6,000 federal inmates to be released. The reptilius celebrate!


“If we use astrology for entertainment purposes only … how can the average person possibly distinguish the science of Astrology from pseudoscience? ” Dr. Turi

What’s going on with prison reform in America?

Dear readers;

The sad reality is Father-daughter dance, behind bars while being emotionally charged and wonderful, it will never work!  This lost crowd should learn to dance in harmony with the stars instead, not just their daughters and learn all about themselves, their strengths,  weaknesses and all sins and virtues,  Once this is done they can apply their devastated, hopeless will to keep them all out of overcrowded prisons.

The sad reality is, many of them will come out worse criminals, some will find and put their trust in “a false God” that will never grant a single wish. This is where I wish all my students of Astroforensics and I were allowed to teach and change those lost souls. One thing is sure,  a rational clueless system is totally oblivious of the fact that; many of those desperate souls were born DUAL and WILL return to jail after committing worse crimes...

It takes more than a dance with a child to change a reptilius  infected, destitute, degenerated spirit and while I have the answer to save both a stubborn traditional targeted police and the criminals, my therapeutic crucial cosmic work is kept underground by the monopolizing media!

 Father-daughter dance, behind bars will not accomplish anything productive but to deepen the psychical wounds already there… I guess this is how the Millennials, A Generation of Born OCD “mental experts” truly show their incompetence dealing with the human psyche.

God have Mercy on your unconscious children someone help us!  


Without cosmic consciousness I do not think Spencer, his family, friends, the scientific community and the world at large could ever understand this “Deja Vu!”

The immaculate new science of Astrpsychology / Astroforensics allows our perceptive, above intelligent gifted students and I, to acknowledge Spencer’s karmic UCI  and put all FBI experts and some of the so called best police detectives minds to shame.

Unfortunately, while many cosmic unconscious morons will deny or become offended by this absolute fact, none of them will be smart or curious enough to investigate my claims or even click on the provided links above! 

Thus, why did Spencer had to relive “en encore” or such a dramatic situation, get wounded and make international news AGAIN?  For two reasons… One he is a DUAL, second he suffered another of his “2015 personal negative cosmic biorhythms” 

Again readers, there are NO accidents, only subtle cosmic circumstances in place producing all sorts of events the subhumans will never accept nor be able to assimilate!  The world is loaded with DUALS, I am one of the good ones, and what makes us different is; EVERYTHING IN OUR LIFE tend to happen in duality or in some cases i.e. O.J Simpson a few times in a row.

While I can not teach Astropsychology here, let’s try to raise your cosmic awareness with a few examples! I am French, yet I resided in many countries and now in the US. I speak four languages, I have been married more than once, I have 2 kids, I produce more than  ONE article per day, I wrote many books, been on radio and TV countless times, I am cursed with a double, long life and I have a gift of the gab and a gift of youth!

I have lost all my hair, yet I have a new set that are programmed to never fall off my head! I have had Six incredible UFO experiences and only 4 were made public etc. etc.  I always have had a double set of wheels and always on the move, physically and spiritually…

Now do you understand why I am a regular guest on Coast to Coast am and many other shows and why I also own a very long record of unarguable predictions and will always offer more of my undeniable visions to the world?

But please do not throw the baby with the water! Like anything else in life, (or any sign of the Zodiac) a dual born can easily become a very productive element of our society, or  an outlaw or even a killer!

Infamous criminal DUALS tend to become serial killers, serial rapists or in the case of Mr. Simpson also a DUAL, end up killing two people, marry twice, had two children, endured multiple police chases, enjoy two or four attorneys, two or four judgements against him and visited jails and prisons a few times etc.

The world is LOADED with duals Gemini ruled by Mercury “The Lord of communication”  and many are doomed to become REPEAT offenders forcing the government to free thousands of them from US overcrowded prisons.  “Roughly 6,000 federal inmates to be released

Sad enough the non cosmic conscious “educated police experts” are missing tons of invaluable information about criminals  because they have been conditioned to ignore or ridicule anything remotely involving the spirit or the old science of Astrology. 

A negative Mercurial dual soul can not help to lie and steal, many of them are  born ADHD and can seat still for long and depending on the rest of the natal UCI some become obnoxious! i.e. Patti Stanger 

There are billions of children born DUAL and yet, instead of fighting their lies and steals why not try to understand their psyches instead and let me point out what their cosmic design will endorse during this life? You may have given birth to a Rush Limbaugh, a Di Caprio, a Cher, a Clinton etc. and many more famous DUAL people found in the list below…

Indeed the stars also produce criminals, geniuses, artists, psychics, engineers, pilots, teachers Gays and Lesbians etc.  and the idiots or righteous Neptunians will classify this type of behavior or sexual preferences as misappropriated and evil. Furthermore, the dry spiritually cursed atheists  are forbidden entering the archetypal realm of supra cosmic consciousness and trust only science has all the answers to those born gay…

“It is very easy to ridicule the science of Astrology  or  deny ET’s when the gifted soul is muted , ridiculed or absent…” Dr. Turi

Little do they know the reptilius subtle infestation takes place in the darkness of the night in womb of the over medicated young mothers becoming a easy target for another human “abduction.”

