Explanation of the Dragon and Lucky/Unlucky Windows Dates

Sir Isaac Newton wrote “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action, there will be an effect. This is what I call the “Universal Law”, the cause and effect of the yin and yang recognized and accepted as the LAW OF KARMA. Modern Astrology classifies the Dragon’s Head and Tail as the South and North Nodes of the Moon. To my knowledge, the Moon is, just by herself, quite responsible for the daily fate of the world and directly affects the weather and nature’s forces at work.

The waxing and waning periods of our closest satellite do produce the daily process of the tides. The lunar cycle is 28 and a half days, which is the same as a woman’s menstrual cycle. Thus, women will have a physical and spiritual response as we all will be responding subconsciously to the word, “LUNATIC/MOODY/ CRABBY”.

The scientific community is only aware of an upsurge of activity in the time of a Full Moon, but they still have no clue  of the emotional implications behind it. The police force and the hospital emergency rooms are also unusually busy during these times. The Moon’s subtle power is not yet understood by the scientific community but is wisely used with the “farmer’s Almanac.”  Many years of tedious observation have shown me that she is undeniably affecting the human psyche and our emotional  response to life’s situations.

Without opposing forces at work (positive/negative), there would be no reaction, thus, no life possible on both the spiritual and physical planes. Our so-called “dead” satellite is very much alive, and vigilantly observing her whereabouts will be obvious to the curious man.

The Dragon’s Head

The North Node of the Moon is a positive energy, a form of “wheel of fortune”, pushing the soul toward a new self-realization and sure happiness. Chinese astrologers refer to the Moon’s Nodes as the Dragon’s Head and Tail and give it tremendous attention in the natal chart. Sadly, modern astrologers tend to ignore its very existence and in the process, lose a wealth of valuable information.

To my knowledge, the Dragon, in itself, holds as much, if not more, facts and power than the entire complexity of a whole astrological chart! I found the essence of the Dragon’s secrets to be a major contribution for success or failure in one’s life. Many famous people that have made history, for good or for worse, have an obvious relationship with both the Head and the Tail of the Dragon. Your awareness of the Dragon’s Head and Tail by house or sign, including the planets affecting your natal Dragon will become a major factor for your success or your failure in life. This information is a must to have so you will fly with the Head and stay clear from the Tail of the mighty Dragon.

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The Dragon’s Tail

The South Node of the Moon is a negative energy that is a form of “karmic residue”, dragging the soul toward his past accomplishments, inner fears, and weaknesses. This build-up of previous incarnations must be eliminated, and a chance is given to you by the “Great Designer” to experience new experinces and growth.

As a rule, we are all naturally attracted by the Dragon’s Tail. This is similar to a child wanting to stay home instead of going to his new school, facing others children and refusing to progress with the rest of his class. There, at home, (Tail), the soul feels secure and confident with what he knows best. In my research, I have noticed that following the Dragon’s Tail’s commands can only lead its owner toward failure, pain, drama even death.

In some extreme cases, the Dragon’s Tail causes the soul to lead other people into its own dark past life residue, (David Koresh/Jones), thereby hurting the innocent, trusting souls who follow them. Sometimes, for specific karmic reasons, the Dragon’s Tail can be used positively, thus has produced gifted musicians such as Bach and Schubert.

Here, the soul’s past life musical work comes to fruition for others to enjoy or learn from. God has allowed these “geniuses” to use their previous life’s work for the benefit of mankind, and they were able to accomplish wonders at an early age. The location of the Dragon’s Tail is where all of your weaknesses will be coming from. You have been there. You have done that.

You have learned those lessons. God will not help you there and if not aware of the Dragon’s Head which is promising opportunities, you will end up striving either for financial or emotional security. Sometimes, unexpected experiences such as an accident or the use of chemicals (drugs/alcohol/medication) will cause the soul to be drawn back into his past life residue. The purification and progress of the soul can only be found on the “next” experiences promised by the location of his Dragon’s Head by house and sign of the zodiac.

