Has Humanity Lost Hope?


”For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary;  For those who do not, none will ever suffice… If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate ignorance and violence from the world within one generation.”  Watch the future!

Dear Readers;

A few months ago when I started writing my 2012/2014 Universal Predictions I knew the Scorpius Draconis was to unleash the evil on earth… I also knew the young envious souls, the atheists, the agnostics, the sceptics and scientists born alike would never be able to recognise the obvious I endlessly expose to them in the tsunami of extraordinary destructive predicted news plaguing the world.


Police search for a masked gunman in Oakland, California, after the suspect shoots a teenager in the streets.

Scorpius Draconis at work!

Anything from children killing children, terrorism, mass murders to nature going absolutely berserk (Mother Nature going to extremes) with the deadliest series of tornadoes ever, extreme earthquakes to today awful second public killing caught on camera following the UK terrorist attack and so many more dramatic news (How did 11 vanish from Mexico bar?) is now becoming somehow routine… Yes if you are one of my faithful readers, this explosion of evil was predicted to start in August 2012 while our infantile science is lying promising you serious progress in predictive weather  warnings…

Sad enough my voice, my wisdom and warnings are is still muted in a world where politics, money, power and  religions dominates (and advertise) in all media and for me to make too many accurate predictions such as a new deadly sexual disease or the FBI and the IRS the Swiss banks being forced into a full re-structure is threatening to the status quo!

Updated June 7, 2013  –  I made this prediction of the 2012 rigged election, I also wrote well ahead of time of the full restructure of the FBI and the IRS and posted/wrote intensively about it – A few months later the world can appreciate the reality of my gift and this is why George Noory did not invite me on his national radio show because the truth offend the status quo – Meantime I am on the air endlessly and my work is well documented with all my predictions on radio. Read more 2012 Rigged Election – Its time to help Dr. Turi to get to the media with a legitimate gift and stop being a coward!
“Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.” –Thomas Jefferson

Editorial Exegesis

Shulman has no idea why Cutter was there.

“A clue as to whether the targeting by the IRS of Tea Party and other conservative groups was discussed at the 157 meetings that former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman had at the White House may be found in remarks by Stephanie Cutter, deputy manager for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, in a recent appearance on Jake Tapper’s show ‘The Lead’ on CNN. … Cutter attempted to dismiss charges they were political meetings but admitted she had attended meetings with Shulman at the White House. … Well, if they were not political meetings, why was she there at all? Was she there to offer her health care or tax code expertise? … When she appeared on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’ to defend the president’s new campaign slogan ‘Romnesia,’ she went on to say that Republican nominee Mitt Romney was ‘severely conservative’ and had run as the ‘ideal’ Tea Party candidate. She said this as she was sitting in meetings with the head of an IRS that was charged with implementation of ObamaCare as it was targeting groups that were created to oppose ObamaCare. Though she denies it, Cutter was also deeply involved in the ads run by the pro-Obama super-PAC Priorities USA in which steelworker Joe Soptic recounted how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Bain Capital and other companies working with Romney’s private equity firm. … Cutter should be called to testify under oath before the House Oversight Committee to explain why a key Obama campaign operative was in on meetings to discuss ObamaCare implementation with an IRS official whose agency was targeting groups opposed to it.” —Investor’s Business Daily

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I became a serious challenge for the status quo and removed from the George Noory Cost to Coast AM radio program because two of the utmost controversial predictions I ever made in public offended so many religious people and have yet to pass…

One is the 2012 Rigged Election and the other the end  of all religions and while all I am doing is to share my God given gift with the world trying to reach you with my warnings of what the future will be, only those who have been with me for a while now realize the authenticity, accuracy and critical values of my work.

Sharing Emails from the Cosmic Code website:

From Elga:

Is anyone watching the hearings on the IRS Scandal this morning on Fox News?  Looks like DT will be vindicated on his prediction about the rigged election again.


From LIz;

Haven’t seen the news today, but it did look like we’re getting closer to to truth on the rigged election, which really did happen (happens often too), and let’s not forget this one of DT’s predictions happening right before our eyes and ears:  9. Many large financial banking Corporations, including the IRS itself, will be forced to implode and suffer their own restructure. Expect much secrets and abuses to surface from the IRS. New laws will be written to protect the IRS auditing its own self.


“Dr. Turi; I wanted to take a moment to offer Congratulations to you for your extraordinary predictions ( Stolen 2012 election, restructuring IRS, US economy etc etc ). You are so accurate it is amazing. Keep up the good work.

