Hamlin’s breathing tube is out – Damar Is Born Again Into A New Life!


DSC106[1]“Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person being the master over heaven and earth by means of his will is a magus and magic is not sorcery but Supreme wisdom.” Paracelsus

“The universe is a BRIGHT LIVING spiritual entity… I’m offering its secrets before I die. The purpose of my years of pain was to build cosmic wisdom and offer universal guidance and spiritual strengths to others” Dr. Turi

Tears Pain Death Prayers A New Life for Many
New Horizons Following Tragedy

Prayer work!

January 2023 SOS to the world deadly windows Posted by Dr. Turi on December 27, 2022 



January 6 and — (Starting on the given date, will last all the way to the next window)

Nature Men to Strike Hard
New Horizons Following Tragedy
Much to Fall Nothing Made to Last
Tears Pain Death Prayers A New Life for Many


America / France / New Beginning / Ending of important phases of life / War / Real Estate / Families Tragedies / Cancelation / End of life / Forced Relocation / Forced Actions / Man Destructive Actions / Deadly Weather / Natural Disaster / Deadly Emotions / A new Planned and/or Unplanned life For Many 

Memo: Expect the beginning or ending of important parts of life and forced relocation due to natural disasters. This window will affect all human affairs, would it be personal or political… So be cautious and listen to all the people around you, watch the news, and others’ personal lives forced into noticeable change!


All I can tell you is if you pay attention to my quatrain and keywords, you, your friends, and I will be touched directly by those upcoming cosmic winds and only the lucky ones will make it and will be forced into a new life or die and Victoria Lee departed during this window!


Do you recall the words printed in my 2023 Nostradamus forecast for all signs? “Souls born in May or November or those born with a rising, moon, natal, or hidden dragon in these signs are the targets of the 2022/2023 Scorpius dragon! 

Victoria was a TAURUS born in MAY with the natal Dragon’s tail (negative) in SCORPIO (death!) No one was there to discuss her UCI, she did not know me and could not read her forecast and how to regenerate!

Thus she became reptilius infected, (they are after teens remember?) and very depressed not being warned or taught about the current Scorpius dragon!  She had to use legal/illegal drugs to fight a lost mental battle and then committed suicide!

In her Instagram post, Angela said her sister had died on December 26 (during a SHOCKING window) but did not say how. “We miss you so much sis. More than you could ever realize. We’re all broken,” Angela added.

Have noticed yet how many Scorpios and Tauruses from all walks of life passed away yet?

We will discuss her stars and fate and why she became an MMA star in my upcoming live course!

Nostradamus’ Divine Astrology Online Course

Ronny; Cracking into the UFO speaking circuit, is like being invited to join the Illuminati… It seems like people would rather hear former government employees and scientists, leaking government propaganda, rather than listen to people like Dr. Turi; who had real UFOs experiences.

All I can guarantee is that less than half a percent has seen a UFO, let alone communicate with one (Draco) as I do!  Read a conversation between a hardcore “realist” on BIN or born Neptunian (mentally sic) and myself channeling Draco below!

There are also the obvious UFOs cons who sell their over-active imagination to very gullible people. OMG! The critical thinking of some members of the public who actually believe this nonsense is quite high!

That to me is quite scary because those people are not able to perceive the truth of the deceptive politicians they put in power! And those are the very ” false UFO contactee” who tarnish Ufology and sad enough, real contactees like me! 

“Dolly Safran has been a fully conscious UFO contactee her whole life. Beginning at age fourteen, she has been taken onboard hundreds (if not thousands) of times. She has spent days, weeks, and sometimes months with the ETs, learning from them, working with them, flying the craft, interacting with various ET types, traveling to other star systems, and more.” 

Right there, readers, smart people will read the red flag of lies and stupidity, and others will simply buy this junk! A contactee does not only offer the “gift of the gab” and lies but is left with something tangible, in my case a predictive legacy that is unarguably provable! 

So when I write, “There is only a thin hair between pure fertile imagination and reality” I made my case with this case!

