A world going mad! Is the Internet killing religion?



“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi

What is a Nephilim–Epitome of Hell? it is a Neptunian or anyone unaware of a divine cosmic  power  that can not make a good use of it”. Anything else is deceptive enlightenment! Bible heads, psychics, modern Prophets, religious leaders, monks, gurus, televangelists, priests, conspiracy talking  heads, religious talking heads and those who are asking you to “repent” all day long are all cosmic  unconscious  born Neptunians who can never  read God’ cosmic signs…

Remember readers, there is only a very thin hair between the divine cosmic information I provide and pure detrimental religious imagination…Neptunians FEED on your fears and MUST keep them alive by writing more religious nonsense. You do not have to drink at the source of madness and work hard to free your hijacked spirit from them…

Now that I clarified what a Neptunian God fearing soul is all about, I must warn you readers! Poisoning your soul with endless fears to hook your jailed spirit under their psychical control is their ultimate goal! But to really understand my warnings and save your soul from dementia, you must read “Sinister Plan for Humanity Future, Demons, Fallen Angels, UFO, Portals and Witch Doctors Nonsense.”

Let’s now investigate IVAN LOPEZ. He  was born 4/12/1984  and the Fort Hood shooting took place on 4/2/2014.

“Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post’s commanding general, told reporters Friday that investigators “do not believe” that Lopez’s “underlying medical conditions … are the direct precipitating factor” in the attack.”

Dear Readers;

I am so saddened when I see my predictions about the auto industry Toyota recalls 6.4M cars worldwide  and the Army/Navy unfolding knowing the 2014 Arian Draconis is aiming directly at a few industries and all the young unaware soldiers…

Many lost souls will feel this dragon killer instinct and will use all sorts of weaponry to act out their cursed UCI. “Police chief: ‘Panic and chaos’ in mass stabbing at Pennsylvania school.”

16-year-old Alex Hribal, was  born October 1st, 1997 with a Pisces (drugs/religion) Dragon’s Tail (negative.) He is the latest victim of the religious/scientific controlling educational matrixes…  The parents, the teachers, the elites of the system should be going to jail no him nor Adam Lanza and all other lost souls who made this terrible type of news… I will generate this cosmic newsletter for my VIP’s only. 

Continued: First Lopez was an Aries and a direct target of the Dragon and like other unconscious celebrities, he made the news… Memo:  “ALL SOULS BORN IN OCTOBER AND APRIL ARE THE TARGET OF THE 2014/2016 ARIAN DRACONIS.”

But why, up a sudden Lopez decided to kill others? What is the “energy” that lead this man to act so erratically? Let me try to explain how the cosmic code  works; on 4/2/2014 the moon (emotional response to life) was in direct opposition to Yvan Lopez ‘s deadly planet Pluto (passions) his  Mars (danger/weaponry) and Saturn (popularity / the great malefic) planets. This cosmic supreme intensity was focussed on his Scorpio 8th house of death and much too powerful to be controlled!

Incidentally the same exact cosmic “mystery” that produced Flight 370 Mystery Solved It Was Pilot Suicide! was also in place,  but without cosmic consciousness our infantile science has no references and no answers to offer anyone…

Combined with the aggressive Arian Draconis right on himself, and without any warning or cosmic education, both men simply lost it!

But again how can forensic science, the media or anyone understand French, Chinese or my “cosmic” language when none of them were trained in  the science of Astropsychology? But be sure, immediately and erroneously  many cosmic uneducated souls will assume my work is only a wasteful pseudo-science!

What you are witnessing is the steady depletion of the human spirit and without any form of spiritual education allowing for steady regeneration (and self-control),  my warnings involving the scientific and religious matrixes steadily building future monsters should be taken very seriously! Indeed we have only fifty years before humanity reach a  total psychical depletion and with it self destruction…

In fact yesterday Mars / Hitler violent spirit spoke again when  a marine guard was shot to death by his colleague at a NC base and today news are not different “Two dead in Fort Washington murder-suicide!” Update – Four stabbed in Toronto office

In Dr. Turi 2014 – 2016 Arian Draconis Universal Predictions (VIP’s Only) I gave a long set of predictions and many already transpired, and in God’s name how is it possible for any human being NOT to feel depressed  or secure with so many dramatic news? Watch the  predicted suicide rate explode and I will be there to refresh your memory readers…

All I can do is to keep reminding my readers of the Cosmic Code above because I can guarantee you all the victims using medical prescriptions or not, were ALL suffering their own personal cosmic biorhythms.

