Gifford’s hubby: “Maybe it was fate”


Dear VIP Reader;

After watching this emotional video of Mark Kelly speaking about his wife’s Gabrielle miraculous recovery, prayers and religion all I can do is to offer the reader some of the real reasons and factual answers I have uncovered during my unusual life investigating God’ signs and how he speaks to humans. While science, the world at large, all the victims, including Mark, Gabrielle herself and her Rabbi will never know the real reasons behind such a tragic day, you my readers are allowed to get yet, another glimpse of the truth…

Giffords” hubby: ”Maybe it was fate”

Mark Kelly, the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, closed the National Prayer Breakfast this morning and offered a few words about the Arizona lawmaker’s recovery from a gunshot wound.

Mark wonders and asks why his wife Gabrielle had to endure such a tragedy  and why six other people were killed including Christina a 9-year innocent child; indeed during my last TV show in Tucson I gave my own emotional feedback of the real metaphysical reasons why Gabrielle (a Virgo) is prone to be shot in the head and experience a violent death.

Trust me reader as I approach my 62 second birthday (Feb 26,1950)  reflecting my crazy life experiences I had many friends born in September and lost a few of them tragically to violent death and yes all I can assure you this is not an accident!  The reasons behind my certitude is based upon years  of my own research, my own pain, my own wondering and the intense exploration of a spiritual world forbidden to science and the majority of humans living on earth.  It saddens me so much to have all undeniable proofs in hand knowing that only those who “walked my moccasins” are aware of…

I call it a gift when I offer undeniable proof of my wisdom and a curse when young souls can not swim my deep spiritual Pisces waters…

Why in the name of God; would GOD himself inflict such pain and drama to Gabrielle or any of his children then rescue her from a certain death?  IS God a  masochist having fun inflicting pain to his children?  Mark said “We can have the answer” and this is where his highly scientific mind, spiritually untrained can only begin to wonder of the  hidden reasons and the desperate closure he and the world can not yet, have… So what else can he fall back on? His wife’s Rabi religious but deceiving convictions? May be the Jewish God is not harming anyone and no Jews ever died? Do I really have to be so damn real and apply critical thinking at all time or am I that inconsiderate of people”s faiths?

Nope reader, I am only following a higher guidance that does not allow me to think, perceive and talk about God like any other human being that”s all…

This event was fated Mark said and because he is a scientist born with an over rational/logical UCI he is now forced to look for the answers only my  trusting VIP’s should have. But the request for the truth is universal and has to be answered to all, thus I can not keep the divinity and manifestation of God only for those who paid me to become VIP. If this was the case, then Mark and so many other lost souls will never find the true answers they are so desperately looking for. This put me in a precarious position with my trusting paying VIP’s but I am sure they will forgive me for being so UNSELFISH, so concerned and so driven to offer the answers religion, science or logic will never be able to approach, just because they do not have earned the right “spiritual” tools. Gee I must be a damn old goat to know that much yes? Indeed I am my past life in Tibet living in caves in the Himalayan  snowy mountains has stories to offer reader… My book “Beyond The Secret” tells all…

I made my point when I wrote REP. GABRIELLE GIFFORD FED EVIL!–

The title itself OFFENDED so many young souls but the idea was to grab their attention but human emotions runs deep, instead the majority  reported me as insulting and assumed. They never read my work offering true answers and pure salvation for them at the same time. Being French and honest at heart I used the same tactic to attract the secret service curiosity, titling one of my newsletters “Teaching Kids How To Kill The President?” – All I am trying to do is to grasp your attention and open  the door to a different type of thinking. Offering real answers humanity need to finally recognize God’s interstellar creation and oblige the signs is not an easy task reader…

Like all “cursed” scientists anyone born with an over rational UCI can only display “atheism” as the designed horoscope *computerized brain and its coherent program can only perceive / conceive  their earthy limited “reality.”   Thus like Mark, once upon a time I had also serious problems with ‘faith” and religions and in this emotional recollection of the outmost difficult time in my life with Cancer; I wrote “THANK YOU GOD!” on February 20th 2010 from

The question is will the reader take the time to read it and uncover one of their peculiar answer in the process?  It is only when one is faced with his/her own mortality that “faith” kicks in and when there are NO plausible answer available for any dramatic experience God offers his huge back.

In this TV show in Tucson I also offered the world some of the logical and spiritual answers of the evil I kicked out of my body, mind and soul and thanked God for your prayers. From a non believer to getting closer to God is a very normal reaction when dealing with  any stressing situation. Very much like a young soldier about to meet with his own death in a war zone when all hopes are gone or from a death row inmate finding God in jail… Yes I had a problem with “faith” but now, a year later, spared by God, I understand a bit more about faith. The three F’s “FFF” are my only plausible explanation for now reader…Fear brings faith that translate into fate reinforcing my theory that NO ONE should feed EVIL because “the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thought.”

But how many people can really grasp the depth and the mystery of my words? Yes humans are bombarded daily with good or evil thoughts produced by others conscious and unconscious mind “generators” and you are particularly at risk if you are in the public eye or reach unusual amount of people on a daily base. Should You Fear Witchcraft, Black Magic and Voodoo?

Indeed karma is real and has his own way to reach all greedy and impure souls walking among us. While a multitude of bad habits  will induce cancer the immune system is well set to deal with it and the human body takes a lot of wrong doings to succumb to any diseases. Indeed, God’s miraculous human creation is not that easily defeated by its own owner…

The location of evil planets such as Saturn, Neptune and Mars  or the Dragon location in a chart fates the body to be susceptible to infection and death in certain parts; for example Virgo are prone to violent death to the head, Pisces to succumb to mental or physical poisoning while Gemini (a dual sign/Rep Giffords) is prone to meet death from their 6th house of work but are offered two lives in one by God’s higher order. But these crucial metaphysical information are only obvious to my students and I while our infantile science hides their ignorance behind the word “ridicule.” And that is the big problem, in this day and age and a challenge  an “educated” humanity must by pass and investigate.

