“Heil Hitler” Pope Francis Predictions & Alan Robertson Son of “Duck Commander”


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Dalai Lama Dr. Turi

Dear Readers;

Hitler’s racial spirit is flying far and wide all over Europe and even my own country France is not spared! The town of Marseille is well known to be overly populated by Muslims from North America and many of them are the descendants of the parents who fought the war with the French . La Guerre d’Algérie, “Algerian War” was a war between France  and the Algerian independence movements from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria gaining its independence.

Those kids are so lost, their natal root is Muslim but they were raised as and with French which speaks of a totally different culture. I have very close Arab friends and growing up together was not a problem for any of us, it is by becoming adults that things got much more complicated.  And the future does not look too good when the new Pisces Dragon will call for ALL Muslims to allies imposing a full restructure of the Middle East, religions, oil corporations through a river of blood!

Far-right parties sweep EU polls

Anti-immigration parties in France, the UK and Denmark make sweeping gains in the European Parliament elections.

From “Heil Hitler” 2014 Arian Draconis World Predictions ; “This dragon is all about IDENTITY and RACE  and will induce many reform with emigrations, build walls between the US and other countries and revamp ALL that involve emigrations and foreigners  moving to the US.”

Australia is advertising its changed migration policy, warning people that they will be sent to Papua New Guinea or elsewhere.

Update: 07/20/13 – Australia cracks down on immigrants



Cosmic Unconscious Human beings responding neurotically to the Arian Dragon!


 Pope: Come to the Vatican for peace talks

Bethlehem, West Bank (CNN) – Pope Francis extended an invitation Sunday to the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority to travel to the Vatican for a “peace initiative,” after earlier calling for a two-state solution to the intractable conflict.

Responding to God’s cosmic order, and through his natal DUAL stars, a cosmic unconscious Pope Francis is also playing a vital part to the Middle East imposed changes. But while he is the representation of God on earth, the pope himself does not hear, see nor heed the signs.

“Because they are seeing, they see not; and hearing, they hear not; neither do they understand the voice of heaven.” – Matthew 13.13

The signs involving the upcoming crucial changes in the Middle East, religions and God new cosmic perception are endless and if you did not read the warnings just yet, be my guest… Indeed Jesus initial cosmic ministry brought by the 3 wise men (ET’s / Astrologers) will close the last two thousand years of total Neptunian deception.

UFO”s Are Very Real  –  And So Is The Legacy! – What Did They Do To Me?

11/2015-02/2017 End of All Religions  

All popes are only human beings elected by a gullible mass to enjoy a position of power endorsing, fearing, supporting a false God. Indeed the abusive religious matrix run by its president through  the Iluminati home base, the corporate manipulative Vatican.  And to the atheists, skeptics and agnostics alike, this does not eliminate the reality of a real cosmic God speaking through the signs…

While I may sound redundant to my regular readers, do not forget my Cyber Cosmic University is loading more people everyday and like you, once upon a time, they did not know anything about Dr. Turi’s mission to free humanity from self destruction…


 Servicing Pathetic Atheists Mind for free!

Atheists & Christians, God is Really Pissed Off At You!

Alan Robertson “Duck Commander” Ducks don’t make Cats!

But the false God has also its own Army of deceptive Neptunians endlessly supporting each others…

The son of “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson compared his father to John … in a culture that isn’t prepared to hear truth,” Alan Robertson said.

The son of “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson compared his father to John the Baptist at the Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall 2014″ event earlier this week. “My dad has the heart and mindset of a prophet and is most compared to John the Baptist … for speaking the truth in a culture that isn’t prepared to hear truth,” Alan Robertson said.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  “for speaking the truth in a culture that isn’t prepared to hear truth?” In reality, what does Alan Robertson, the kid of a religiously poisoned parent, knows about God, the cosmic code and the truth? Nothing at all!

Let me correct him, what he means is; the Christian culture and the Atheist movement are NOT prepared to hear the truth! Christians have been manipulated into a false, deceptive abusive punishing God induced by the Age of Pisces!

 And so are the atheists suffering the same fate induced by the scientific matrix who truly believe they know better than God himself because they collect PhD’s.    All are victimized by an under-developed, rational, non spiritual or Neptunian UCI! The irony is; THEY, the Christians and the atheists are totally oblivious of this fact!

Continued: That doesn’t change my dad’s view at all. Prophets tend not to care about their public image. They tend to talk about their judgment as if it’s real and they speak what God gives them to speak…so he is, in that sense, a 21st century prophet. 

Dr. Turi Rebuttal:  “so he is, in that sense, a 21st century prophet?”  Alan, a real prophet always shows an undeniable predictive gift, why not ask your dad to invite me on his show and give him the next dates for large earthquakes or natural disasters? Or can he, or did he show such prophetic powers  in his TV shows, outside of regurgitating the bible verses and blaspheming gays people?

 In fact I gave a window in December warning for the “Beginning and endings of important phases of life” and the EXACT date for your dad’s national racist mishap.  I also knew, as a dual “Phil Robertson DUAL Unconscious Codified Petrified Mind At Work!” he would do it again… and does all this correct well documented forecasting speaks of a real prophet Alan?

