Explaining why Army/Navy suicides hit record level


The U.S. Army says the 325 suicides it had last year were the most ever.

Army suicides hit record level

Dear Readers:

Nothing pains me more than to watch my predictions about death, suicide and drama taking place while all the experts are unable to offer real answers to the families… Before anything read “Scorpius Dragon has arrived” then the  epidemic of suicides predictions!


NAVY/ARMY suicides Upsurge Predicted!

Upsurge Of Suicides

IMPORTANT NOTE: Date of predictions – 01/01/2009

From Prediction page 3 – America, born July 4th 1776, will receive the Dragon’s Tail on her 12th house as of March 2011 forcing a total re-structure of the working force and its basic physical organizations. On a spiritual US / world meaning this dragon will induce a serious increase in mental problems (dementia/depressions/schizophrenia etc.) where medications will make the situation worse. Expect dramatic news and a serious increase involving suicides.

In those years, the nasty dragon was cruising through  the 12th house of the US forcing deep psychological changes to million of people and I knew its impact was to produce the mentioned above “prediction” but since August 2012 and until February 2014 the new Dragon moved into the deadly sign of Scorpio right into the 5th house regulating children and speculations. And its in horror that I am once again watching the deadly Scorpius Dragon taking large numbers of our children lives remorsefully…

I warned the world again when I wrote ” Warning Scorpius Dragon Has Arrived!” but this phenomenon is not yet accepted as a fact by science and a very large portion of a cosmic unconscious population. And all the experts can do is to keep wasting time and precious resources when in the vast majority of all the cases they are responsible for medicating the victims. But that’s all the doctors kids fresh out of colleges were traditionally trained to do,  not realizing they are making the situation much worse making my claims quite obvious…

 (CNN) — “The U.S. Army reported Thursday that there were 325 confirmed or potential suicides last year among active and nonactive military personnel.”

“Our highest on record,” said Lt. Gen. Howard Bromberg, deputy chief of staff, manpower and personnel for the Army. The grim total exceeds the number of total U.S. Army deaths (219) and total military deaths (313) in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, according to figures published by the military’s Defense Casualty Analysis System.

For all of last year, 182 potential active-duty suicides were reported, 130 of which have been confirmed and 52 of which remain under investigation, it said. And 143 potential not-on-active-duty suicides were reported (96 Army National Guard and 47 Army Reserve), 117 of which have been confirmed and 26 remain under investigation.

The total for 2011 was 283 — 165 confirmed active-duty suicides and 118 confirmed not-on-active-duty suicides (82 Army National Guard and 36 Army Reserve). No cases were under investigation.

DT Rebuttal:  Investigation or not, there could be only few answers making sense to them all, depressions and /or post dramatic disorder requiring a regiment of medication that poisons the human psyche further leading to dementia then suicide…  What is so difficult to understand but when billions of dollars are changing hands between the pharmaceutical corporations and scientific researches for drugs development, do you really think your children psychical health matter? This Scorpius dragon  is not only making the situation worse but forces the truth about this “upsurge in suicides” to come to the light through the work of people like me who can not be fooled easily.

Continued: The toll comes despite what the military touts as extensive support and counseling programs. “The Army continues to take aggressive measures head-on to meet the challenge of suicides as every loss of life impacts our family,” said Bromberg. “In spite of the increased loss of life to suicide, with calendar year 2012 being our highest on record, the Army is confident that through our continued emphasis in the services, programs, policies and training that support our Army family, we will overcome this threat to our Force.”

DT Rebuttal:  This will never happen, and he knows it! there could be only two answers to Bromberg’s ridiculous comment! Its either is he in with the pharmaceutical corporations and could not don’t care less about the casualties or he is like 99.009% of the world, cosmic unconscious, thus unable to perceive this deadly Dragon in action. I think he is both! May be like the rest of the people who believe guns are responsible for  all those deaths may be Bromberg should petition with all the moronic politicians to remove all the assaults weapons from the Army and Navy?  You would be amazed to find out how many of those lost souls turned their guns against themselves readers… But again who’s to blame anyone when ALL are cosmic unconscious and would rather trust science and religion to fix this problem!

Continued: For years, the Pentagon has struggled with how to identify service members at risk for suicide and to provide counseling and other services. The Army and Navy have focused on teaching “resiliency” to troops in hopes of helping them cope with stress. Military experts have long said one of the enduring challenges is that there doesn’t appear to be a direct link between suicides and the stress of being in the combat zone.

