February Universal Transists


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This forecast will touch everyone, please pay attention to the transits as they unfold.


The following pages describe the major transits that you will be experiencing for each months of the year 2011. This regular monthly report will give you insight into the challenges that you will encounter for the current month and the underlying lessons that they offer you. There are literally hundreds of positive and negative transits occurring for you each year, so my “Cosmic Code” newsletters report focuses on those for the current month of the current year. Note that I am using Nostradamus Divine Astrology and this methodology do not compare to the jargonized mathematical approach used by modern astrology. Astrology is an art and must be used as such with intuition and symbolism where objectivity plays a vital part in interpreting the heavens.



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The “Exact” transit dates immediately prior to those dates are the times when the energies described will be felt most strongly and when actual events related to the transit are most likely to occur. Many transits will have three “Exact” dates listed. This is because the transiting planet goes retrograde (R) and then direct (D) again, causing three “hits.” When this is the case, the issues associated with the transit will surface on the first hit, there will be some progress toward resolving these issues on the second hit, and the third hit will bring final resolution.

Read this Universal transit report for the current month once now to get a general overview of the coming period. Then, as the issues described in this report begin to appear in your life, you can refer back to this report for suggestions on how to best handle the changes that you are experiencing. Even the worst transit can be a valuable experience if you are fortunate enough to “get” the lesson that it offers.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate. Astrology can give you a “weather report” on the energies influencing you, but it is up to you to decide how you will react. Some people can benefit greatly under normally difficult transits because they eagerly meet the challenge head on. Others will not benefit from the most positive transits because they did not pursue opportunities presented to them. To learn more about your UCI and your fate you may request a personal reading http://www.drturi.com/readings.php or personal Dragon Window dates for the next 12 months if you would like to examine your upcoming changes more thoroughly and more personally. Remember knowledge is power ignorance is evil. Lastly I want to personally thank the so many old (and new) VIP subscribers that have decided to stay with us in 2011. I will make sure to offer you more “star food” by finding new ways to serve you.

Blessing to all


Now on to the transits report for the month of February 2011

Universal Transit For All

Mars trine Saturn: 2/6/2011 12:04 PM, Exact

Tackle that difficult, exacting job now and be patient, Saturn takes time to pay back. Superiors may become demanding and will reward sacrifice and accomplishment. Activities are favorably structured if you plan with care. Your energy is well placed in a long standing dream, go for it.

Mars sextile Venus: 2/18/2011 7:37 PM, Exact

This is a time for entertainment, parties and physical love but be careful, Mars means also danger. Artists feel creative and strong willed. Relationships with the opposite sex prosper, make the most of this transit after the New Moon you may find love if you are single.

Mars conjunct Neptune: 2/19/2011 11:00 PM, Exact

Tired? now you know why, put off demanding tasks until energy returns. Odd sensations may accompany fears or phobias. Stimulants should be avoided  and do NOT feed evil with fears.

Jupiter square Pluto: 2/22/2011 4:14 PM, Exact

At this time you are inspired to achieve great things and feel more confident than usual in your ability to do so.  You are highly ambitious now and will set your sights higher than usual in pursuing your goals in life.  If you keep your nose completely clean and exercise only the best of intentions toward others, you can indeed achieve much power, success and social status now.  However, you may encounter opposition or resistance from others in your efforts, particularly if you have used shady or underhanded methods to achieve your success.  If this has been the case, people will begin lining up to throw mud at you and expose all your darkest secrets.

Even if you do nothing wrong, others will challenge you now.  You may experience problems with authority figures or be involved with conflicts and power struggles on the job, particularly if you work with education, religion or foreign cultures.  You may be forced to take a stand for what you believe in and will have to re-examine your own values in the process.  Avoid becoming dogmatic or having a “holier than thou” attitude.  You may feel the need to lead others, but first be sure you know where you”re going.

Another way to express the energies of this transit is to repair or restore an old building, piece of artwork, etc.  It is also a good time to become involved in groups working toward beneficial change in society.  Be sure that you keep your ego out of any group projects now; otherwise you will also encounter opposition there.

This transit sometimes indicates legal conflicts or lawsuits for some.  You may also have difficulties regarding taxes, alimony, inheritance, insurance, or corporate holdings.  No matter what the situation, be sure you are completely honest and straightforward.  If you have anything to hide, you won”t be able to now.

Mars is in Aquarius

Be ready for serious explosions and news of nukes soon. Be cautious flying, check Moon Power for better auspices.

Jupiter is in Aries

Jupiter will offer you the opportunity to learn much more about yourself , on a negative note avoid taking chances with fire or dangerous sports.

Saturn is in Libra:

This is a culmination of great importance as disciplinarian Saturn is very happy in Libra the sign of justice. Efforts of the past and those of the future will pay off as Saturn is very karmic in nature. The drive to do something with the law, psychology *Astropsychology and become somebody in the mind field will be quite strong and one should act upon it. The good and the bad returns for redemption and career matters are foremost. Keep working hard and you will collect in time.

Uranus is in Pisces:

More surprising and unexpected news/events involving religious figures or the Pope are ahead. With the dying Age of Pisces numerous religious front will try to adapt or make a good use of technology to attract lost souls or keep their followers at bay. Yes indeed expect more weird news from this religious crowd. On a more productive note listen to your intuition and learn to recognize how God speaks through the stars, with my help you are on the right track.