Armed with such a powerful knowledge, one is able to establish emotional, finacial and spiritual stability. We all are children of this magnificent galaxy, and there is a reason for the Dragon to be a part of the complex universal mind mechanism…


Once you order your Personal Lucky/Unlucky Dragon Dates”  Note the link is broken but will soon be fixed! You are strongly advised to use the suggested dates for any of your speculative ventures such as traveling, flying, investments, contract signing, marriage, social interaction etc. This is like a super “green light” where the celestial order will support and protect your endeavors and when the weather pattern and nature will be less active. The negative dates (tail) simply represent the opposite and when you could end up in the wrong time and place meeting the wrong people.

Those dates may fall within a waxing or waning moon period making the energies of the dates/days much more noticeable. Thus if you travel after the Full Moon (negative) on the dates of your personal Dragon’s Tail you are taking serious chances with your life or your affairs.  Your are strongly advised to book your plane ticket duringa waxing (positive) moon to avoid the worse of your fate and make the most of your trip.

 Make sure to have your current Moon power book to check on her whereabouts each day of the year.

You may be able to pick better dates and expect protection on a waxing moon (positive) and one of the many dates all year round I will suggest so you. You should also use any waxing moon in relationship to your Personal Dragon window dates. Doing so will bring you tremendous luck.

This way, you will end up in the right time in the right place with the right people.  Regardless of my warnings a few years ago, one of my female friends went to Mexico in one of her negative dates. She ended up being flown back to the US suffering serious food poisoning and nearly lost her life. Accidents on the road will also happen during those negative “windows” and can be avoided if you use the Dragon appropriately.

Sometimes for specific karmic purposes a negative experience suffered during a good time is a wish in disguise, causing some positive results in the end. As a rule simply avoid all red zones throughout the year. My book Moon Power must be used in conjunction with those dates for much better planning. Note; On one of my good day the transmission of my truck went off but it happened just around the corner from my house as I was on my way to Los Angeles. The trip takes about 6 hours and my SUV could have broken down in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

Then I would have had to park it on the side of the road and the police would have for sure given me a ticket. Then the tow track and the hotel bills would have added to my problem. Worse, some crooks could also have taken all my precious cargo or my expansive alloy wheels. The weather was also terrible and I could also suffer an accident on my way.

So in some many way with the Dragon windows there is NO accident per say and the worse case scenario was avoided. Thus always remember good thing or bad things can and will take places in both the positive and negative Dragon windows. You must recognize your blessings in disguise if this happen to you too.

Sadly enough the stars don’t care much about religious holidays. Following the pull of the 2004 Supernova window (things from the past revisiting) during the Christmas holiday, thousands of people were reuniting by visiting family members or taking vacations in parts of Asia. Incidentally I was also supposed to go to Thailand with my good friend Owen but by checking the dates I changed my plan and saved my own life. I have a few friends that are now dead in Phuket and that is the ultimate price one must pay by ignoring universal laws.

Astropsychology is not yet endorsed, understood, taught in our colleges and Universities. You have been given a chance to make a wise choice, while many of the 2004 deadly tsunami victims did not have that option. It is the knowledge of how to interpret the stars that can help us live our lives in the flow of energy that is protective and nourishing.

It is not that difficult to learn and can save much grief to be able to live in accordance to the Cosmic Code Universal laws.  It saddens me that Astropsychology is not taken seriously, and that it is not taught to our children as a part of their regular curriculum in schools. Indeed, the whole world operates in a blind state, unaware of the celestial forces or the will of God that affect us daily. It is my mission to further mankind’s enlightenment using the knowledge of the stars.

All that I do is scientific; it’s logical and based upon 35 years of my own research, careful observation and information. I have developed a system with my software that allows me to make fast and accurate observations. Using Astropsychology, it is possible to pinpoint the most likely times and dates, years ahead for personal use or to forecast natural events.  

Much of my work is offered to my VIP’s   so anyone who wishes to learn about the cosmic Code can track my predictions and make a good use of them. Nature’s forces cannot be controlled but are anticipated and offered to all my readers. Join the world anytime and let me offer you a very accurate personal horoscope report and your personal/Universal Transits for the next 12 months from the day you join us.

