Gupta ‘I am doubling down DECEPTION’ on medical marijuana!



 ”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… 

Dr. Turi

Gupta Another Successful Monkey Graduation

Gupta: ‘I am doubling down’ on medical marijuana

Dear readers;

How can another concerned school principal make a difference battling dangerous gangs when, born pot heads doctors like Gupta, use the news-media with their medical “expertise” to further serve the scientific abusive matrix?   Gupta must keep it up but rest assured, the dramatic results will be plain to see in the next few years readers…

They are already scientists working in their  laboratories “mixing” up drugs and weed making new and very toxic potions to battle the illusive gene creating criminals,  bullies and gays! And these new drugs will bring more suicides, more madness and more billions in revenues to more pharmaceutical corporations.  Is there any end of stupidity in sight for humanity?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Born in October, why would Gupta give up a Libra bad habit he nurtured since he was a young medical student? But when you own full cosmic consciousness there is no secrets even Gupta can keep hidden, and this is why you have Dr. Turi exposing the undiluted truth to millions of readers on a daily base.

The real reasons why Dr.Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on weed
 Weed, the builder of future monsters 


Fenger High School Principal Liz Dozier confronts gang violence and shootings to save her school and her students.  ‘The parent of hundreds of kids’  'The parent of hundreds of kids'

What’s happening to your children America when The monsters of the future are build by those schools… The chances for Liz to be killed by gang members selling weed to your kids are very high but this dedicated woman is not aware of the psychical problem cursing all US schools and universities.

I explained the phenomena and what to do in  “Nancy Lanza, science and education killed Adam first!” but the educated and/or God fearing morons making up my black email list, keep asking me to remove them instead of using their influential positions to help me save their children…

To me those unconcerned, less than human beings should be ashamed for being mentally and physically motionless. Yes I blame them all for being toxic to humanity, cosmic unconscious and the peons of their own cursed undeveloped UCI!

After reading “Vladimir Putin Crime Scene in Crimea & Dr. Turi 2014 Arian Draconis Predictions a reader sent me this email and our exchange may explain more on their mental aptitude…

“Putin is not Hitler DT………I’m tired of all these people who use Hitler. Hitler was a mass murderer and maniac. As far as politics, Hitler was a socialist and the last I looked Hillary calling Putin Hitler is like the pot calling the kettle black.


DT Rebuttal: lolo! nothing to do with Hitler D…, you are right… its a metaphor I used a long time ago and it became an obvious one, but you have no knowledge of the cosmic code or how it works. Again you are using LOGIC (and politics) when I am dealing with the archetypal realm of consciousness (and the cosmic code…)

Be cool my friend

Indeed that is the problem of all High School Principals, parents, teachers and  99.999% of a non cosmic world, not only Liz Dozier… The rational mind has been trained and feed endlessly with solid information needed to lead a successful professional life on this big rock! But you can not do so at the expense of the spirit and ignore or avoid cosmic education!  And religion won’t work!


 Be part of God’s Divinity and further Cosmic Education for the children of the future.

This is the perfect illustration representing the human “educated” head/mind set, trapped in all its complex earthy, geopolitical  and religious affairs… But is is also the missing piece of a puzzle millions of people may not be able nor allowed to uncover just yet! Even with my help, dedication and perseverance, only a fraction of spiritually born human beings can and will assimilate a cosmic phenomenology!

But as the days passes, revisiting my work, my videos and my articles is helping some of you to slowly breach the gap, for the spirit you were yesterday is no more…  Time is the ultimate and  only friend,  you and I truly own… I will take this opportunity to thank the endless chain of new VIP’s joining the Cosmic Code website everyday, it seems my efforts and my messages are finally going through! Indeed my legitimacy, humility and integrity is perceived as such by those my readers…  And together we will become a force the world will have to reckon and deal with…

Those new generations are not  “cosmically” set  to become the religious children of the past, they are not Neptunian prone, and many of those kids simply despise religions. But their destitute spirit is drying fast opening the door to rationalism and atheism and with it separatism.

Without legitimate spiritual regeneration the option to uncover and control their cosmic identity is non existent… And all they have is escapism through gang affiliations, a life of crimes and the use and abuse of drugs. And an “educated” medical doctor Gupta is endorsing weed?  Where is is head gone, in his A..?  Remember readers, those who pretend to be the experts in their particular field are often the least knowledgeable because cosmic consciousness is missing…

In a world where political leaders assign themselves to religious archaic convictions and trust its infantile scientific community only extreme stupidity can plague the rest of humanity.

Dr. Turi

When the scientific community finally realize the direct connection between the human mind and the Universal mind they will also understand what the children need to survive and prosper psychically…  Until then there is no safe place on earth…

Indeed a traditional education is what allow society to perform and grow steadily, but the facts are UNDENIABLE, this world is becoming a much more dangerous unstable dementic place for all children and the adults alike! And 50 years goes by really fast!

Only when the elites of education allow all the children to drink at the source of  God’s eternal cosmic wisdom will this world stop producing the monsters of the future. All I can do is keep the motion alive, as more and more responsible mothers realize the urgency of bringing their children back  to the cosmic spirit of a God that was stolen from them two thousands years ago… China Monsters Today? Failing Education!

The problem is at the source of education and this is why Adam Lanza picked Sandy Hook Elementary School and all those children died in the name of an incomplete education, and those sacrifices can not be wasted! 

 I am not a monster, I am an innocent victim of today’s rational and incomplete education and I lost my spirit along the way! Help Dr. Turi to put and end to all those over educated adults stupidity please… A Generation of Born OCD?” 

Do not expect the experts, your government, pope Francis  and all abusive controlling educational religious/scientific matrixes  to care about your children welfare when they know nothing of a illusive cosmic God. I do and you know its not about money nor fame… I got it all already, true love, emotional financial and spiritual stability and at 64, at the autumn of my life all I want is to share this priceless wisdom with you and your children…


“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

~ Dalai Lama and Dr. Turi

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