From the high spirit down to earth and harsh reality!


Husband Wife Team 

Dear friends;

Indeed life has many challenges you must be prepared for and I never thought at the age of 67 and after beating cancer, I would work hard for anyone again… In fact I thought I didn’t have the physical strength to do much anymore but I was wrong all along!  

The many years of a successful, intellectual career mostly spent sitting down writing books, doing radio and television shows took a serious toll on my inactive body. And like millions of other “Baby Boomers,” I was cursed with some serious back and joint problems because of a little extra weight.  

Luckily for me, those years of hard work and endless spiritual services paid off and since my retirement, my wife Terania and I are enjoying a comfortable life.

But last summer’s disaster stroked us and I caught a nasty virus forcing me to undergo surgery. This  mishap burned away much of our savings and I was out of commission for about four months, yet the bills never stopped and this forced “vacation” was extremely expensive! Indeed since then, our secure; comfortable lifestyle changed drastically.

We survived because of our good credit and savings but our bank account took quite a plunge with the bills and debt accumulating each month. I had forgotten what financial insecurity and “survival mode” meant!  

We have to be careful when spending money at times, to make sure we don’t hurt or kill our credit! While I thought of asking some of our wealthy friends for help; I also thought if I can beat cancer, I too can fight and work harder to survive.

I recall a friend of mine telling me thirty five years ago;  This is America Louis, you must pay your creditors in this country first, if you have any hope to survive; even if you can not eat!”  And after so many blessed years, we are facing this dilemma.

I knew I had to do something fast; like apply for another job or go back to work for someone but was wondering how when I had a lot of back pain…

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To survive, we took the easy way. First we sold much of our possessions, starting with watches; artwork, metal detectors, crystals, tools etc… All for a fraction of the price we paid for! But sacrifice became the only way out to face those challenging times. Selling those watches were a serious omen for us to expect rough times ahead.

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I had to find an easy job, offering medical insurance; while my painful back was still okay. At my age and after cancer, insurance companies are not interested with my business; if you know what I mean.

I applied for a job as a courtesy driver for Coulter Cadillac in Phoenix, about two miles away from our home. I was hired on the spot for ten dollars an hour but to qualify for the insurance, I had to work at least three months; before the coverage could start.

I was working full time, ten hours a day and six days a week for about $1200 a month. Meantime; coming in and out of cars; mapping oily floors and loading dead batteries on  truck bed was a bit difficult on me and without ingesting pain killers every day, I couldn’t have done it.

Many times; I found myself hiding my pain away from my coworkers and doing back exercises, wondering if I was going to be able to finish the day. 

Sometimes, the pain was so intense; that my doctor needed to see an MRI of my spine. After looking at it, he suggested to make an appointment with a local back surgeon. Terania and I was wondering how I would be able to afford the thousands of dollars for the needed surgery.  

Terania's Salt River scenic view

August 2016: A peaceful relaxing day that changed our life style…

On one of my days off, sitting in the Salt River current; I was enjoying a good time with my wife and our Lady pup. Then, the next morning I realized; I must have caught a serious infection in my urinary tract! The very next day at work was a nightmare. I called Terania asking her to make an emergency appointment with my doctor and begged my supervisor for a couple of hours off.

My doctor prescribed strong antibiotics for a period of ten days and I went back to work. I wonder where I got the strength to keep working for a few more weeks while battling both my back problem and an infection, that little I knew; was going to persist for the next four months.

Ten days later; I saw my doctor again. Well, he saw no improvement at all but a much worse condition. He stopped the antibiotics and told me I needed to see a Urologist and probably needed an urgent surgery. The tremendous pain put me at the end of the rope and without insurance, I had to spend more money by flying home to France to proceed with the surgery. 

Thank goodness as a French citizen, I benefit fully from the social security system and the doctors’ visits; medications, surgery and hospital fees are free for many destitute people and very affordable for all. Indeed health care comes first in Canada and France and you do not have to be very wealthy to stay healthy.

My new doctor put me back on strong antibiotics right away and told  me that stopping them a few weeks ago; was a mistake that made my situation much worse. In the four months I spent in France, I dealt with four different medical doctors; underwent various blood tests and medical procedures.

Yet no one knew, and to this day; still do not know what type of virus cursed my urinary tract. Luckily  for me, between the love of my family and the daily support of Terania and our Lady pup through Skype; I was able to deal with the nightmare! 