Astropsychology will be used in your report and will pinpoint certain window periods that will support and promote all your endeavors.  So far I have been VERY accurate; thus if you take a chance with me you will benefit from my wisdom. Note also this new Astrological discovery and its system has been tested and is very trustworthy.  Order your Personal Lucky Dragon Dates and make a good use of real wisdom. This is  an email service that is fulfilled the same day your place your order.

I always tell everyone that I DO NOT PREDICT ANYTHING! I only know the astrological signatures of the planets and how they will affect your fate, your emotions and all the human and natural affairs. We all know that life is a constant process of change and “history repeats itself.” These cycles do not affect just you but affect the weather and the news too. I have watched for many years and tested the astrological markers, and I know by experience when any drastic and dangerous “energies” will always return to plague humanity.

Now I will do the same for YOU and concentrate on YOUR very specific dates. Note the positive or negative dragon window dates are both positive and negative. You MUST uncover your own “timing” but rest assured those days will NOT be normal and force you into experiencing good or bad karma.  Not knowing about those special 6 days each month of the year is like playing Russian roulette with your life or trashing the 100 million wining lottery numbers. Just  because knowledge is power and ignorance is the evil that produces those “accidents.”

“God made the stars for more than the sake of beauty; he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer and more productive life.” 

Thank you for your trust in my work.

Dr. Turi

Moon Universal Law Explanation

Remember this sentence? There is a tide in the affairs of man, when taken at its crest, leads on to fortune. I personally believe that, at least subconsciously, there is an awareness of the gearbox or the timing involving man and our closest satellite, the Moon.

Every day that God has created sees the procession of stars across the vault of the sky; they have followed the same path through the heavens, tracing the immutability of the cosmos and its constellations, which have spoken to the wise since the beginning of time. This work will explain in detail the subtle energy produced by the Moon’s passage through the twelve houses and signs of the Zodiac. These houses govern the twelve facets of our life, and the rhythms of our cycles, our emotions, finances, consciousness, home, children, career, friends, wishes, fears, love, personality and all that goes to make up our sorrows and joys. Depending on the mystical rhythm of the Moon and her relationship harmonious or discordant to the constellations and houses of the sky over which they rule, she will govern our human activity and give birth to our vices and virtues. The infinite and concealed dance of the Moon through the Zodiac is far from affecting only you, but all of us. You are a “microcosm” or a child of the Universe and there is reason for you to be. You are a part of this incredible physical and spiritual structure called a “macrocosm.”

Sir Isaac Newton wrote “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” We are what we think, having become what we thought. This statement emphasizes that for every thought or action there will be an effect. This is what I call the “Universal Law,” the causes and effects of the yin and yang recognized as the law of KARMA. The Moon is, by herself quite responsible for much of our and the world’s fate. By the tracking of the Universal Law and using Starguide, you will be allowed to see this lunar impact and reaction every day of your life. Obviously, the waxing and waning periods of our closest satellite will produce the daily process of tides. Thusly, women will have a spiritual and physical manifestation (menstruation), and all of us will be responding subconsciously to the words “lunatic/moody.” Without opposite forces at work there would be no reaction thus any life possible on both the spiritual and physical plane. To my knowledge, our so-called “dead” satellite is very much alive, and much more than a rock hanging above our heads. She is a vital part of a Divine celestial design; she is the beating heart of the earth. Vigilantly observing her whereabouts will aid understanding the real psychology of man.

I always said, The Moon is a little more than a dead rock hanging above our head just for the sake of beauty. I just hope that, in the future, the psychology field would also invest a little more and do some research on the subtle forces generated by the moon and how, her passage through the Zodiac really affects the human psyche.

