Farage to resign, Brexit prediction! Happy 4th America!


“Divine astrology is primarily an art where intuition and metaphors are used, it is based upon the art and science of the stars, where precise calculations are performed. Unlike rigid astronomy, divine astrology spiritual purposes are designed by a real cosmic God to warn and guide humanity to a safer, more productive life.”  Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

May  a cosmic God bless America for liberating and protecting the world

All I can do again is to remind my readers of the “predicted” news posted in July 4th 2016 SOS to the world Predictions – Be Warned! The negative effects of July 2016 SOS to the world deadly Windows will be collected and posted right here as they transpire. Come back often to check the values of my predictive work! 

Learning how to relate the news with my quatrains and the obvious keywords used is not a heavy task at all! In fact a child can do it! But accepting the facts I represent is for many because, when you make people think; they will love you but when you make people really think (and prove them wrong), my cosmic work forces them to grow up psychically and then the ego/inferiority/insecurity complexes make them hate me with passion!

This window is all about CHANGES, endings and beginnings and they are taking place from all walks of life!

July 4 – // – //

Nature Men To Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made To Last
Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many

America / Beginning / Ending of War / Beginning / Ending of Important Portion of Life / New launching / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions/ Destructive Actions/ Weather / A new Planned and / or Unplanned Life For Many. 

Woman livestreams moments after cop kills boyfriend

As Philando Castile’s head slumps backward while he lies dying next to her, Diamond Reynolds looks directly into the camera and explains that a Minnesota police officer just shot her fiancé four times.

FBI Recommends No Charges Should Be Filed Against Clinton –  Ending?

New UKIP Poster launching todayBreaking Point Starting?

Brexit frontman stepping down – Ending?

Nigel Farage announced Monday that he will step down as the leader of the UK Independence Party, saying, “I’ve done my bit” to get Britain out of the European Union.


Tears Pain Death A new Life For Many? 

From July 4th 2016 SOS to the world Predictions – Be Warned!  “God forbid, the 4th of July falls into one of your 2016 personal negative cosmic biorhythms, during this SOS window, you will become a DIRECT target for the reptilius. I can only warn you with a Universal cosmic trend with the quatrain and the keywords below that will translate in the deadly news I foresee.”

Dad accidentally shoots, kills son


Souls like Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and David Icke, to name a few, nurture a deep encrusted fear; of “invading” foreigners, the power structure and the government. It is an inborn, inherited insecure feeling that can only be validated by acknowledging the idiosyncrasies hidden in the karmic UCI of those people.

But the emotional, dangerous blind “herd” is meant to follow and unfit mentally to study the deep metaphysical subjects (or the cosmic code jurisdictions) plaguing each and everyone of them! The mission of an infected famous soul is to keep his followers negatively, emotionally charged with the same fear they are projecting; within their own  celestial make up.

More advanced human beings, or those who do not own a low vibrating UCI;will not adhere to the beliefs and fears emanating from those unconscious “talking heads” and can only, for ever; agree to disagree mentally.

But teaching, learning, recognizing or divulging all about the Unique Celestial Identity or all the sins and virtues making up the mass of humans living on planet earth, has not been achieved! Thanks to the ruling, indoctrinating religious, scientific, sports and entertainment matrixes imposing their will and “teachings” upon a numb, over medicated, ignorant, poisoned society!

The fact is; those who own a name and recognized as “leaders” in a particular line of endeavor, are totally oblivious of their natural “psychical” impulses.  Most of them are psychically “hired” by the reptilius to stimulate and create as much chaos, more fears and as much discord as possible!  This repulsive mental food is what keep those nefarious entities alive and well.

America is a nation of foreigners who, like me had a dream to lead a more productive life where freedom and creativity rule the land. But a scared human being becomes also selfish by nature, all in the name of the human instinct of preservation. And while all unconscious leaders are motivated by their own fears and all are also starving for more attention, more power and more control over the mass of misinformed followers.

Telling any human being he has no control over his destiny and using all sorts of fears, immediately fuel not only a deep sense of insecurity but a serious, often violent rebuttal. And while the stars (and groups of ETs’) are actually controlling humans and humanity in an entangled fate, the drive to acknowledge and apply the will to gain or regain control, is non existent.

It is easier to ridicule UFO’s and assume astrology is bull than to do the mental work offering the realistic solutions to humanity! I am still disgusted to witness the supreme traditionally “educated” idiocy; of all the young experts, making up the unconscious millennials attitude. Opinion: Why millennials struggle? The Hard facts by Dr. Turi.

This age group of kids just arrived on earth and grew up with technology, the majority of them reject (and for good reasons) a man made god and all were indoctrinated by scientific matrix! Millennials leaving the fold!

I am totally mind boggled to realize how unconscious and lost humanity has become. All in the name of  all those brain washing matrixes ruled and maintained by an incalculable number of infected people. Indeed humans are not only robots of their stars (UCI) but also the servants of many groups of ET’s, like humans, dedicated to obliterate each others!

But I am also convinced that all the information involving the “out of this world” ET’s phenomenon found in Shark gives ‘virgin birth’ The reptilius and Humanity! will serve no real purpose. I also believe, for any human to exit any of his own comfortable, accepted zones;  is a miracle in itself!

