Head of NFL players’ union talks – Cursed NFL Predictions Came To Pass!


“God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty; He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a safer more productive life.  

Dr. Turi


Head of NFL players’ union talks  Head of NFL players' union talks

Dear readers:

Who would have imagined back in June 2013, when I posted my 2014 Arian Draconis predictions to the world, the  Head of NFL Players Union would be on national television today, fulfilling my prediction?  

So many journalists, reporters, famous radio hosts and television unconscious “talking heads” never read nor anticipated the following… But Dr. Turi knew better and shared it all well before CNN and FOX news. No I am not boasting readers, just offering the atheists and skeptics alike the undeniable, well documented, dated and published prediction!

Predictions #15 –  Expect A full restructure of the NFL / UFC  / NHL and a lot of legal battles  because of an upsurge of violent deaths and misbehaviours – 

09/20/14 –  should Roger Goodell go? 
09/18/14 –  Another NFL player arrested for abuse
04/12/14 – NHLer arrested on DUI, drug charges
04/12/14 – NFL player’s friends indicted in killing
11/08/13 – Bullying is just the latest of NFL’s constant problems 

What happened to the NFL and could all this drama tarnishing the sport’s image at all levels been avoided? Yes it could have easily been averted, had all the NFL executives and all the players read my work!

The NFL is worth BILLIONS and a ridiculous investment for my 2014 Dragon Personal Forecast For All Signs,  or a bit of curiosity acknowledging my predictions, could have made a significant difference!

In fact with so much invested, the NFL SHOULD make it mandatory for all its players not only to check on the cosmic code jurisdictions and avoid such a big mess, but to let me INVESTIGATE all players UCI  using the science of Astroforensics!  Doing so, they may have saved billions and avoid shame!

But like the police executives, the NFL would rather use famous traditionally educated doctors and the results are obviously quite dreadful…  Not all NFL players share the same fate or the same mental capacity! Some are cursed by the cosmic code jurisdictions to fail miserably or become criminals! Will the public or any NFL player learn anything today?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Deepak Chopra , NeildeGrasse – ARE YOU A TRUE GENIUS?

But would it be the NFL executives or the famous players, they are all, in the eyes of a cosmic God, part of the “norm” and probably under the religious or scientific “educational” matrix – es control.  And many of them may not be able to exit their comfortable accepted zones.

Because a player makes 100 millions or the NFL executives own and  handle billions of dollars regularly does not make them smarter than any other human being! This fact is plain to see with the NFL being forced into a predicted full restructure! 

Remember readers, sports, politics and religions were created to challenge and amuse human and delay its spiritual evolution and most of all, to control the masses. I would rather enjoy a good educational program watching the Smithsonian Channel than football.

When I look at the mass of people confined into a stadium like sardines, I can not help to wonder what the ET’s are thinking about the “human animal” and why there is only a very few spiritual leaders on earth! 

While I occasionally watch boxing and appreciate extreme sports, I would never ever mingle with a screaming, disorderly, drunk, pot head dangerous mass!   Competitiveness is the name of the game where the best win, and this is wonderful.

But isn’t it time for humanity to start developing more of its deplorable spiritual cosmic aptitude and do more mental gymnastics instead? 

There is no difference between the antiquity Roman arena and its wild gladiators! The NFL realized the human animal instinct and tapped on it by developing competitive sports like football and Hockey. While engaged in sports, modern man does not, purposely kill opponents anymore, be sure when fights broke, so are the ratings! 

Such aggressive sports glorify the animal killer instinct of the born bullies and there is no end to feed and gain from today’s dangerous, moronic mass… Don’t you think your children should be taught, love, respect, peace, understanding and God cosmic divinity instead?

Yes this is why, as a parent, you have a wide variety of sports to choose from such as swimming, golfing, skating, tennis or engage your child in artistic pursuits etc. All depend of his karmic cosmic identity and UCI of course…

But how much parents and teachers alike know about Astroforensics and the working of the human psyche outside of academical accepted conventionality? 