For instance, a soul born with a feminine moon in a water sign such as Pisces will be extremely susceptible to the moon fluctuations. Especially if the soul inherited a negative moon sitting right on the Dragons Tail and is not aware of it. Or in some case the moon is badly aspected by Saturn, the Lord of depression. Now; the unaware psychiatrist or psychologist does not know about the 28 days cycle of the moon and its direct impact on his patients psyche. Hence, he or she will be classify as a manic depressive disorder and comes once a month (victimized by the waning moon) in need of more destructive anti depressants. Chances are Neptune now hooks the soul and will soon become addicted to the prescription drug. Thus the oblivious doctor will use the manic depressive and empower the powerful and expansive insurance and drug industry. In the name of ignorance, slowly but surely the patient loses herself in the quick sands of Neptune while the doctor, the insurance and the pharmaceutical industry benefits. This is happening now to millions of children and yours could be the next victim unless we stop this nightmare soon.

The Changing face of the Moon was revered and understood by the ancients as an aspect of the feminine and idolized as the Lady of the Night who ruled over fertility and magic. Your awareness of the Moon’s passage through the Zodiac will enable you to discover a basic structure of energy patterns that underlies the changes and circumstances of your life. This is, indeed, the purpose of a good astrologer, and his main objective is to reveal an order or meaning beneath or within what often appears to be a random or chaotic situation. The Moon’s passage through the housing system is one expression of the archetypal structure we call a cycle. While many of the formally educated scientists have lost their cosmic consciousness, it has still remained hidden within astrological values and basic astrological foundations. BY visiting my site www/drturi.com and read both your free daily or monthly forecast you will soon find the incredible values of predictive astrology when practiced properly.

All of the signs of the Zodiac, the twelve houses, and the numerous astrological aspects are based upon God’s higher order in the established, interstellar cycle. Their subtle meanings are derived from a particular place or function to each other, and all operate within the ordered cycle as a whole. Our lives unfold according to our specific cyclic pattern, interacting with the Universal cycle. Discerning the Universal Mind at work is difficult; those gifted at birth will naturally understand the cosmic mind, using their inborn, intuition and objective mental tools. However, when properly educated, anyone can learn to further his cosmic consciousness and realize his close relationship with God and the Universe. It often starts with a willingness to expand the consciousness, and the simple realization that what cannot be seen or touched doesn’t mean it is non-existent. That’s what makes a real scientist and a true intelligent person is respecting the essence of the word investigation! Sadly enough, the majority of these educated souls fears the ridicule and may also take the risk of experiencing abandonment by their peers or churches. Those methodical scholars will never be able to penetrate the spiritual domain of the stars in my research. Those scholastically oriented souls are plagued at birth with a limited view and conception of the unknown. Usually a weak planet Mercury (the mind), a phlegmatic Uranus (inquiry) in an unassuming earth sign (rationale) becomes the logical reason for the inability to reach a higher level of understanding. The mind resembles a nutshell that inherited a common astrological formation and deprives the soul to experience a highly cosmic reality. To them, the moon is nothing else than a dead satellite orbiting around the earth with no more purpose than to produce the daily tides.

The obvious structure of the Moon’s cycle is derived from the fact that it consists of a beginning, middle and an end. Thus, the monthly lunar cycle suggests by observation that it is divided into two halves. During the first half, the movement is outward, as our close satellite travels away from the area of space occupied by the Sun. As this happens, the powerful light of the Sun increases, “waxing” (positive) on the white face of the Moon. The turning point is symbolized by the Full Moon; it reverses motion. The Moon begins to approach the Sun as the reflected light on its surface “wanes” (negative), until they meet again at the New Moon (new start). Halfway between the New Moon and the Full Moon, we notice another important division point where light and darkness are equal on the moon’s surface. At the first waxing quarter, the light is increasing, while at the last waning quarter, it is decreasing. These simple astronomical observations can only provide the scientist’s mind with knowledge for interpreting the physical lunar cycle’s phase. Now if the positive cannot be without the negative, and knowing that it takes two for anything to be, then the scientist should be able to “investigate” the intuitional domain. There is so much behind this “lunar manifestation,” I began to feed my own critical observations.