“Nobody knows No. 1, why all the suicides. Nobody has a good theoretical model for explaining this vector, but these are some possible contributors,” said Dr. William Nash, an expert in combat stress injuries. “The whole system being strained, more temper, stigma is rampant, leaders who should be getting more education for mental health issues but are not.”

DT Rebuttal: This is where I get frustrated because my voice is non existent  and even if it was I would be ridicule because this mass of educated cosmic unconscious “experts” would immediately assume I am nonsensical. Meantime their failures is obvious and shows  regardless of years teaching the Army and Navy have focused on teaching “resiliency” to troops it did not work the suicide rates to explode! What is obvious to the Military experts is that there doesn’t appear to be a direct link between suicides and the stress of being in the combat zone. Thus the war and dangerous depressing bloody environment has NOTHING to do with the increase and once again prove my claim that the Scorpius Dragon impact is universal and non limited geographically!

Thus when the “experts” affirms “Nobody knows No. 1, why all the suicides. Nobody has a good theoretical model for explaining this vector” they are wrong just because I am not there to teach them about the cosmic code jurisdictions… and while the “stigma is rampant, leaders who should be getting more education for mental health issues but are not.” How more STUPID this comment can be readers, when they are all missing the forest for the tree looking through their microscope for the responsible “gene?”

Remember reader, ALL physical or spiritual diseases are the result of a blockage, as long as my wisdom is blocked, my voice muted all you can expect is my visions for more suicides to become a reality and as always the question remain, what will you do to help Dr. Turi? I have a question to you reader, how many of my educational newsletters did you read? now how many did you pass on? Did you post it somewhere, in a group, on a popular website or even share it with your friends?  I let you answer how concerned and dedicated you truly are helping me helping your fellow human beings…

Continued: Nash said the stigma discourages soldiers from reporting issues related to stress in the combat zone. “To the extent that a military service branch that is having basically an epidemic of post-traumatic stress disorder is not embracing it as an epidemic, but instead sees it as ‘they’re faking,'” he said. “Which has been part of the stigma problem.”

The Army’s statement said it had expanded the Strong Bonds Program to strengthen relationships and family bonds; certified more than 3,000 additional suicide prevention trainers in the Ask, Care, Escort suicide intervention program; revised the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program to include family members; increased the volume and availability of behavioral health services; and conducted an Army-wide stand down during Suicide Prevention Month to promote increased leaders’ awareness and involvement.

The numbers did not surprise Paul Sullivan, a member of the board of Veterans for Common Sense, a nonprofit advocacy group.

DT Rebuttal: Changing the word “stigma” with the “Scorpius Dragon” and explaining its psychical impact upon the potential victims if the only way to battle this evil of ignorance and allow the soldiers to apply their will to refute any suicidal thoughts. But like our children being molded into future monsters, the tremendous amount of uncontrolled emotions can not find its way out without the FACTS. Those kids should know WHEN, WHERE and HOW this dragon will affect them on a personal level FIRST! Then encourage them to fight for the duration , but if they were PREPARED before the impact producing those deep psychological changes they would not use their own mind and weapons against themselves!

Furthermore, adding more than 3,000 additional certified suicide prevention trainers is another total WASTE of time and money unless my students and I re-train properly in Astropsychology. This is a vicious circle that will never end, until this deadly Scorpius dragon moves out Universally but this does not mean its impact on a personal level will be alleviated!

Continued “As the service members return home and as the wars wind down, the mental trauma of war remains and there is an urgent need to make sure every service member receives a psychological evaluation upon returning home, and whenever a service member reaches out for help, the service member needs to receive it immediately,” he said.

“In both of those areas, the military is trying to improve, yet it’s still falling short. For example, the military is now providing more psychological exams, but it’s not doing it for every soldier coming back. And the military still reports that it’s short-handed for mental health professionals and, because of the vacancies, that means either veterans don’t see a doctor at all, there’s delay seeing a doctor, the veteran is put in group therapy instead of individual or the veteran is given prescription drugs instead of receiving one-on-one counseling, which is the best standard.”

DT Rebuttal:  Do you remember readers, “Military experts have long said one of the enduring challenges is that there doesn’t appear to be a direct link between suicides and the stress of being in the combat zone.” How can the mental trauma of war remains when there is no link? While the dramatic experiences and  thought persist going back home after your tour of duty does not stop the Scorpius Dragon tormenting you! This “Power of the Dragon” over your psyche can be 50% over, at the very end or the very beginning but will last close to two year and unless you are fully prepared mentally there is only one sure way to end the mental crucifying pain and this is by killing yourself!

