‘F**k you, cancer’: Dr. Turi shares his cosmic wisdom



“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone” Dr. Turi

“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior  wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth using his will is a magus and  magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of all my struggles  was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and strengths to others”  ~ Dr. Turi


Thank you God for giving me another chance at life

Dear reader,

On November 16, 2023 around 2 PM my son Remy lost his battle against brain cancer and you may read more on another tasking experience involving spine surgery. “After risky spine surgery the surgeon told me not to plan any travel. Here’s what happened when I didn’t listen.”

As a young man, I thought life would become more of a “B” as you get older with a slowly decaying body but little did, I know that extreme challenges and sickness can take place anytime and at any age and reach anyone!  
I lost my dad at the tender age of 11 years and lost my younger brother Vincent to a drunk driver when I was 17. I suffered the accidental death of a very close friend a 20 and came close to my own demise so many times since then.  This includes painful separations and divorces… Now at 74 I truly think its a miracle for me to be still alive, strong, healthy with a mind and heart full of dreams! 
As I got older more and more of my family members and close friends were called back to God often without warning! While this newsletter divulging so much drama and pain could be depressing to the sensitive reader, I would not change anything because all of those dramatic experiences built my character and made me as tough as a nail! 
It seems that we are on planet Earth to repay karma, learn about life, and grow spiritually, and all you have and mostly rely upon is, yourself!  If you are lucky  a true friend will be there in time of troubles when needed the most, this is why keeping and making new friends is very important because, like everything in life, friends come and go all the time! 
As happened to me, some friends will change your life for the better while some will become your worst enemy. And it is often due to unavoidable karma and a very different UCI! 
It is always painful to let go of a relationship or a friend that did not match your character, your expectations, your drive, your goals or did you wrong. The reasons are endless but ultimately God has a plan for us all and while it is very difficult to let go of anything or anyone, I have learned it is always a blessing in disguise.
But one of the most dramatic experiences I had to go through in my crazy existence was when I contracted cancer! Never in a million years would I have had to consider my mortality at the age of fifty three and face the real possibility of dying!
Been there, done that, this is why I could relate deeply to my son’s scary feelings before his passing. Heredity seems to work with cancer and his endless negative attitude and karmic dragon’s tail in Leo (life/health) did not help!  

Dealing with cancer is very dramatic mentally and physically, to say the least, but at the lowest time in my life, I had a close friend who played a very important part in my survival!

Like all Aries, at the time, he was more concerned with my money than my health but since I was on foreign ground, thousnads of miles away from the US, he was the only one close to me able to provide mental support!   
Sometimes I wonder, how can anyone speak about cancer or UFOs when the popular people you hear regularly on Coast to Coast am national radio or popular TV program like “Ancient Aliens” never dealt with UFOs, or never contracted the deadly disease?
My two oncologists strongly recommended I undergo weeks of chemotherapy to make sure the cancer would not spread anywhere else in my body! Intuitively my Pisces side told me to stay very clear from any form of poisonous radiation and I refused! 
Keep in mind that what has worked for me then may not work for someone else, so follow your physician’s advice! Meantime as a “Soul Doctor” I know that we are much more than blood, nerves, and bones and there is much more involved than what our infantile medical science can accept or recognize as an efficient healing discipline.
Indeed you have the power to curse or heal yourself and destroy or rebuild your atomic structure through your 12th house critical healing power of your subconscious in time and space (God!) and your 6th house (work and health.)
Not to forget the very powerful position of Pluto (life and death/regeneration) and its aspects with other powerful planets like Saturn (depressions/the Great Malefic/karma!) 
While Jupiter (Lord of Luck) brings education and luck from foreigners this planet rules also higher education and if you do not investigate how you STAND under your stars, how can you UNDERSTAND your cosmic divinity and make good use of your planets? 
“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty he gave them to us for interpretation so we may live a safer, healthier, and more productive life!”

Hippocrates II was a Greek physician of the Age of Pericles and is considered the most outstanding figure in the history of medicine.