With what going on with ISIS on the Internet your children can see more blood and dirt than you think,  including a myriad of detrimental pictures, reality shows televisions programs and killer games. Your children are addicted to technology and the NFL need them to support their privileged lifestyle, thus must compete with more acceptable aggressiveness!  

If I had a child, I certainly would not lead him to behave like the norm and stuff himself with violent sports and deceptive religions…  But luckily, Terania and I don’t want any kids. Too smart for that.

“Religion (and sports – DT)  is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion (and sports – DT)  is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”  – Napoleon

Instead, BILLIONS have been  and will be wasted in legal disputes while many players’ lives are drastically changed for ever.  NFL players are perceived as role models by their younger fans, but what the mass (and science) does not know, is the natal UCI of those sportsmen can be as dangerous as any killer, rapist or child abusers rotting in our overloaded prisons.

Who can ignore or deny this fact today involving so many cosmic unconscious NFL players paying the price for their ignorance and aggressive uncontrolled nature? 

Sports, religions, politics and entertainment are needed and an intrinsic part of the human experience, it benefit so many people at so many levels and this is wonderful!

But if the spirit is left aside, putrefied with archaic religious  dogmas or consumed and jailed into sports, politics and entertainments then all of the above become the enemy of its healthy development.

As long as humanity keep investing billions in sports, politics, entertainments and religions, I can assure you, society psychical welfare will keep deteriorating and total self destruction is assured within the next few years!

Cosmic education  for our children is the key to stop the evil of corporate greed and all its abusive matrix-es who could not care less about you or your children. The therapeutic  balance between sports (physical manifestation) and the spirit (cosmic awareness) is non existent, and  seriously asymmetrical  because all attention is given to the concrete world only! 

But how many readers are willing or able to digest the undiluted truth from me? There is no enough consideration nor real applications to develop the human spiritual / cosmic potential because of the extreme weight of all traditional religions, Hollywood entertainments  and various sports have replaced ingeniousness and curiosity! 

Life is a constant process of changes that will never stop! All that is born will one day die, including you and part of your conscious life too! Someone must challenge your mind, and help you out of the Neptunian traps where reality is avoided and discarded. 

My articles are designed to do just that, regardless of your education, beliefs and background. I can not help to think how and why an NFL moron is making 100 millions paycheck and will waste it all on one of the traditional matrix-es owning his spirit and his life!

Imagine how many Astropsychology schools could be built with 100’s of millions readers and  envision how many children and parents ‘ spirits would benefit from my students cosmic wisdom?  

But it’s risky business when evil run the world and offer those fortunes to ISIS, to the smart, and greedy, deceptive plutonic souls whoring around with politicians making up the NFL at the core of all those extraordinary wealthy corporations.

Reply by John Benevides 

“NFL Worth Billions” Dr. Turi, did you also know that the NFL pays no income taxes because it’s treated as non-for-profit organization (501-c-3)? How about those apples. How many schools could we open with those taxes dollars? :))

Update – 9/22/14 – Is the NFL skirting the tax man?

And there is Dr. Turi, working his butt off since 1991 trying to change the world and save humanity psychical welfare!

I do not know how more precise I can become when all the news pouring out of CNN today were anticipated,  and “predicted” on June 12, 2013. 

Predictions #15 –  Expect A full restructure of the NFL / UFC  / NHL and a lot of legal battles  because of an upsurge of violent deaths and misbehavior.

Thus if you take the time to acknowledge the set of 19 predictions now publicized, should you pay attention to my 2015 Universal Predictions? 

I can only give you an unfinished quatrain and let you be the judge of my UFO legacy! Only my rewarding VIP’s will get the next set of 25 predictions and I strongly suggest you to investigate them and be prepared…

Is California Ready For The ‘Big One?’ 

This image shows a pulsar wind nebula known as the 'Hand of God.' Image credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech / McGill.

‘Ask and you shall receive, let who ignore my warnings be cursed by the eternal rites of the cosmic code ceremonies, for a cosmogonic God does not speak to fools…” Dr. Turi


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