefutably able to prove the extraordinary values and power of Astroforensics. Something even the atheists will not be able to refute!

People can only judge you through their intelligence, experiences and their natal UCI *Unique Celestial Identities and in 60 minutes, at 65, I am today benefiting from a lifetime of  extraordinary experiences.  I was a bit surprised when Allen Thomas mentioned his visit in my apartment back in the nineties!

He spoke about the cosmic artworks I painted all over the walls and doors of my house following my August, 11, 1991 abduction above Los Angeles. Thanks to Mercury retrograde, there is no doubting the people and the affairs of the past do resurface…

Indeed a show that will transport you to 1957,  November 11, 1981 in France,  then August 11th, 1991 directly inside a UFO  where I was downloaded the secrets of the Cosmic Code above the city of Los Angeles.

“Incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share” Dr. Turi

Pete Santilli Show January 19, 2015 was quite different because Pete stars are highly spiritual and the show took a life on its own. Indeed, once it is archived, like others hosts he was also shocked when I read his UCI! Indeed the feedback from his co-host is simply phenomenal and I want to take this opportunity to thanks them all for letting me speak to a wide audience.

Mommie why God does not answer my prayers?

The answer is in video one and video two, but I can not help if human would rather click to watch my dogs and entertain themselves for 1mn 25 sec instead of learning why kids are dying mentally and physically!  This is the “billions dollars” question, WHY science, the FBI, the parents, the teachers, and the US Department of education do not investigate my work!

WHY all the people in a financial or high position reading our work did not yet provided us with the desperate HELP we need to educate those children on how to talk and hear a cosmic God? And why no one in power, as of today never left a single finger for their own children’s psychical welfare?

A child can only regenerate his mind body and soul when dealing with his cosmic spirit, and not religion! Scientists (atheists) and Pope Francis himself (Christians schools and organizations) are desperately helpless.  When all has failed there is still Dr. Turi working endlessly to introduce humanity to God cosmic Divinity, to a God, botht the atheists and the Christians can understand and use!

But would it the scientific “Popes” of this physical world .i.e. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Sir Isaac Newton or Pope Francis, God’s recognized world wide representant, the answers to what it means to be human is still eluding them all…

Those answers will be provided to those who are willing and able to learn more from my Cosmic Code website because each passing days I am losing the battle against evil!

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

How to be sure your kids aren’t racist

(CNN) It was one of a thousand little conversations that fill each day in a third-grade classroom. As teacher Kimmie Fink read a book featuring a Japanese character, a student brought her fingers to her eyes and tugged on the edges, stretching them into narrow slits.

Fink stopped. “I’m Asian,” she told the child, “and when you do that, it hurts my feelings.” The student snapped to attention. “Oh! I’m sorry!” she told her teacher, and they went back to their book.

 All is ready for your hearts, ears and eyes in the cosmic code website articles! I will explain why your child may be born gay, a bully and atheist or racist! Lastly I offered a 24 hours $50 half price super deal to join for you to become a VIP.

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