After more tests and exhausting all the antibiotics healing possibilities, four months later the surgery became inevitable.  

The surgery took only thirty minutes and while I was in pain for many weeks to come, I finally felt free and good again!  After my discharge from the hospital; I decided to check my options to undergo back surgery. Incidentally after those four months doing nothing but writing for our VIP’s, my back pain was reduced to a more tolerable level.

I thought that being out of work for so long was the reason for the relief, yet I did not know all the facts about my spine condition.

We met with a French doctor who was also a back pain specialist. He reviewed my MRI brought from the US and I truly thought I had a serious degenerative disc problem and that surgery was my only option… Well, I was wrong!

In fact, while pointing out various areas of my spine on his screens, the surgeon told me that for my age at 67; luckily my spine was still in good condition!

My brother and I were astounded and indeed very happy to hear such diagnostics! He asked me what type of job I did over the last few years and I replied that I had done radio and television shows, was a teacher, motivational speaker and spent many years at my computer desk; writing books published on   

He asked me to lay-down on his table and induced heavy pressure on my back,  legs and pelvis. He then asked me to stand up, then bend down. “Your problem can be easily fixed without any surgery,” he said! “Your muscles and joints are atrophied because of a lack of exercise. And at your age,  your situation will only get worse; if you do not move enough,” he added.  

I asked him why my back pain was less tense; since I left the US and he told me, “Your mattress plays an important part of the pain you will experience in the morning!… A rigid mattress can seriously alter any back problem,” he added.  

When I told Terania we wasted four thousand dollars on a Tempur- Pedic  “NASA foam mattress;” she was as surprised as I was by the doctor’s comments! In fact, my brother’s cheap mattress did the job and offered me the ultimate proof I needed; to get rid of mine, as soon as I returned home. 

Spending a large amount of money for a mattress does not guarantee a good nights sleep or less back problems!  Gee, this was the best news I heard in four months and we happily left his office; with his recommendation of a series of exercises which he strongly suggested me to perform regularly.

While an American doctor who saw my MRI in Phoenix told me I was a perfect candidate for expensive surgery, French doctors do not make tons of money with insurance companies; thus surgery in France is,  in many cases; the only desperate solution.  

Image result for coulter cadillac

I was happy, because all along; I kept contact with my supervisor Scott, at the Cadillac garage. He told me I would have to re-apply for my job, re-pass the drug test and the police report again and all would be fine.

And while I did all this and passed all tests with flying colors, this is not exactly what happened. Scott moved to a different state and I was politely fired; for missing work for so long! 

Meantime, after weeks of steady exercises and knowing my back was not a major problem anymore, I applied for a job as an independent carpet cleaner contractor; at “Steam King”  in Tempe, AZ.

This article is also a serious warning about a company named ” SteamKing, Inc” located at 2219 S 48th St Tempe AZ, 85282 The Owner’s name is Mike! 


 I did not know much about cleaning carpet, tiles, vents or furniture professionally but while breaking the law doing so, the intense full week of training I received there was absolutely worthwhile. 

The owner “Mike;” insisted for all his “independent” contractors to be at the warehouse at 6:45 am every morning, to train and educate us on the trade and how to deal with unsatisfied clients.

And for this; I am very thankful, but both Mike and his close friend (also named Mike;) are the most selfish, abusive, unethical sharks in the industry! Thus I feel right about sharing this newsletter with the consumers and warn them.

My training was supposed to last only three days but they kept me working my tail off for free and for seven straight days. Note also on Friday the 13th, 2017; Mike made around nine thousands dollars, out of a job we did for a very wealthy client in Scottsdale whom also requested a very expensive tile cleaning job within her very large, luxurious home.

I told her that I clean and detail cars on the side and to my surprise, she offered me to clean her forty six ft long horse trailer. I asked her to be patient until next Sunday as it was my only day off; to do the task.

She agreed and in a few hours that Sunday, I made a full month worth fat paycheck!  So much for working for an abusive company… Indeed God is watching! 

I took this as a positive omen and a rewarding sign from the above for all my suffering! If  God’s greedy children were abusing me, his divinity took really good care of me after all.

Mike is overweight and lazy. He hired a Mexican kid (Carlos) to do much of the work, like climbing a high ladder, something he could never do safely! Incidentally; a few weeks ago, Mike was bitten by a  raccoon; who left him with serious scars on his leg and lots of stitches.  