As a child, I always thought of the moon to be something much more than a frigid white globe orbiting around the earth. Many times in the darkness of the night, I found myself staring at her, wondering about her hidden power. She is the swiftest of the planets, passing through the 12 signs of the zodiac in about 28 days. I knew that sooner or later, I was to uncover her subtle way and find some of the answers. To me, all those stars in the night sky, shining above my head, were more than beautiful luminaries to light the way in the dark of the night. It does, however, take more than the five regular senses to tap into her subtle manifestation upon our psyche and life in general. Nothing happens randomly in the universe, and the timely return in full each month surely indicates an ultimate order. Month after month, I patiently watched her becoming New and Full, and I learned my first and one of the most important lessons in metaphysics: “The undiluted truth is not to be found inside my limited world, but in others and the Universal mind.”

Being so close to the earth, the Moon’s magnetic pull (gravitational force) is so great, that she is solely responsible for the daily process of the tides. Therefore, curiosity, observation and comparison became the key elements to promote my cosmic consciousness. As I met her, becoming full and new, month after month, I slowly began to understand her powers. By constantly watching my environment, friends and family members, she began to speak about her clearly visible impact and astute control over man’s psyche. As the years went by, I realized her uncompromising role over the sea, and I became more aware of her powerful impact on our daily affairs. I made notes day after day, week after week and month after month, realizing the consequences of ignoring or adapting to her passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Later on, I learned that the farmers of the past followed her fluctuations for the betterment of their crops.

Then I carefully put my observations to test in my life and the lives of those around me. I did not take long to realize that by respecting the Universal Law, my life became much more productive. Her positive and negative effect on man’s emotions, actions and reactions became so obvious to me that I decided to make a full-time job telling others about her. As I watched the news in times of a full Moon, I understood why people became destructive, “lunatic,” eccentric, moody and psychopathic. I then named it the Uncompromising Universal Law. Since then, as a professional Divine Astrologer, wherever I am needed, I am teaching the value of this simple and valuable knowledge.

When you first learned how to drive a car, you were carefully introduced to the rules of the road. You learned that you must stop at a red light or follow a road sign, as your very life depends on your doing so. These are the codes that you have learned, and they must be respected anywhere you happen to be in the world. Following established rules will take you safely wherever you have to go. Sadly enough, too many people do not respect these rules, and innocent people have died accidentally. Awareness, knowledge and respect of these rules are desperately needed. However, the spiritual rules established by God, written in the constellations, have been misplaced. Only a minority is aware of the impact produced by the moon, and the rest, the majority of us are completely ignorant of these Divine rules. The result is seen during a Full Moon and each time the moon is crossing a destructive sign. This lack of awareness turns into a formidable chaos, producing despair, drug addiction, depression, violence, criminal behavior . . . and the list goes on and on. Know that ignoring either the physical or spiritual rules will lead any one of us to pay a heavy penalty.

So-called “holy wars” have plagued man all through the ages. Ignorance and fear cast aside the real Universal message. To my mind, the millions of deaths produced by continuous religious wars all around the world were a good example of the destructive power of fanaticism. I realized that everyone’s relationship to God or many gods was deeply personal and that no two people feel the same way about it. My great mother taught me that God is love, beauty, education, responsibility and knowledge, a belief I have steadfastly clung to. I have noticed the dualistic nature of life, man/woman, front/back, up/down, black/white, yin/yang, positive/negative, the ultimate law of opposition. I soon began to realize that nothing would exist without its counterpart, and this Law of opposition was much too obvious to be challenged or ignored. I began to wonder if God would be without the Devil. One month is made up of two two-week periods, one year of two six-month periods. From the New Moon (black dot on your calendar) to the Full moon (a circle on your calendar), the light is green.

Those two weeks are called “the waxing time.” Then when you see her full, white and round, the light is amber. Those two weeks are called “the waning time.” As she starts her positive waxing time, you should plant your seeds for life. Go out, meet new people, socialize, get engaged, get married, buy a new car, go shopping, sign important contracts, travel, visit family members and generally promote all you can during this positive trend. My Moon Power Starguide has all the New and Full Moons available for entire year. Also, Starguide tells you when and in what sign the New Moon or the Full Moon will mature. You can use this knowledge to master the outcomes of all your endeavors. Initiate ideas or projects as she climbs happily in the heavens. Then when she finally becomes full, be aware of the approaching “yellow light,” as these signals shows a time to slow down and reflect. Use your will to fight depression, clean your house, prepare your next move, write letters but don’t send them just yet.