“It is a miracle for curiosity to survive education” A Einstein 

But at least I can say Terania and I still enjoy the American dream. We work for ourselves and while the current system is set to over tax those who are smarter and more independent, there is no way to escape any governmental matrixes i.e. IRS, secret services, US department of education etc.

What is surprising to me is that: I had to work my ass off for years to be able to purchase my “one way ticket” to America, while millions of you were born here!

I was in constant fear of being caught by the emigration authorities and had to work illegally for years to be able to survive.

I also had been married a few times to some abusive women,  who took all I had to had while working for my Green Card in order to put an end to the constant fear of being caught by the emigration authorities.

I am also French and will it be in the UK or the US, I arrived here totally destitute! I had no  friends, no relative here, no job, no place to stay and only $50 left in my pocket.

I have been on national radio, TV, made the front pages of many newspapers and from hell, made it to heaven and created my American dream!

All I did since then was to travel, write and teach the reality of UFO’s, the facts about astrology; while sharing my incredible cosmic wisdom and my life’s experiences!    

I was touched by the divine and made an commissioned MJ12 by some cosmic forces so many young soul refuse to accept!… A Powerful Message To The World

And with all that I did since 1991 (and keep offering for free today,) many envious Americans worked overtime to mute me  “electronically,” trying to destroy my American dream! Google, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.

All that I did since then was to help show you how to reach your own American dream using my God given gift, through the rare art and science of astrology!

 And against all odds, I still managed to reach so many of you using my God given gift through the rare art and science of  Astrology!…  What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

America is the best country in the world and was set ASTROLOGICALLY by God himself to become what it became…To lead the world of freedom and ingeniousness! This country attracted many gifted, courageous, unusual, progressive minds from all walks of life and from all places of the globe.

You have no right to destroy any human beings dream or hope for happiness because you let infected, unconscious people tell you otherwise or by stimulating fears in your soul! While we are all very different in beliefs and cultures, we all BLEED RED! 

The reminiscences of the dying Age of Pisces and  its deceiving religious teachings, its universal deception, drug addictions, mental poisoning, illusions is the watery sign used desperately by the reptilians.

This nirvanic, confusing Age must give room to a much more progressive, cerebral, genius like Aquarius humanitarian Age where UFO’s, scientific discoveries and the re-birthing of God’s true cosmic identity will start the genuine healing process I foresee for humanity! Not a Neptunian order of Aquarius that the “infected reptilius” want to keep you on. But only if you share a real Modern Prophet’s visions widely and join the benevolent Draconis positive psychical welfare!

Introducing the world to God New Cosmic Consciousness

Humanity must reconnect with the sincere spirit of the divine and the impossible because it is the future. And while my work can help those willing to better themselves with good intentions, ultimately the blessings of the future are up to YOU; because you are a child of the future.

My connection with ET’s and the great seer Nostradamus is not an accident.  But when I associate myself or expose my mission to any similarity as such person, I get fired from radio and create a vile animosity into those blinded by fears, ego and envious of my cosmic gift.

 “Jesus say to his disciples “go to the town and find the man with the WATER PITCHER, the sign of Aquarius to follow the sign of Pisces…”

The above biblical quote was emailed to me years ago by a devout Christian who raised his cosmic consciousness by reading “Judaism Islam Astrology & The Dead Sea Scrolls” 

 I was born February 26, 1950 in the constellation of Aquarius (The water bearer) with my Sun in the sign in Pisces.

Read more Killing Jesus “Les Prophecies” and read also “America predicted religious war” in  Art Bell and Jesus.

The American dream will become universal one day. All human beings will become cosmic conscious and live in peace, in love and light! But before that can happen, we must “clean up”  our solar system of its infected, evil, greed, ego, collective negativity and replace it with God’s real cosmic divinity, hopes and true wisdom.

All religions of the past, as we know them today  will be eradicated, upgraded and replaced by the essence of compassion, love, respect and cosmic wisdom. If you perceive my far fetched visions, join psychical forces  with us, become a VIP and learn more about the divine.

Do not fear ET’s as many groups are responsible for your existence, for your blessings while others are stimulating the negativity they need to exist in the scheme of light and darkness!

You have been conditioned, lied to for centuries and the purpose was divinely set for you and humanity to reach a new upgrading, psychical step in time and space. There are no accidents remember!

Today is July 4th, 2016. a day where not only America, but the entire world celebrate its freedom from the reptilius oppression, ignorance and all induced fears. Today is the day where a chance for you to accept the impossible and help to better this world is offered to you. Realize your thoughts are priceless and each one of your prayer count for our future as a specie.

The battle is real even if you do not see it or can comprehend it yet. Do not lose hope for the future. Do not feed the reptilius with fears and hatred for foreigners. Like you they are human beings who can feel, cry in despair or laugh with joy! You are somehow in charge of their destiny and trusting the future is the first and correct step to take.

Evil can only survive where there is no prospect for life or in the future in negativity. It’s all about love, cosmic wisdom and rekindling with God will and his cosmic design. We are like millions of other wise spirits leading this march into the light.  If you are like us then join this New Age movement and all will be fine at the end!

The special deals we have in store for July fourth will end tonight, make the most of them my friends, you are in good hands with us!

As you read this article, if it makes sense to you, may my words of cosmic wisdom reflect on your decision to join us and share my work with those, who like you want to free their spirit from this evil!

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MEMO FROM Hubble spots dramatic auroras on Jupiter omen translation

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