He was wondering why he attracted such a bad luck and I told him “Mike there are no accidents in life, only karmic consequences no one can ever escape. You may have done bad to people and God is watching you – put it this way,” I explained!  

I am sure he thought I was a mad man for displaying such philosophy but some people will never get it!  Knowing Mike and his boss for what they really are, selfish crooks abusing their innocent, gullible young contractors and over charging clients with unneeded services; there is no way for them to escape their karma.

 Maybe that’s why God lead me to those greedy souls.  Little do they know, my work is read by local Arizonian people and millions of people all over the world! My live traffic stats does not lie, if you care to check

Mike’s failing health is also a sign that he should be more considerate and less selfish with his young “independent” contractors  he orders around without much respect! 

During the second day work in Scottsdale, Mike hired another sub-contractor to do the huge house’s tile work. This person was the laziest person I ever encountered and his dirty equipment was falling part!  

Next, I found myself self perched on top of a huge ladder; risking my neck opening and doing all the air duct cleaning. And once I was done, I spent hours using his worn out machine; doing all the tile cleaning work that he was hired to do! This guy has it coming his way too as God sees it all and spares no one! 

Furthermore, the client had a few very expensive; heavy rags to clean and Carlos and I loaded those in Mike’s truck. He helped us with the super heavy ones, because he could not do otherwise. Then totally exhausted and squeezed in the back of his truck, we drove the thirty five miles or so; back to the warehouse. 

We arrived late in the evening, thus once again; Carlos and I had to carry those very heavy rags back inside the warehouse and as expected, Mike did not help at all. Instead, he was gloating while speaking with the owner; about the thousands of dollars he made, screwing up his client with services that she did not understand nor need. 

On our way back, Mike and Carlos; as usual smoked pot and was speeding on the highway which was quite scary for me!  We stopped at a gas station and Mike stuffed himself with food and drinks!

I secretively took pictures of the abusive, extraordinary bill; which happened to be one of the biggest sum he had made, to date; for him and the company! Who knows, I may need it for my attorney or have to present it to another cleaning company; for the correct  pricing advice. 

Out of respect for the client, just in case she lands upon and reads this article; I will refrain from using the disgusting terms, that Mike used; to refer to her wealth. But what really pissed me off is, earlier when Mike stopped for food and drinks, he sarcastically said to me, “Louis why don’t you pay for dinner?”

I was furious as I worked my tail off for a full week and made this man and his company close to 9K, yet he had the audacity to ask me to take him out for dinner? If I was in his shoes I could not help feeling guilty and would have not only paid my helpers but also taken them for lunch every day!  

This selfish person never offered me a penny for killing myself for an entire week working for free and I knew right then, I had to do something drastic with both of them.  Furthermore I had to endure the loud noise of constant rock music and the smell of drugs all the way in and out of all jobs.

 I am so glad it is now over and can enjoy my soft, relaxing music. Indeed it seems even the choice of music can tell you a lot about someone’s character… My email address should tell you a little more about my own loyal character too!

Mike’s endless, sarcastic comments and bully attitude; combined with the abuse I suffered got my Sicilian/French blood boiling inside my veins and I swore to myself to teach those guys a lesson they would never forget! 

As much as I can be relentless and nasty with abusers, awaiting their well earned karma; I am also very honorable and treat people who deserve it with love and respect! 

Meantime, I needed a carpet cleaning machine and crooked Mike, the owner of “Steam King Inc.” found another way to screw me over! The deal was, buy a machine for $1150 or rent it for $60 per week; out of my paycheck, until its is paid off.

Note also, you have to pay for all the carpet cleaning products you use and money is taken out of your paycheck weekly; to repay the owner!  Both Mike (s) are sharks with money and I can’t help wonder about the legality of such procedures! 

Buying a machine upfront saved me four hundred dollars out of the full price or; if I am correct close to $1800. The deal took place in his office and once I gave him the “cash only” option, I was appalled! The “new” machine never came out of a box and had been used to clean rugs in the warehouse. 

I complained about it and I did not believe him saying it was used only once, by one of his employees. I saved the basic receipt and will add it to the letter, that I will gladly send to the IRS; which will audit him in time! 

Sad enough, the majority of Mike’s “independent contractors” are young and struggling financially. Thus; they have no other option but to rent and pay the full price for the unit.

This allows Mike to have an endless flow of new machines and cleaning products, that benefit from serious discounts by the manufacturers; in the process! All this cash is undisclosed to the IRS, which will be soon dealing with this crook; who thinks he is above God, the Federal and Arizona State Laws.  

