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Will you die today or win the lottery? 

DSC106[1]“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi

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It seem this imbecile never read “Officers.com Police shame and disgrace – 2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS“ posted December 12, 2014, or a full month prior to the predicted 01/07/2015 Paris terrorist attack!  He never clicked on any of the FBI warnings links either!  And those are the atheists people I am trying so hard to help? God have Mercy on those lost souls…

UPDATE – 1/18/2015 – SOS TO THE WORLD MAKE NOTES – Next dates are January 20/21/22 (earthquake above 6.0)  February 1/2/3/ (earthquake above 6.0)  and February 10/11/12 Terrorist/police news) 

FBI visited Dr. Turi again, following Paris Terrorists Attack Prediction
FBI, CIA, NSA, US and French Secret Services, Are You Listening?

Today is the first day of my “SOS Police Window” posted December 12, 2014 in “Officers.com Police shame and disgrace – 2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS offering the dates of January 14/15/16 – January 20/21/22 and February 1/2/3 – 10/11/12  20/21 2015.  Exactly one month later  on January 12, 2015, this day became, as anticipated, an undeniable victory for my work!

Meantime, the  national attention and reward is given to a kid who’s been booked on probation violation and other felony charges when a police officer named Foulks suffered a heart attack?

In the name of God, why criminals always get the attention  while gifted, committed, productive law obedient people like me are ignored and laughed about?  While this act is honorable, ANYONE would have reacted the same way!

I am trying to save the world, millions of cops and FBI agents and even with TWO  events directly related to the FBI,  my chances of getting through them is as good as me winning the lottery!  But the fact are there!

Memo from January February 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows Police Warnings!  

Memo I will compile all the news in this article and following all the results, if make any sense to you and you realize my gift you may join the same personal care I offer all my VIP’s each month of the year.  You may join us  anytime to show your support in my work!

January 14/15/16 – 24/25 and February 20/21 2015


 Hidden secrets sex, money come to light
Raw power challenges police deadly villains
Ugly face of death drama horror surface
Nature, man’s religion bloody folly reign


 Russia/ Famous Death / Dramatic News / Police / FBI / CIA / Mob / Secrets / Scandals / Wake Up Call / Terrorism / Finances / Sex / Serial Killers / Death News.

HOW MORE PRECISE CAN I BE (this is getting really ridiculous for the skeptics!)

 DR.TURI *S*P*A*M = Serving Pathetic Atheist Mind for free… or the young souls in serious need to grow up spiritually!


THE BEST FOR LAST “Terror plan was to kill Belgian police on the streets, in stations, prosecutor says.”

1/16/2015 BBC News – Belgium Verviers plot ‘aimed to kill police’ Police?
1/16/2015 Legendary punk rock producer dead at 75  Famous death?
1/16/2015 Help! My teen’s watching online porn Sex?

Memo “January February 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows Police Warnings!” posted December 12, 2014 in “Officers.com Police shame and disgrace – 2015/2016 SOS POLICE WINDOWS“ who can deny my warnings for the police and the FBI?


1/15/2015 Man shoots, kills officer Police?

1/15/2015  No, @CIA was not hacked CIA?

1/15/2015  19,000 French websites under attack  Terrorism

1/15/2015  F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said to Seek Charges for Petraeus FBI/CIA?

1/15/2015 Two killed in Belgian anti-terror operation Terrorism?
1/15/2015 Activists protesting ‘police violence’ block Boston-area highway Police?WILL THE POLICE EVER LEARN?

1/15/2015 ”In Dog We Trust’ soils sheriff’s office rugsPolice?

(CNN)A Florida sheriff’s office is sending back some official rugs after an embarrassing typo in them put the rug company in the doghouse. There are no accidents, this “act of God” is another obvious omen for the police to start thinking like human and not like animals, when presented with a work that demand a refined mind to perceive!

1/15/2015 ISIS video claims to show boy executing spies  Death News?
1/15/2015 Botched Oklahoma execution haunts inmate as death nears  Death News?1/15/2015 Girl’s balloon to dead dad found 436 miles away  Death News?
1/15/2015 The real Marlboro Man dies at 85 Famous Death?
1/15/2015 NFL player denies rape charge Sex news?
1/15/2015  Sleepy Switzerland jolts currency markets Finances?
1/15/2015 Construction worker dies after fall from stage near Super Bowl stadium Death?
1/15/2015 College basketball player with terminal brain cancer honored on Capitol Hill ?1/15/2015 Oklahoma executes inmate Death News?


Update 1/14/2015 RIGHT ON THE DOT! 

 Four at Secret Service lose jobs  FBI? Secret Service cleans house after scandals – scandals?

