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Dear readers:

From Jeffrey Gonzalez Ok Louis Turi, “I want an exact date of an event …. I don’t want 4 or 5 day windows …. If you say you are what you are, then you need to prove it to me …. I will have my people listening in tonight … If no predictions come true within the next 2 months , then you will be blocked from Paranormal Central… All pages …. Allen, myself , Danny and the like page….”

DT rebuttal: My predictions always unfold within 48 hours centering the given dates for time zones purpose Jeffrey, not 2 months!  All my predictions always come to pass, I already gave you the proof of my cosmic gift in your own Paranormal show Jeffrey…

Unless NASA, USGS or one of your guests can do better than me I take your challenge full heartedly using my Nostradamus methodology of course… I am not God, yet I do better than all scientists combined if you take the time to check all my previous radio shows and undeniable predictions…

These are the dates I will offer George Noory tonight… Remember all my  “SOS To The World Windows” are operational 48 hours centering the given dates for time zones purposes. 

August 7th  –  Keywords – Terrorism – police brutality, killers.  

August 11th – Keywords – Natural disaster forcing thousands to relocate.

August 15  – Keywords  – Earthquakes above 6.0, shocking news, cosmic phenomenon, NASA will make the news.

August 21st – Keywords –  Keywords – Russia, N.K, China, stock market , finances, strong possibility of cyber attack. Many death on this date…

August 28th – Keywords – Same cosmic winds as August 15th that will produce tornadoes, hurricanes, large earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and Japan will make the news… I see also an aeronautical disaster!  This is why we are flying back from France the last day of August in much safer cosmic winds. Talk you you then Jeffrey… 

If you have question about earthquakes precise location or magnitude ask NASA or USGS, at least you are getting an impeccable FREE timing with me! Your tax dollar and public donations goes to them not to me, yet they would never ever dare to give you a location or a precise TIMING like I do!

And that is much more than science can and has ever done… If I fell my CTC predictions (I wont!) I will never ever post in your Facebook pages, but when my predictions come to pass, in return you get me back on your Paranormal show and let me offer your audience more information on my methodology!

I will write an article titled ” Draco elaboration on Coast to Coast am predictions…” and I will post all the dated predictions once they unfold and make it public to prove my claims to all…

Thank you for the challenge Jeffrey, no many people would take me on, I appreciate your guts…



I still do not have any answers to what happened last night, I was as usual awaiting Tom, George Noory’s producer to call me just before 12 midnight as planned. The call never came…

Two days earlier, I posted my appearance all over the networking media and on Draco the ET’s Facebook page and I am sure many of you, like me were disappointed not seeing my name on the program of Monday August 3rd 2015 as planned!

We emailed and called Tom for confirmation twice before the show at no avail… Remember to never EVER assume anything until I get the answers, those guys are very busy! While Tom and George are friends of ours I will never bash them publicly! Transparency is a must when you are a public person and I am just exposing the facts…

Update! AND THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER ASSUME!  Glad to know it was all a misunderstanding and this is why you never ever assume anything until you get the facts! It seems I was at the river rafting having good time and there was no way for me to answer my phone and be aware of the changes… That’s all!

Incidentally I also “missed” my appearance on the air with Michael Melton Saturday, August 1st, 2015 from 10pm to 11pm where I was to divulge all about the Draconis and reptilius ET’s agenda, where they come from, how to contact the “Gardeners of the world” and support them.

There is no doubt in my mind, all reptilius infected envious souls dedicated to stop me reaching you with the absolute truth are rejoicing reading this article but who’s to deny the Dark forces operating from the depth of the cosmos through Dark Matter and Black Holes? 

While there is a real conspiracy against Dr. Turi in the ufology world, I do not want to think George and Tom are part of it, but this is the first time in years as a steady guest on CTC, Tom has not called me ahead of time nor reach out even the day before to explain himself! I think I already know what transpired last night and this is why I am sharing the facts with my worldwide reading audience!

Meantime I thought I would be the perfect guest to follow up scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, talking about the Global Consciousness Project (GCP), as well as his scientific experiments studying psychic abilities and other ‘super normal’ characteristics. Indeed I was ready to be back on Coast to Coast am and finally share some real light about cosmic consciousness and UFO!

Dean Radin is a well read man and consciousness is a captivating subject, thus awaiting my turn I decided to listen and read more of his bio below…

“In operation since 1998, the GCP, developed at Princeton University, looks at how random number generators are affected by major world events. The Project demonstrates that at certain times, large global events change the structure of the random numbers, indicating that a kind of coherent consciousness is affecting their outcome, he explained. 493 events have been studied so far and the odds against the results being chance are 2.8 trillion to 1, he reported.”