And when people start noticing my work and post the results on the Internet there is no doubting anymore! The question is where is your dad prophetic work for us to judge how good and often God speaks to him?

Your dad Alan is not working to better or change humanity psychical perception of God’s cosmic manifestation! All Phil Robertson does is nothing new, nothing original, nothing fantastic, but use his celebrity status to enforce archaic material written by the religious imaginative folly of Neptunian born men.

In fact your dad’s bible poundings is bringing back humanity to the stone age with the only difference that; today religious fanatics from the Middle East are aiming for nukes to eliminate the opposition and rule the world with their own religion.

Guess what I also predicted this well before America invaded Iraq on a TV show… Be my guest, check the facts! Indeed there are too many religious and new age false prophets to fall for nowadays!

Phil Robertson personal religious war?

Using your dad’s celebrity status is all you have because God knows what if he, and his kind would do to the rest of us (and gays) if he had more political power!  Scary thought but very real too  son! Fanaticism  and stupidity has no limit and two thousands years of religious wars did nothing to upgrade your pea mind?

All you have to discern a false prophet from a real one is your common sense and the Internet legacy proving their works.. All you have to do is your own home work, make your own mind and avoid taking the envious, jealous sub-human young souls comments for a generality.

Imagine IF my own Cosmic Code reality show was allowed and available to the US population how much faster the world and America would change spiritually? All the while getting a REAL prophet making real predictions… Imagine if my 911, Katrina, both Asian Tsunamis and my precise timing for large earthquakes were acknowledged widely to the media? Imagine if I was allowed to do so regularly on national TV?

I do not believe all my readers were born stupid or incurious and my work would then become an accepted, undeniable reality heeded by all…   Now for the sensitive readers, do not assume I am an egocentric because I am so real, so honest, so direct and so legit please! This is confidence no ego!

Continued: Robertson characterized his father as having a “peel-the-paint message of the good news and a reminder of what our country was founded on and why.” He recalled that before the controversy over Phil Robertson’s comments comparing homosexuality to bestiality and terrorism erupted, “our local newspaper guy came up to me and said, ‘Al, we got a problem. If this gets out, you guys are in trouble. This is going to cause you guys a lot of grief because this message is not politically correct. Well,” he continued, “in December it did hit the fan and it hasn’t changed us one bit about who we are and what we believe.”

He then said that his father is a “culture-changer,” like the biblical prophets Elijah and Jonah, and the message he took from the controversy surrounding his father’s comments was “to learn from these prophets. I want to encourage you guys to tell the truth. As a family, we’re going to do that.” Other speakers at the event include Fox News personality Todd Starnes and Sen. Ted Cruz’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz.

Dr. Turi Rebuttal: The sad reality is your kind is promoting the evil of separatism, fear, ignorance and the “puritanical” past! America July 4th 1776 is a Leo country, this sign rules love, light, power, success, wisdom, freedom and France.

Sad enough America dragon’s Tail is Aquarius, nukes, technology, NASA, New Age matters, Astrology, UFO, the impossible, the incredible potential of humanity’s future, originality, ingeniousness and ALL that you, your dad and your kind are unwilling to explore because your false God will send you to hell?

As a real prophet, with an undeniable proof of well dated, printed, published, radio and televised shows let me warn you all… You have ONLY fifty years to acknowledge, accept and HEED God’s cosmic divinity or self destruct in the name of all your religions and scientific erroneous convictions…

Dr. Turi on William Shatner’s TV Show
Discovery Channel – Dr. Turi’s Predictions

Furthermore, your dad and his false God never did not will ever hear a human language  because you never learned nor attempted to decipher his cosmic divine hieroglyphs. Your dad is another false Prophet that can never warn the world of its impending fate like I do!

I am writing all this in all modesty because, like an Einstein or a Beethoven, a true Prophet is very rare to find. It seem all the prophets I know about spoke of the future, promote the future, challenge the establishment, religions and ignorance. A prophet trying to revive the past has no room into the future because there is NO future in the past!  Can any religious or atheist mindset at least accept this indisputable reality?

Your dad like many TV and radio evangelists;  i.e. Glenn Beck, Joel Osteen are cosmic unconscious idiots, they are cosmic unconscious lost souls born with a puritanical and/or codified Neptunian UCI.  And again they are oblivious of any hidden cosmic phenomenon making them behave as such because their FEARS to expand the mind trap their blurred spirits.

Indeed I do believe all Christians and atheists alike are good people, dedicated to be productive, respectful, honorable and find themselves and their mission in life! But it is NOT trough any established religions and our infantile science that my cosmic God will offer your salvation and free your spirit!

At least, if you are reading this article, or already joined my Cyber Cosmic University, be sure the real God finally heard you! Find more about your cosmic identity and the fate!

Lastly, I will soon stop feeding the public with my FREE newsletters.  It’s just a matter of time, thus if my work make sense to you, join us while you can… and show your support for my mission!

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