Explaining WHY G.R.L. singer, ‘X Factor’ finalist Simone Battle Committed suicide!


 “For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… Dr. Turi

 May God Bless Her Lost Soul

G.R.L. singer, ‘X Factor’ finalist Simone Battle found dead

Dear Readers:

Note it is now official Simone Battle committed suicide, I did not know this fact when I first posted this article!  All you have to do is to look at the time I posted this article to the public and when the news became official.  Beyond Science on Sunday Sep 07 2014 12:55

Using the science of Astroforensics I could save millions to the taxpayers and hard working Americans and offer the unadulterated facts so many people are unwilling or unable to accept! 

As in the case of Joan RiversRobin Williams, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and countless others celebrities,  Simone was also the victim of the scientific matrix whoring around with the pharmaceutical corporations the doctors and their Coroners. 

To the norn, a celebrity lifestyle is poorly understood, mostly because all the people sees is; the extreme glamor, the wealth and the exorbitant lifestyle. But be aware reader, not all people are “cosmically” designed by God to handle fame. 

Simone was born with a Dragon’s Tail (negative) in Leo (fame) and this celestial fluid is a sure sign that, without full cosmic consciousness and steady spiritual regeneration, the soul will not live long and experience a premature death.

Furthermore, the planet Mars (danger) also resides in Leo right on her Dragon’s Tail right and in her 3rd house ( the mind.) Simone’s  8th house of death also involve Saturn (depressions) Neptune (drugs) and Uranus (shocking events.)

While much of my Astropsychology wisdom will make full sense to my students, I trust some readers were born perceptive enough to learn more about the cosmic code from my articles. 

But again, much of my work can only make senses to my students who took my home course and read the 525 page book titled, “The Power of the Dragon.” Of course this make the difference between them and the rest of the “educated” laughing fouls ridiculing my works!  

Mrs.Battle was born with a very private moon (home/emotional response to life) and the extraordinary emotional, destructive, secretive planet Pluto (death) cursing  her 6th house of health and work! 

I teach my students that; wherever Pluto or Scorpio is located in your chart/UCI, the crooks, the police and death can and will enter your life.

Like  Joan River, Simone Battle was born under the “ADHD” extremely active dual sign of Gemini which happen to be square (negative) to her very private Moon and deadly Pluto cursing her service to the world!

One side of herself needed constant actions, while her Scorpionic/Plutonic other side wanted full privacy and control of her life. But Simone was forced into an element and legalities  that could not compromise and did not allow her to control her life! 

It is important for celebrities wanna be to realize, once you sign a contract with the Hollywood matrix, you belong to them! You will gain fame and fortune but lose your privacy, the control of your own life because much of the printed contracted decisions have already been made for you, sometimes for years to come. 

If your natal UCI is not set to handle fame or such a crazy life, you will, like many now gone celebrities perish. You will be forced to ingest legal or illegal drugs to keep up with endless parties, meetings, traveling, performances then, more drugs to rest, to sleep and perform again and again until you drop dead! 

Simone was a very smart woman who attracted powerful people from all walks of life and she knew she was in a mental conflicting jail where death was the only way out…

I do not trust nor believe any coroner  whoring around with their doctors and the pharmaceutical corporations. You may think whatever you want after reading their findings on CNN, one thing I know the stars do not lie!  

But rest assured, the results will always be in their favor regardless, because the system is set to protect the Hollywood matrix, the rich and powerful, not their poor famous victims.   

It still amazes me that; 99.99% of people are reluctant (or fearful of the future) to investigate their natal stars and be warned on how the police, the criminals and even death could enter their lives!

The very fact that God fearing people do not check their stars, moon, dragons and personal cosmic biorhythms IS a disaster and the main reasons why so many cosmic unconscious souls meet with death everyday!

Trust me pious souls, you will not go to hell dealing with me or Astroforensics because you already are in hell, right here on earth!

Knowing all about your stars and your future is a sure ticket for success and real safety…  Larry and Jane Glazers  did not have this option, they did not know about Dr. Turi and they are now gone!

 As a Soul Doctor my forte is to handle the Soul of the Cosmos, and translate it for you. All I am trying to do is like any conventional doctor, asking you to undergo regular check up so your physician can detect cancer before it kills you… 

Indeed not all days are the same and never will be the same… and if they are all the same to you, then you really need to wake up to a cosmic reality!  Remember those links are designed to add more awareness to what life on earth (and above) is all about, thus you must click on them to read more.

People must relearn to attend not only the physical body but the soul too.  You must pay as much attention to your spirit as your body and if you are part of the OCD Generation, do not rely only on a spiritless science to deal with your mental welfare. 

Human are so much more than blood, flesh and bones and acknowledging the part they play in a much bigger cosmic scheme is only common sense and strongly advised.

The scientific matrix is set for you to deal only with millions of traditionally educated doctors hospitals and institutions that will end up poisoning your body, mind and soul with dangerous chemicals. That’s all they know, that’s all they were taught! 

And you wonder why a prediction a made a few years ago involving an upsurge in suicide is now becoming a reality?

 More than 800,000 suicides a year? What wrong with humanity? 

If you do not undergo periodical spiritual regeneration you will die, its a simple as that!  Young adults are much more vulnerable  and many will turn into victimized monsters like Adam Lanza if the US Department of Education does not offer them a more spiritual”cosmic education. 


Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi
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Indeed I am still in demand and read why people truly love my work!

Be assured reader, through my work I will “refill” your spirit with the spiritual essence it needs to survive such a harsh, demanding, depressive crazy world! 

It is a must for the system and all its manipulative abusive monopolizing matrixes to make sure legitimate concerned and dedicated Souls Doctors like me stay underground.

Instead the evil of deception and manipulation is allowed by the religious matrix to reach all medias!  

 “miracle man john of god” 

 Bible Code Money Lie

The religious matrix is fully aware of this fact and attract billions of Neptunian born people worldwide! But like anything fishy and impure, its putrefied manipulative core .i.e. ISIS, create more problems, deaths and wars in the long run for a lost humanity following false gods.

As you all know, I myself was misdiagnosed and given the wrong medications and for over 3 weeks I suffered hell needlessly.

I was confined on my sofa with fever that some nights reached 103 degrees, forcing me to use ice pads and wet towels to control my endless burning fever!

Trust me readers, waking up with the side of my bed totally wet every morning and a crying worrying wife near me taking my temperature is hard to deal with. 

Again, as with the cancer I beat a few years ago,  (watch the TV show) God saved me from the worse again and this sad experience made me aware how quick I or any of us could go! 

This is why it is important to say I Love You as much as you can to all the people you care around you, because when its time to go, God may not change his mind!


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