First I can assure you Dean Radin is a rare kind of spiritual scientist, well grounded and dedicated to uncover the keys to what it means to be human using sophisticated technology… Something that will never happen because he is not cosmic conscious… Again this does not mean he, and 99.999% of the world population are fools, simply deficient that’s all!

Dean Radin DOB February 29, 1952

Dean Radin and Dr. Turi UCI’s are very similar  but Dean does not know the meaning of his cosmic identity, I do and this is why we are both “computerized” by the Cosmic Code to engage in the same exact type of work… However, without cosmic consciousness Dean will never be able to enter the archetypal realm of Supra Cosmic Consciousness.

Dean is 63, I am 65 and we both spent a good chunk of our lives investigating the Soul of the Cosmos.  He does it logically, I do it spiritually and someone is right, the other wrong…

While Dean Radin bio is on Wikipedia mine has been removed years ago by all my reptilius infected enemies… I dedicated a Wikipedia Facebook page to the conspiracy  trying very hard to keep me underground, but was told by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order May 23rd, 2015 to abandon all my Facebook pages. Read more!

Dr. Turi DOB 2/26/1950 

But like Einstein, Nikola Tesla and billions of traditionally educated neuroscientists, Dean was not born with the cosmic configuration needed or Mercury (critical thinking) in Aquarius (the Universal Mind)  to figure out the cosmic phenomenon naturally…


Uranus Governs The Ingenious, Freedom-Oriented Constellation Of Aquarius

Holder of knowledge of the dimensions
The spark of all the inventions
Lover of all things in simplicity
Charged with the power of ingenuity
I am AQUARIUS, child of Uranus.

Dean’s Moon (emotional response to life) is located in the earthy sign of Taurus while his natal Dragon’s Tail (challenges) is located in the puritanical, details oriented sign of Virgo. This mean  he is missing the entire forest looking for the tree and inherited the same psychical conditions as the millennials or more precisely the born scientists making up the majority of the “OCD Generation” 

We both agree on this “revelation” something I wrote a million times… “you can not teach Michael Jackson to sing and dance and there are no schools that will ever produce an Einstein, a Michelangelo or a Mozart!”  All human are “computerized” by the Universal Mind to display their UCI or their karmic sins, gifts and virtues…

“Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious deceptive imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents, nor circumstances, only cosmic consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”Dr. Turi

In fact all psychically underdeveloped unconscious sub-human are robots of their stars and can NOT auto-analyze  themselves (or others) accurately or understand the part they play in this dense physical world they are trapped in!

But only the smart Superhuman can assimilate, learn and request my cosmic talents. 

Dean has not yet realized he is the essence of all the cosmic dust, he is a child of the universe and the stars and his mind are interconnected! His brain is nothing else than a very complex fleshy computer responding to an outside stimuli dictated by the cosmic code… Looking into a microscope or using technology can never offer him the answers I own…

All the secrets to the human mind is clocked into the universal mind and looking down is misleading an infantile stubborn human science. But all monopolizing matrixes have a lot to lose with the truth, especially NASA! 

Dean’s Saturn (career) is located in the sign of Libra (Psychology/Astroforensics) forcing him to rationally study the codification of thoughts and those of the Universe. Incidentally I was also born with the same cosmic “configuration” he own and depict our imposed karmic mental work.

However, transcribing the hieroglyphs of the universe is a task that demand to be born with the right cosmic tools. Dean picked a good example on his show when George asked him if human could be trained to be become better at developing more psychic  abilities…

But when George asked him deep mystical questions, he replied correctly by mentioning  the possibility of subtle Planetary effects… An area he should concentrate instead of his soulless generators.

The good news about Dean is that; if his ego does not interfere, coached properly by the cosmic conscious Dr. Turi, he could easily reach his productive, highly spiritual Pisces Dragon’s Head and develop serious cosmic consciousness.


…perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself – Plato

Dean does not know he was born like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Madame Vladasky with the perfect Cosmic Dragon  to tap and receive God Cosmic Divinity, and all the cosmic answers he was enslaved by his natal UCI to uncover!  While there are millions of unconscious Neptunian false prophets “teaching” the world today, Dr. Turi who own legitimate answers are ridicule and muted by the envious competitive opposition…

False Prophets – Will the FBI visit Dr. Turi again soon?