At 63 years of age, I suffered this terrible Dragon twice already and managed to escape its mental grip while leading the biggest internal battle against my own mental self for what seem to be an eternity!  There were times where I really lost it wondering if I was to make it! Luckily for me I could not afford drugs that would have weakened my will to survive. That is the secret that all the experts need to acknowledge because THEY WILL like all other human being endure the Dragon a few times in their lifetime. Being prepared is the key, anticipating the mental torment is the key but how many of those “educated” kids experienced first hand this mental nightmare like I did?   And this is why they do not know how it feels and why death is the only way to stop this psychical nightmare!

All I can suggest you is, if you are into psychology, counseling or a mind expert  is to be curious and read ” I aM gOING crAZY!)*(76&7#@#

 Continued: The suicide hotline is  800-273-8255.

A private-sector group, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), which provides military grief support programs, has reported it receives eight to 10 cases a week of people seeking help dealing with the suicide of a service member. Of the people contacting the organization for care and support, 18% were “grieving a death by suicide,” TAPS has said.

DT Rebuttal:  Remember reader, incredible experiences breed incredible people that have incredible wisdom to share!  God enslaved me to experience it all and offer you my life’s dramatic experiences as a valuable tool to find some of the most difficult answers science must uncover.

I made thousands of 90 mn taped “Full Life Readings” and if you or a loved one is suffering depressions it is a serious sign of the Scorpius Dragon aiming for your fragile  unprepared psyche. Why would you wait and pay a fortune to have your child or yourself poisoned when I can do all this safely? The more you wait the more grip the Scorpius Dragon will exert upon your psyche and the harder it will be to heal. Do not wait if you get the signs, do not let this dragon entrap you deeper into depressions, dementia and suicide. This is very real, regardless what the “experts” think they know because they don’t!

There are levels and each one requires a specific step and the more you wait, the more anti depressant you tale the hardest it becomes…Do not expect traditionally educated kids to understand or heal you because the entire article above speaks of failures, frustrations and wonders! Many of those lost souls are gone and there is nothing you and I can do for them but many more are struggling to stay alive and it is just a matter of time before they end up committing suicide. Many of them are non-salvageable, its too late they just wasted their life in the name of the “experts” cosmic ignorance. Do not let happen to you, to a family member or a friend! Read what other people who took a chance on my work and I wrote and follow their footpaths I am here for you and I will take good care of you!  But remember, the evil of ignorance is like a plague where young souls will try all they can to taint the light and they are every where showing how ridiculous, envious and nonproductive they are

From UFO’s to madness, from hell to heaven what is it I did not suffer or live? In fact I did not want to write about it last night UFO experience I had, but after all, at this point in my life, I don’t care what any young skeptical, cosmic unconscious young soul would say…

I was like every night seating in my hot tab listening to the radio, this is how I unwind…I was not looking for anything just listening enjoying the water on my old bones… Then a HUGE flash right right above my head caught my eyes in the dark night!  I looked in that direction looking for what I thought would be an airplane headlights about to land in Phoenix. I saw nothing but darkness, not flashing red, green or white light as I expected. Then it happened again, but this time even more powerful, a HUGE flash light that blinded me for a second. I kept looking in the dark sky looking for anything that would give me a plausible answer but nothing! I watched all over the sky for another ten minutes of so lost in my mind but the light never hit me again.

Was it yet another direct message that UFO are Real and to be prepared? As you know readers, there are no accidents, only obvious omens I can fitfully decipher  involving my impending fate…And, in time,  I will tell you all about it


While I have promised to be more selective in offering my pearls of wisdom to the public only those who can appreciate and reward my work and become VIP’s will benefit from my dedication to serve the children of the future. Thus I will soon shut down the FREE internet access to ALL my Cosmic Code and Dragon  newsletters.  You had plenty samples since 1991 to judge my work.  I will only post ONE full newsletter every Sunday until I decide to stop completely…

All you will get soon will be teasers because I have been battling with this decision for a while now but I kept posting for free. If my work make sense to you, pick one of the affordable option to join  because this cosmic educational, regenerative flux will soon stop. With the only difference that this time I mean it!

Blessings to all my readers

Dr. Turi

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