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He who conquers the stars hold the golden keys to God’s mysterious universe… “And God created the stars and the heavens to be used as signs…” 

First the latest news…  Memo from “Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Satan’s Minions and Dr. Turi.”

“I knew it was just a matter of time before my Internet god fearing enemies, (the cyber ISIS) who hate my guts and predictive gift would find a way to remove me from Google and so many other popular websites.”

Update: 10/11/2017 –  Even my show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed…  Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 predictions which is something science can’t do!  Check my latest and LAST publicized earthquakes predictions!

 “Director Travis Hamilton and the movie “Legends from the Sky”, and also Dr. Turi returns with with MORE predictions after his prediction of a 6.0 or better earthquake happened on the date predicted!!! “ 

A lot of people requested  this show TO BE REINSTATED but its gone!  NOW : “Comments are disabled for this video?” 
Reptilius infected people will do all in their power to mute me…

The uncomfortable truth about Gaia

 Cosmic Consciousness and all unconscious famous UFO’s “Talking Heads  

 I knew this day would come anyway! Indeed the conspiracy against me is very real and you can help fight this injustice by emailing the host in support of my work… http://www.paranormalcentral.net/contact.html

Luckily for me the Internet  is used against us but is also a blessing and we found the only link to this show…  LISTEN!

Continued: Stephen Craig Paddock was born April 9, 1953  while  Harvey Weinstein  was born March 19, 1952, exactly a year apart!  While the information I am about to divulge  will not appeal to a religious or atheist unconscious society, it should help serve its futuristic purposes to a more spiritually inclined generation…

Our infantile science is still oblivious of the power of the stars upon people like Paddock and Weinstein, regimenting their behavior and infamous fate. But today,  only our cosmic conscious students and clients will be able to appreciate our rare cosmic wisdom.

Once again, it’s not good to assume and throw the water with the baby! Not all people  are  unevolved, and some  will never forget my work or the impression it left in their lives.

“In 1995, my mother paid for and insisted that I show up to have a reading by an astrologer. My mother was  into astrology (Western and Chinese), numerology, I Ching, Tarot and Kabbalah. She had been interested in these topics since she was a girl. So, I was not new to astrology, but at best, I was agnostic as to what insights might be gleaned from it. I never took astrology very seriously, and was dreading having this reading. But, I went anyway.

The reading was done by a French man, Dr. Louis Turi. (I have no affiliation with him and haven’t been in contact with him again since I had the reading described below.)”   Read the  rest of story of a client from years ago!


Note that the soalr “Dragon” stays in one sign about  a year an a half or longer, depending its retrograde period.  May I suggest the curious reader to read about the “dragon” first? Dragon Explained!

There is no denying Harvey Weinstein was born a sexual predator and Stephen Paddock a mass murderer and both were born to suffer the nefarious reptilius effects of their respective  manipulated Dragon’s  Tail position by house and sign.

Again when  in “Radio Host Delilah Reveals Her Teenage Son Killed Himself”   I mentioned to the reader   “The reptilius are after FAMOUS people and your children” It seems, if you apply critical thinking, my visions are unarguable in the IN-famous case of Harvey Weinstein too!

But in your mental exploration and  current psychical evolution, only time has and will always be my utmost faithful witness!

All I have to do for you to agree with me  is to wait for you to read more dramatic news pertaining to the “Women/Children Suicide Epidemic World Prediction” published 2/7/2016

The majority of religiously or scientifically indoctrinated people were conditioned to believe our work is evil or assume “Astrology/Astroforensic” is only a wasteful pseudo-science. 

The majority of  those victimized souls will never be able to auto-analyze their  religious fears or traditionally “educated” skepticism and use critical thinking appropriately! 

It is an already lost battle because those unevolved souls are where they are at in time in their psychological/spiritual evolution on planet earth, period!

Only age, pain and suffering will provide the curiosity needed for any “young soul” to exit the reptilius pit of fear and ignorance. If you are religiously conditioned/ poisoned or a “well read” atheist, do not despair, you are not alone.

All you need is to think and learn how a cosmic God speak to his children. 

If you make people think they will love you, but if you make people REALLY think, like we do, they will hate you with passion!  

