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“Thanksgiving is an everyday affair for good hearted people” Dr. Turi

Dear readers;

This is one of the rare positive days blessings America, those holidays are not only traditions— “commandments”—of men but created by the benevolent Draconis to fight the reptilius at their own mental games. Like us, those entities have good and bad days too and “Thanksgiving” is one of them. 

First,  let us wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving day and remind you that; for every single good or bad action, there will be an equal and same reaction! This being said, ask yourself, “What did I give the world,” not only today but the entire year? 

And chances are 99.9% of  people will fall short indeed for giving all year around…  Giving is not only about cooking for family and friends or giving love or presents during holidays or birthdays only!

While church goers and various non profit organizations may be committed to helping others, with so many expensive never ending advertisements on national television, the fact is; those institutions are conducting less glamorous selfish financial ventures.

National commercials produced by an advertising agency cost is averaging $350,000 or more for a 30-second spot –  With these facts in mind, you should realize where many of your donations are going… Certainly not to those in need.

Only a very small fraction (or 10%) will be used for the cause and the rest will be shared between the supremely wealthy, greedy corporations who must lure you with sick children, abused animals or a dying nature to get to your pockets.  FTC: These charities are shams, help Dr. Turi instead!

Giving is something we, the Turi’s do everyday and throughout the year with our articles and such…Particularly for Terania spending a long time answering many emails from distressed people or VIP’s in need of constant spiritual regeneration. This of course can be very draining on the mind, body and soul.

We always go to great lengths to help our clients but very often, they will purchase a book, a talisman, an astropsychology course or a service, then turn around and ask for their money back!  Terania and I are never surprised when a greedy soul initiates a credit card dispute because, this impatient, manipulative person can not relate to our cosmic work. 

Others simply lie when giving their date of birth and after receiving the material I worked hard to produce and affirming Terania (who always double and triple checks the data), realize the person is responsible or made the error!  We always try to work with our clientele diligently and while I am sometimes ready to redo it over again, they will usually always challenge us to avoid paying for the additional secure shipping.

Since I started my business in 1991, I have experienced all devious maneuvers from greedy people who will try their best to get anything for free!  The only consolation we have is our cosmic wisdom and an inescapable well deserved karma.    

Thus, over the years, thousands of inconsiderate selfish people believed they got away with one of my books, a service or a product! But be sure the book I worked for years to produce will deliver real cosmic wisdom and the taped reading will offer true guidance about the client’s future and the  talisman I created will never stop protecting  its owner…  As long as the owner doesn’t give up on themselves!

Some people expect immediate satisfaction and many have a problem assimilating the cosmic code, the signs and Nostradamus’ housing system unique methodology. To accommodate those who never studied divine astrology, I use very simple English terms but my cosmic teachings, guidance and predictions deal with the future. Thus much time is needed to see and appreciate the results. And still many will never see or appreciate the results.

To complicate the situation, pious scared “immature souls” will always stumble on anything related to the nefarious reptilius! On the other-hand, some of our  perceptive, smarter clients will share our rare cosmic wisdom to one day; like us, experience the ridicule and rejection. 

I can only suggest those spiritually advanced humans to be cautious sharing our work with friends and loved ones because today’s religiously poisoned society is not ready to handle or perceive the truth we represent.

One must also realize the gradual stages of religious indoctrination are induced by early teachers, particularly the protective parents and grand-parents who are sought by fearful children as all knowing. 

Challenging the authorities or changing the system takes years of evolution because religions, like racism is deeply ingrained in the collective subconscious mind of the American people.  And religious/atheist/racist people are those who need to change and understand God’s cosmic civinity  and the power of the Supra-conscious in time and space the most.

But as a rule, the fear and the controlled, forced, corrupt educational indoctrination is  widely spread and deeply encrusted in the psyche that;  “righteous bible head” lost souls will never read anything else than biblical material or Neptunian material.

And if Christians believe they are better than any other religious doctrines and deny the reptilius religious universal infestation, then what about ISIS deadly videos or this evil Christian dance of madness? Indeed the idiots in the video are not exactly related to Einstein! 

The trap has been set by the reptilius a long time ago when Moises met them for the first time on Mount Sinai… UFO’s – Roswell new Mexico Mind Boggling Secret Divulged!   

You have yet to acknowledge that you are already on HELL and aim for God’s cosmic divinity instead of fearing the divine! Introducing the world to cosmic consciousness

The reptilius are from the dark corners of a very far away constellation, they travel in time and space through many black holes and are stationed in the “Bermuda triangle” on earth and  in “dark Matter” above.

Those “fallen angels of death” can only survive with human stupidity, endless religious wars fears, constant negativity, unhealthy chaos and hate the light or anything related to God, wisdom, positiveness, hopes, love, respect and care.  

Much like our fishermen cruising the oceans to find food, those nocturnal entities can only feed on your negative emotions or fears! To survive, they made sure humans get religiously contaminated and offer them an endless negative psychical food supply!  

They flew their ships all over the world and started the universal religious contamination which translates today into more than 875 different widely spread religions and counting. Chaos fears and wars was assured for thousands of years to come in the process.

Once again, this is one of the rare positive days blessings America, those holidays were created by the benevolent Draconis to fight the reptilius at their own mental games. Like us those entities have good and bad days and “Thanksgiving” is one of them…  They hate anything remotely connected with goodness, education, evolution, changes and love! 