The nefarious reptilius ET’s are cosmic conscious and always use the cosmic code and the supraconscious at their advantage. All they need is to keep your heads down using your primate technology all day long, jail you on this dense physical world via sports, entertainments religions and science  “One-Way Trip to Mars and the 78000 Signed Up Morons!” an dmake sure you do not look above or ask questions!


“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  (Albert Einstein)

 Add religious poisoned fears, legal or illegal drugs and the fetus (genes) will be manipulated to produce all sorts of monsters, or geniuses and in some cases, gay tendencies or what people perceive as abnormalities or serious diseases such as  cancer, autism, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

This does not mean gay people are subhumans, unproductive idiots unable to love or create!  They are all respectable sensitive human beings, victimized by cosmic forces they can not comprehend because the scientific community negate or ridicule  the spirit, astrology and the reality of UFO abductions.

It is not be looking down at microscopic physical matters (genes) or the human mind that the answers involving the divine human spirit and its consciousness will be found! It’s by looking above, in the universal mind secrets, by being objective and cosmic conscious that the key of true wisdom and what it means to be human will be offered.

Indeed all scientists are missing the forest looking at the tree…

The world will never run smoothly  when 99.99% of human do not know their own selves, their fate, their past lives  or others. Or worse do not have the mental capacity or the curiosity to seek the cosmic answers,.

War starts at home with your own family, your siblings, mom and dad! The world will never be in peace when science and dogmatic religious teaching dominate and monopolize the conditioned media.

“In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions, trust its infantile scientific community and worship celebrities,  only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.” Dr. Turi

But luckily for me, the world is not all totally made up of incurious morons and more people are slowly but surely assimilating our teachings and the “Soul of the Cosmos.”

Your concern is important in order to reach and teach the children of the future, decimate the reptilius psychically with the Benevolent Draconis’ help and offer the world a chance to understand God as an eternal cosmic entity. As a child of the universe yourself, your option to become a God in training on earth is a real possibility but who’s to help us in the battle? This mean your option to create your own destiny by applying your will against, or with the stars.

Scepter from my book “The Power of the Dragon” negative  Mercurial Duals traits are emphasized. Remember there is TWO faces in a coin, this section refer to the negative traits only. Any of my books are offering an invaluable amount of information that will challenge your mind to the extreme and help you to acknowledge the reality of God cosmic Divinity in the heavens above!

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

“The Lord of the Thieves”

Freethinking and intelligent
You will not find me under rigorous management
You may think you know me well
Then my other half over you casts a spell
I am GEMINI, child of Mercury.

You think you are above the law
You have been religiously poisoned
You are afraid of pursuing real education
You won’t challenge what has been written
You believe that animals are better than humans
You won’t change your mind, your views or your beliefs
Your philosophy, religion or your guru is the only right one

You lie, you are continually confused and you don’t trust anyone
You avoid any and all direct and honest communication
You talk too much and don’t listen to others
You have no opinion of your own
You are a lost “Jack of all trades”
You steal all from anyone
You are indecisive

  • Donald Trump
  • Hitler
  • Ted Bundy
  • Joran van der Sloot
  • Harvey George Carignan
  •  O.J. Simpson, Sports figure/commentator/writer
  • Saddam Hussein
  • President Clinton
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Cher
  • Theodore Roosevelt, U. S. President
  • Calvin Coolidge, U.S. President
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. President
  • Charles De Gaulle, French President
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Di Caprio (actor)
  • John Calvin, Religious reformer
  • Aubrey Beardsely, English Artist-Writer
  • Saki H. H. Mundo, English short story writer
  • Marcel Proust, French Novelist
  • Theodore Dreiser, American Novelist
  • Stephen Crane, American Novelist
  • Sri Aurobindo, Indian Mystic/Poet/Arthur
  • Katherine Anne Porter, American Writer
  • Hedda Hopper, American Journalist-Columnist
  • John Chancellor, TV Announcer
  • Dick Cavett, TV Personality
  • Fats Domino, Singer/Pianist
  • Jimmy Dawkins, Blues Guitarist
  • Merle Haggard, Songwriter/Singer
  • Bill Cosby, Comedian/Writer
  • Liza Minelli, Singer/Actress/Dancer (a real Gemini!)
  • Tim Buckley, Songwriter
  • William Serge Diaghiley, Russian Art Critic
  • Bertrand Russel, British Philosopher
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sports figure
  • Salman Rusdie, Novelist
  • Kevin Mitnick
  • Beerbohm, English Author

Lastly, the new and improved 2016 Nostradamus Personal Dragon Forecast For All Signs  will be soon posted on my website www.drturi.com

Blessings to all my readers.

If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future! Dalai Lama Dr. Turi

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Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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