Prediction # 2 of 19 Expect a full restructure of the Army and the NAVY due to some foreign powers in need/offering manpower to bring stability in some unstable parts of the world. Many high ranking Army/Navy officers will make international news.”

Prediction #7 of 19 – Expect a full restructure of the automotive industry and serious growth *Ford/Dodge may be forced into partnerships or suffer serious legal disputes. Toyota recalls 6.4M cars worldwide  (Gee this is a lot of cars!)

Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, the post’s commanding general, told reporters Friday that investigators “do not believe” that Lopez’s “underlying medical conditions … are the direct precipitating factor” in the attack.

Fort Hood shooting: Psychiatric issues ‘fundamental underlying causal factor’

The fact is; Indeed Lt. Gen. Mark Milley made international news and secondly he is totally right when he mentioned  “Lopez’s underlying medical conditions … are not the direct precipitating factor in the attack.”

I feel like screaming in despair readers because the controlling scientific and religious educational matrixes, like the police administration,  are stubbornly unwilling to give me the voice I need to introduce the Cosmic Code and explain what Cosmic Biorhythms and the human UCI is all about and what really curse the brain of all those lost souls.

But the scientific community will keep tapping on your tax dollars and donations to find the imaginary “gene” responsible for their deadly behaviours,  then prescribe more anti depressants (or weed)  for you to seek relief, when those drug cocktails will kill you in the long run.

The same apply for USGS and CALTECH but when did you get their  latest accurate warning for large earthquakes?

Science has not yet find out the real reasons Why flight 370 pilot took so many innocent lives with him? and yet more tragedies are plaguing the news daily? Furthermore, in this dance of evil 200,000 More Morons did apply to live on Mars while Continued Rise in Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers but not Dr. Turi! all the while allowing “Dr. Sanjay Gupta to become First Legal US Drug Lord?” STOP THE NIGHTMARE!  Doctors make millions off of Medicare


 “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”  (Albert Einstein) 

Read another example of the controlling religious matrix at work (excerpt from an article) showing again the humongous stupidity of all the non cosmic conscious participants who defenestrate wild life in the name of God!

Asking a moron to think or to apply common sense is just impossible now asking them to differentiate between omens is unthinkable!  Does killing innocent animal life represent the type of false God all those lost souls are following and fearing?

Trust me readers my Cosmic God will never kill nor punish anything or anyone, (especially innocent animals) as a mean to share the message and love of Christ  to  join their congregations. This is why you must join my Cosmic God  because he does not punish nor kill animals but through me, saved “THE LADY OF THE NIGHT a little defenceless, loving little dog rejected by this type of good Christians.

Is this what you want to teach your children? Don’t you think those billions should be invested in my Astropsychology schools or a Cosmic TV/radio show instead and help your children to re-connect with the reality of a cosmic God?

GEE DO I NEED THOSE DONATIONS and you can do so by becoming a VIP and support my mission to free humanity from fear and cosmic ignorance!

“The Southside Baptist Brotherhood Ministry held its 2nd Annual Outdoors with Friends Hunting Weekend on December 13th and 14th 2013 with 33 hunters. Participants from Tennessee, Florida and our local area came to Hunt. There was a Friday afternoon hunt as well as Saturdaymorning and Saturday afternoon. Our mission is to share the message and love of Christ to the Disabled, also to the Disadvantaged Child who has no Christian influence in their Lives. We do this by annually sponsoring hunting and fishing weekends. This year’s hunt was a great success with 19 Doe, 1 Buck, 4 Hogs, and 2 Coyotes harvested. (name hidden) of Troy took the free shoulder mount for the biggest buck taken.”

I say SHAME, what better way to share a ministry, than to go out into the wild and kill animals in 2014. The harvesting of wildlife is essential because of mans’ encroachment with nature, but should not be used for religious reasons.

The battle I undertaken can never be won on my own, regardless of my total dedication to fight the Iluminati or all the abusive scientific and religious educational systems who hijacked your reason and spirit. The majority of you are becoming psychically numb each passing day,  over medicated, lied to, your children are abused with all sorts of medications and sermons endlessly created and produced by the scientific and religious matrixes.