But as mentioned in  Jared Lee Laughner “The Mind Of A Killer” if the police, the school officials and students alike MISSED Jared’s obvious physical “signs” and serious warnings how do you expect them ALL to deal with the divine? How can they relate to God’s highly spiritual and sophisticated spiritual signs making up the  “Cosmic Code” jurisdictions?  How can you expect society at large – i .e. the cops, science, religions etc. would / could grasp my message without understanding the universal dynamics?  Ho yes but science constantly discover new planets yes?

5 Earth-sized planets found in Milky Way – Cosmos News?

Check how much news I predicted so far in a book a wrote last year? and tell me how truly smart the scientific community really is…

Note is always UPDATED

And in hell how can Mark, Gabrielle, her Rabi and all the victims not to forget 99.09% of the world’s population relate to me, to my work, to my findings, to my OBVIOUS predictions if NO ONE is giving me a chance to prove my “obvious” claims?

Yes Mark, indeed God has a plan and no random means also NO accident in my book and you can only assure yourself and those listening to your speech that “something good may come out of this…”


But your most powerful message is coming from your “subconscious”  when you said for them all TO BE LISTENING FOR ANSWERS and that is where science, religions and the rest of the world is failing with me because I HAVE these answers…Indeed the force of evil are so strong reader, I was so close to produce my TV show ‘The Cosmic Code” with Dr. Turi and yes the taping was supposed to take place on my birthday or February 26th in Phoenix, AZ.


But two evil greedy spirits trashed my dream and in less than 30 minutes “stole” your $2000 donation and yes I am mad as hell to think everyone is like me, honest, direct, truthful and even innocent…Indeed blame it on my Pisces (deception) second house of money attracting these souls where my heart and trust is bigger than all combined bank accounts in the world …

So it cost me another $300 buck to take these two despicable low souls to the small claim court and give my best shot for justice. Stand by you’ll know it all in time but my dream is now gone. My only real, logical way to reach the mass, to explain how God speaks to us via the stars, talk about the signs, the zodiac, read people and make this reality show a total  educational success was blackened by evil.


Well even a 25 years long lasting friendship can  not be trusted just because, like me, my good friend Elayn is also a dreamy, loving, caring, sensitive  unworldly Pisces and  in the process, her lying con artist boyfriend was trusted immediately! Gee are you a Pisces too? get your feet on the ground and get rid of the rose colored glasses please… I did and learned my lesson for sure… Others Internet hyenas will go to extreme to hurt my integrity and my work because their tainted souls sold also to the darkest forces of evil…

But I have FAITH because FEAR will not mold my FATE and I am asking all of you, like you did for me at the same exact time last year in February, when I was battling cancer I Bangkok hospital in Asia to eliminate FEAR, to PRAY not only for my mission to be successful but also for Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords’ miraculous FATED recovery. And this is exactly the motion, the understanding, the miracle I am trying so hard to explained to Mark, to Gabrielle and society at large if you could only keep an open mind and read me accordingly.

“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life.  Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom.

~ Paracelsus

Once more reader, your churches, your scientific community, your government has failed to offer you the true face and celestial tools God use to pull the strings of humanity. My battle against fear and ignorance is so arduous, extenuating at time but my dedication is real and I wish you could see like I do, the future  glorifying rewards.  Humanity is getting ready to investigate and accept God’s new face, God’s new Universal hidden spiritual scheme and God’s creation as he intended all his children to use on this dense physical world.

As we approach the year 2012 the “golden door” will open promising such an upgrade of Cosmic Consciousness where other God”s creation will affirm their presence soon. Indeed where God’s divinity will finally harmonize with the human and other extraterrestrial races. Yes I am a bit ahead of some people and I am at the fore front of those magical golden doors preparing you all for the incredible future we are all responsible to create as of NOW.

The Year 2012 ” A New Beginning”

Please remember Dr. Turi”s three magical F”s  *FFFdo not feed evil, remember you inherited God’s essence in your spiritual make up making you nothing less than a God in training in this dense physical world. Do not fear God, because God is good at the core and does not fear evil – Have faith in God because God has faith in you too and please remember you are walking with God himself to create your and the world you live on, very fate.

Science and the world is about to learn this fact and when done, so will my mission but you can make my mission easier and much faster if you trust me and if you help me.

Lastly the very dramatic experiences / circumstances that changed Mark, Garielle and mine ARE the desperate message I have been conveying to the world for years now and I refuse to let all the victims  of Tuscon tragedy  and sacrifice going to waste.  Indeed and no ”Maybe it was fate”


President Obama said “None of us has all the answers… none of us no matter what our political party and station in life, the full breath of our human knowledge is like a grain of sand in God’s hands and there are some mysteries in this world we cannot fully comprehend God’s voice thunder in marvelous ways, he does great things beyond our understanding.”

Where Cosmic Consciousness is lacking; science, conspiracy and religious imagination have the wrong answers. There are no accidents just consequences the five logical human senses cannot yet perceive.”

Dr. Turi

None of us has all the answers is not so Mr. President, and this is why God gave and saved my life, to bring back Jesus’ original teachings  and  re- introduce humanity to “Our Father in the Heavens”

All I want to do is to offer you God’ signs and God true celestial spiritual identity reader, and I am all alone in my mission… Make my mission easier walk with me please –

All Is That And That Is All

When men realize the church is the universe and the twelve Apostles are the twelve signs of the zodiac, God”s commandments written in Starlight will bring true love, respect peace and harmony to this world. Dr. Turi

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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