Don’t you think it’s time for the world to recognize deceptive Neptunians born in action and accept my UFO’s predictive legacy as legit?

911 PREDICTION! On June 7, 2000, astrologer Louis Turi published and posted some predictions on his website about disastrous events that would take place in September 2001. Turi, who claims to make “predictions in the art of Nostradamus,” made this forecast, in part:  


Read more 


Hamlin’s breathing tube is out – Damar Is Born Again Into A New Life !

My warning for this specific SOS window was published on 01/02/23 in “SOS TO THE WORLD Jan 6/7/8 – You Have Been warned!”  As promised in this video, the full article (quatrain and keywords) and all my visions involving all anticipated news are below!

Once again if you plan in accordance with God’s cosmic design and, like our VIPs, heed my warnings ahead of time, my cosmic wisdom will save you money, time, and even your life! Join today!


SOS TO THE WORLD Jan 6/7/8 – You Have Been warned!


As mentioned a few times last year, all my future critical predictions, quatrain, keywords, and cosmic teachings won’t be offered to the public anymore but for our VIPs only and the full elaboration will be posted on the cosmic code private website! 

all collected news will be available to the public in another youtube video! ON THE FIRST DAY or After those dates as my predictions unfold, 


ENDING FACEBOOK? Dr. Turi, We suspended your account ON JANUARY 7, 2023

It looks like this window touched me personally with Facebook confirming my cosmic wisdom today!  When you speak the truth or go against religion, you are not welcome on any social media! 


McCarthy survived the House chaos to win the speaker’s gavel

All non-cosmic conscious members of the government are not aware of the CHAOS induced by Mercury retrograde messing up all forms of communication! They also pledge honor to the US constitution under God yet they know nothing of God’s cosmic rules speaking his will through the signs! And they are in charge of our destiny and make the laws?

To the unevolved souls, unable or unwilling to accept my UFO’s predictive legacy, McCarthy’s win depicts an obvious and new beginning for the Republicans! Again, it would be easier for me to teach hard mathematics to a wild donkey than to explain the obvious to any idiot unwilling to accept the facts!

Nature Men to Strike Hard?

Extreme California storm causes deadly flooding affecting elderly communities, local businesses

New Beginning
Mexican authorities arrest son of ‘El Chapo’
Lisa Rinna is leaving ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’
Dave Bautista has ‘relief’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ role is over
Two years after Capitol attack, investigation enters new phase
Major airline unveils new uniforms for the first time in nearly two decades
Stunning new Idaho murder detail shows killer appeared to want to ‘get out of dodge’

Families Tragedies
8 dead in Utah murder-suicide after wife sought a divorce
Shootings in Phoenix area leave 6 dead, many others injured
Former NFL star reportedly critical after saving kids from drowning

End of life
Putin ‘is terminally ill with cancer and his death is coming ‘very fast’ says Ukraine’s spy chief
Pope Francis leads funeral for predecessor Benedict XVI, a first in modern times
‘Mad Dog’ surfer dies riding giant waves in Portugal
Kenyan LGBTQ activist reportedly found dead
Italy soccer great dies at 58
The Old Pope Is Dead

Harvey Weinstein Sentencing Set for Next Week

Dr. Turi,

 Weinstein will be sentenced next  Monday, which is within the window of your SOS warnings for January  6, 7, and 8.  He is already serving 23 years in jail in New York,  this sentence in California will guarantee he spends the rest of his life in prison. You also correctly predicted Putin dying!


Dear reader,

In my endless drive and true commitment to helping you raise your spiritual vibrations Damar Hambling, rebirth should help those able and willing to learn from my cosmic wisdom! But rest assured there will be many unevolved “Young Souls” who won’t! 

Damar is very young and strong and he is slowly getting better with each passing day but the outcome of this “accident” won’t be good for him in the long run. His career as a football player may be over and not much can be said just yet about the repercussions and NFL decisions that will be made on his behalf in the future. His and others’ lives have changed drastically and Damar will never be the same man after this “accident.”