 Respectfully Yours 

Egan Peter “

 Well I gave another hint with what the future holds for humanity in “2013 The Year Ahead” and all I have today working in my favour is the Internet, my Cosmic Code website  and more and more curious people are joining thousands of others smart people daily…

But even the Internet will change because people like Dr. Turi are much too real in a world made up of lies and running in a poll of lies…

Meantime “Dr. Turi Internet Enemies” are relentless but as a Frenchman, I reflect the Statue of Liberty, freedom, power, wisdom, ingeniousness and strength in numbers and the true essence of America.   My name is Dr. Turi America and slowly but surely my voice is getting the attention it needs for this great country to be born again stronger and better. America, like Dr. Turi has gone through a lot to preserve its freedom and trying to mute me in the HUGE conspiracy against me lead by the FBI/Homeland security  and the media. Yes the FBI visited me in Phoenix and the experience did not and will not stop me reaching you, at least for now!

My message has always been the same and my message NEEDS your IMMEDIATE attention readers! I warned you many times and I am asking you again to read “Become a Light Fighter” because all I can do now is to repeat myself over and over again until you get it and see it manifesting right in front of your eyes and before it becomes too late for a world gone mad…

The reality is: your political, religious, educational and scientific communities are ALL Cosmic Unconscious. Now read and acknowledge the meaning of my words please…

“Consciousness – is the awareness of being awake and aware of a divine cosmic  power  and make a good use of it” anything else is deceptive enlightenment! Psychics, modern Prophets, Religious leaders, Monks, Gurus, televangelists, priests etc. are cosmic  unconscious  born Neptunians who can not read God’ signs…

Knowing not only America but the world is totally religiously poisoned, “cleaning/cleansing” the world of 2000 years of Neptune’s deceptive legacy will not happen over night!  Within the next few months humanity will display an increasing interest in death, metaphysics, psychic power, metaphysics and life’s mysteries while slowly acknowledging a new perception of the signs and God celestial omnipresence. The Scorpius Dragon is offering humanity and science the chance to re-connect with the spirit and accept the fact of extraterrestrials reality travelling our solar system and the reality that; what cannot be seen or touched does not mean it does not exist.

The new age of Aquarius is here

Don’t invest on Mars but on Dr. Turi’s Astropsychology Schools

Once more readers, the masked gunman in Oakland who shoot a teenager in the streets is a reflection of the Cosmic Code on a drug deal that went bad! All criminals are like you, under the jurisdictions of the stars above and act out their own deadly Plutonic UCI and the situation will get much worse if the lost soul is under the influence of one of his monthly unlucky “Personal Dragon Dates!

2013 Moon Power sample for SAT., SUN., MON., TUE. — JUNE 1, 2, 3, 4:
RULERS — Neptune (Religion/drinking) and Mars (Disagreements/war)

Events: Towards the end of the week Mars is growing stronger and may decide to create serious trouble with nature’s forces. Expect devastating news of explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes and very uncooperative weather. Seven adults, two children killed – Better stay home these days or be extremely prudent in your words and actions. Teen’s execution caught on camera  Teen's execution caught on camera Ex-cop: Wife burned house, shot herself – California fire scorches 29,000 acres – At least 112 killed in plant fire – 4 firefighters among dead in Texas fire

Yesterday in  “God is Back! America is Losing Its Religion” I know I offended a lot of people but did I really exaggerate or not when I wrote… “Terania and I decided not to attend the Los Angeles June 15/16  Alchemy event. The reality is our advanced spiritual vibrations does not match with the Neptunian non cosmic conscious majority of speakers and the attendance. This does not mean all speakers or attendance are worthless but the cosmic wisdom I offer is structured and demands a certain level of intelligence, curiosity and critical thinking. Yes Light workers are wonderful but I need tougher “light fighters” to help me fulfil my mission to free humanity from fears and cosmic ignorance.”

So I am asking you reader, how do we fix the world? with prayers, false hopes, the spirit, religions and the illusive speeches of your conspiracy non cosmic conscious “Talking Heads?”  What practical solution, what sound system, what explanations will any cosmic unconscious dedicated speaker have for you to explain the following?

“Selma Police confirm two people were shot and killed by an off-duty officer before he turned the gun on himself.” Read more


Readers, you MUST help me to introduce Astropsychology in our Schools and Universities and help me feed this vital cosmic fluid to the children. Terania and I are willing to travel to any colleges and do what we do best bring back hopes and true wisdom to the children of the future. You have to help us STOP the  slow creation of MONSTERS which one day will become today’s killers because NO one was there top teach them what a UCI or  “Unique Celestial Identity” is all about. All criminals of the past HAD NO CHOICE but to act out their stars suffering the Cosmic Code jurisdictions with NO CHANCE of applying their will.  Once educated at an early age, those cosmic conscious children will have full control over their acts where their powerful destructive emotions overrule their logic!

Criminals and monsters alike are VICTIMS of your a rigid, ignorant, controlling system that hijacked their spirit  into believing science and religions are the only valuable answers… This dysfunctional system is slowly but surely producing more monsters than ever that must be taught in their churches, their “accredited” colleges and Universities or sent to an over populated jail system.