Unlike me, Dean has an impressive biography: But Dean and all scientists and atheists alike has yet to realize the difference between traditional education, cosmic gifts and intelligence… Indeed my Cosmic God has a plan for all his children and all roads lead to Rome with age…But Rome had it’s fall too.

“Dean Radin, PhD, has been studying advanced capacities of human consciousness for over 30 years. He is presently Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University. He previously worked at Princeton University, University of Edinburgh (in Scotland), AT&T Bell Labs, and SRI International, where he participated in a program investigating psychic phenomena for the US government (Stargate).”

Providing Dean cast aside the ego and his natural healthy over developed skepticism, he could very easily become a “Super Human” and reach all the blessings of his natal and hidden cosmic Dragons…

I  wish George, Mark and Tom could realize I can seriously help their endeavor by offering my lifetime work through a software I designed to efficiently use the science of Astropsychology / Astroforensics to match people professionally spiritually…

Unconscious, mentally deranged souls like Patti Stanger working for the corrupt matrix are doing this on your Tel-evision.

Paranormal Date: Mobile Optimized!  

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Perils of dating in the digital age – A girl lied. He paid for it – Reptilius infected subhuman are everywhere…

But it seem those who own real gifts, own real integrity and priceless cosmic wisdom are not considered anywhere nowadays… Indeed one must be well above the norm and intelligent to assimilate my work and see it as a gift to humanity… And God thanks those wise souls exist!

 What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

While Dean and anyone else can investigate my website for more clarifications or read my educational blogs , it is still a miracle for curiosity to survive education Einstein wrote! I have been on Coast to Coast for years, my first show was with Art Bell back in 1995 predicting ” a religious war between the US and the Middle East” making Art Bell literally scream  WHAT” a religious war? 

I could barely speak English those days and I was a very difficult guess unable to control my ADHD  super turbo charged intellectual gifted nature! I learned over the years to crystallize this power, wrote many books, thousands of articles and became a more “listening” guest!

Then, when I predicted Art Bell incredible radio success George Took over the show and yet, even with George’s endless endorsements pertaining to my countless accurate predictions Dean Radin  never heard of me and never contacted me?  

Last night in the show, Dean mentioned that in 493 events have been studied so far the odds against the results being chance are 2.8 trillion to 1, he reported. He also  said 53% of his cases are correct… But if Dean was to deal with my work and if ALL earthquakes above 6.0 mg was given to him weeks, months even years before they unfold, maybe he would agree.

And this does not include all other predictions I offered George on his show such as Hurricane Katrina, 911, Asian tsunamis and the list goes on and on if you take the time to check my claims… 

dr. turi


Dr. Louis Turi’s Predictions for 2011/2012 (Correctly Predicted 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and more)

Dean is an Aquarius vibrating close to my cosmic speed who never had the opportunity to be challenged to aim and develop more cosmic consciousness… However how can anyone who never heard of me or worse never witnessed my cosmic predictive talents NOT assume I am the biggest egocentric on the planet?

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

My confidence and legitimate wisdom does ruffle too many insecure, envious feathers and this is why the conspiracy to stop me educating the scientific community and society is very real…

Knowledge is power, ignorance is evil! All one has to do is to Google anything of interest such as “science dr.turi” “predictions dr.turi” “gay dr.turi” “Pluto dr.turi” “Aliens dr.turi” etc. and I will pop up with the answers you need. But you must also realize that;

“When a true genius appears in this world you may know him by this sign that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” –Swift

Remember readers my connection with Draco the Draconis ET is not fabricated and the predictions offered always unfold… Be sure ET’s have absolutely NO interests nor obligations to deal or attract scientists because all Extraterrestrials are cosmic conscious and will NEVER learn anything from the scientific community. 

ET’s are master of the universe, they know ALL the secrets of the physical and spiritual infinite cosmos rational “educated” human using primitive technology could ever dream of. ET’s are only interested by “the chosen ones.”

In fact both good and bad ET’s groups are targeting science for infringing the cosmic rules…

  • Memo: WE disposed of ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ NASA Scientists in 2 years! by inducing “accidents” to the responsible party. 
  • Mission Purposes:
  • 1 – Induce “accidents” Avoid the proliferation of conductive metal trash disturbing our transmissions, transuniversal ships and sensitive navigational systems.
  • 2 – Stop humanoids wasting resources, destroying earth’s vital ozone layer with primal poisonous combustive propulsive technology.
  • 3 – Goal: Concentration on stopping earth depleting ozone layer.
  • 4 – Stop NASA waste
  • 5 – Challenge religious, scientific, entertainment monopolizing matrixes stopping humanity developing cosmic consciousness / assimilating God cosmic Divinity.
  • Human host’s commissioned MJ12’s critical messages must be heeded to stop waste, revitalize earth, time running out.
  • Mission ordered by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) – Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious superhuman spiritual leaders, working with Draconians Extraterrestrial officials.
  • The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare.
  • The concept originated with the 12 apostles spiritual legacy embedded in the 12 signs of the Zodiac to guide humanity to God cosmic Divinity. Majestic 12 agenda can only be perceived and accepted by those directly involved in the mission or the Chosen Ones. Draco.


