God’s Evil Children


“If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them REALLY think, they’ll hate you. just because There is a big difference between education and intelligence Dr. Turi

Today, my vile internet enemies won a battle but not the war!  It’s been nearly two days now and  was unable to post anything on Draco’s Face book page because of the lies of an immature person.

Amber Radebaugh complained to Facebook saying I threatened to kill her  (lol!) Something a man of my status and intelligence could / would never do. I realized a bit too late though that she must have been only an immature kid! She made up lies and told all her friends all about her imaginary threats and even an abusive adult could not assimilate or check the facts still posted there – View previous replies.

Please take the time to read the “offending” post, where I supposedly “threatened to kill Amber Radebaugh.”  I was hoping, after a complaint, Facebook moderators would; at least take the time to read our exchange and realize they are dealing with a scared kid, who cannot read English properly…

She attacked my good friend George Noory and was joined by “an adult” named Fred Yoder, who shares the same pitiful intellectual detrimental power in my “imaginary” death threat!

Fred Yoder I am stupid cunt, should be the name of your half ass clown show…this is what Id expect from someone dumb enough to hook up with Whoory (Noory). How proud you must be of your lack of intelligence…Ill bet you have a tramp stamp that says dumb cunt and proud of it…Threatening people, yeah that is just brilliant….Your karma douche is coming dumb cunt…Cant even speak English or what…Don’t know how to use an S?…UFO are real…Really dumb ass…UFOs are real…What a stupid fuck you are.

jknbt – start gathering your rock pile, now!

Pulsating Gelatinous Pillow in a Fish Tank
Great idea. Some people should be beaten with rocks.

DT rebuttal: You are a disgrace to humanity, the subhumans are not better than ISIS, and all of you are targetted by the cosmic karmic forces you could never understand until they reach you. Be prepared the forces of evil speaking through your tainted, infected souls you are impregnated with can not beat the light I represent and time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness. 

How can anyone decipher the truth in the thread with such mental aptitude?  And you wonder why so many other martyrs were killed trying to save the world from evil?

The reason for me to ask for your support is because; Facebook moderators are swamped with idiotic comments and, in this case a serious lie. What would you say if this kid was yours? And what can you expect from any kids being raised by people like Fred?

This mean Amber Radebaugh and Fred Yoder  are the vile perpetrators and the ones who are supposed to be warned by Facebook, not me!

FB Moderators do not take the time to read all silly confrontational conversations and usually take complaints, (or lies) as is… But each time someone who does not agree with you manage to report the “offenders”, all they see is the numbers of reports accumulated, then they take the page down!

Thus by exposing those people vile characters and lies, I am offering ALL Facebook readers a warning and the facts of what could happen to you because it just happened to me! 

This is why since 1991 I have been removed from all major websites with LIES, all in the name of enviousness, religious and atheist convictions!

Thus, I have learned my lesson and as soon as I can go back to FB, I will immediately delete all offending posts, because there is no fixing stupidity and jealousy on Facebook.  In this case I was attacked and reported because of my connection with my good friend George Noory!

I recognize being French allows me to make grammatical errors… Something many idiots could never realize and asking any of those people to teach the secrets of the Universe in French and in France, is out of question; of course! Thus I changed the page name to “I am Alien, UFO Reality! Incidentally this page and title “I am alien UFO are real” has been up for months now it took a bully to correct me instead of an intelligent person (in private)!

 This is the supposedly “threat on her life” that prompted Amber Radebaugh  to make up lies and report me to FB readers!

Memo“George, like me is in a business to make money for a great intellectual service he offers millions of listeners! Referring to money in any statement dictate a personal troubled financial situation or a low self esteem. I am not the only one who can read between the lines, be cautious of what the public read and think, unless like me you are smart, tough and fearless and know how to use a gun!”

Amazing how far the mentally underdeveloped subhuman will go to hurt anyone’s integrity and how non ashamed they are to make up such lies! But this is what kids do and I can easily laugh and forgive a child especially when “and stuff” is used in her limited vocabulary!

In fact not only did she lied to FB she also changed the wording of my answer. Here is the original “offending post”

My answer… You need to take some English lessons Amber. I never treat anyone like that… How old are you 15? Do not change my words… be cautious of what the public read and think, mean I am prepared for uninvited crazy people and use my gun! May I suggest you to read and see my guns? At this point the only reason for me not to fire you is because I need this exchange so Facebook and all my readers will judge how smart you are…

Then out of the blue Amber fabricated this sentence!  Amber Radebaugh “Be cautious of what you say too miss I’m a public figure”

 You may read the rest of the story before I remove this trash from Draco’s Facebook page once I am, allowed to post again. These are the type of people and detrimental “experiences” that makes me feel like deleting all my Facebook pages and just go fishing!