It is not normal for any mentally and psychosocially healthy person to kill another human being because of disagreements, revenge, for survival or for nothing! America is over medicated, lost in confusing segregating religions, living in separatism because of their particular beliefs, skin color or race.  Exactly what this NAZY Arian draconian spirit needs to survive and invite more lost souls into his endless murdering dance.


The part of God in each of us is much stronger than the stars and fate, imagine how luck you truly are by being only normal – Watch this video!

And like Adam Lanza ,  Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah and so many others,  take as many innocent people with me!

Major Depressive Disorder‎ (that the latest medical term produced by an OCD generation)

Get More Info About MDD & Talk to Your Doctor Today, get poisoned with medications, use weed or alcohol  then commit suicide or regenerate your spirit safely with Dr. Turi.

There is ONLY one way to avoid any and all form of depressions, and using medication or religion has never and will never free your spirit from falling deeper into Neptune dementic waters until you finally sink to your death!  There are  sane and safe ways to regenerate a depleted spirit, you simply need to be guided to God Cosmic light to own your salvation.

  • The human spirit can and will ONLY regenerate through the  planet Pluto and the sign of Scorpio, incidentally this is also the  area where death can be experienced. Practising the ostrich attitude by burying your head in the ground because of your fears can only stimulate more fears, thus facing your fears (or ignorance) is your first step!
  • If you are religiously poisoned and taught to stay away from the light of the stars and God’s cosmic identity try for a change to think for yourself instead of looking down in an archaic (over edited) book written and maintained by the Vatican Iluminati or the  religious controlling educational matrix!  
  • If you own a rigid, over rational earthy UCI, remember what you can not see nor touch does not mean it does not exist and challenge yourself outside of your concrete brain built to endorse only the atheist scientific educational matrix.   
  • Scepticism is healthy because it allows the critical mind to investigate the facts, but to do so one must honor science and check the provided claims.  I am offering you all, the option to do just that and enjoy a little “test drive” with Dr. Turi. All you have to do is to call 602-265-7667, the call is free but you can only divulge your DOB to me! You can not talk to me, only if I ask you a question to check deeper into your soul. 

After all, if I am real I should know all about you, your emotional, your financial situation, your state of mind, your health, your fears and even who, what and where you were in your past life yes?  I can also tell you where my cosmic God will always help and protect you too, so you can truly enjoy life on earth instead of suffering the “educational” control of the Iluminati.

Those bastards are supremely wealthy, they own all corporations from all walks of life and they won’t give a dam to who you are, where you or your children are in life as long as you stay under their control and make them richer. Its time for many of you to wake up to reality because for every move you make, you are taxed to the maximum and this will get much worse before the physical and spiritual revolutions liberate us all…

In order to beat power (or the Iluminati) you must USE the same weapons they have been used since they altered Jesus initial cosmic ministry over two thousands years ago. We are no pigs we are smart, we were born free…

When you control the source of information, you end up controlling the masses and the Age of Aquarius (cosmic wisdom/humanitarianism/technology/UFO) scares the hell out of those privileged selected  wealthy, powerful ” bank corporate” groups. Give me the voice, see the changes! Pass on my articles, help me  in my mission.  Is the Internet killing religion?

“Do not give dogs (the mass) what is sacred; (cosmic code) do not  throw your pearls (wisdom) to pigs (the peasants). If you do, (educate them)  they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you (the Iluminati) to piece.”

Yes if; this cosmic wisdom was and is still being used by all the popes of the past, dragons and if astrological relics covers the entire Vatican walls, ceilings, catacombs, secret library, what not using cosmic wisdom too? But those in power sees us as pigs and are afraid of losing the power they need to survive… Read carefully and think of the meaning behind Jesus’ words and the cosmic message left by the 3 wise men (astrologers/ET’s.)

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

Dr. Turi on Jerry Pippins  radio show  Monday April 14 from 7 to 8 PM Eastern

Do not miss this show, I will elaborate on Why flight 370 pilot took so many innocent lives with him? I will also give the date for the next SOS To The World window and make more predictions about  natural disasters. I will elaborate on the 2014/2016 Arian Draconis, Vladimir Putin,  Ukraine, the USA etc. I will also offer a SUPER deal that will last only a few hours after the show.  Be there, it will be very HOT!

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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dalai Lama & Dr. Turi


Dr. Turi



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