Benevolent and nefarious ET’s alike want to master all the cosmic code secrets to advance their own productive or destructive agendas…  ET’s do not think on the same low level rational human terms and their higher education or owned position in society means NOTHING to them.

Human are taking the same wrong, rigid road they took billions of years ago and like the majority of humanity today, they have lost the spirit of God cosmic Divinity. They became SUPREME engineers of the physical manifesto and they are very anxious like you are to understand their spiritual purposes in the universal scheme of things.

Furthermore like human they are also loaded with good and bad  intentions… They lost something very precious along the way, something they need to make sense to their own reality… Any highly spiritual  “Superhuman” is automatically targetted by ET’s and accelerated with the use of cosmic tailored talismans. 

The technological advancements ET’s have reached is incomprehensible, even to the most brilliant  Astrophysicists on the planet today… Humanity is aiming in the same direction because of the religious, scientific, sports and entertainment matrixes monopolize the “education” through  books, powerful institutions and TEL

Human became deeply conditioned and lost God cosmic Divinity and the essence of creation itself working its magic through the “Soul of the Cosmos.

If you ever heard any of my shows with George I ALWAYS emphasize the importance of stopping feeding evil with negative thoughts because the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts generated by each one of us… I also emphasized on his Gaim TV show that people need to educate the children ASAP of suffer self destruction within 50 years or so!

Sad enough the conspiracy against my teachings is so deeply encrusted and regardless of your requests for me to teach or write for Gaiam, my reptilius infected enemies will not allow my work there…

Like any religiously poisoned lost souls, Dean must exit is comfortable educated scientific zone and challenge himself at the core of his cosmic essence…  Dean must also realize that only idiots can never assimilate my advanced spiritual work and would learn a lot investigating my claims and cosmic wisdom if he decided to do so…

What Does The World Say About Dr. Turi?

Use your cosmic energy positively work with us
I am Alien The Final Revelation

But my cosmic God did not want me to follow up on his logical presentation on Coast to Coast last night… But I know there are no accidents, only cosmic circumstances at work science and humanity has yet to uncover…

New Scientific Theory DOES NOT AND CANNOT Explains the Soul and Afterlife

Note also, back in May I publicly announced that I would contact IIG to be fully tested and win the money to help fight the Illuminati and incorporate astropsychology education into the curriculum. I filled up the Paranormal Challenge Application form and sent it certified to;

IIG C/O Center For Enquiry-Los Angeles
4773 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood CA 90027

Memo from Cosmos, Dr. Turi Cosmic Code Universal Predictions on Google

Shared publicly  –  May 29, 2015  –  Anticipating the results, I also asked for your support!

Memo – “Please email those skeptical psychically underdeveloped human beings so we can be tested publicly and prove my host claims.  Use the email address please “” Thank you all supporters of our cosmic mission. Visit and read more” 

I also mentioned that after reading all my well documented dated  predictions that; chances of getting a response would be ZERO! And to this day there is no answer to my request!

So what can  be done to further Dean and humanity psychical welfare you may ask? You have tons of options to help by contacting George, Tom and of course Dean via so many of his websites. A simple email with the link to this article and your feedback is all you need to do…

But again the chances of your requests being fulfilled is minim… All those people are very busy, especially George and Tom  and it’s only if you insist will you know why I was not as planned on the show last night. Your emails may lead Dean Radin to show curiosity and the test may take place.

Remember readers, I am NOT even about to begin anyone to get me on George Coast to Coast show, in fact after two emails and two calls I can not understand how unprofessional this “mishap” is.

While I trust Tom and George I am like you in shock and wondering why we did not get any answer explaining what happened about last night? But I think it is only fair for me to save my integrity because as a truth seeker, I can only speak the undiluted truth to the millions of people reading my work… Join us part two of Draco last phase will take place soon…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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Dr. Turi  Teach me all about my cosmic relationship with God marvelous Univer…

“Show me a curious person or an avid reader and I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

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