This is the lies and ridiculousness I had to put up with since 1991 readers and you wonder why I am bitter? Instead of judging me or assuming I am an egocentric vulgar person, I wonder how you would feel if you were in my shoes surrounded by bloodthirsty hyenas everyday? I keep giving accurate predictions, undeniable warnings and an endless chain of article for FREE to the public and this is what I get?

Do not give dogs what is holy; do not throw your pearls before swine. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces. Matthew 7:6

Luckily for me the subhumans, while a majority on earth, I also enjoy great “silent” support from many people but some are so disgusted by the injustice that they will not hesitate to  support me publicly!

The reptilius infected souls are EVERYWHERE, they own the mental power of a zombie and some are very dangerous, thus exposing these people is also a safety guard for us because all my websites are infiltrated by various secret services reading my terrorism predictions.

Charlie Hebdo Terrorist attack in Paris Prediction January 7th, 2015 (English)
La prediction de l’attaque terrorist  de  Charlie Hebdo a Paris le 7 Janvier 2015. (Francais)

I am asking all my supporters to write to Facebook and confirm that I never EVER threatened her or anyone on any of my pages.  Thank you all… Please use this form to help us!

Secondly please report anyone who use abusive language because, if you are a supporter and do not ally to fight to clear my name and my good character Facebook will stop me reaching you and we can not let fears or the forces of evil succeed!

“For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

Thank you supporters for joining us in this injustice!

Sharing e-mails:

Comment by Mitchell T Hyde

Hi Dr Turi,

I read in the e-mail you sent me, the comment made by Fred Yoder.  I wrote him, after reading his commentary and thought I would share it with you here…..

“Fred Yoder…… I just thought I would let you know that the comment full of vulgarities to Dr Turi I have read. In life, when one doesn’t agree with someone else, it is called a disagreement. How you act or react to someone who is different than you is a choice. That is the freedom we are born with. Our freedoms allow us to create our identities, or in other words, how others perceive us to be, through our actions, and our words.

It is obvious through your own words that there is a difference in opinion between Dr Turi and your own beliefs in UFO activity, their existence and also in how to verbalize your thoughts.

Yours is a combination of sarcasm, hatred and curse words which most people with low education use. Calling someone a ” cunt” 3 different times is repetitive as well, shows a lack of imagination, considering the vast array of other ignorant words you could have chose from.

You insulted this man’s lack of knowledge, and his inability to speak English…… Dr Turi is not from America, however, he assuredly speaks English with ore gravitas than the language you speak, which is more bar room banter than it is English. You mentioned a proposed name for his ” Half ass clown show”.

Perhaps you should be enlightened enough to realize Dr Turi has been a guest on some of the nationally broadcast radio shows on occasion, where they ask him to be there, from the vast interest from listeners who request his return.

Fred…….. You have, through Dr Turi, become ” known” to more people than you have been your entire life, and it is because of your ignorance, your hatred, and phobia of the unknown, or people like me could really care less who you are.

I took 10 minutes of my life to write this to you, so before the rest of your life glides by, and you discover your loneliness was caused by your inability to be constructive when criticizing, instead of being a moral compass who’s true north is far off balance, a mirror might help. Life is really too short to be right in your own eyes, but dismissed by everyone with how wrong you are.

Good luck to you in life, and if something isn’t ” up your alley”, maybe it is time to move on to a different neighborhood……. in other words, if Dr Turi, UFOs, or Coast to Coast radio programming isn’t exciting to listen to or learn from, possibly some reality show with lots of vulgarity and profanity is more in your wheelhouse.”

I hope he reads it with an open mind, or a self reflection, to help him, not antagonize him.  Some people just never see the persona they put out there, and how negative it really is.

Thanks for being you, never allow negativity to overwhelm you, stay who you are ALWAYS…………you have much to share with us, please continue to do so Dr Turi.




“Mitchell Hyde, very well written, I applaud you! I learned on Fox News the O`Reilly factor tonight  that there are factions out there which  actually hire people to write these nasty untrue accusations on the Internet and get paid for…” Helga


Cheryl Benson Bauer Where in this post is Dr. Turi threatening to kill Amber?

In reading the preceding posts I couldn’t figure out where she felt threatened. This is not a platform for such nonsense.

Furthermore, if you don’t like or agree with Turi’s content then exit. Simple as that and please, we as readers, do not want to have to read the offensive language in the last post courtesy of Fred Yoder.

Keep your vulgarities to yourself. This site should move to a closed platform as its getting infiltrated with those who know nothing of Dr. Turi ‘s work or intent.


Doreen Spear Those comments by Amber Radebaugh and others were so unfair! Dr Turi and wife would never threaten to kill anyone he only wishes to save us and our planet wow why do people always try to ruin good people? Face book PLEASE LEAVE THESE GOOD PEOPLE TO DO THEIR JOB BY HELPING ALL OF US! GET RID OF THE TROUBLE MAKERS!


Dr. Turi,

I sent Facebook an email stating I have followed you for 10 years & you never threatened anyone.

I feel amber is seeking attention & got it.




Dr. Turi

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