Neptune is in Aquarius:

Uranus (Aquarius) in Pisces or Neptune (Pisces) in Aquarius inhabits the same sign and will produce more of the above mentioned type of news. Neptune rules imagination and the art, Aquarius technology thus expect more interesting movies and the use of technology for medical use as Pisces (Neptune)  rules also hospitals. One will feel or understand such powerful transits drastically when ordering a personal transit report or ordering a reading of course.

Pluto is in Capricorn: And you wonder why politicians  and talking heads behave like hyenas – Chance of assassination increase i.e. Rep. Gifford… Pluto (power) In Capricorn (Uncle Sam): Yes the government and large wealthy corporations are having a blast…Blame it all on the Illuminati! The people challenge authority too…

Tens of thousands defy curfew
• At least 38 dead in protests, state TV reports
• Intelligence chief appointed vice president
• Mubarak”s government resigns

Pluto *death/rebirth In Capricorn *politics/corporations/police

Modern astrology says that; this transit will not occur during a person”s normal life span but on the Universal scheme of things we are all in the same bag. Thus anything involving power, sex, money, metaphysics, secret services, finances, and investment including witchcraft will undergo a full overhaul. But the area most affected will be governmental and financial changes. Wherever this transit takes place on your rising expect a form of life and death energy that can only serve you better in the long run

Be sure the “death” planet will force many of you to “die” in the house Pluto transit and all the affairs of this particular house. Thus if Pluto transits your 7th house of marriage be ready for a divorce, if Pluto transit your 2nd house of money be ready to rebirth yourself in this house etc. In the 10th house of career all matter related to the police, metaphysics, the medical field, investments, finances, life and death including your career will be on the fore. Unless you are educated in the housing system regulations or an Astropsychologist chances are you will not know what just hit you so dramatically. If you are mentally and emotionally prepared the “transformation” can and will only be beneficial. Your best shot is to let me do your 90 mn taped Full Life reading (or progressive reading) and make a good use of the FREE 90mn of Hypnotherapy tape I will join with your order because you will need it badly.

Mars sextile Venus: 2/18/2011 7:37 PM, Exact

This is a time for entertainment, parties and physical love. Artists feel creative. Relationships with the opposite sex prosper. Use Moon Power have fun use that New Moon fully.

Mars sextile Jupiter: 1/11/2011 7:20 AM, Exact

Cooperative efforts progress smoothly the stars are on your side. Enthusiasm boosts business and career interests. Supervisors are helpful the energy is good and if you experience troubles or challenges chances are you are in one of your own negative Dragon date. Get this service via email, it is incredibly accurate, unique and quite cheap.

Mars sextile Uranus: 1/11/2011 6:46 PM, Exact

Innovative actions enhance the dull routine. Independence and freedom are strong attractions. Stimulating associations offer excitement and you should make the most of these days.

Mars sextile Moon: 1/19/2011 4:47 PM, Exact

Emotional issues involving people and places you have a strong attachment to from the past take the foreground for the next couple of days. Passion finds an outlet. Objective reasoning is poor, due to intense feelings. This is a good time to work at projects that benefit your children, family or home. Read Moon Power for much more explanation of these days, if you are a VIP you should have this book.

Neptune is in Aquarius: Neptune (the sea/oil) in Aquarius (explosions/shocking news) or Uranus (explosions/shocking news) in Pisces (the sea/oil) display the same power. Thus through the Cosmic Code there is no accident by misunderstanding and misuse of the stars. Spiritual and intellectual growth and expansion are possible if one is willing to build Cosmic Consciousness as this transit supports intuition. Young souls may suffer confusion and religious misunderstanding. Travel by sea may bring about food poisoning (unless planned and experienced during a waxing (protective new moon). Stay clear of Neptunian gurus or deceiving religious groups and their Leaders, you may end up deceived you in the long run. Be practical in your spiritual research, try using your subconscious at your advantage “Beyond The Secret” is a great start and be amazed by the results- www.drturi.com/books.php

Saturn In Virgo: This transit (called the “Saturn Return”) for some of us can be one of the most important in life. Virgo rules the 6th house of health and work; this could mean a total renewal, upheaval of your service to the world and health in general. This transit occurs first close to your 30th birthday and again in your late fifties. This transit indicates that Saturn has made a complete revolution around your chart (and the Sun), bringing its stabilizing and maturing influence to each part of your life. You”re now making life decisions based on what you want rather than what others think you should do. The increased responsibility and lessons Saturn brings are annoying little “growing pains,” but they are worth it. This transit both begins and ends a new cycle in terms of your career. If you have built up your profession steadily over the years, you will receive a handsome payoff now. If you have not, the steps you take now will greatly affect your future. Don”t be afraid to make a sudden career change if you feel it is a wise move. You may feel as though you have lost time to make up for and must make every minute count to build a better future.

You will eliminate many circumstances, things and people from your life now, which are not contributing, to your growth. The truth is that you are no longer willing to put up with unsatisfactory conditions in your life you”ve tolerated but will make changes to achieve your own goals in life. Marriages will endure this transit if you are being honest about your needs and if the relationship is a strong one. Otherwise, you may examine your domestic life and find that you have been putting up with it more than enjoying it. Don”t hold on to outdated people and things, which will pass from your life now. Their passing will only make room for others who will be more in line with your new goals in life. Cutting ties to circumstances or people who are holding you back will only facilitate your own growth. Changes may seem scary now, but they are needed more than ever. If you have held onto circumstances in your life which are not good for you, you will experience this transit as a time of crisis. The things you hold onto the tightest will be ripped from your grasp in order that something new and more appropriate can take their place.

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