Unlike the reptilius interfering and disregarding the ” Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order”  or the Draconis, can only help humans upon agreements from the “management.” If you wake up feeling good, healthy, secure, strong and positive, chances are your day will be blessed by the Draconis.   

The Draconis (not to mix with negative dragons) provide their psychical blessings to humans  through imagination, creativity, inventions, positiveness, visions of hopes, fulfillment or the light. 

But if you wake up still drunk, drugged (legal and illegal), sick and depressed, the reptilius own your body, mind and soul through your weaknesses and addictive vices!  If you wake up fearing God or the future, it’s same difference! 

In the years to come, religions might become a story of the past but Neptune is still the “sole” basis of the world and it will always reside in ones chart. Therefore, the reptilius are not resting, they are now  targeting a new source of mental food, the millennials (and the children) through atheism produced by infected entertaining and scientific matrixes.    

Some possessed evil souls are creating dangerous legal and illegal potentially addictive drugs, while  an infected corporate system is slowly legalizing the use of “medical or recreational” cannabis/marijuana.  

Infected parents are not teaching archaic, deceptive religions anymore but in their own weaknesses and vices; desensitize their children to the danger of addictions. 

Be aware of second hand smoke addicting children! Be sure if you smoke cigarettes or pot in your house, so will your children, making the reptilius infestation inescapable in the entire household! Easy money, greed, great demand of pot makes it very difficult to stop the good life, slaving for the reptilius and aggravate society further. 

If the reptilius can not succeed in one way (religions)  they will try the others (drugs!) When I assure you the reptilius are after your children (and famous people) you should believe me and help  fight for the sake of tomorrow.



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So readers, while many of you would rather ignore our warnings and ridicule our cosmic teachings, this is our own way to give you some light on this Thanksgiving day!
A holiday  created by the Draconis to thank Mother Earth, the moon and the stars and the native Indians for their graciousness towards starving Christian invaders!
Although Thanksgiving (and Halloween) had historical roots in religious and cultural traditions,  both have long been celebrated as a secular holidays as well.  Something the infected religious matrix had made sure to never teach you or your children.
It’s that time where we give and offer great deals too… Thus if you ever wanted to master the cosmic code secrets (astropsychology,) your option to join those like our students is offered to you today!
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You may be interested in mastering Nostradamus natural healing section, the supra-conscious, the Astro Tarot, or serve others as a professional psychic/divine astrologer!    
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Learn  about the medical Aspect of Nostradamus divine strology

Blessings with Chief Sonne Reyna

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Read students feedback

The 16 DVD’s covers a full week of tuition where previous students spent a full day mastering the cosmic code secrets in Sedona. But  we also understand that; $1500 for the full course with all the books and materials included is a lot of money to invest for some of you. 

Yet, you may order the full package and then realize Nostradamus’ 16th Divine Astrology is not for you! While many other devious clients copied all the DVD’s then asked for a refund a few days later…We want to avoid such deplorable situation. Thus, this is what we are offering you for Thanksgiving to the public and our current VIP’s!  
Get Disc 1 (8 hours of a rare cosmic tuition) for only $50.00! Terania will mail you the material you need and  a FREE eBook copy of  “And God Created The stars.”  This book  is a must read before listening to your DVD and will help the prospective student to learn about the basics of Divine Astrology. 
Right there you are getting one free book and one Disc 1 (8 hours of a rare cosmic tuition) for only $50.00 OR you can purchase the full course for half price or $750 if you decide to proceed at your own pace and at your own time to learn about God’s cosmic design, the signs accurately and make accurate predictions the way I do! 
There is more, as a new student once you purchase your first disc, you also qualify for 1 FREE month on the cosmic code website. After reading your free e-book, if needed, Terania will attend all your questions via email! teraniapromodir@gmail.com
This is a life time investment you should be able to benefit from, if you’re spiritually advanced like us but also use to understand your loved ones and friends better than any traditional psychologist could ever do.
Your kids’ UCI should be worth knowing and the solid guidance you will know, will be priceless…  This is Terania’s and mines way to THANK you for reading us regularly and trusting our cosmic wisdom.  
You may not be keen on this Thanksgiving deal, thus there are more to chose from…
Become a VIP and let us serve you throughout the year with our few personal and Universal monthly guidance and predictions. 
Please Note: NOT FOR CURRENT VIP’S… You can join for ONE Month for free when you purchase a 2017 Nostradamus Personal Forecast for $5.00 only. I am currently working on the 2018 version and its a lot of work.
Ordering it before the year 2017 expire is a sure way to CHECK what the stars did to you in 2017 and what the stars have in store for you in 2018! 
All you have to do is to order first then email Teraniapromodir@gmail.com,  send her your receipt letting her know that you purchased the personal forecast so she can comp you into the Cosmic Code private website for 30 days for FREE!
Two for one per say, This will give you the option to judge both options and our cosmic work then  invest in your future, you like what you read. 
Lastly, it is important to emphasize the importance of GIVING! Give love, give your time, give your words, offer deals… This is so little yet so much great karma in store for you! 
The great reward or painful curse imposed by your personal karma will follow you in this lifetime and afterwards. Thus if you feel you do not have any skill or wisdom, you must develop the most important one of all! That is; to give unselfishly to others like Terania and I do everyday with our cosmic code newsletters! 
When you think our brave soldiers are giving their lives for us, I am sure you will find a little something to give to those you love, respect and trust! 
Become a VIP or make a good use to the deals above, doing so you are not only giving to us, but to humanity! And that is quite a lot in the eyes and heart of a cosmic God in charge of your karma! 
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