“Dr. Turi, I have learned more about what it means to be human in your week-long crash course in Sedona than the 7 years I spent in an accredited college.” Dr. in Psychiatry student feedback. 

But where does cancer come from? Why it is the biggest killer cursing humanity and animals? What can be done to beat it as I did? Who is prone to contracting cancer and what are the most vulnerable parts of your body in danger for contamination?  

Each part of the human body is under the jurisdiction of the stars and if any malign planet is located in one of the 12 areas of your chart, cancer is inevitable! 

Cancer does not only come from dangerous chemicals but also from mental poisoning, endless depression, fear, negativity, lack of stimulation, lack of hope, lack of exercise, inability to let go of the past, alcohol, legal or illegal drug abuse, etc. 

But by experience, I can assure you the fastest way to contract cancer and die fast is by feeding the reptilius with all of the above especially with GUILT, DEPRESSION and  FEAR! 

I alone am to blame for getting cancer… I was young, foolish, happy, and unwise, and ran over, and destroyed many innocent loving hearts in the past! Then one day karma hit me badly and I did not know that my heart was to get mortality and emotionally wounded! 

I had all the perfect ingredients to get cancer by endlessly feeding the reptilius to total mental and physical degeneration.

For the 3rd time in my life, I had difficulty letting go of a relationship but this time I was fully responsible for the devastating outcome!  My ego was on the way to ask for forgiveness and do the right thing or even ask for help and I opened the dark door to death through cancer! 

I had the power, I had the means, the cosmic wisdom and my ego blinded me not knowing, since I was rejected so many times and hurting inside, I was taking revenge on all the beautiful innocent girls I attracted during those foolish, immature years!

I managed to beat cancer and made it back to mental, physical and spiritual health by miracle but while this experience was simply terrible good came out with this newsletter…

Rejection – How to Deal With It! 

Be aware of fear! My son used to tell me “Dad I do not want to be checked for cancer because I am scared to death to find out!” And this is exactly what not to do! He waited too long and the cancer invaded his entire body.  This is why it is very important to bypass fear and get checked regularly especially if you are not young anymore.

Every part of the human body is under the jurisdiction of the stars, something religious and/or atheist people know nothing about! And since humans are made of the essence of those stars, earthlings are oblivious, unconscious robots and respond physically and psychically to their karmic stars. 
And a century of deceptive religious indoctrination did not help society learn, understand, and use God’s cosmic design to their advantage… 
The medical aspect of Divine Astrology
God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer, more productive life!
DT – You told me I had something wrong with my gut and I went and got insurance and then found out I had cancer. Thank you for saving my life. Every day I think of you and how you impeded my demise. I love you genuinely from the bottom of my heart and can’t wait to speak with you again. Thank you for your generosity and knowledge. I spread the love of you to all my friends and family. Happy Sunday my friend.
On the road to recovery. I had a very aggressive (prostate) cancer. I was diagnosed on July 26th (almost a year ago) and had to have it removed in September. They took everything out. Nerves and all – I had a 16% chance of it being “localized to just my prostate- and by God band the stars, it had not spread to any lymph nodes or bones. That’s how you saved my life. I never would have gone to the doctor if you hadn’t said anything. I’ve gone from every 6 weeks to every 3 months for checkups now. Thank you beyond words. Much love and respect.

There are natural and very efficient ways to beat any disease, including cancer as I did by drinking my “Natural Universal Blood Transfusion” but rejecting all that science has to offer is simply ridiculous and does not show much intelligence! Without my two oncologists taking care of me, I would be dead today!

If you ever wonder about your fate, your career, your love life, your health and so much more, let me take good care of you…

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But again, the sad reality is that the majority of people on planet Earth are “gullible conspiracy seekers flatheads” and not exactly directly related to Einstein! 

“We are living in times where boneheads rise, intelligence fall, educated idiots like Neil DeGrasse Tyson reign supreme and thrive while genius and real get unrecognized.” Dr. Turi

“Show me a reader, I’ll point out a winne” Dr. Turi


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“God created the stars and the heavens for more than the sake of beauty, he gave them to us for interpretation so that we can live a safer more productive life!” Paracelsus 



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