But of course I can make thousands of YouTube videos *Watch , the atheists, agnostics and skeptics alike will assure you this type of news happen everyday! This is simply laughable… And, as I said in the video, its not over yet and maybe they will listen to me when this window is over?

Maybe the future events of  24/25 and February 20/21 2015 directly affecting the police, the FBI stimulating terrorist activity, the secret services will start thinking I have something they can use? Who knows, but I will not quit now and will keep “serving and protecting” all my fellow human beings spiritually.

Incidentally a couple of hours after making my latest Youtube video, my “cosmic God” sent me another sign that will infuriate the skeptics even more and offer full credibility to my work!

I can not help to wonder what type of detectives is not able to relate to such a series of news cursing the FBI! Repetition (or harassment)  is the key to success and all I can do is; with yet another video to guide you “back to the future” and push forward with more undeniable proofs!

More than ever, your help is important to beat the forces of evil ignorance stopping  and drowning the spirit of a conditioned society refusing to acknowledge the obviousness of God Cosmic Divinity. I am sure many of you have felt my pain, and like me, also enjoy moments like today where the great Victory over atheism is irrefutable. But I know, it won’t be so for the all knowing,  “educated” sub-human…

Meantime like in any war, damage has been inflicted by the young souls managing to mute my voice and stopping me from reaching all other curious souls!


Limits have been placed on Bring Back Astrology As a Science Your Page has been blocked from posting on facebook. This is how skeptics cowards deal with Dr. Turi when the avalanche of dated, printed, published and broadcasted proofs are too much for them to deal with!  Appeal Restrictions on Bring Back Astrology As a Science – Facts and truth do not matter anymore, this is the moronic atheist world we are living in… God have Mercy on your lost children… http://www.drturi.com/january-141516-2425-2015-sos-to-the-world-deadly-windows-results/

“Terror in Paris” Dr. Turi’s astonishing TRIPLE HITS PREDICTION!

Memo from January February 2015 SOS To The World Deadly Windows Police Warnings!  posted 1/12/2015  

Arrested teen helps save cop Police news?  Wake up call for skeptics?


 Police Chief Helric Fredou Investigating Charlie Hebdo DIES! Police news?
Cops face murder charges Police news?


Memo from 2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions ” Here is my interpretation for this Grand Cross but the main cosmic energy is Neptunian, this mean be prepared for important and deadly newinvolving  (Jail/convicts?)

At least 10 dead as Texas prison bus collides with train Death News?
69 die after drinking home brew Death news?

Photo: Ohio man accused of threatening to kill Boehner - WHO CAN DENY THE UNDENIABLE? posted 10/15/2014" Prediction #23 of 24 - Poisoning in all forms is high on the list *Poisoned drink for Boehner? 71 die after drinking home brew ‘Superbug’ bacteria widespread in U.S. chicken: consumer group *Caramel apples linked to fatal outbreak *Professor guilty of poisoning wife Read more! <a data-cke-saved-href=
Ohio man accused of threatening to kill Boehner 

From  2015 Nostradamus Neptunius Draconis Universal Predictions posted 10/15/2014
” Prediction #23 of 24 – Poisoning in all forms is high on the list  *Poisoned drink for Boehner? *71 die after drinking home brew  *‘Superbug’ bacteria widespread in U.S. chicken: consumer group *Caramel apples linked to fatal outbreak  *Professor guilty of poisoning wife.

“Terror in Paris” Dr. Turi’s astonishing TRIPLE HITS PREDICTION!

Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attack in Paris Prediction January 7th, 2015 (English)
La prediction de l’attaque terrorist  de  Charlie Hebdo a Paris le 7 Janvier 2015. (Francais)
1/14/2015 video offering explanations about my FBI police prediction (English)

This is just day one of the maximum “cosmic” effect against the police, the FBI steering the criminals to act out their deadly UCI. I will soon be back to point out more of the deadly results atheists are unable to perceive or appreciate. But I am here for you, like I need you to be with me and help me get the attention my work deserve, so more people can be warned and saved!

At this point I do not know what REAL FBI agents and REAL detectives will do with me. Comeback to harass me wondering if I am a close friend to the lone wolf who targeted DC or finally try to learn more about my gift?  May be a courageous reporter will stand as strong and as dedicated as I am  to give me the voice I need to warn more people of all future calamities?

Not sure, but I will be there to prove my claims, because the future has and will always be my utmost faithful witness!


Dr. Turi

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

 Carl Sagan Birthday and NASA Masquerade – Can you handle the truth?
Astrology and Sir Isaac Newton Unique Celestial Identity
Neil deGrasse, Sir Isaac Newton, Carl Sagan and Astrology
Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse unilluminated perception of the stars!
James Randi Versus Dr. Turi’s predictions nine years later!

Come and drink at the source of all wisdom


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