To carry my tools and products I also invested in a little pick up truck and doing so, I also landed myself on my first cleaning job.  

The owner and wife of “All Approved Auto Sales” in  Tempe are indeed the type of people you can trust with business and if you need a good deal and reliable set of wheels, I could never say enough about their services! 

Our new friends and first clients

In fact, a few days later; a red light came up on my dashboard.  Marcus, (the owner) told me to drive back to his garage and his mechanic fixed the problem in a very short time. Marcus worked with me, to save me more money; by suggesting to remove the shell out of the truck. Doing so, saved me yet another bundle.

Mention my name if you are local and save money on any mechanical work or your next car purchase! You can call them at 480-544-1292.

They own a huge, gorgeous house; that took me seven hours to clean last Sunday. But my first written referral by the wife’s owner, Mrs. Watkins below; speaks of all the pain and suffering as well as all I had learned the hard way by being screwed over by both Mike (s)!

“The work that Louis did at my house was amazing. I have a 5000 sq ft house and 5 kids with dogs and cats running loose. Needless to say I’d never thought I’d see the beautiful beige carpet I had under all the grim from my  kids dropping foods and drinks and the animals tracking all the outside dirt in along with a fee pee spots. But Louis did! I can see the original color of my carpet again he did a tremendous job. I recommend him to everyone!”

Mrs . Jasmine Watkins “All Approved Auto Sales” 

I pay attention to every omen and for me to land on two wonderful clients and two phenomenal well paid jobs is no accident! In about fifteen hours of hard, conscientious work I earned the equivalent of two months of work in my paycheck working for Steam King as an independent contractor.

Those opportunities tell me there is a higher justice imposed by God and we are on the right track with our new business!

 Indeed the creator has a plan for us all and what ever challenge and pain you endure, at the end; it usually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. At least I can certify this fact; if you relate to what happened to me.

This is why I decided to share those valuable experiences with you, if you are being tested by God and life itself! Do not give up, have faith; as a higher power is watching you from the above! 

Many companies will lure their clients with coupons or cheap prices such has; Have any size room , steam cleaned & deodorized and price it at $6.95 per room! They will give you one room for free, if you purchase another room of equal value too. They will also offer you a “limited time offer” of $9.95 for a “professional” air duct cleaning, 25% off on tile &grout cleaning etc.

We are instructed to follow the rigid regulations imposed by Mike’s training and soon enough, your bill will escalate to a few hundred bucks!…Far from what you expected to pay in the first place!

The fact is, you will get what you pay for; no more no less, if you deal with conscientious, responsible people; who must inform you correctly on carpet cleaning procedures!  

Getting a “basic cleaning” or any size room, steam cleaned & deodorized and pricing it at $6.95 per room will never work! You might as well drop a bucket of water of your carpet and let it dry for this price!

But even $30 total count for Mike the owner who was not happy with me when the client refused to let me do the basic cleaning after telling her the truth. 

Incidentally, I use the same “luring technique” on my website but the difference is; all my prospective clients can expect the facts and a true beneficial service worth their money with me! 

The bill starts growing rapidly when various products needed to do a good job adds up. As a rule, the first thing I ask a client is to crank up his water heater to the maximum; because hot water and the right mixing of cleaning agents works miracles.   

If you hire a carpet or tile cleaner worker and only cold water is used, do not expect decent results when the job is over and when the carpet has dried! Carpet shampoo doesn’t work either but it will smell nice when done!

Hot water, steam, a powerful suction and efficient rinsing will get you the best results! And while some areas of your carpet will never be cleaned; because you did not take care of it earlier, your only option will be to cut it off and replace it! 

You are supposed to clean your carpet at least once a year and if you did not do so for the last five years, you are five years behind! This requires a mandatory pre-conditioning to kill all the bacteria and remove much of all soiled areas. 

If pets are or were living there, you must use pet odor removal products, pre-condition and sanitize the carpet. Accidents did and will always happen with humans and animals living on carpet or tile! And if you own the house and your carpet, stop further damage with Scotchgard! 

If you rent and your landlord is cheap, so be it! He does not live there, you do. And so are your kids; if you have any and their health is also important! 

If you can not keep up with dust in your house or suffer allergy, you are also strongly advised to clean all your vents, your air ducts, your trunk lines as to avoid future respiratory problems and get a better air flow.

I have noticed the slobs or those who truly need to clean their environment the most are the least driven people to conform to the right cleaning procedures.    