Observe and listen to all the people around you. Many will suffer the waning Moon’s power and will become negative, moody and lunatic. Watch the news and see for yourself the dramatic differences in the two periods. However, good things can happen then. This means, officially, that somehow you started “that” situation during her waxing, positive time, and you are now being paid off. Bad things can also happen to you when the Moon is supposedly positive. It might only be a tap on your hand, compared to what you could really experience for yourself in the future. Keep in mind that you have been going through your life not knowing not using the Universal Law. You did not interact with the Moon’s fluctuations (the gearbox of our system) and many gears (your experiences) have broken down. Apply your knowledge right away and take the time to invest in your understanding of Astrology (the dynamics of our Universe).

The Universal Clock also commands womens menstruations, and both the Moon and women share the same twenty-eight-day time period. Work non-stop around the Moon’s passage throughout every sign of the Zodiac, and then her deepest secrets will by yours. As she travels through the belt of the Zodiac, she will be residing between two and three days in one sign, she will melt your emotions with the energies (positive or negative) found in that specific astrological sign. Never forget that an ultimate higher order has been established, and the essence of our emotional life is within. Learning and adapting to the Moon’s power will help you to understand what it really means to be human. This lunar consciousness will lead you towards the understanding of your own strengths, and the ability to use them to further your life, while minimizing your weakness day by day!

Some people often tell me, “But Dr. Turi, I cannot leave my life this way. New Moon or Full Moon, I have business to take care of!” Well, I understand the dilemma, but to me it sounds like, “Dr. Turi, the light is red, my car is stopped at the light, but I can’t stand still any longer here because I am going to be late for my appointment.” Go ahead! You see, you came and asked me for spiritual rules; I gave them to you, now you have to deal with them. You took the chance and were curious enough to “ask”; now that you receive the “discipline,” its pretty much up to you to heed them or not. The world is not necessarily ready, willing and unenlightened pertaining to this “lunar” code, you are! The idea is to plan well ahead of time and synchronize with the universal law to plan all your important endeavors. It is as simple as that. Since the dawn of time, the Creator has shown his truth to the humble, a truth that is hidden from the vain blinded by worldly pleasures, but which is written in the skies, which nightly speaks of the glory of God.


SOS Deadly Uranic Window


Entrails Upset Spit Above
Red Fire Wind To Dance
Stars Command Shock Science
Calm Deception To Strike

Cosmos News / Nuke / Weird news / Surprises / Explosions / Shocking / lightning / Humanitarianism / Discovery / Earthquakes / Volcanoes / Tornadoes / NASA / Aeronautics / Technology / UFO.

 SOS Deadly Plutonic Window


Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign

Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

 SOS Deadly Moonic Window


Nature To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / Forced Relocation / Destructive weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many.

About Dr. Turi

Dr. Turi is a proficient author and a captivating speaker, his profound Universal Wisdom astonishes everyone. He was recognized in the 2003 Marquis "Who's Who in America." Dr. Turi is the personal counselor of many celebrities, Ivana Trump, Peter Fonda, Gary Busey, Denis Haysbert, John Gray and many others. Dr. Turi is a favorite guest of George Noory on Coast-To-Coast AM radio and the BBC in London and appeared in numerous television programs worldwide.He speaks of the cosmic face and celestial tools of the creator and warn the world with undeniable well documented undeniable predictions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BX3TzPUt08 Clinical Hypnotherapist - Astropsychologist focused on providing individual and couples counseling services. Specializing in public speaking, teaching, metaphysics, natural healing, stress management, women’ issues and family mediation services. Interested in speaking engagements, radio, television, events and media outlets, academic work, advising corporations, the police force, colleges, universities and general public on mental health issues and spirituality outside of conventional beliefs and accepted disciplines.