God/Dogs and Psychic hit with 7-figure judgment


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Dear readers:

Psychic hit with 7-figure judgment  Psychic hit with 7-figure judgment

Dear Readers:

Before getting into Why God Made Dogs and Killers? let’s talk about the fact that, the current Scorpius Draconis expose it all, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA including some unlucky Neptunians born  like  Sylvia Browne. This dragon is not done bringing more facts to the surface, the idea is to “die and rebirth” in the process and not join the mass of cosmic unconscious people who watched the news.

“There is only a very thin hair between Divine cosmic information and pure imagination!”

Now the difference!

Updated June 17, 2013 –  “What crazy times and world we live in today. You can’t make this stuff up. DT you call it……”  John

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Caution, To Many False Prophets Ahead!

 But in this case, what amazes me the most is; the police did not hesitate to run to someone’s house because “the spirits,”  32 of them; told her where  the dead kids were buried! Where is logic there and you wonder why this country is bankrupted with endless legal battles against the police? What the cops should have done is to acknowledge what a Neptunian is all about FIRST and most of all do some detective work by CHECKING if any, her previous hits.  Not that I did not try to reach the police executives since 1991 and teach/offer them (and the FBI)  real cosmic wisdom.

Those traditionally educated kids will learn what a true cosmic detective is all about! No psychological books they oblige have any crucial information on the human UCI *Unique Celestial Identity

But only Dr. Turi warn the world of deceptive Neptunian exposing their obvious psychological traits  / disguises and offer the option to check on real well documented, dated, published predictions. In fact it is not unusual for me to generate some predictions and a few hours, days or weeks later get the obvious omens needed for anyone to trust my predictive gift!

While science keep astonishing us with their latest technological never ending accomplishments, spiritually wise the world is still stuck 2000 years ago suffering archaic religious teachings. There is NOTHING of any predictive value involving any and all religions, but generalization and sure universal discordance leading to endless religious wars.  Thus my prediction for the end of the Age of Pisces, the end of all religions and the reign of Neptune upon earth, is not exactly perceived as beneficial by an obnoxious humanity slow to grow spiritually.

The cops, science and the media department of education defections system has a serious “cosmic” upgrading to do… Did any religious books offered you predictions or solution to any murders yet?

The only problem I see with this demented soul calling 911 is that the rigid world will now remove themselves from any psychical investigations, ridicule Astropsychology,  any psychic phenomenon and classified my work as worthless pseudo-science by a society slowly turning to science for answers endlessly endorsing atheism.  Humanity has seemed to have lost its hope. People like me who truly own a “Cosmic Gift” has this rare wisdom but the system is there to stop it all.

In my endless request asking you to Become a Light Fighter all I can see is; humanity is distancing itself from the spirit much too fast for comfort. Battling for the spiritual welfare of the children of the future demands for an open mind because the sceptics have nothing to offer but their destructive worthless rants. This is not the way to improve anyone’s psychical aptitude or performances when curiosity is missing or when my work is to lengthy for the sceptical defectives minds…. Have you wonder for a minute if the world was only made of those young souls where we would be today? Any form of negativity is feeding the evil of ignorance and with it, all human vile shortcomings.   I think Hope for the future, love, education and respect is a good start!

Throwing the baby with the water is wrong, psychic phenomenon is very real but it takes more than science and the assuming sceptics assessments to penetrate such a deep mystery! Any and all forms of omens are the biggest signs you can get and should follow… even if its a series of pictures that surprises everyone curious enough to think of the endless physical possibilities…

What did the police and the media learned with this? “Psychic hit with 7-figure judgment  Psychic hit with 7-figure judgment” Not to take notice of the Divine because it is obviously not reliable yes? No WRONG! This person is a born NEPTUNIAN who most certainly was under one of her “Negative Window Dates” the day she decide to act out her imagination. But she,  like 99.09% of cosmic unconscious human beings, did not know about the Cosmic Code! Nor knew or  learned anything from the Universal Mind regulations and from Dr. Turi and she paid the ultimate price for her spiritual ignorance. And given a chance the good God fearing Christians would certainly burn her to the stake and I am not joking The sad reality this monster of ignorance is growing and millions of children deprived of real cosmic fluid  are on the same path.

This psychic like any criminals, was once upon a time an innocent child but she was not allowed to drink at the real source of cosmic wisdom. Her spirit drowned into Neptune deceptive waters and created another monster of ignorance.

But the real damage is reflected in the TV host’ sarcastic comment at the very end of the segment, in her own spiritual ignorance she provided a bigger gap between reliable cosmic information and pure Neptunian imagination to the millions of people watching CNN….

OMG Have Mercy on Your Non Cosmic Conscious Children!

Why God Made Dogs and Killers?

Watch this video

There is so much to learn from animals… Once upon the time Dogs were benefiting a human form in one of the trillions billions of worlds above and they had a spirit similar to ours…sad enough those “sub-human” God creation failed the “experiment and did not make a good use of the feeling of love. In fact they did not want to understand, use, promote and deal with love period and their world was bitter, bloody and dangerous.

Humanity is in the same path with the spirit because you can not separate the spirit from love and the love of God… Finally one day the “dog world” self-destructed and when facing their creator, billions of  “young dog spirits” were asked to  chose between coming back for thousands of years to relearn the painful lesson from the scratch or help another race in progress.

They all decided that the lessons learned were much too difficult to relive and agreed to comeback on earth and help the human race to realize how important the spirit of love truly is. And God said, no matter how bad you will be treated by human, you shall never stop loving and respecting them. If you fail and bite or kill a child, human will bring you back to me and your lesson will be made much worse.


God changed them from the “sub-human” form  into a magnificent animal to love and protect all good people, then sent them back to HELL (here on earth)  to repay  their karmic dues to the creator.  Some dogs did not heed God’s warnings and reflects the millions of criminals rotting in jail today. Guess what readers, if you do not understand or support the mission this is exactly what is awaiting the human race, a failed mission.

Lose the spirit and lose love! The sceptics, atheist, agnostics alike will laugh and keep ignoring the spirit and this produce monsters. Those criminals will be the ONES forced into the miserable lives of those dogs.  They will end served for lunch to other human beings who need the purest form of love and respect and this is the work of the devil.  EVIL force them to behave worse than animals, no respect, no love, no conscience and end up eating each others.

Pure evil is to kill a defenceless loving pet and consume it, God made dogs very intelligent and NOT for human consumption like other animals species.  Help to bring back love, respect and save the human spirit.


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