I never thought of cleaning carpet, tile, air duct, upholstery or a trailer as an art but in my case it is!  

During my full week of training with Mike, I heard things I am ashamed to speak about! Watching and listening to him try to grab hundreds from a student’s dirty couch; just starting in life, made me puke! The end bill was much higher than the couch value itself and I was hoping for the girl to turn him down! And she did! 

 I wish I could have spoken to another of my frustrated clients; who understood my concerns with this company and the exorbitant price, she never expected to pay. 

How can I work with such  dispeakeable, unethical people who only care about money?  

I knew both Mike (s) could not be trusted and were lying to me, and it felt right for me to do the same… For some reasons, the owner; Mike was  calling me on my cell at 6:30 am, to make sure I was on my way to the warehouse. Punctuality is one of my strongest point by the way!

I let him believe he could manipulate me like all the kids working for him, just to see how far he would go to control people.

I found the perfect excuse. I told him I had car troubles and during those few days, I did not slave for the 35% contract deal. That is; if you make over $350 a week of course, otherwise you get only 30%! I wonder if this is legal too and this is why my attorney is looking into all the details for me.

Then last Monday 01/23/2017, after the training session; I was lining up as usual to get my day’s work order. Note that Mike; (the owner,) insists for his “independent” contractors to call when they arrive at the job, to call if you have a problem with the client who does not agree with the coupon price and lastly; to call once you are done, in order to get your next assignment. 

Talk about full and illegal control over the people he think works for him; when they work with him! As a rule, bad weather affect the business negatively and that day, less calls came in from the heavy advertisements. And this is what also happened on this particular Monday! 

As I was waiting for my first ticket of the day, he told me and four other guys to sit and wait for a person. The fact is; he was waiting for calls and ordered us to wait. How convenient!

After a few hours, I told the guys; as an independent contractor, we did not have to wait for his business to pick up and I left. I asked them; to tell Mike to call me, when a job would come up and of course he never did! 

I waited a couple of days and Mike’s usual 6:30 am call never came. So, I called his office and spoke to him about a certified letter I sent him; explaining the abuses, questioning the legality of his endeavors and requested a pay check; for the full work week he and his greedy comrade owe me. 

Mike told me he was not the owner of the company and repetitively said he did not know what I was talking about. The facts written in the certified letter I sent him was too much for him to handle and he hanged up the phone on me! The discussion did not last more than 25 seconds and his last words were “Tell your attorney to contact me…”

And be sure he will, because no one has ever abused me that much in my life and my dedication to expose this greedy man’s illegal maneuvers; will serve all his young, struggling “independent” contractors; as to educate themselves on the US Federal Labor and Arizona State employment Laws! 

But in all, I now run my own car and carpet cleaning business; I have the know how, the will, the new equipment, the right tools and the best products ready for use! This includes the courage and integrity to perform a real good job for those who will hire me.

I thought I could never work hard again physically and guess what, I am enjoying the actions, the sun rise and the sunset knowing I make a good living doing a great job! 

My doctor told me to be active and I am over active. And while my back is getting much better, I lost some weight and I still look pretty good; lol!

My health, my body mind and spirit are reborn and most of all, I surprised myself with the new power I thought I lost with age. I will be 67 years old on February 26, 2017 and I can assure you, those young guys don’t have the same energy and the over drive I now own for myself!

I did my two first jobs and I was most amazed with the results, the rewards and the surplus of energy left once I was all done driving back home with my wonderful helper, Mrs. Turi.


Watch those two short videos, Terania filmed… The first one inside the horse trailer using the power washing machine. The second one is emptying the water tank in the desert. See us after eight hours detailing a forty ft long inside out trailer and while I was tired, I still see a happy couple.

While disaster stroked me first with cancer years ago, then last August with an unknown virus I am still alive and well today! And that is in itself an incredible gift from God himself! I can feel the new life in me, still make myself valuable and serve my fellow human beings with care and dignity. 

I  served and cleaned the spirit of thousands of people since I left my natal France in 1973. And now; God is ordering me to go-back down to earth and clean their possessions.  There is no ego in the way to hide anything from anyone. Only pride in a new direction and future jobs well done!

We are still running the old business and, as far as I am concerned; I am not afraid of hard work and dirt! I am proud of the new me, the new job and the spirit force blessing my body, mind and soul for many more years to come…

If you need us, we will be there for you! 



Dr. Turi































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