Feed the religious or scientific matrixes or free your spirit with Dr. Turi

Consequently, this is why I stopped offering my predictions through my SOS to the world deadly windows and my educational articles to the public.  

The following explanations of  Harvey Weinstein ‘s UCI/psyche   are  vital  for what all  working women should know about men like him!

As a rule, women aremore spiritual  and intuitive than some men /women spending their lives watching football, all victimized by  the reptilius infected sport or religious matrixes!  Nothing wrong with that, but smarter souls born curious and more intellectual/spiritual will not sign up for sports (or religions.)

As you all know my cosmic work is not for the feeble minded who can not handle nor perceive the truth  and assume I  nurture serious narcissistic  tendencies… 

I am not selfish or self – concerned and while like you,  I make a living as a  “soul doctor.” My intentions to educate and warn you and your children from the reptilius’ agenda is honorable to say the least! But only YOU can save yourself!

Prophecy & the Cosmic Code with Dr. Louis Turi –  Feedback
The purpose is in the stars!

And if you do not agree with me, ask yourself, “What did I give the world lately?”  Your vile sarcasm?  You can do better than that! 

People expect their prayers to be answered and a man-made false god to protect their children from calamities…  But  this can’t be done when they don’t speak the creator’s cosmic language and  are unwilling to learn about the signs.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

Image result for My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secret of this core, but I know that; it exists! Nikola Tesla

“I penetrated the cosmic code core, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were Masters of quantum physics,  I am a Master of the Divine and read, speak and teach God’s cosmic language.” Dr. Turi  

Teaching sixty seven years of my personal spiritual cosmic evolution is not an easy task, especially when the person’s UCI is not advanced enough to enter the archetypal realm of supra-cosmic consciousness. 

Only when applying the will is anything  possible. There is no mystery  about mastering the cosmic code secrets, you must be ready and ask for it!  

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Meantime you must realize that; this type of advanced spiritual information is not for the  “Joe Six Packs and Sallie Sue” out there! Sports, politics, religion and  conventional science are designed to  “indoctrinate” the “sub-humans to slave for the reptilius all their lives.  

Your positive or negative emotional response to my comments will speak the truth to whom you really are because no one but you will judge yourself accordingly! 

As I wrote many times before, there is no middle road with me, you can only love or hate me and you have the right to stand either way! 

“You’ll know the essence of a real genius only when an extreme minority can relate to his work and decides to follow him…” Dr. Turi

Even my show on “Paranormal Central”  was removed…  Like offering undeniable dated predictions of my earthquakes above 6.0 is something science can do!  “Director Travis Hamilton and the movie “Legends from the Sky”, and also Dr. Turi returns with with MORE predictions after his prediction of a 6.0 or better earthquake happened on the date predicted!!! “
 I knew this day would come anyway! Indeed the conspiracy against me is very real and you can help fight this injustice by emailing the host in support of my work… http://www.paranormalcentral.net/contact.html
A lot of people requested  this show TO BE REINSTATED but NOW : “Comments are disabled for this video?” 
I FOUND ANOTHER ONE I beat the reptilius on this one, but I do not know how long my gift and accuracy will be “posted” to the public as legitimate!

There are a few things you can do as a smart woman to avoid sexual harassment and control your abusive, bully boss intelligently and without losing his respect (and your paycheck!)  

And it all start by becoming a VIP then reading the stars and fate of  Harvey Weinstein and intelligently find out the person’s birthday!  Once you get it, read “I know All About You” or “The power of the Dragon” ET voila!  Now if you want to learn the basics of Astropsychology “And God Created the Stars” is where you should start! 

“Show me a reader, I will point out a winner!” Dr. Turi

Once you become a VIP, you will read ALL that you should do to control abusive people around you. Get a sample of what you will read in  “Stephen Paddock, “why I did it!” The life and fate of an Infamous soul.” 

Image result for harvey weinstein new york timesRICH FAMOUS AND COSMIC UNCONSCIOUS, THE REPTILIUS OWN ME! ARE YOU NEXT?  

Harvey Weinstein -“The reptilius are after *famous people and your *children, you have been warned! 


If Terania and I mean a lot to your spiritual welfare and mental exploration join us,  No more goodies to the public! Keep in mind, I may also disappear entirely  from Facebook and from all social media!

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Blessings to all,

Dr. Turi


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