NO readers, realize that;  building more jails  or building more churches did not and will never work and NO there are no, science will never find a  genes responsible for ADD/ADHD or for producing criminals or gay people! Its either you RE-educate the teachers or start educating the children on how they STAND- UNDER their stars and God to UNDERSTAND their relationship with creation and their creator!

Since 1991 I have battled a system ruled by religions, science and the educated born sceptical morons and this is a disgrace because today’s terrible news are the vision I had for the things to come if you keep ignoring me or refuse to participate! Yes your own very children are at risk  and one day may turn against you…Do you see the sign already if you own a turbulent bully teen? Do you think your local psychologist, the Bible verses or jail will change your child? Then you dream because you only have a certain time just before puberty where your child psyche can be moulded in the right direction.

Would you rather another of his Plutonic/bully friends does it for you because their teachers are much to scared and cosmic unconscious to really help…Instead to look good the firing of good and concerned people who have their best at heart for your kids never ends…  TIME TO WAKE UP FOR GOD SAKE – HELP ME to help your children!

If you are smart enough to get the urgency of my mission, please become a Cosmic Coder, sugar coated sermons do not work, only the undiluted truth will set you free! The Scorpius Draconis spares no one and will force YOU to wake up to my visions of the future!


WAKE UP TO REALITY! Religions are the cancer of the world!


 in Poso, in Central Sulawasi, Indonesia, which for several years has seen sectarian violence against the Christian minority. Thugs have beheaded 3 Christian 16 year old girls walking back from school. World religious war in progress!

Think of your subscription as a donation and support for my cause and PARTICIPATE. Become an active element, promote my work, post it everywhere and add your feedback because I have only YOU and you have only ME to make those crucial changes. I wish one of my many wealthy readers would help us, invest in us, on a radio or reality show and reach more concerned parents and turn them into cosmic conscious teachers… I do not want to give up but I am so tired at 63 years old when so many of you out there could provide me with such badly needed help. I do not want to see my vision of total chaos in the streets take place where cops will be forced to kill your out of orders children, we still have time to reverse this kids feeding evil machine.

Terania and I are willing to TEACH for FREE, any-time, anywhere, in your city, just PLEASE help us start the process and, as imposed by God cosmic will, I know it will fly on its own… I only have you and we are a few thousands cosmic coders and  a force that will be acknowledged with time.

 “For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.”

– Edmund Burke

Please become a “Light Fighter” help me in my mission! You CAN’T save the world with love and prayers only – Cosmic education is IT!


“THE DEATH WISH GENERATION WILL BECOME DEADLY AND TOTALLY OUT OF HAND” – Watch evil upon the world or the Scorpius Draconis at work!



Evil Lead men’s Tainted Spirit READ MORE

Suspect shot after talking on camera

On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 6:40 AM, Lori //////////gmail.com> wrote:

Another article that Dr, Turi said would happen- Dragon is after the cops and causing chaos until Feb 2014. – 

Selma Police confirm two people were shot and killed by an off-duty officer before he turned the gun on himself. 

Facebook comment: Even the cops are going crazy with the gun thing lately. I don’t understand what is happening to everyone. What happened to the days where people had a dispute & talked it out or better yet, went ahead & fought like men then solved the issue. Everyones taking the 2 second way out by shooting each other now!


Thank you Lori and I will pass this along to my husband.

Yes, this is very true. I don’t think I have ever seen it so bad myself and/or at least maybe back then I maybe thought I was too busy to take a closer look. Buy when you think about how many people are out there who are too over concerned with the “small stuff” and then BOOM! it all of a sudden hits them…It is like do we really have to wait for something like the worst to happen?

All we want is for people under*stand the energy so they can help defeat any negativity in their immediate environment to keep it all in control – At least tolerate the myriad of differences. Indeed it does take more than a hug or a hello. When someone is making a cry for help, sometimes they wont say anything but it can be noticeable and I am one who doesn’t stick my nose in anyone’s business but for this reason at least, it is important for the person to learn about their “UCI” and this way they will learn how to be prepared for any downfalls. And that is our peace.A soul finds peace within themselves when

Yes, it is up to the person. At the same time, how do you get some of these people to find the time or want to get interested in such. I guess is that it really is the timing of the “DRAGON SHIFT” and once the transition comes over their self to make them take notice  at something… But will that time be too late? This is why we are and have been pointing out the signs over and over. This is where the following phrase comes in: “I will talk to you, you won’t hear me, I will present myself to you, you wont see me.” And this is where one suitable learns to apply their will…The same way this off duty police officer learned to be a field training officer. This is what the power of building is all about. In other words, the power of creation.

Take Care and Stay In Tune.

Peace, Love and Light,

*Mrs. T*


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