Hamlin’s breathing tube is out – Damar Is Born Again! This reflects the current SOS Moonic window “beginning/ending of important parts of life” for him and many others directly or indirectly involved with professional and private life… Let’s send him more prayers to heal even faster. 

I initially wrote Damar Hamlin “was killed” by mistake (apology) due to Mercury retrograde messing up all forms of communications and transportation. But in some ways, I was right because of the accident he suffered, apathetically and, technically speaking Damar “died twice” Damar Hamlin Was Resuscitated Twice, Heart Stopped  from one section of his life into another as predicted by the current “Moonic’ Window of January 6, 7, and 8!

Some non-cosmic-conscious people assume the Covid vaccine is responsible for his heart to stop! But I had a few Covid shots myself over the years and I am still strong and alive! Not everyone dies because of the vaccine only those born with a strong Neptune “or the Neptunians” in the chart have a negative reaction to any chemicals!

This critical information was mentioned in What really happened to NFL star Damar Hamlin’s Heart but traditionally educated doctors are oblivious to the critical values of the medical aspect of Divine Astrology!

Sharing email:
Captain DT,
             Two Newark, NJ police officers were stabbed during their midnight shift while on a domestic violence call.  The officers are in stable condition and the suspect was placed under arrest.  The City of Newark over the years since it was Federalized under former President Obama under the Mayor Cory Booker Administration, as you know Cory Booker is now a US Senator.   Now you can see how over the years with politics about defunding The Police started way back. 
       Two nights ago, I was listening to a Statewide Police Frequency & Jersey City put a BOLO out for a White, Toyota, Camry that was firing shots within their city but no victims were found.  While in a police pursuit by the JCPD Shots were being fired out of a moving vehicle by suspects and the pursuit was terminated due to the dangerous conditions by juveniles occupied that vehicle wanted. Minutes later the Newark PD spotted this vehicle parking and the occupants fled into a house and then were surrounded by the NPD while they waited for the JCPD to arrive & ID the vehicle.  I could not believe what I then heard, from a Newark City Supervisor over the radio.  They were ordered not to go into that structure due to them being juveniles.   FYI under NJ Law of Search & Seizure is a Fresh Pursuit and officers are allowed to enter without search warrants.
       Also 10 years ago when I was retiring this Bail Reform started and has escalated to A Huge Crime Wave throughout the state Arrest & Release without a 10 percent bail dollars.  Over the course of the last year, in many nice little village towns, these criminals are kicking doors in on homes during sleeping hours and they are looking for car keys and stealing High-End Cars
      These High-Level Positions I’E   NJ  Attorney General & NJ has 21 Counties; these candidates for these positions are appointed by the Governor of the State.& not by an election. Nothing is a Uniform Directive and these Directives are different in each county with more handcuffs on police in certain counties.
Crazy Times 



I am appalled by the way those kids are turning and some of the regulations imposed upon our brave and courageous police officers. Yet there are so many variations involving those teens’ upbringing and education etc. All I can say is the deadly current dragon in Scorpio is directly affecting the police administration, criminals, and society at large negatively… And I made this prediction for a full restructure of the police 3 years ago on Coast to Coast in my ebooks!

Memo: From Coast to Coast website: 10/16/2019 – Turi also made predictions for this year and the next based on his study of astrology, saying that for the rest of 2019, political events and relationships will “go downhill,” and that there will be a “full restructure” of many groups*Antifa? and institutions in 2021.*POLICE?*Supreme Court of the United States? He also said that he is expecting “a lot of fire” and “a lot of wildlife to disappear.”

This situation can only be fixed through cosmic awareness Paul but unlike you, the US department of education, the police, the criminals, and a religious indoctrinated society are not ready for my cosmic wisdom! This means the new 2023 Martian dragon can only make things much more dangerous and worse!   

Crazy Times Indeed!


Police Astroforensics
Will the police and the FBI ever learn?

As we move further into the Age of Aquarius those moving into this New Technological Age and learning all about “Jesus’ Ininital Cosmic Ministry” will have the world at their fingertips! 

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What Does The World and Students Say About Dr. Turi?

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